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Khalid Al-Zahrani

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1 Khalid Al-Zahrani on Sun Dec 24, 2017 3:57 am



Identification Card

Witch/Wizard Registration

Personal Information

Ministry Required Information

Face Claim

Riz Ahmed


Khalid Al-Zahrani




Inmate 1743 (Azkaban)

Sex & Gender

Male & Male


Exclusively Straight

Marital Status

Married (arranged marriage)

Place of Birth:

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Alma Mater:

Uagadou School of Magic Graduate

Blood Status:

Arabian Pureblood (5 Generations Pure)


13 ½" Sycamore Phoenix Tail Feather



Apparition License:

Yes and preferred mode of transportation


Imprisonment (from his time in Azkaban)


Shrewd – Cynical – Pragmatic – Greedy – Artistic

Some men are destined for greatness while others are bound to lead an insignificant life that will go unremembered. And then there are figures like Khalid Al-Zahrani that some will simply describe as rotten to the core. At least that’s how most people see this Egyptian wizard, twice convicted for severe wizarding crimes. They’re partially right for all things considering he is in fact a shrewd man with a dubious moral compass. He’s the kind of man that would sell his own mother if someone made him a valid offer. Negotiating is something he excels at and quite frankly there’s not yet been a deal he failed to close. That cunning and cutthroat mentality is worsened by his cynic nature. Expecting the worst from people and seeing potential betrayal at every possible turn makes him an acquired and general distrusted character in respected company.

But the brash businessman aside, Khalid proves to be a pragmatic soul that understands that there is no room for emotions in business. It’s this cold demeanor that allows him to maintain his cool in stressful situations. It also enables him to make those impossibly hard decisions, understanding that for some deals a heavy price needs to be paid. But that pragmatic approach also benefits his greedy appetite, discarding the scruples that limit most from acquiring vast financial wealth at someone else’s expense. He can appreciate the finer things in life, a term that’s synonymous to expensive things in the Al-Zahrani family. This means that he craves the luxury life of wealth, power and success and he’ll do everything within his power to see that selfish dream fulfilled.

But Khalid isn’t all bad, mostly just allowing those negative trades of his to dominate when it comes to his outward appearance. There’s an artist hiding behind that scoundrel façade, a face reserved to only a select few that will quickly learn that each scam on its own is a marvelous piece of psychological art. He’s an appreciator of beauty, a man with an eye for aesthetics and a genuine connoisseur of fine art. It’s towards people sharing his love for art that he’ll show any kind of humanity and sympathy. It are artists that an make him part with his hard earned cash, that he’ll support unconditionally and who never have to fear Khalid’s infamous treacherous business savvy.

Background Information

Records of Education and Work History.


School(s) Attended:

Uagadou School of Magic

Classes & Grades:

Charms: O
Potions: E
Herbology: E
Astronomy: A
Transfiguration: O
Magical Theory: E
History of Magic: A
Defense Against Dark Arts: O
Care for Magical Creatures: O


Survived Nundu attack during his third year
Named Assistant Groundskeeper at Uagadou
Assisted with the Tebo infestation at Uagadou

Clubs & Extracurriculars:

Sheikh Sons Society (Social Club)
Magical Wildlife Control Club (Uagadou)
Magical Creatures Hunting Club (unofficial)
United Arab Emirates Association (Social Club)


Magizoologist (official) / Magizoologist Dealer (illegally)

It was no surprise that Khalid’s career involved magical creatures for even during his years at Uagadou that seemed to be his primary focus. Upon graduating he briefly accepted an internship at the United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Magic, where he spend eight months joining the Beast Division department. Contrary to the typical Ministry recruit, his motivations weren’t exactly respectable using his time at the Division to make the necessary contacts in an industry that was less than respectable to most opinion. Turning nineteen he went “independent” as a magizoologist specialized in African and Middle Eastern wildlife, using his family fortune to establish a name for himself. His focus was in controlling dangerous magical creature, subduing them for “relocation” or so goes the official version…

The true nature of his success came to light four years ago when Khalid got busted in England for selling two Nundu whelps to a private collector. It turned out that all his “relocations” of XXXX and XXXXX classified creatures were all in fact private sales to collectors, recreational hunters or clandestine trades looking for access to strictly controlled ingredients and materials of Beast and Being origins. Khalid had exported dozens of dangerous animals for monetary gain, showing no regard for the safety of his clients nor the creatures upon the conclusion of each deal. But since there were no proven “fatalities” of his business, the British Ministry of Magic revoked the demanded “life-sentence” at Azkaban to a three year stay in that wizarding prison for the sale of controlled and dangerous magical creatures. Only three months out of that hell, Khalid now returns to the civilized world eager to continue the trade that earned him a significant fortune in addition to the family treasury…

Skills & Abilities

Specialized in Stun Spells – Magizoologist Expert – Polylingual (Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Kikongo & English)


Associates with the Death Eaters since his 3 years at Azkaban

Family History

Some Geneology


Parvaneh Al-Zahrani (née Omid)
[First wife to Sheikh Fahad Al-Zahrani]


Yousef Al-Zahrani (2y younger)
[Son of Fahad Al-Zahrani’s 2nd wife]


Sheikh Fahad Al-Zahrani


Abdul Al-Zahrani (7y younger)


Hadise Al-Nuhayyan (6y younger)


Mehdi Al-Zahrani (19y younger)

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