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Jacques Gévaudan

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Jacques Guillermo Gévaudan  

Charlie Hunnam

La Bête

“For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock.” Act 20:29

Chazes M. Gévaudan: sister, deceased
Mouchet P. Gévaudan: brother, deceased



Social Status:
Folklore Historian


Relationship Status:

Age - Looks:

Age - Actual:


Date of birth:
June 1st

Current residence:
Seeking to purchase a modest home in Hollows

Other residences before hollows:
Lozère (French Province)

Hair Color:
Dirty blonde

Eye Color:
Slate Grey



Skin tone:

Blood Type:
DEA 1.1 positive (wolves blood)

Male at minimum
#Chest: 41
#Waist: 29
#Hip: 35
#Bicep: 14
#Forearm: 11
#Thigh: 21
#Calve: 13
#Neck: 15

Loup-Garou Physiology:
Jacques gains the traits of the Loup-Garou, most obvious being ability to change into a wolf with all advantages this gives, including strength, sharp senses, stamina and speed and may have them in lesser amount even untransformed form. This transformation can occur at any given time back and forth between human and wolf form within spare seconds for it’s not tied to the phenomenon of the full moon rising. His wolf’s form however greatly differs from the average Loup-Garou in that its pelt color is pale like refined silver with eyes bleak like a corpse weeks decayed...

Inertia Momentum Manipulation:
Jacques gains momentum more quickly and in greater amounts than would normally be possible; greater than solid mass and high speed, he can stop semi's on a highway or smash through cinder blocks. This incredible ability can often be generated in just a few feet. External forces are incapable of preventing forward motion, as on occasion Jacques’ momentum may be able to bounce off bullets or stop trains. By this remarkable talent his Loup-Garou form become near-invulnerable when in full sprinted motion though can be defeated just as easily by momentum redirection, effectively using his own power against him…

Claw Retraction:
The Jacques can grow bone-like claws and retract them. Jacques' fingers dynamically generate calcium and iron to extend forth sturdy light-weight nails that can be used as tools or weapons. Rather a significant feature in his Loup-Garou form, Jacques can only grow these razor sharp claws in human form in a matter of seconds being though at a painful cost of skin laceration in between the knuckles. The generation of these claws however demands an adjusted diet that compliments his heightened need for iron and calcium in his metabolism, making him dependant on significant feeding habits to remain in a healthy state of mind and body…

Tracking Evasion:
Unlike his siblings Jacques developed the unique talent of Tracking Evasion that permits him to hide from followers and pursuers and avoid total detection/discovery; this being said Jacque can’t be tracked down. Fallen hair, blood, skin particles, etc. will dissipate into dust and no scent is given off. He does however leave behind a trace such as broken sticks or disturbed leaves, but to the less observant eye, it would only be said to be wild animals. This ability has permitted him to elude his enemies for hundreds of years while unleashing his fury stealthy on his foes…

Birth Marks:
Only visible in his Loup-Garou form one can see the black stain within his left ear shaped in the asymmetrical pattern of a crescent moon…

Jacques got shot in his years of youth while in his Loup-Garou form, leaving him with a fissure in his left ear visible both in human and wolf form. In his wolf frame this shows an actual piece of the ear to be missing whereas in his human form it’s merely a subtle cut-scar that left his top ear  marked permanently…

Jacques much like his siblings caries the ancestral mark of the Gévaudan pack embedded as a brand within his back, perfectly centered between his shoulders. It’s an ancient symbol of the wolves’ claw and eye that guarded their family for many generations…

It’s the only tattoo to be found across Jacques’ impressive frame for it struck him inappropriate to taint this sacred symbol of his kin with any other visual markings to have seeped within his skin. Now in a new city to call his own however he seeks to continue the legacy his family had left him, giving others especially his own offspring the honor to bear this ancestral mark of Gévaudan…

Paco Rabanne - One Million
With interesting top notes of grapefruit and mint, middle notes of rose and base notes of amber, white woods and Patchouli, this result is nose-pleasing and long-lasting. It is a clubber's fragrance because it is easily noticeable even in a crowded bar, and mixes up well in sweat if you wear it to party. It is especially popular in the young guy's audience who want to wear something light that would be attractive for the ladies…


Alternate Forms:
No pictures available

Fashion & Makeup:
Jacques is a gentleman of formal appearances which reflects in how his wardrobe is presented towards the world’s residents; dressed in crisp ironed shirts often only simple lined or a singular color, he is a man of stylish background with tailored suits and blazers to feature on his athletic frame. Suits and ties are the uniform of his choosing for everyday life adding more years to his visual presence; in the occasions of guest lectures he occasionally hosts in tribute of his expertise, he goes more modernly dressed with T-shirt and blazer over formal trousers and dress shoes…

Sociability & Emotionality:
In the world Jacques can be considered the wolf in sheep’s clothes; appearing perfectly innocent and sincere he’s a rather amicable individual with a rather unconventional sense of humor. He is tentative yet charming in that mysterious way for one can obviously see the skeletons that lurk within his closet; there’s a remarkable way with words, riddling quotes of famed historians often brought forth as he’s in the company of men and women showing off his vast knowledge of the days past…

Amongst the company of men, he remains the lone wolf that by his own choosing stands alone; observant and skeptical he monitors his peers and potential rivals, considering each man a potential treat in a sacred vow he’d once made. Jacques remains abrasive, distant and composed when men approach, remaining eloquent and educated towards them while limiting conversation and interaction to the bare essentials that common courtesy prescribes of a man in his status…

In the presence of women Jacques shows the dominant alpha gene that his father had passed down on him; charming and coy like a true gentleman of olden days he shows chivalrous flattery towards the ladies, treats them like princesses who’re to become courted in the ancient ways with compliments and gifts. He still views women however as esteemed goddesses best tending to the hearth and children at home rather than in the company of society yet such old-fashioned ideas aren’t made public until bound for life to the one lady that would ensure his heritage…

Jacques is amongst the most brilliant of men to wander this world, clever and wise beyond his years through his extensive studies and careful nature; he takes great pride in this knowledge and hence acts in such manner that sees him standing above others. Quiet and composed he goes through life carefully paying attention to each step made so that he is not to make the same mistakes as his siblings had made…

He’s an individual most respected in the days past even though few understood the true nature of his existence and this same renown from history still lingers on to this day; the acclaimed days of the Gévaudan pack have come to an end with only Jacques to continue on the lineage of their kin giving him only one purpose in life: to continue the family name. Jacques seeks now a lady to accompany him on his side and one day bear him children to continue the Gévaudan name…

Beside of his need to get settled and bound to another of his kin or one at least worthy of carrying such role, Jacques remains a wolf in sheep clothes; the hunger of the beast within still lives, growing stronger with each day the man deprives the beast of its feeding. His main weakness lies in the lone child found outside unwatched, the wolf within begin to growl at the mere thought of it destined to one day have control slip from his hands; this is Jacques greatest fear that the beast one day takes control and will become a terror to the land as it had done to his siblings…

Strengths & Weaknesses:
• Intellectual explorations
• Theoretical interpretations
• Psychological understanding
• Chivalry & old-fashioned courtesy

• Aversion of silver
• The Loup-Garou hunger
• The pursuit of knowledge
• His need of companionship

Interests & Hobbies:
• European vintage cars
• Folklore Myths & Legends
• Historical works of literature

• Collecting manuscripts & books
• Translating French literature
• Archiving historical folklore

• Educated women
• Foreign literature
• Taking to the Road

• Wolf hunters
• Vampire descendants
• The families de Beauterne and Chastel

• Sharp-minded
• Charismatic
• Insightful
• Eccentric
• Brilliant

Song and or Playlist:

French double flintlock pistol with double barrels and locks

In eighteenth century France a tripling was born in an ancient pack that has long lived in the regions of Langogne; the first to see the light of day was a boy with raven black hair and shimmering blue eyes that gazed upon its parents as they named him Mouchet Pascal Gévaudan; the second child to vacate her mother’s womb was a girl, tiny and slender with hair like copper and the cutest of button noses men had ever seen for they named her Chazes Madeleine Gévaudan; the last came yet didn’t breathe for three minutes after its eyes were exposed to the soothing light of dawn, forsaken at birth until he eventually cried out for its parents that granted him the name Jacques Guillermo Gévaudan. A family of three cubs, a mother to look over the litter while father ventures out in the province to hunt and uphold the notorious reputation that came with their family name. There are countless stories speaking of their kin, their ancestors having cradled the fathomed tales of the Little Red Riding Hood as described within the historic pages of Charles Perrault in “Histoires ou contes du temps passé’ in 1697. Hunting down astray peasants within the woodlands his father became the beasts folklore so often sang off around the comfort of campfires and tavern tables in the local inn…

The stories however didn’t to the Gévaudan pack justice; seldom did they hunt little girls wandering through the forests preferring often the victory over an armed traveler than that against a feeble child plucking flowers beyond the narrow paths. They never fell for petty tricks nor fell in bottomless wells like the fables spoke off yet then again there’s a certain limit to how much folklore harbors within its pages. Truth however came in a less spectacular package of telling when Jacques father simply passed on from old age, handing down the family name to his offspring who’d forever immortalize the Gévaudan name within the pages of French folklore. Mouchet was the first to given the task of carrying on the legacy discovering the true strength that laid hidden within his blood; the transformation occurred when he came off age yet rapidly the hunger of the beast took over from the conscious mind that was pressed in chains. On June 1, 1764 his brother struck for the first time only to follow his assaults on the province with more rapidly following sequences of gruesome attack until word reached the king’s ear and the royal hunter Antoine de Beauterne was sent towards Langogne. The chase between man and beast was fierce with many bodies of both animal and man left in its wake until September 21, 1765 humanity triumphed over the oldest of Gévaudan. Mouchet fell and as their family’s creed dictated the next in line, Jacques sister was to ascend the vacant position and hunt the lands seeking both vengeance on the ‘de Beauterne’ name as well as continue the lineage their ancestors had struggled so hard for claiming within ancient folklore…

Chaves did as she was told, taking form of the mighty beast that roamed within each Gévaudan’s veins and became the menace of the province even more notorious as her brother; she was smarter, wittier than her brother even if there were still seconds standing between their births. Chaves under Jacques’ advice continued to change locations to the assaults she launched against the peasant communities in the province, striking swift and in the fall of night so that her existence became ever more of elusive standing as the Gévaudan name already harbored within this community. Hunters rode out in pursuit yet each were outmatched by the female that had mustered the beast each of her kin could become yet the perseverance of mankind was most admirable as they’d steadily mastered their understanding of her patterns. The killing of the creature, “La Bête de Gévaudan” as folks called his sister that eventually marked the end of the attacks was credited to a local hunter, Jean Chastel, at the Sogne d'Auvers on June 19, 1767. With a single well-aimed blessed silver bullet, patience and a trained eye the hunter managed to strike the wolf form of his sister, dealing a fatal blow within the cavity of her chest where the last of crimson drops lead to the passing of torch to the last remaining of Gévaudan. Now it was up to Jacques, the youngest, the feeble as his siblings used to call him to uphold his family’s name but he would do much more than simply elevate their notorious status…

Unlike his siblings Jacques took his time to understand what it meant to be “La Bête de Gévaudan”, studies the patterns of his own bestial form that consumed him with a growing hunger so that he could resist the temptations of unbridled frenzy that claimed both his father, sister and brother to the hands of men. He practiced himself, mastered the hunt in methods entirely new to these lands so that he could walk amongst men without suspicion. He’d learned to listen to folks speaking their hushed whispers that often told him of easy prey and potential threats that may lurk within the shadows. Jacques roamed the streets as a man, an educated soul who told with much bravour of the tales of the elusive beast, enticing the hearts of the community to not believe in the fabled stories of the beast’s return. He evaded detection and limited the hunt to outsiders who’d long be missed by loved ones though seldom for their absence at their hearth. Lonely men traveling the streets and roads of the province were better suited for the prey of his appetite rather than the locals whom too often were missed when just a day too late at their homesteads. He hunted only at night where darkness covered his approach and hid any evidence that may lead to the irrefutable conclusion of “La Bête” return. The killing was easy, nearly two centuries he’d managed to stay unnoticed though like all change laid hidden behind the corner…

Like all within his kin, the youngest of Gévaudan reached a certain age in which the bestial nature demands its toll; a period of animalistic urges, the need to father offspring to establish the future of his legacy began to rise within his loins; loins that often lead to the involuntary summoning of the beast within, like primitive instincts kicking in to mate and procure offspring that may carry on the grave reputation that his name carried. Jacques traveled throughout France in pursuit of a worthy mate yet either their blood had been too polluted or they simply were unworthy to be bedded in his esteemed status. So the beast traveled beyond its borders, first North to the lands of the Belgica where neither wolf nor challenge was to be found amongst those meager ranks; then his path carried him to the West, across the canal but even here the choices weren’t to his liking even as the days went by relentlessly. His next destination awaited across the wide ocean, to the land of opportunity, to America, to Hollows, the city believed to harbor more of his elusive kin that could one day bring forth an heir to the Gévaudan name and the weight it carries throughout the history of their kind…


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