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Grither Kingpin

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Wilhelm Grither Solveg

[wɪlhəlm - grɪθər - ʒoʊlveg]


The world is full of death. From the moment they were thrown into this world, they're fated to bring each other nothing but pain and misery. What do they hope to accomplish by living?
Light is but a farewell gift from the darkness to those on their way to die. For death is their only salvation from this world of ours…

No known relatives, born out of the sins of mankind!

Genderless (can switch between male and female appearance though prefers his male form)

Grither (Usurper Demon)

Social Status:
Usurper Kingpin of Hollows


Relationship Status:
Single and Celibate

Age - Looks:
Impossible to determine, though most will guess somewhere between 30 and 50

Age - Actual:

Uncertain, the first documented appearance of Grither was in the Russian taiga near the village of Ølstbrëger

Date of birth:
Uncertain, the first documented appearance of Grither was on the 17th of February

Current residence:
In the old abandoned rail works in Hollows (found Here)

Other residences before hollows:
Ancestral Tomb in 1230BC (Ølstbrëger, Siberia, Russia)
The Roman Imperial catacombs in 137AD (Rome, Italy, Europe)
The Spanish-Catholic undercrofts in 1485AD (Seville, Spain, Europe)
The Chancellorsville Watermill in 1863AD (Chancellorsville, Virginia, USA)
The Wolfsschanze Bunkers in 1943AD (Ketrzyn, Poland, Europe)

Hair Color:
Bald (no facial hair, no body hair,…)

Eye Color:
Blind empty stare with only a transparent white film across his eyes (hidden under his bandages)

6ft4 or 193cm

91lbs or 41,7kg

Skin tone:
Transparent, almost glass-like skin withering away by the years
(Sometimes described as spider-silken skin, strong but thin and transparent)

Blood Type:
Dense gray sludge coursing through his veins at low velocity (blood type unknown/undefined)

Male at minimum
# Neck: 12 ⅝"
# Sleeve:  29"
# Waist:  26"
# Chest: 33"
# Inseam: 29"

Be specific on how a power works and remember to put limitations to some of the bigger type ones
Dissolves into Shadows
The ability to solidify and disintegrate himself into a black fog that merges with the shadows, allowing him to evade physical attacks rapidly, transgress into protected location. The disintegration process is almost instantly, like his body exploding into a series of conscious shadows, but the solidification process takes slightly longer. (Happens in stages).  When in shadow form he’s able to manipulate his environment, but his strength is drastically reduced. Theoretically speaking the only place he can’t appear is a space absent of shadows…

Physical Duplication (8 max)
The ability to create identical replicas of himself, who not only resemble to him physically, but share his powers as well. There are restrictions though; he can only create two replicas who share his strength except for the Darkness Paradigm (check below). When he creates more duplicates, they weaken in both physical strength and powers. (Shape shifting lost after 4th copy, Midnight Echoes lost at 6th copy, Nightmare Psionic weakened at 8th copy).  Grither can only create 8 replicas of his own without losing energy himself…

Paranormal Hearing Ability
His hearing ability compensates for the absence of eye sight, allowing him to see on an audio-based image. His hearing is phenomenal, able of hearing the blood coursing through someone’s veins, the nerves in a body firing signals and the subtle changes in airflow patterns. The image it creates is flawed though in the sense that it’s just a black and white sketch of his surroundings, without colors, textures and detail.  Contrary to common believe, an overload of sound doesn’t incapacitate him, nor blur his vision for the more sound he can find, the stronger/clearer the audio image is…

Shape shifting to Spider Form
Whenever someone or something is entrusted with Grither’s mark of a black Arachnid, there’s a direct connection between him and the marked one that ensure Grither’s protection. When the mark is violated by violence or a threat it will cause a replica of Grither to emerge on the location in the form of a giant Brazilian Wandering Spider. This spider is Grither’s personal guardian, an ancient fiend he’s able to transform in to fend off enemies. In this form Grither’s magical powers are absent, his physical strength highly amplified into one destructive monstrosity. Powerful venom secreted from razor sharp fangs, eight vicious legs and paralyzing webs are part of this forms defenses, but unfortunately it’s more a frightening technique than a combat feature…

Midnight Echoes
One of the two deathly abilities that grant Grither his dominance over Hollows’ Underground, the Midnight Echoes are a unique process where the Usurper demon’s control over the darkness is wielded into a series of deathly weapons. He grants power to the shadows, crafting them into a series of sickle-shaped blades of pure darkness that are sent towards his enemy. It sometimes comes in the form of two wide scythes that are able to slice through wood, steel and concrete; other times the Midnight Echoes come as an unstoppable storm of smaller sickles that are unleashed in a flesh-grinding hurricane on those who’re defying his dark throne. The Echoes are often combined with his ability to dissolve into shadows, resulting in a relentless series of attacks sent by an invisible assailant.

Nightmare Psionic
The second of the two deathly abilities that grant Grither his dominance over Hollows’ Underground, the Nightmare Psionic is a horrifying ability where a series of sonic waves are emitted into a powerful high-frequency shockwave. It’s a series of psychic sound waves accompanied in a deafening screech like a bat’s cry, that’s able of shattering solid rock, crumbling earth and cracking reinforced steel on the first impact. That’s however just the environmental effect, the true devastation is taking place within the bodies of those exposed to the effects. Bones are reduced to dust, crushed internally by the sound vibrations; internal bleeding and hemorrhaging rip apart the veins, organs and brains of a human body in short term exposure, higher beings have an elevated tolerance to the destructive force, though it’s known to invert the shape shifting process of lycans, dragons and similar breeds of creatures. There’s however one downside to this ability: the Nightmare Psionic is entirely indiscriminate to what it destroys, so any Grither replicas in the line of fire will perish just like the opponents. Those replicas forced to use this ability only do so in a desperate act leading towards self-destruction…

Darkness' Paradigm (Independent of Time and Gravity)
The Darkness’ Paradigm isn’t much of a power, rather a phenomenon related to Grither’s presence that’s accompanied by his grotesque nature of being born from mankind’s sin.  Those who confront this Usurper driven by one of the seven deadly sins though fail in their quest will find their souls added to the demon’s collection. These souls are tied to him in eternal damnation, forced to forever haunt their executioner and become part of the ominous hymn stalking this dark foe. Like a personal choir of tormented souls, these fallen victims of sin are conducted as an obedient shield around their master, altering the paradigms of life. Time and Gravity are two concepts entirely differently defined for Grither, who now finds himself standing independent against those earthly concepts. When Time demons freeze the clock’s process, Grither remains unaffected; when physical manipulators alter the gravitational laws of physics, Grither remains unaffected. It’s as if Grither lives in a realm of his own transcended into this world through his crimes. There’s however one major disadvantage to this ability for the restless chant of these perished victims will always betray the Grither’s approach, canceling out the ability of a stealth approach. (when facing a replica, the Hymn won’t be present)

Birth Marks:
On his chest a Cross of Confusion stands onto the place where his heart’s supposed to be. The mark is etched into the withered flesh like a horrible burn branded in his skin…

Grither has sacrified part of his humanity to collect more power. Therefor he’s forfeited three of his five senses already: sight, touch and taste. His eyes have gone blind by a thick white membrane, his tongue petrified, reduced to dust and the nerves in his body dried and withered into empty husks.


A wicked blend of dried blood, infected flesh and decomposing tissue merged with a deep lingering note of decay and human ashes.

Like a dying man’s last words, every phrase spoken by Grither sounds like a shallow whisper from beyond the grave. Like a soft hiss, words barely audible except for those they’d been intended; to them it echoes like a nightmare that one can’t wake up from, stalking them long after the conversation came to an ending. Whenever Grither’s about to speak, a deep breath is taken with the ancient lungs sighing from the intense exercise forming words is to the Usurper Kingpin…

Alternate Forms:
Check powers for more info, no pictures available… (Shadow form and Spider form)

Other Distinguishing Features:
Grither’s approach is always accompanied by a sorrowful hymn that sounds from the shadows; the damned souls of his last victims alerting the next for the foe’s imminent approach. The melody grows stronger, more dreadful with every yard the darkness moves closer towards his latest target.

Fashion & Makeup:
Grither has a monochrome fashion sense that revolves entirely around all black uniforms representing the black chapters in history that he’d caused. Each uniform holds a dark past affiliated with the different times he rose to power; the last appearance he made always becoming the standard attire in the next. There’s however one mutual factor in each of these wardrobe choices: not an inch of skin is shown. Sometimes the garment will cover up the body entirely, but in most circumstances a series of tightly wrapped bandages mask his skin from spectator’s eyes.

German Gestapo Uniform
His last rise to power occurred in the heat of WWII in Nazi territory, where the German oppressors hunted down all who believed differently. The dark gray uniforms of the Nazi Secret Service became his own, the peaked caps, thick double buttoned vests and knee high leather boots merging into his standard choice of clothing now in Hollows. Platinum buttons, silver details and leather straps are the rough accents that give certain flair to his presence. There’s even a gun holster on the back of his belt that holds the service weapon of the forgotten soldiers of genocide…

Civil War Courier Suit
Since his last visit to the continent of the United States of America, Grither added the Confederate Army Courier uniform to his collection. A high collared jacket made from black scruffy velour combined with the short visor patrol cap and shabby scarf to block out the cold, form the dominating choice of clothing during his reign behind the curtains of World War Two. It’s a subtle choice of cloths used by the frontier messengers who moved back and forth between military encampments. It’s a less attention drawing option of clothing that Grither will turn to for subtle infiltration performed by one of his replicas. The demon himself won’t be sighted in this uniform, having always felt the cloths inferior to his status as dominant villain…

Black Archbishop Robes
There’s one more uniform with a special value to this ancient evil fiend; the black archbishop robes he wore during the decade of purging pagans in the Spanish Inquisition. Entirely black dyed robes, reserved to ceremonial occasions as witch burnings, public executions and the extermination of Protestants, fall graciously on his skeletal like frame. A haunting mitre design that veils his entire face within the headpiece will remind European Historians of the sickening paintings of the fifteenth century showing the many horrors of brutal torture made by the nameless faceless bishop…

Sociability & Emotionality:
Grither stands alone in this world, not only by choice but by faith as well for his very creation is the result of an imbalance between the scales of good and evil. Forged like a weapon he rises to power whenever the world’s spiraling towards their own demise through sin, corruption and greed. He loathes the people for reviving him, forcing his hand again to burn another black chapter into the history books. Grither’s vision towards life is entirely captured in the two quotes he’ll repeat over and over again to those crossing their path:
The world is full of death. From the moment they were thrown into this world, they're fated to bring each other nothing but pain and misery. What do they hope to accomplish by living?
Light is but a farewell gift from the darkness to those on their way to die. For death is their only salvation from this world of ours…

Grither no longer complies to common emotion responses, having stripped himself of human trait. Now he’s a hollow husk, vacant of emotions as his entire life revolved around punishing the people who’s sins have reawaken him into this world. To him his own existence is but an abomination of nature, forced to reprove the sinners. He loathes humanity and all the other abominations brought into this world, feeling that death is the only merciful act he can grant them in order to free them from the hideous downfall of society. In a twisted ominous way he believes that his actions lead towards the liberation and salvation of their souls; his own definition of mercy…

Strengths & Weaknesses:
An utter lack of humanity: no conscious, no emotions, no regret (allows him to fulfill his task)
A detachment from this world: allows him to see things from an entirely different perspective

An utter lack of humanity: fails to understand the actions of people, their motivations and dreams
A detachment from this world: his perspective allows only a black and white view of the world

Interests & Hobbies:
Grither has no interests outside of the task he was given upon his revival to the world, his entire life’s devoted to a cause of punishment for the sinful ways of humanity. It’s like an obsession driving him, to remind humanity of the errors in their way by marking their history with a chapter so black; so filled with death, suffering and sorrow humanity is steered back on the tracks. Grither’s existence is marked by the worst events in history, disappearing again the moment the hearts of men are scarred forever.

None, though some believe he takes pleasure in the murders, tortures and other crimes he commits.

His own existence
Sinners and Saints

Vindictive, Baleful, Provocative, Mischievous, Malicious, Invasive, Apathical, Sadistic

Song and or Playlist:

Black Steel Baton
A powder coated black telescopic baton, used previously by law enforcement officers and military personnel. Grither doesn’t use the steel blunt weapon much, it’s more of a decorative item used to smack around his own replicas and followers rather than his victims.
Dual Mauser C96
Since his appearance in WWII, Grither has found comfort in the Gestapo uniform which comes with a pair of German-made Mauser C96. These odd shaped handguns are found on either side of his lower back in leather holsters, yet they barely leave these confinements. Grither doesn’t use the guns much; again more of a decorative element to his outfit, yet many have found their maker by the pistols. In order to prove their loyalty, Grither often hands these vintage guns to his followers with an execution order. Those who receive the gun will find their lives signed to an unbreakable contract of Kill or be Killed…


None knows the darkness from which this ancient evil crawled, the actual origin of his reign still shrouded in mystery with only the first traces of his existence surfacing 3241 years ago in the Russian wastelands. Life back then was simple for the small tribal communities who'd settled near the shallow ponds and deep rivers, living their daily life in the same routine of men going out for the hunt and women tending to the children. Things were easy and that which their primitive minds failed to explain was accounted to a range of gods, spirits and deities, each with a name and an altar to hear their prayers. The rising and settling off the sun became the spirit of the sun, warm and reliable; the changing of the tide assigned to the deity of the water, thunder and lightning casted from the sky being the wrath of a god upset with the people's actions. Each of these entities were faceless to the people, only the visible actions being the evidence of their existence, but like most things in life, there's always a dark shade hidden in shadows waiting to rise to power. Sickness, disease, death and suffering were all scorns of the ages that the primal tribe folk couldn't explain with much other than another faceless creature; a faceless creature that unlike the others did make an appearance amongst his believers; a creature referred to in ancient tongue as Grither...

The first accounted sighting of Grither was etched in stone near a waterfall in central Russia, where traces of an ancient settlement were discovered in hundreds of wall painting telling a story ridden with destruction and gore. Historians have crafted one hypothesis to explain the sorrow-full myth which attempted to explain the mutilated remains of the petrified citizens, the unknown chemical traces within the soil and the last unfinished drawing of a faceless fiend of darkness: With sickness and disease having broken out in the town of prosperity and wealth, people grew desperate and grim; their believes in the goodness of deities brought in question and a new spirit brought to life who'd be blamed for all this agony and torment of society. They defined an entity of pure darkness, its face veiled in blackness and powers that inflicted the worst of pains on the people of the small waterfall-side community. Though just a fictional being of their imagination at first, their pleas for mercy at its altar were heard, a fiend awoken to fill in the void their believes had rendered, though soon it would come to be that their imagination would never come close to the harshness of reality. This ominous monstrosity was the first to been given a name, 'Grither', the foulest of words in their limited vocabulary was given to their 'god' amongst the people. Within the first moment it rose above the surface into the world of men, he brought pain and destruction upon the people with such vile cruelty and menace, the drawing changed from a black man with people at his feet to a spiderlike creature feeding on the corpses of the villagers, but none would ever know the truth that laid buried there...

It took till 173AD before another sighting of 'Grither' occurred, this time in the Roman empire under the reign of Marcus Aurelius Antonius. Within the Great Empire's capital city of Rome, a plague erupted that claimed the lives of thousands of people; those tainted by the illness forced to live in exile, demanded to identify themselves by blackened bandages wrapped around their infectious bodies. Amongst these outcasts He returned, like an opportunist in times of suffering wandering within the city where all he touched were ridden with disease and agony. Civil war erupted with the black fiend marching ahead of the angry mob; each criminal and low-life of society gathered behind their newly found leader. The soldiers couldn't stop them for structure was brought within the underground regime, each time allowing the culprits slip through the net. Grither was a faceless ghost within the city, each time dissolving in smoke whenever the empire attempted to cease his assault; many times a stealthy arrow or well-aimed dagger struck the Grither, leaving him lethally injured, but he'd always seem healthier as ever again. Sometimes he was sighted at multiple locations at once, like identical twins roaming the streets. To them he seemed like one of the gods' worst punishment being brought upon them for their arrogance in war, their greed in society and their lifestyle of sin amidst the suffering of the rest of the world. And just as fast as he emerged from the darkness, he disappeared once more like a shadow in the light of one cold winter morning when the first flake of snow tumbled down onto the ground...

Throughout history across the world Grither emerged and disappeared like the strike of thunder, each time rising to power when the people were at their worst; when carnal sin got out of control, temptation became physical torment with deafening screeches behind the blackened wrappings; with greed for money and power consuming the people, their flesh was scorn by blades of darkness at his fingertips; time and time again he emerged whenever the evil within people occurred in utter chaos and each time he left when the underground was entirely reformed and structured. Whenever he stepped into the grim spotlight of the criminal society, one common aspect of his rise of power was witnessed by all who'd been disgraced by his presence: the Hymn. Wherever, whenever he went, people experienced an ominous melody of deep withered strings that embodies fear and doubt within the listener's ears; the traces of hope fading like embers in a rain storm that seems to last for eternity. The hymn became the soundtrack of usurping actions, the daunting song of his approach resonates within the countless years of his reign of terror; the demon who's entire identity was defined by the characteristic ominous chant for his face, nor name was stricken out of the history books, afraid that mentioning it would cause the beast to reappear from the depths of hell it escaped from...

Three times in history Grither emerged onto a pedestal that marked the black chapters of the world's history; so many people's dreams shattered by his actions, so many lives ruined and futures destroyed that the memory alone would be shared for eternity with future generations as an example of the worst mankind could inflict upon its fellow man. The first scorch on history took place near the end of the fifteenth century in Spain. Grither was sighted amongst the Spanish Inquisitionist, who tortured and prosecuted for religious and idealistic reasons with methods that would forever alter the definition of cruelty. Over 1700 people were 'trailed' by the people who served as judge, jury and executioner, all manipulated by the dark touch of the faceless demon standing in the shadow. Innocents were burned at the stake as an example of the vile nature of humanity; villages were torched to the ground, feminists tortured till false confessions brought the bitter-sweet salvation of death. Screams rose from the fortified prisons of the Inquisition, while the faceless evil stood by to witness events unfold, stirring up more fear and loathing in the citizen's hearts, forcing them to walk in line or face the consequences of disobedience where only death could mercy upon the continuous torment...

The second time in History that Grither scarred the world he emerged in a different continent that he'd grown accustomed to as he emerged from the gunpowder filled airs of the United States. In the ruins of the Civil War where two parties with different ideas clashed in relentless confrontation, Grither stepped out of hiding to fill in the void the war had left; crime had been unchained from the bounds of authorities, who'd been too consumed with fighting on the frontline to maintain structure in society. Murderers and rapists went crazy, one massacre occurring after the other, and another spree of pointless violence replacing the previous with increasing deaths and victims till it would eventually spiral out of control. This however never happened by the intervention of Grither in this turbulent time, who reorganized the syndicates with efficiency. The pointless killings ended, the random display of mutilated bodies faded to the background but they still happened beyond spectators' sight; the rapes, slavery and torture was kept in check, beyond the authorities' reach but more vicious and crueler than ever. Thousands died, others suffered countless years by the reformed underground after failing to comply to the new rules imposed by Grither, yet all of that ended on a dawn of blizzard storm raging across the fields...

The last sudden rise to power of Grither occurred during the worst of all armed conflict to ever have haunted humanity, World War II. With the entire world confronted with extremist' points of view, acts against civil rights and the exploitation of the world's citizens. Cruel actions against Jews, gays and any other person who didn't fall within the boundaries the new order had imposed the birth of the Third Reich. The Nazis had risen to power, conquering one nation after the other in relentless speed with methods that were incomparable to military standard. 'Blitzkrieg' served the purpose of their rapid ascend to the highest sport of the hierarchy, but that was just the developments that took place in the spotlight. Grither's presence was a more private, intimate position in the shadows; behind the curtains he controlled the leaders of the new Reich like puppets, guiding their every move, instigating their crimes and heinous acts that defied imagination. In the shadows he'd started to research the other species that roamed the earth, their existence hidden under the radar but still they were there, always waiting, preying on the average person. One by one he started harvesting a specimen of each breed; vampires, lycans, shifters and many others were all pitched against him in the search for more power and the weaknesses he'd be able to exploit. Everything went smoothly, four years of manipulation in the shadows educated the ancient demon in each different strength and flaw of the enemies he could face; everything started to piece together, each appearance throughout history leading towards the opportunity for him to rise to power. One day he'd emerge again, stronger and swifter than ever. That day would eventually come when a city in Colorado, infested with each species known to men would fall without their precious Kingpin to rule the turbulent underground; like a cancer he'd invade their streets, leaving his mark on each corner and slowly reunite the criminals the city harbors...
(Word count: 1.787)


Grither is driven around by one of his replicas or hired minions in a black Bentley Continental GT with tinted windows and chrome detail. The vehicle serves as a status symbol to attend Hollows upper class events, even when uninvited. The elegant lines and superb handcrafted interior add a certain luxury standard to the car, while a unique W configuration engine produced 567hp/423kW for a quick getaway. Class and muscle are perfectly combined within the Bentley Continental GT that will only rarely be used for special events or the monthly collection of his business fronts…

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