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Fleur Delacour

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1 Fleur Delacour on Sun Dec 24, 2017 3:58 am



Identification Card

Witch/Wizard Registration

Personal Information

Ministry Required Information

Face Claim

Cate Blanchett


Fleur Weasley (née Delacour)




“Phlegm” (by mother and sister in law)
Ma Petite Fleur (by her husband Bill Weasley)

Sex & Gender

Female and proudly identifies as such



Marital Status

Happily married to Bill Weasley

Place of Birth:

Lagrasse, département de l’Aude, France

Alma Mater:

Beauxbatons Academy of Magic

Blood Status:

Quarter Veela


9 ½” Rosewood Veela Hair
[Core was a gift from her grandmother]


Albino Peacock

Apparition License:

Licensed and frequent user


Bill turning into a werewolf


Maternal – Loyal – Brilliant – Genuine – Conceited – Blunt

Over the years Fleur transformed from the snobby young Triwizard Champion into a warm and kind maternal figure. It was in her role as wife and mother that she discovered her true self, embracing her responsibilities and actually flourishing in her role. She will care for people, looking after anyone that calls upon her aid as if they were her own family. She dotes on people, fussing and worrying like only a mother does when dealing with people whose decisions clash with her own. Towards her children she’s like a fierce lioness, overprotective and always cautious but ever with her heart I the right place. Towards her family she can be a beacon of hope, a confidant whose council is valued and appreciated by many. And towards friends she shows a loyalty that inspires legends, be willing to endure hell to ensure their safety. Doing so in these times requires courage for when your own and your family’s welfare is at risk, only the truly brave can stand their ground for their believes. And Fleur’s courage shall never falter nor will her loyalty ever waver…

Fleur is academically blessed in more ways than one. Not only is she a superb student, there’s an certain natural intuition adding to her intellect. She is a wondrous judge of character, instinctively getting a good read on people during the first encounter. She can also sense underlying problems, spotting the subtle weight that rests on people’s shoulder by the mere way they carry themselves. It’s this level of empathy that makes another trait of hers so unexpected ‘cause Fleur is a direct and often blunt woman. She seldom bites her tongue, voicing her thoughts and opinions in such an honest manner that it often offends others in the process. She’s not one for sugarcoating the truth or to hold back on the punches, using that snippy French demeanor to stand up for her believes. It was this combination of smarts and sass that first irked her in-laws, a sentiment shared by many that first meet the brilliant French witch. At the same time those characteristics make of her a truly honest person, never speaking falsehoods nor showing any sign of treachery. She is Fleur Delacour, an accomplishment she’s most proud off which lends her the necessary confidence to face any woe…

But Fleur does possess her own faults that are quite the detriment to the overall experience that people get when meeting her. She can come off as conceited and arrogant, carrying herself too proudly at times and showing contempt for things that she doesn’t understand or care for. The Veela blood in her veins adds to her natural allure and beauty while at the same time raising up an emotional wall shielding herself from being vulnerable. Her bluntness can make her come off as a cold and distant person, harsh at times with a sharp tongue that voices insults without Fleur ever being aware off the offenses caused. As she’s perhaps the most honest person in the world, it’s impossible for her not to share her earnest opinion. It’s at times like this that she will step on someone’s toes and while it’s entirely unintentional, she often annoys people. For that Fleur is an acquired taste, not exactly the kind of person that people easily warm up to until they’ve taken the time to discover the woman behind the enchanting beauty. Men on the other hand don’t seem to mind her brass approach making Fleur often blame it on feminine envy rather than her own bluntness when issues rise to the surface…

Background Information

Records of Education and Work History.


School(s) Attended:

Beauxbatons Academy of Magic

Classes & Grades:

Charms: O
Potions: O
Alchemy: E
Herbology: E
Astronomy: O
Transfiguration: O
History of Magic: O
Study of Ancient Runes: E
Defense Against Dark Arts: O


Beauxbatons Dueling Champion
Beauxbatons Prefect & Head Girl
Triwizard Champion for Beauxbatons

Clubs & Extracurriculars:

Dueling Club at Beauxbatons
Young Spell Inventors at Beauxbatons
Triwizard Tournament Champion for Beauxbatons
Étiquette et Bonnes Manières Club at Beauxbatons


Housewife and Philanthropist

After the turbulent events in the aftermath of the Triwizard Tournament. Fleur accepted a part-time desk job at Gringotts in order to practice her English. It was here that she met Bill Weasley, here that their romantic tale first began. From a desk job she moved to the underground resistance during the Second Wizarding War by affiliating herself with the Order of the Phoenix. Participating in numerous battles, she was even regarded for an Auror position if Fleur had wanted it so. But she chose a different path, a domestic course that allowed her to savor her marriage to Bill to the best of her abilities. She became a housewife, a happily married woman content with the simple life at the Shell Cottage once the fires of the Second Wizarding War came to an end. She became the proud mother of three children, two daughters Victoire and Dominique and one precious son Louis that mean the world to her. Like so many daughters of prominent wizarding families she settled for the life a married stay-at-home mother rather than a successful career woman…

Fleur did look for some excitement in her professional life once her kids were off to Hogwarts. It was one thing to be a housewife entrusted with the care of three children and entirely different thing now that her children were old enough to fend for themselves. It was during that time that she became a philanthropist, a supporter of the arts using her husband’s success to sponsor young creative minds. With Bill earning more than an entire Weasley generation before him, Fleur was free to become a minor socialite. She shifted her focus from the small town of Tinworth to the wizarding community of Stone Hallows were she became a known matron of the arts. It’s by her generosity that sculptors and painters perfected their craft. It’s with her supporting role as a muse to so many that the city’s cultural scene blossomed. She’ll occasionally write a column for the Daily Prophet but she has never accepted money for her efforts in this enterprise. She is a philanthropist at heart and soul, carrying naught for fame or fortune in this latest “career” path. But despite that new light in her world, she’ll always be a mother and wife before anything else…

Skills & Abilities

List any skills or abilities they possess


Member of the Second Generation Order of the Phoenix [Inactive]
Today she’ll only offer a safehaven to the Order’s members, leaving the duels to the younger witches and wizards.

Fiercely loyal to the Delacour, Weasley and the Potter Families
(including all secondary families bound by marriage or Order affiliation)

Family History

Some Geneology


Apolline Delacour


Monsieur Delacour


Gabrielle Delacour


Molly Weasley


Arthur Weasley


William “Bill” Weasley


Victoire Weasley


Dominique Weasley


Louis Weasley


Teddy Lupin

Brother in Law

Charles Weasley


Percy Weasley


George Weasley


Fred Weasley †


Ginny Weasley

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