The complete list of RP characters of GSS

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Donnie Cypher

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Donnie Cypher

Donnie Cypher



Total Aces² Owner
City Council


Jet Black


6ft 1

137 lbs

Engaged to Kenina

None, just a smart/devious individual

Donnie has no physical distinguishing features to show for, but he has a very distiguised look of being dressed in white all the time. He's always spotted in the same attire that consists of a white striped shirt with a thin gray line, a pair of white trousers finished off with black Italian leather shoes and a silver watch. (the watch no longer works though, see HISTORY for more info)

A pair of FN High Power MkIII

Arrogant, chauvinistic, deceptive, possessive and secretive

Donnie Cypher grew up in a protective environment in the upper-class of Hollow's society, where his life was dominated by boarding schools, couture clothing and social hierarchy. Donnie's father was an international diplomat, married to a gold-digging trophy wife that walked out on her family when the boy was only eight years old. Since his father was too busy with his official responsibilities, Donnie's education has handed over to the care of the many nannies, the young rascal went through during his childhood years. You see, Donnie wasn't the kindest or friendliest of kids, better said the young Cypher boy was perhaps the worst nightmare of any upper-class citizen. From early age the boy started to rebel against everything his father and society stood for, starting with simply offensive actions such as talking back to teachers, followed by more severe retaliations. At the age of eleven Donnie Cypher was expelled from his boarding school after running an underground betting organization where his fellow students spent their precious trust funds on improvised gambling games. Lucky for the spoiled brat, his father bailed him out by donating money to the school, that reluctantly allowed Donnie to continue his education. The boy however continued in his dubious ways, using his father’s connections, his family's money and his own clever wits to rebuild his former organization, this time focusing on high school and college kids. Unfortunately for him even the new build empire of young Cypher came to an untimely ending with a surprise police raid, followed by the arrest of the fifteen year old Donnie. Though most would have expected his father would simply throw some money around to save his kid, but the old man decided to set an example by disowning his own son, who was sent to juvenile hall for three years...

When Donnie Cypher was released after three years, a new man walked out of the juvenile correctional facility, wealthier and darker than ever. Since his father had died in the first year after his imprisonment, all the legacy funds came in Donnie's hands, who had big intention for his old organization in the Hollows. As he was about to start his new life of luxury and crime, the renowned underground bookie took over his father silver watch, braking it to remember how much time his father had stolen from him by refusing to bribe the judge. Permanently setting the watch at 9:36AM, this specific hour of the day became his favorite deadline for his clients to pay their debts on. Everything in the Cypher son's life now revolved around that one particular setting in time. Returning to Hollows he's determined to start anew, attempting to become one of the key figures in the city's underground world, pursuing the great Kingpin...
Donnie Cypher drives a vintage Mercedes Benz 190 SL that matches his luxurious lifestyle by the hand stitched red leather interior and a shiny silver paintjob. This silver old-timer is a blast from the past that makes the big-time bookie easy to spot driving through the city with the roof down, it's black haired, white suited proprietor...

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