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Jacques Guillermo Gévaudan  

Charlie Hunnam

La Bête

“For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock.” Act 20:29

Chazes M. Gévaudan: sister, deceased
Mouchet P. Gévaudan: brother, deceased



Social Status:
Folklore Historian


Relationship Status:

Age - Looks:

Age - Actual:


Date of birth:
June 1st

Current residence:
Seeking to purchase a modest home in Hollows

Other residences before hollows:
Lozère (French Province)

Hair Color:
Dirty blonde

Eye Color:
Slate Grey



Skin tone:

Blood Type:
DEA 1.1 positive (wolves blood)

Male at minimum
#Chest: 41
#Waist: 29
#Hip: 35
#Bicep: 14
#Forearm: 11
#Thigh: 21
#Calve: 13
#Neck: 15

Loup-Garou Physiology:
Jacques gains the traits of the Loup-Garou, most obvious being ability to change into a wolf with all advantages this gives, including strength, sharp senses, stamina and speed and may have them in lesser amount even untransformed form. This transformation can occur at any given time back and forth between human and wolf form within spare seconds for it’s not tied to the phenomenon of the full moon rising. His wolf’s form however greatly differs from the average Loup-Garou in that its pelt color is pale like refined silver with eyes bleak like a corpse weeks decayed...

Inertia Momentum Manipulation:
Jacques gains momentum more quickly and in greater amounts than would normally be possible; greater than solid mass and high speed, he can stop semi's on a highway or smash through cinder blocks. This incredible ability can often be generated in just a few feet. External forces are incapable of preventing forward motion, as on occasion Jacques’ momentum may be able to bounce off bullets or stop trains. By this remarkable talent his Loup-Garou form become near-invulnerable when in full sprinted motion though can be defeated just as easily by momentum redirection, effectively using his own power against him…

Claw Retraction:
The Jacques can grow bone-like claws and retract them. Jacques' fingers dynamically generate calcium and iron to extend forth sturdy light-weight nails that can be used as tools or weapons. Rather a significant feature in his Loup-Garou form, Jacques can only grow these razor sharp claws in human form in a matter of seconds being though at a painful cost of skin laceration in between the knuckles. The generation of these claws however demands an adjusted diet that compliments his heightened need for iron and calcium in his metabolism, making him dependant on significant feeding habits to remain in a healthy state of mind and body…

Tracking Evasion:
Unlike his siblings Jacques developed the unique talent of Tracking Evasion that permits him to hide from followers and pursuers and avoid total detection/discovery; this being said Jacque can’t be tracked down. Fallen hair, blood, skin particles, etc. will dissipate into dust and no scent is given off. He does however leave behind a trace such as broken sticks or disturbed leaves, but to the less observant eye, it would only be said to be wild animals. This ability has permitted him to elude his enemies for hundreds of years while unleashing his fury stealthy on his foes…

Birth Marks:
Only visible in his Loup-Garou form one can see the black stain within his left ear shaped in the asymmetrical pattern of a crescent moon…

Jacques got shot in his years of youth while in his Loup-Garou form, leaving him with a fissure in his left ear visible both in human and wolf form. In his wolf frame this shows an actual piece of the ear to be missing whereas in his human form it’s merely a subtle cut-scar that left his top ear  marked permanently…

Jacques much like his siblings caries the ancestral mark of the Gévaudan pack embedded as a brand within his back, perfectly centered between his shoulders. It’s an ancient symbol of the wolves’ claw and eye that guarded their family for many generations…

It’s the only tattoo to be found across Jacques’ impressive frame for it struck him inappropriate to taint this sacred symbol of his kin with any other visual markings to have seeped within his skin. Now in a new city to call his own however he seeks to continue the legacy his family had left him, giving others especially his own offspring the honor to bear this ancestral mark of Gévaudan…

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