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Cornelius Alexi Bristol

Cornelius B from teejott modeling


“I don't want to be a genius - I have enough problems just trying to be a man”

Samantha Jean Richwood: mother
Frederic Anders Bristol: father
Lucas Hanson Bristol: brother
Jennifer Paige Bristol: sister



Social Status:
Theoretical physicist (B.S., M.S., M.A., Ph.D., Sc.D.)


Relationship Status:

Age - Looks:

Age - Actual:

Stamford Connecticut

Date of birth:
August 13th

Current residence:
Psychiatric ward of the Hollows Hospital

Other residences before Hollows:
Stamford Connecticut

Hair Color:
Seal Brown

Eye Color:
Apple Green



Skin tone:
Caucasian pale

Blood Type:
O negative

Male at minimum
Chest Size: 39 inches
Waist Size: 29 inches
Hip Size: 33 inches
Bicep Size: 16 inches
Forearm Size: 12 inches
Thigh Size: 19 inches
Calve Size: 12 inches
Neck Size: 13 inches

Intuitive Aptitude
Ever since the accident (see background history) Cornelius instantly learns and understands the complexity and exactness of organisms, objects, and even powers without the need of long-term or special education. What he reads, he understands and can put to practical use with theoretical scripture and scientific analysis that surpasses his time. This leads to brilliant, ingenious pieces of work though he seldom finishes something he started; this malign effect is the result of his genius being simply a spur of the moment, a temporary insight that comes to him rather than a constant brilliance available to him…

Cornelius usually enters a placid trance while seeing and hearing a noted past event, whether it be concerning himself or of an unfamiliar lineage in a past occurrence; this happens when another migraine attack bothers the young man pushing him spontaneously into this world of past understanding that grants him these visions. From a theoretical stand point he then observes these images of the past to better learn to grasp what happened in the world around him in order to set things right. In this Postcognition he will afterwards turn towards the blackboards to theorize in regards to how he was introduced in this world of the past…

Cory possesses the ability to manipulate technology; manifested as a special form of electrical/telekinetic manipulation, a special form of "morphing" in a way which allows physical interaction with machines, or even a psychic ability that allows mental interface with computer data. He can control the flow of intricate machinery and can allow them to assemble or disengage their programming at will. Through this he can operate most technology just by touching or looking or controls specific electrons and instructs them which items to engage or disengage…

Memory Mapping:
Whereas the brain often gets organized at random by sheer instincts, Cornelius head ever since the accident began to function in an entirely different way; to amass the vast amount of knowledge he collected through his intuitive aptitude his mind began to structure its memories in the most fascinating way. He has created a palace inside his head, each room houses specific knowledge linked to a pressing symbol of his past which can be entered by others who are permitted in. They can get lost inside his mind, permanently coming to be trapped within the thousands of rooms and corridors that his psyche had created…

Birth Marks:
Brown birth mark on his left collarbone

Large surgical scars on:
Left knee inside
Back of the head
Right upper arm


Vintage Black by Kenneth Cole
Assimilated with pink grapefruit, lime, dewy greens, hints of white pepper, tequila, lavender and oak with sandalwood, this cologne is a powerful one that can trigger the nostrils of anyone. If I had to describe it in one word, it would have to be Enchanting.

The fragrance emanates a citrus scent at first, and is closely followed by a husky aroma, without any time lags in between. It strikes, and then strikes back. However, when applying this fragrance, apply it lightly - or it will become overwhelming.

In spite of an initial sweet-sour smell, a freezing freshness will follow, and make this fragrance a superb choice for young people who want to remain stylish