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Fabian Drake Flynn

River Phoenix


I love all women, I will never stop, I want every girl that ever lived. I fuck everything that moves and if it doesn’t move… we work something out.

I never gave a crap about anyone and nobody ever cared about me, why would that change today?


• Bubba J. Flynn: Father
(Drunken Deadbeat, got stabbed serving 18 years for rape, sexual abuse and manslaughter)
• Betty Sue Tatcher: Mother
(Heroine addicted whore, murdered by an unsatisfied customer on May 11th 1206)
• Brandine P. Flynn: Sister
(Younger sister, died of the sustained injuries by father’s abuse March 12th 1202)

• The Dawsons Family: first foster home
(Young couple died in a tragic house fire caused by two consecutive lightning strikes)
• The Henderson Family: second foster home
(Elder household died in a bizarre traffic accident when a bridge collapsed)
• The McAllister’s Residency: last foster home
(Large family of nine died from a strange bacterial infection)


Social Status:
High School Student (looking for a student job)


Relationship Status:

Age - Looks:

Age - Actual:

The Point Pleasant area of West Virginia

Date of birth:
15th November

Current residence:
Hollows Orphanage

Other residences before hollows:
None for more than a week (drifter)

Hair Color:
Dark Blonde

Eye Color:
Phthalo Green

5 ft 10 inches

141 lbs

Skin tone:
Light Pallor-Caucasian

Blood Type:

Male at minimum
• Suit: 40 Regular  
• Shirt: 15‐15 1/2 x 34‐35  
• Waist 32
• Inseam 34  
• Chest 38

Nephelokinesis or Vapor Manipulation is the Mothman’s strange ability to generate and manipulate vapor for various purposes, such as creating blinding mists. Fabian has already noticed that when his instincts are kicking in, the air around him grows denser like a thick mist, an almost smokescreen like veil that surrounds his presence. It why the Mothman has managed to escape from even the most crowded appearance sites, rendering pictures always blurry and the descriptions of this fiendish entity continuously different from witness reports; part of why he can go up in smoke…

Prehensile Tentacles
Sprouted from his back when in Aether Body the Mothman displays a wide array of tentacles swarming from his back; usually only wielded to attach itself to buildings and architectural structures these additional tendrils can also be used for offensive and defensive purposes with vicious lashes and relentless strikes. Commonly described to have six of these tentacle-like extensions the Mothman however can generate infinite of these tendril whips from his back yet Fabian doesn’t have much control over this ability. Sometimes they just emerge out of nowhere; disappearing the next second while during the blackout he truly becomes the Mothman that first emerged in ’66…

Only one witness that had a close encounter with the Mothman, the sole spotter of this fantastic creature to have a physical interaction with the beast described the strangest of things ever: Benevorous; the ability to feed off the goodness of a foe and become better physically. When in Aether Body coming in contact with someone else, Fabian get a boost to stamina, strength and speed depending on the level of goodness in a foe to boost his own physical traits. The power automatically scans for the best goodness to feed off of when facing multiple foes. Foes need not have actual powers, the perfect cop could give you a boost to his physical traits. This being said, only a person 100% evil makes this ability void, while a saint 100% good would transform the Mothman into an invincible monster…

Quixotic Illusions (illusion manipulation)
Quixotic Force or Delusional Illusion is the ability to subliminally generate illusions, without even knowing that one has generated the illusions (or for that matter, that they are even illusions). This ability would be most advantageous in appearing realistically afraid of illusory creatures, or to keep people from discovering that the user is behind the illusions (because he isn’t even visibly trying to cause them; they simply occur as a defense-mechanism, or as the result of an overactive imagination…or even a diseased mind). This ability is often accompanied by the Insanity Inducement which is one of the key scientific arguments researchers have contributed to the Mothman legend…

Catastrophe Inducement
The most powerful and elusive of Mothman abilities is Catastrophe Inducement; everywhere this urban legend gets spotted by press or eye witnesses certain catastrophes and accidents with deathly repercussions occurs within the year of sighting. The first example of this strange feature of ultimate bad luck was the Silver Bridge collapse but since 1202 many more catastrophes happened. An entire street burned down after a series of consecutive lightning strikes, large pile-ups on the free way have claimed the lives of hundreds while chemical spills, pandemic outbreaks and gas leaks sporadically happen at the scenes of Mothman appearances for reasons unknown. Those who see the Mothman should consider it an omen of imminent death with the year…

Aether Body
See alternate form…

Birth Marks:
2 black stains on his foot soles (1/foot)

4 parallel cut-scars on his wrists (4 attempted suicides)

Standing proud on his back is a large diamond of black with a rather peculiar design; on first inspection one sees the grim features of a Death's-head Hawkmoth with its wings spread before one notices a skull pattern emerge within the wings. At the bottom of the diamond shape prides the frame of the Chinese symbol for ‘Sorrow’ while the top point is marked with a thorned heart.

Who made the tattoo remains a mystery as Fabian even doubts it is a tattoo for the mark on his back had been the prelude to a series of unfortunate events and bizarre accidents; it’s partially added to the reason he began to wander the world aimlessly in search for some answers in regards to what this mark means and what happens during those nightly blackouts to always omen a horrible event.

Fabian has a rather peculiar natural chemistry unveiling him since that mysterious tattoo emerged on his back; a damp musky fragrance cloaks him in a strange ambiance that reminds people of old mansions and abandoned industrial warehouses with just a hint of rich satin in the notes.

Dirty English by Juicy Couture cologne for men is a passion-inducing mix of peppered mandarin, blue cypress, black leather, ebony wood and amber musk. The outrageously sexy, mysterious and magnetic scent is for the man who wants to live fast, and live now evidently just like Fabian wants to profile himself.