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Iggy McFarlane

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Ignace Bunten McFarlane

Will Merrick


Doing nothing is very hard to never know when you're finished.

Mother Earth: Father & Mother



Social Status:
Twiggy Green’s Owner
Farmer (Marijuana & Vegetables)


Relationship Status:

Age - Looks:

Age - Actual:


Date of birth:
21st March

Current residence:
McFarlane Farm Hollows

Other residences before hollows:
None (some believe Crouch End London, but that’s untrue)

Hair Color:
Ginger red

Eye Color:
Asparagus Green



Skin tone:
Pale with freckles

Blood Type:
Green Blood

Male at minimum
• Chest Size: 37 inches
• Waist Size: 28 inches
• Hip Size: 33 inches
• Bicep Size: 14 inches
• Forearm Size: 11 inches
• Thigh Size: 19 inches
• Calve Size: 11 inches
• Neck Size: 13 inches

Spriggan Physiology
Iggy wasn’t born in a human form, yet as his true nature of a Spriggan, one of these strange creatures of Mother Earth made entirely of wood and energy, the source of which is his Taproot. Much like an Ent from the enchanted forests Iggy’s true form is often mistaken for being but a walking tree while the Cornish faery lore describes him as a woodland spirit of brilliant complexity created from the same wood the tree they’re born from was filled with the amber light and sap of his nature’s existence. For Iggy his Spriggan form is a slightly shorter humanoid form (4ft9) made from black walnut wood, a brilliant amber taproot where a heart should be as the entire body is filled with the glowing amber light. Much like antlers of dominant male deer his body has sprouted various sets of wooden extensions able of thrusting enemies with relentless force. There’s one major weakness associated with the Spriggan Physiology as it comes hand in hand with a natural vulnerability to fire…

Horticulture Effect
The Spriggan kind is one of the Earth’s creations closest to nature so it comes to no surprise that Iggy holds a remarkable touch on the earth’s vegetation. The Horticulture Effect is the distinct ability to influence the growth of plant life. When Iggy touches plants or any other form of vegetation in that matter, it causes them to mature with supernatural speed, grow to unusual size, and produce in abundance making the McFarlane Farm the most productive of the city’s country side. This talent however has no offensive or defensive purposes, merely commercial and ecological features…

Solstice Control
Much like fauns, the Spriggans are all associated with one particular season based entirely on the individual; in Iggy’s case his associated season is the glorious period of Spring where the flowers begin to bloom, the trees begin to grow their precious green leaves and nature restores itself after the strenuous cold of Winter. He literally magnetically toggles the earth to shift the seasons of his given environment to Spring, thereby manipulating his close environment. This weather controlling ability’s reach however is strictly limited to the farmlands he was sprouted from and a modest radius of one hundred feet from his person…

Many Spriggans are famed to have some brilliant control over various creatures of the animal kingdom, most often the companionship of bears, wolves, ravens or other strong beasts of the woodlands, yet Iggy can be considered the odd bird out on that talent. Rather than being able to control large ferocious predators of the wild, his companionship is made with the little six-legged creatures, the itty-bitty critters of the bug world. At his command yet only when in his Spriggan form Iggy can summon entire swarms of bees, cockroaches, wasps, locusts and other six-legged freaks to come to his aid being capable of conducting them like puppets at his command. The effects of these insect-attacks depend on the species of bugs summoned either inflicting grave pain when wasps/bees are sent his enemies way or incredible entertainment when calling forth flocks of butterflies. Usually this ability is only wielded for defensive purposes…

Xylokinesis or the ability to control and manipulate wood is something inheritably associated with the Spriggans; each of these woodland spirits no matter which of the four seasons they’re affiliated with have the unique talent of wielding living wood (trees, bushes, shrubbery, plants…) in an offensive and defensive manner yet only when in their true form. Much like their own bodies are crafted from wood able to be extended and withdrawn like prehensile vines, Iggy as most Spriggan can conjure the wooden existences to his beckoning, sprouting defensive barriers of branches from the ground like a sturdy wooden wall or simply demanding trees to become aggressive to all that transgress on Spriggan guarded property. This also indicates the main limitation of his Spriggan use of Xylokinesis as only within the lands he was born in can Iggy control the wooden life forms binding his ability to the farm lands of McFarlane …

Solar Pulse
The one talent that’s maintained in both his human and Spriggan form and allows Iggy some means of offensive and defensive features is the strange gift of Solar Pulse; from the moment the sun rises over the horizon to the second it disappears again to the West Iggy is able of collecting vast amounts of solar energy and focus it into one concentrated orb of raw solar energy. Gathering the sun’s energy and binding it within one controlled sphere-like object, Spriggans can turn the warm light of the Earth’s celestial body into a vital pulse of energy that presents similar features to Fire and Psionic energy. From his hand much like throwing a ball, Iggy fires these massive solar pulses towards his enemies pushing their forcefully backwards while burning them with the blistering heat of the sun that can even set things on fire…

Birth Marks:
Lots of Freckles

Small scars located around the joints of his body

Both nipples pierced

A perfect blend between moss, musk, marijuana and chewing tobacco


Alternate Forms:

Other Distinguishing Features:
Top left canine tooth is still wood (betrays his Spriggan form)
His immediate surroundings are constantly experiencing Spring Time
When too close to an open flame his skin blisters and shows the wooden form

Fashion & Makeup:
Iggy only has two styles of wardrobe to choose from so his attires are limited to one of two settings in which he’s likely to wander through the streets in…

His most frequent clothing style one will encounter Iggy dressed in, are the scruffy farmer overalls that he wears while working the fields or running errands. Salopettes and dungarees in denim and flannel plaid shirts that opt for comfort over fashion are the main features of his everyday outfit along with rubber boots or working shoes. It’s not rare for city folk to mistake him for homeless as he often smells like coming straight from the sewers reeking of manure and fertilizer. Most of his outfits are marked by dirt stains, oil or grease spots or simply torn from a hard day’s worth of labor making him not the most appealing of characters, rather seen as a complete hillbilly…

When he does however need to go in town for more ‘formal’ occasions such as a night at the bar or just an attempt of getting a girl to take home (hasn’t happened yet), Iggy goes dressed in the clothes he found in the farmhouse. Clothing dating back to the late sixties, early seventies, complete outdates are then put on his meager figure making him often look more like a cliché pimp rather than a classy style. Scruffy wool coats, brownish shirts and stonewashed bleached jeans that absolutely look ridiculous on him. The only close thing to a decent item of clothing he got is a blue striped sweater with a denim jacket…

Sociability & Emotionality:
• Slow
• Avarice
• Outcast
• Hillbilly
• Uncultured

• Stubborn
• Ignorant
• Drowsy
• Filthy
• Dumb

Strengths & Weaknesses:
• In touch with nature
• Nonchalant
• Stress free

• Intellectual conversation
• Social standards
• Women

Interests & Hobbies:
• Smoking marijuana
• Cultivating crops
• Tending fields

• Shooting cans on the fence post
• Skinny dipping in the pond
• Hopping trains

• Season: Spring
• Holiday: St. Patrick’s Day
• Event: Any free keg party
• Location: McFarlane Farm
• Food: Barbecue ribs with roasted potatoes
• Drink: Jack Daniels Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey
• Color: Crimson
• Lover: easy and dumb
• Friend: stoned and drunk

• Season: Winter
• Holiday: Thanksgiving
• Event: Burning Man Festival
• Location: Hollows city
• Food: anything fancy
• Drink: Light Beer
• Color: Pink
• Lover: High Maintenance & Jealous
• Friend: Preppy and Sober

• Earth-bound
• Offensive
• Hillbilly
• Drunk
• Lazy

Song and or Playlist:

• Winchester Model 70 Super Grade Rifle (against coyotes)
• Colt Model 1873 .45 revolver
• Pitchfork

The city of Hollows is booming, more skyscrapers rising from the ground like sprouted trees reaching for the heavens while the streets grow wide and rapid in all directions. The people are growing in numbers, more and more moving into this formerly quaint town within Colorado, every day more faces added to the records, more names scribed down only to the cost of nature’s loss. Forests disappeared, woods cut down to make room for more urbanization while the world is blind to the tears of Mother Nature; the mountains mourn the loss of their slopes covered in stunning greens, the meadows withering in the smoke of modern industry leaving the world weeping for the loss of wildlife. Mother Nature was grieving when a desperate act lead to the birth of the last of his kind. Ignace Bunten McFarlane he was named when he parted from a lonely black walnut tree by the abandoned McFarlane farm and set his first rooted foot on the place that would become home…

Years it took for the young Spriggan to gather strength and fully become detached of his tentative mother’s embrace as his wooden features were often spotted as a stickman walking across the farmlands. The crows no longer dared flocking on this meadows of golden grain, the orchard blossoming and carrying lavish amounts of fruits well beyond the possibility of the average tree as Springtime never seemed to fade around these old forgotten farmlands outside of the city. For ten years stuck within the wooden frame of his Spriggan body Ignace lovingly called Iggy or Twiggy by his Mother he wandered this old property bringing back nature to its former glory and crops unlike any had seen before. The grain could be harvest four times in a year, trees buckling under the weight of their fruit that gloriously praised on their branches as vegetables reached sizes unlike any other with tomatoes the size of a melon, potatoes the size of footballs and even pumpkins too heavy to carry by the toughest of musclemen. Never before had the farm seen such days as this mysterious entity wandered through its meadows, ever working, ever tending to Mother Earth’s needs…

His mother guarded him, nature having strange tendencies towards strangers daring to cross those borders of the farm as several teenagers had been arriving at the hospital after strange killer bee attacks, cars driving on the gravel road finding themselves trapped in a plague of locusts. When the first harvests came in and nature was restored the Earth thanked her child for the generous investment he’d made on the farm, a blessed reward given for the services he’d provided to restore the land to its former glory: humanity. Iggy was given a human form to let him walk amongst humanity, still tending to the farm and maintaining the lands of the McFarlane property yet free to explore the world amongst the citizens of Hollows. With the rare sap of the taproot, he became a Spriggan patron, the first and last of his kind to walk within this city with bright ginger hair, dozens of freckles and a pale complexion that still makes him look like an ugly walking twig. Now in the body of a teen he’d been given the chance to explore life, discover new things yet the lad still prefers the green surroundings of the farm over the crowded city streets…


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