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Fabian Flynn

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Fabian Drake Flynn

River Phoenix


I love all women, I will never stop, I want every girl that ever lived. I fuck everything that moves and if it doesn’t move… we work something out.

I never gave a crap about anyone and nobody ever cared about me, why would that change today?


• Bubba J. Flynn: Father
(Drunken Deadbeat, got stabbed serving 18 years for rape, sexual abuse and manslaughter)
• Betty Sue Tatcher: Mother
(Heroine addicted whore, murdered by an unsatisfied customer on May 11th 1206)
• Brandine P. Flynn: Sister
(Younger sister, died of the sustained injuries by father’s abuse March 12th 1202)

• The Dawsons Family: first foster home
(Young couple died in a tragic house fire caused by two consecutive lightning strikes)
• The Henderson Family: second foster home
(Elder household died in a bizarre traffic accident when a bridge collapsed)
• The McAllister’s Residency: last foster home
(Large family of nine died from a strange bacterial infection)


Social Status:
High School Student (looking for a student job)


Relationship Status:

Age - Looks:

Age - Actual:

The Point Pleasant area of West Virginia

Date of birth:
15th November

Current residence:
Hollows Orphanage

Other residences before hollows:
None for more than a week (drifter)

Hair Color:
Dark Blonde

Eye Color:
Phthalo Green

5 ft 10 inches

141 lbs

Skin tone:
Light Pallor-Caucasian

Blood Type:

Male at minimum
• Suit: 40 Regular  
• Shirt: 15‐15 1/2 x 34‐35  
• Waist 32
• Inseam 34  
• Chest 38

Nephelokinesis or Vapor Manipulation is the Mothman’s strange ability to generate and manipulate vapor for various purposes, such as creating blinding mists. Fabian has already noticed that when his instincts are kicking in, the air around him grows denser like a thick mist, an almost smokescreen like veil that surrounds his presence. It why the Mothman has managed to escape from even the most crowded appearance sites, rendering pictures always blurry and the descriptions of this fiendish entity continuously different from witness reports; part of why he can go up in smoke…

Prehensile Tentacles
Sprouted from his back when in Aether Body the Mothman displays a wide array of tentacles swarming from his back; usually only wielded to attach itself to buildings and architectural structures these additional tendrils can also be used for offensive and defensive purposes with vicious lashes and relentless strikes. Commonly described to have six of these tentacle-like extensions the Mothman however can generate infinite of these tendril whips from his back yet Fabian doesn’t have much control over this ability. Sometimes they just emerge out of nowhere; disappearing the next second while during the blackout he truly becomes the Mothman that first emerged in ’66…

Only one witness that had a close encounter with the Mothman, the sole spotter of this fantastic creature to have a physical interaction with the beast described the strangest of things ever: Benevorous; the ability to feed off the goodness of a foe and become better physically. When in Aether Body coming in contact with someone else, Fabian get a boost to stamina, strength and speed depending on the level of goodness in a foe to boost his own physical traits. The power automatically scans for the best goodness to feed off of when facing multiple foes. Foes need not have actual powers, the perfect cop could give you a boost to his physical traits. This being said, only a person 100% evil makes this ability void, while a saint 100% good would transform the Mothman into an invincible monster…

Quixotic Illusions (illusion manipulation)
Quixotic Force or Delusional Illusion is the ability to subliminally generate illusions, without even knowing that one has generated the illusions (or for that matter, that they are even illusions). This ability would be most advantageous in appearing realistically afraid of illusory creatures, or to keep people from discovering that the user is behind the illusions (because he isn’t even visibly trying to cause them; they simply occur as a defense-mechanism, or as the result of an overactive imagination…or even a diseased mind). This ability is often accompanied by the Insanity Inducement which is one of the key scientific arguments researchers have contributed to the Mothman legend…

Catastrophe Inducement
The most powerful and elusive of Mothman abilities is Catastrophe Inducement; everywhere this urban legend gets spotted by press or eye witnesses certain catastrophes and accidents with deathly repercussions occurs within the year of sighting. The first example of this strange feature of ultimate bad luck was the Silver Bridge collapse but since 1202 many more catastrophes happened. An entire street burned down after a series of consecutive lightning strikes, large pile-ups on the free way have claimed the lives of hundreds while chemical spills, pandemic outbreaks and gas leaks sporadically happen at the scenes of Mothman appearances for reasons unknown. Those who see the Mothman should consider it an omen of imminent death with the year…

Aether Body
See alternate form…

Birth Marks:
2 black stains on his foot soles (1/foot)

4 parallel cut-scars on his wrists (4 attempted suicides)

Standing proud on his back is a large diamond of black with a rather peculiar design; on first inspection one sees the grim features of a Death's-head Hawkmoth with its wings spread before one notices a skull pattern emerge within the wings. At the bottom of the diamond shape prides the frame of the Chinese symbol for ‘Sorrow’ while the top point is marked with a thorned heart.

Who made the tattoo remains a mystery as Fabian even doubts it is a tattoo for the mark on his back had been the prelude to a series of unfortunate events and bizarre accidents; it’s partially added to the reason he began to wander the world aimlessly in search for some answers in regards to what this mark means and what happens during those nightly blackouts to always omen a horrible event.

Fabian has a rather peculiar natural chemistry unveiling him since that mysterious tattoo emerged on his back; a damp musky fragrance cloaks him in a strange ambiance that reminds people of old mansions and abandoned industrial warehouses with just a hint of rich satin in the notes.

Dirty English by Juicy Couture cologne for men is a passion-inducing mix of peppered mandarin, blue cypress, black leather, ebony wood and amber musk. The outrageously sexy, mysterious and magnetic scent is for the man who wants to live fast, and live now evidently just like Fabian wants to profile himself.


Alternate Forms:

Recently there have been certain changes going on since that brand appeared on his back as Fabian has been blacking out at night for ever growing periods of time and always without a hint of recollection the next day. These blackouts match with the recent sightings of a mysterious creature the media matched to the description of the Mothman that first emerged on the 15th November 1966 Point Pleasant in West Virginia which happened to be his hometown. The description of this form differ from witness to witness with only the following items in common: glowing red eyes and moth-like wings that span several feet wide as the remainder of the body is veiled in a sinister mist. Not even Fabian is aware of his true nature but the transformations are occurring more frequent and more unforeseen on the most unfortunate moments (Aether Body)…

Other Distinguishing Features:
When darkness falls on his eyes, they seem to have a red film covering them like a sinister protective screen for whatever happens during those ominous blacked-out nights. It’s a trademark only visible on a close range by people that get that close to him…

Fashion & Makeup:
Fabian’s fashion sense is a mixture of the bad boy look filled with scruffy jeans, leather jackets and filthy wife beaters and the poor as dirt lifestyle that leaves him wearing old rags, torn pants and cheap flannel shirts. Usually he wears what he can get his hands on, some cheap jacket, sleeveless T-shirt since there’s not much time nor effort spend in his appearance. What you see it what you get and for Fabian that’s just a teenage slacker with an obscured past hidden in shadows…

Sociability & Emotionality:
Fabian is the social outcast by choice and the perfect bad boy for those wishing to piss off their parents; he’s the wild, crazy and in various way the ultimate slacker when it comes to his education with rude interruptions, vicious pranks and cruel remarks directed to teachers and figures of authority. Socially he’s more of a loner rather than the party animal everyone thinks him to be as men see him as the rough competition that pisses them off while women are charmed by his rugged appearance. Especially around girls he can put on the charming side with sexy comments, flirtatious comments and the irresistible flair of the bad boy type. To top it all he’s got the whole rugged musician vibe going that hints towards a more romantic and less offensive side that just the teenage dirtbag theme he’s going for…

Emotionally Fabian is currently conflicted with the strange developments of events after his tattoo appeared on his back; towards the public he puts on the brave scumbag face with the roughness and wildness in his rebellious nature. He’s offensive to authority figures, bratty towards the preppy kids and in your face seeking to get a reaction out of people. The fact that he loves the thrill of getting in trouble, the cockiness and confidence don’t make for a good student even though he could be if he’d focus. Having fun seems more important to him than getting grades and working towards a future…

In more private surroundings the tough guy façade gets put aside and makes room for the self-aware, ever questioning what’s going on with him and why all these bizarre accidents are happening. Second guessing his decision, never being able to commit things afraid of what has happened to his foster families will only repeat itself when he finally braves to let someone in his life and heart. He can’t risk being vulnerable to someone until he unravels the sinister reality of his existence so until then he’s the outsider that makes enemies wherever he goes and scares off the few friends that dared to stick around…

Strengths & Weaknesses:
• His sense of independence
• His adventurous wild side
• His rugged charm

• His sense of responsibility
• His hatred of authority figures
• His utter unwillingness to grow up

Interests & Hobbies:
• Public Rebellion
• Car Mechanics
• Rock and Roll

• Playing Guitar
• Tattoo Designing
• Civil Disobedience

• Pulling off pranks
• Setting stuff on fire
• Smoking by the dumpsters
• Hanging out with hot teen girls
• Tagging public property with graffiti

• Responsibilities
• Cheerleaders & Jocks
• Cops, Teachers & Security
• Dorks, Snobs, Preps & Brats
• Homework, Lectures & Essays

• Irresponsible
• Rock ‘n Roll
• Bad Boy

Song and or Playlist:

Though he may act all badass and tough, Fabian isn’t much of a fighter beside of those weekly bar brawls and after-school fracas that keep him bruised and cut. He tries to avoid weapons if possible but he always carries around a butterfly knife tucked in his laceless combat boots…

Scribed in the books of Modern American history stands the urban legend of the Mothman from Point Pleasant in West Virginia; a mysterious entity described as a flying creature with wings eight feet wide, eyes glowing red like the fires of purgatory was seen throughout the year of ’66 only to disappear at the brink of a grim disaster. The last sighting of this ominous creature happened the night before December 14th 1967 at the Silver Bridge that connected Point Pleasant West Virginia with Kanauga Ohio across the Ohio River. Nobody knew what this fearsome fiend was doing in Point pleasant until on December 15, 1967, the Silver Bridge collapsed while it was full of rush-hour traffic, resulting in the deaths of 46 people. Scientists couldn’t explain the collapse writing up false conclusions but the locals blamed the mysterious creature that disappeared soon after. Whatever happened to the Mothman remained a mystery that would soon unravel…

In 1995, Point Pleasant West Virginia the cries of a newborn took the night’s silence by surprise as a child was born in the filthy circles of a trailer trash couple; a dead-beat father that brewed moonshine from the shack in the backyard, a mother that pranced her tits on the corner of the street, selling her body for a meager handout. A child born into poverty, bound to suffer the same faith as the folks raising him as the boy was given the name Fabian Drake Flynn. His childhood was rough, life harsh forcing him to toughen up and mature much faster than most kids of his age as Fabian struggled every day to look normal; the burden to keep strong only weighed down more on his young shoulders when his mother got knocked up again, giving birth to his sister. Every day growing up he was there for her, keeping her safe and out of harm only to find himself overpowered by something beyond his childish reach. His drunken father molested the young girl ever night, his mother ignoring it simply too afraid or too drugged up to act on it, making him the only block to stand in his father’s way. At least once a week the lashings of a buckled belt struck down on him, punishment for watching out for his sister; the bruises and broken bones becoming a tragic part of his tainted youth…

1202 would mark a significant black milestone in Fabian’s life as an average day at school would forever change his life; with his torn backpack straddled on his back jeans cut up from yet another playground fight with some bullies Fabian arrived at the slums he called home: the Point Pleasant trailer park. The backfire of rusted engines trying to get rallied up by their pot-dealing neighbor, the screams of the mad cat lady filling the yards he heard a sound all too familiar for the seven year old boy coming home. The daunting roar of his father, the terrifying crack of that leather belt buckle striking down brought a clenching agony to his heart and a dreadful notion something behind that aluminum door was incredible wrong struck him. Driven by emotions unknown and motivations not quite measurable by modern means, Fabian pushed open that door to see the blood-riddled body of his sister laying on the shag carpet floor; the grim physique of his father stood over the girl’s unconscious body, splatter marking his expression in an almost beast-like manner, Fabian felt an unknown energy surge through him. With the bat they’d kept by the door in hand the boy just went ballistic; a temporary lapse of judgment, mankind returning to its primal state he struck blow after blow down on his own father until the red and blue flashing lights of sirens came to their aid but all together too late…

Life since that day would never be the same again; his father went to jail for crimes committed, his sister died on route to the hospital from the sustained injuries while the only adult he once had to count on turned to drugs to ease her sorrow. Sorrow became the soundtrack to his life as every day after March 12th 1202 where the young boy watched his mother spiral down in drugs, prostitution and crowds too dark to mention leaving a lonely child behind. Fabian learned the hard way that life wasn’t fair for the son of a gun, as the boy became a man by lack of choice. Life was rough but bearable but ever since that day he’d felt something inside of him growing, stirring like something struggling to rise to the surface which eventually happened on his eleventh birthday. On that precious moment he woke up with a sourness in his back, finding the source to be the most peculiar yet amazing thing his eyes ever witnessed. A black diamond stood printed like a tattoo on his back, hosting a grotesque picture of a skull-like moth with various mysterious inscriptions to feature along the outlines. What is was remained and still does remain a mystery but its effects would soon begin to unfold. The first of many strange events came at the night of his mother’s murder for that night he’d blacked-out only to wake up again on the rooftop by the alley that overlooked the crime scene with the newspaper mentioning the reappearance of the Mothman again…

Having become an orphan that day, parentless and homeless as the bank closed down the trailer, confiscated everything however limited that may even have been leaving him into the ‘caring’ hands of Uncle Sam. Fabian was drafted in the foster family system getting first placed at the Dawson family. A young ambitious couple with fertility problems had taken him in, treated him like their own son and life for the first time seemed to smile upon him; how wrong he was for on one evening when he’d blacked out again lightning struck two consecutive times setting the home aflame with the Dawsons’ still inside while the papers once more featured an expose on the Mothman appearing in Point Pleasant. Something sinister was going on yet Fabian’s teenage mind couldn’t put the pieces of the puzzle together. The happy couple didn’t make it out that night, the press calling it a miracle that Fabian had survived but deep down he know that wasn’t really true.

The government intervened again, placing him in the second foster home at the Hendersons’; an elder couple living on the edge of the city had been hosting foster children for two decades but even these veteran caretakers couldn’t have prepared for the unfortunate incident that came next. Waking up in his bed, head pounding with a throbbing headache only to hear the news broadcast the Hendersons’ car being amongst the dozens of rides that tumbled into the river at a bridge collapse. Worst of all it once more coincide with a sighting of the Mothman near the scene of the accident. Only after the third home he was placed, the reaper having obviously stalked his path claiming those nine assigned relatives, Fabian no longer could bare the coincidences. He ran away, bailing on the foster family system only to head for the one place that might give him answers: Hollows…


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