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Yousef Al-Zahrani

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1 Yousef Al-Zahrani on Sun Dec 24, 2017 3:57 am



Identification Card

Witch/Wizard Registration

Personal Information

Ministry Required Information

Face Claim

Fawad Khan


Yousef Al-Zahrani





Sex & Gender

Male & Male


Closeted Homosexual

Marital Status


Place of Birth:

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Alma Mater:

Uagadou School of Magic Graduate

Blood Status:

Arabian Pureblood (5 Generations Pure)


12” Olive Phoenix Tail Feather



Apparition License:

Yes but avoids it like the plague




Suave – Flamboyant – Diligent – Clever – Repressed

Contrary to his stoic older brother Khalid, Yousef is a suave and flamboyant figure that wears his fortune on his sleeve. He’s the life of the party, the kind of man that is everyone’s friend and the type of son parents can be proud off. He But that’s a cleverly disguised front he keeps up for the world. He’ll face society with a bright smile and a warm enthusiasm, presenting the image of the eternal optimist for all to behold. It’s not entirely fake, more of an exaggeration meant to distract his audience from the subtler reality that goes behind that façade. He’ll dress to impress, featuring the kind of vanity that one’d expect from children raised in exuberant wealth where all the focus rests upon brands and appearances. For that reason he’ll often travel with an entourage, both male and female while maintaining a pristine outward image for all to behold. His charm comes effortlessly, being flirtatious yet charismatic at the same time. He’ll be somewhat extravagantly romantic in his approach towards women while keeping his interactions with other men to a strictly professional and business-like manner.

Beneath all the vanity, glitz and glamor there’s a refined and intelligent man that understands and immensely appreciates the value of hard work and diligence in both his professional and personal life. Easily the brightest son in the Al-Zahrani family, there’s a theoretical and almost encyclopedic knowledge that is cleverly muted by the extravagant lifestyle. Both academically gifted and talented in the necessary social skills needed to achieve success, his ambition is made possible through his industrious spirit and a nose for opportunity that rivals his father’s. But unlike most geniuses, he purposely tones down his own intellect in order to remain more approachable while at the same time allowing his opposition to constantly underestimate his capabilities. It’s this shrewdness that defines most men in his family, allowing this scholar to rise well above your typical academic station. Unlike Khalid however, Yousef’s business ethic is straight forward and earnest instead of the cutthroat tactics of his older sibling.

But smarts and charm can’t make up for the growing problem that weighs heavy on his conscious for Yousef is a repressed man hiding his own true nature from the world. Raised in the elite circles of the Arabic pureblood society, there was no place for his kind of “perversions” or so his father would refer to Yousef’s sexuality. Truth be told, Yousef is a man that in all earnest and without a doubt loves other men and yet is expected and even forced by family and friends to keep his deviant appetites to himself. That level of expectations and personal sacrifices has subjected him to years of frustrations and even a general angst that affects him on a daily basis. Rejecting his own nature and pretending to be someone he isn’t, has made it hard for Yousef to flourish emotionally and it shows in every romantic relation that marked his personal history. The women his family introduces him to, all eventually sense that inner conflict and to protect himself from the public shame that would follow, he’ll simply cast those figures out of his life. Because of this there’s a ticking time bomb attacked to his every personal relation bound to cause an impossible rift between himself and the people once considered friends, confidants and lovers.

Background Information

Records of Education and Work History.


School(s) Attended:

Uagadou School of Magic

Classes & Grades:

Charms: E
Potions: O
Herbology: O
Astronomy: E
Transfiguration: O
History of Magic: O
Study of Ancient Runes: O
Defense Against Dark Arts: E


Prefect at Uagadou
Head Boy at Uagadou

Clubs & Extracurriculars:

Ghoul Studies (1 year)
Magical Theory (3 years)
Keeper for House Team (4 years)
Ancient Studies (since his first year)


Magical Historian – Egyptologist

Yousef’s fascination with history predates his magical education, dating back to his early childhood. Born into privilege it was his father’s fortune that afforded them the travels that inspired his interest in Wizarding history. Every place they visited introduced him to another culture, revealing another civilization’s folklore disguising wizarding history. During his time at Uagadou he began to delve deeper into those chapters of the world’s past that intrigued him most, finding that one society best aligned with his own personal interests: Ancient Egypt. Discovering that the Egyptian pantheon of gods were likely witches and wizards usurping power through magic and presenting themselves as the dominant force in the world, reminded him of the same blood supremacy his father preached. Upon graduating this became Yousef’s primary objective in life, finding the necessary proof to support that theory. His family has privately funded this historic research project, financing numerous excavations in Egypt and purchasing countless relics from that time period. Today Yousef is a renowned Egyptologist with several noteworthy publications to his name in addition to several prominent archeological digs under his supervision. And yet since the release of his older brother from Azkaban, Yousef has taken a less-hands-on approach to his work to work on his autobiography while keeping an eye on the black sheep of the Al-Zahrani family.

Skills & Abilities

Registered Animagus (Caracal) – Egyptian History Expert – Favors Wandless Magic


Secretly finances the Death Eaters and offers safe-houses to dark wizards

Family History

Some Geneology


Hadise Al-Zahrani (née Hakim)
[2nd wife to Sheikh Fahad Al-Zahrani]


Khalid Al-Zahrani (2y older)
[Son of Fahad Al-Zahrani’s 1st wife]


Sheikh Fahad Al-Zahrani
[Oil Baron, fourth generation]


Abdul Al-Zahrani (5y younger)
[2nd son of first wife Parvaneh]


Hadise Al-Nuhayyan (4y younger)
[daughter to second wife]


Mehdi Al-Zahrani (17y younger)
[3rd son of first wife Parvaneh]

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