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Merihem Belial

The Red Death

“O miserable man, what a deformed monster has sin made you! God made you "little lower than the angels"; sin has made you little better than the devils”



Heartless (Pestilence Demon)

Social Status:
Cult Leader

Perverted Straight

Relationship Status:

Age - Looks:

Age - Actual:

Crimea (Ukraine)

Date of birth:
Actual Birth: October 30th
Resurrection: Walpurgis Night (30th April to 1st May)

Current residence:
Hollows Catacombs

Other residences before hollows:
Crimea (Ukraine)
Venice (Italy)

Hair Color:
Salt and Pepper

Eye Color:
Payne’s Grey (dark blue-grey color)



Skin tone:
Grayed Caucasian

Blood Type:
Hemophilic A negative

Male at minimum
# Neck: 14 ½ in
# Waist: 28 in
# Chest: 39 in
# Hip: 33 in
# Biceps: 14 in
# Forearm: 11 ½ in
# Thigh: 21 in
# Calf: 13 in

Aaron Touch
Merihem Belial is one of the strongest masters of Sanguine Manipulation, otherwise known as hematokinesis or blood bending due to the personal scorn he’d underwent himself (check bio for more details). Through a unique form of psychokinetic manipulation he’s able of forcing the blood in someone’s body to the desired direction, enabling him to cut off circulation to the limbs resulting in induced paralysis; he can even go as far as obstructing blood flow to the point of death or overloading a directed point in the arterial system until the blood veins rupture or even the heart itself rips open from excessive blood flow…  

The true genius in Merihem’s understanding of the hematokinesis comes in the rare ability of Aaron Touch; the Aaron Touch is the ominous ability of turning regular water weither in liquid state or airborne into tainted blood. Almost like painter he can conjure blood out of thin air to move at his command much like an elemental controls fire, air, earth or electricity. Streams of summoned blood can be sent towards their enemies in full-fledged tidal waves yet at an enormous personal price…

Aaron Touch and his control of hematokinesis can only be wielded through the personal sacrifice of blood (similar to blood magic); by using his own blood as the source of his power he can control and conjure blood within others and his environment. This means that the more blood he creates from thin air, the more of his own bodily strength he needs to sacrifice, require large periods of recovery between usages…

Imprecakinesis more commonly known as Hell-Fire Manipulation is a remarkable talent Merihem has acquired through his resurrection into this world as a Heartless; more frequently used by demons for destructive purposes, Merihem wield this power for defensive/protective purposes only. Hell-Fire is a superior form of common fire signified by blackened flames inextinguishable by normal means. Once conjured the flames are beyond controllable, only used in times of desperation to ward off opponents, create barriers or simply obliterate hordes of enemies in one single unbound attack…

The side-effect is Imprecakinesis falls beneath the source of this summoned Hell-Fire, for even reaching into the pits of Purgatory requires grave sacrifice of Merihem’s behalf. Only through suicide which is a different concept for a Heartless than to most others can Merihem unleash the ravishing black flames from Hell. A Heartless Suicide is accomplished through the severing of both wrists, unleashing a fatal stream of his blood with every drop of the tainted crimson awakening the ravishing fires from hell. The Suicide for a Heartless is a temporary state that leaves Merihem is a state of hibernation for a full moon cycle. In this period of hibernation he falls into a comatose state with no bodily functionality, no mobility or signs of life; During this period he’d vulnerable to enemy attacks yet only by those able of breaching through the protective ward of Hell-Fire…

Symbiotic Existence
Through the worst of scorns a man could have been put through, Merihem became a Heartless, a rare abomination of Hell whose heart was literally carved from his chest by the hands of the one the Heartless truly loved. By this dreadful curse the vacancy of the cut-out heart is replaced with a grim symbiote Hell itself exiled to their darkest depths. This fiendish entity replaced the vital organ now energizing the body with a hellish power. He’s granted strength, speed, endurance and reflexes by this parasitic life-form, rendering the most common of human functions unnecessary. The symbiote produces everything the natural body requires, blood, anti-bodies, hormones yet all in a tainted variation in excessive amounts. This results in stupors, seizures, nervous ticks and spastic tendencies…

There are serious repercussions to the hellish symbiotic existence, like the shadow side of all the generally increased values of his body. The symbiote corrupts him, becomes a demonic voice within his head that demands blood, death and power. It left him branded with tainted memories of the past to be relived over and over, forcing him to go through the same horrors of his past until madness consumes the last trace of his humanity. To ward of the growing hunger and corruption he’s found a way to feed the symbiote without losing the last fragments of his sanity: sacrificing and corrupting others. Through murder, torture and rape he’s able of ceasing the symbiote devouring his own soul…

Accursed Chrysopoeia
Chrysopoeia, otherwise known as the illustrious Midas Touch is the legendary ability where any object can be turned into solid gold by a brief touch of hand; Merihem is however is less fortunate as the mythical King Midas. Due to the gruesome event in his past, his heart being ripped from his chest the demonic transformation to a Heartless had an unfortunate side-effect: the accursed Chrysopoeia. Now whenever Merihem touches something (inanimate) objects, they spontaneously transform into tar and oil. The process isn’t involuntary but commanded by his preferred timing, simply allowing him to reduce any regular material into flammable tar and oil…

There’s a major side-effect to this remarkable gift is his dependence on an emotional equilibrium to keep the peculiar gift in check; when wielding any of his sinister abilities his focus is drawn away from maintaining his calm and composure resulting in the involuntary exposure to the accursed Chrysopoeia. Strengthened by the enhancement of anarchy reigning the expanding effects of the ability are widened and uncontrolled turning his entire surroundings into dense tar. In these circumstances the environment in his surroundings becomes extreme flammable due to the material shift in the objects he comes in contact with. One beneficial side-effect of his Accursed Chrysopoeia is wealth for the oil he’s able of creating by single touch has brought him a vast fortune through the sale of oil for as long as he’s able finding object to touch, his ‘oil well’ will never be depleted…

Necrotic Empowerment
Through Necrotic Empowerment Merihem can summon the power to strengthen himself by the deaths of others. He can use it to physically strengthen his body, nourishing the symbiote existence; occasionally he’s able of using the life-energy of others to increase the potency of any of his additional abilities. By each death he’s able of conjuring such incredible strength, the blood of the fallen enemies are drained from their bodies leaving but dust behind, while all the stolen life-energy is surged into his body. When utilizing the Aaron Touch he’s capable of dodging the harsh repercussions of the hematokinesis deeming blood sacrifice, by exchanging the captured energy of deceased people…

Through Necrotic Empowerment Merihem’s capable of extending his life to abnormal proportions, he’s able of decelerating the aging process; for more than six centuries he’s used the life-energy of others to extend his own life at a certain rate. For each year lived beyond his natural date of death, he’s sacrificed one soul to the fiendish fires of the underworld. These deaths are required to occur through an elaborate ritual whereas he sets up a perverted altar; a woman spread upon a branded altar with legs spread-eagled, vagina thrust open as each of her outstretched fists grasps to black candles with a chalice of whore blood reposed onto her belly. Unlike most demons dwelling on earth he doesn’t kill in frenzy but through manipulation make an innocent woman volunteer for the sacrifice; those going by free will into Purgatory through the ritual by his hands however return as ghouls to restlessly wander…

Birth Marks:
Instead of first molars Merihem has an additional Mandibular canine (two sets of canine teeth)

One massive two inch wide, ten inches long laceration scar where his heart was carved from his chest.

His body is riddled with ceremonial satanic brands burned into his flesh; every symbol imaginable to the Dark Lord is etched in his body from the common inverted pentagrams to the sigils of Lucifer, Baphomet, the Crests of Eliphas Levi and hundreds of distinct markings of Hall.

One mark however stands out as it’s burned into his chest on top of the scar where his heart was torn from his chest. No knows the origins of this mark nor understands the immense dark energy it conjures within its carriers, but the oddity has come to represent the crest of the Heartless.

Having been rejected by the Seven Circles of Hell itself, there’s a natural wicked scent surrounding his presence that reeks of ash-filled smoke, corrupted flesh and a remarkably chemical stench. Traces of foul riddled nitrates and sulfites linger on his skin as the first hints of decomposition are stirring.

To mask his heinous nature from others of inferior creatures, Merihem turns towards odorous perfumes that add a manly musk to his appearance; similar to old spice rich scents of fragrant woods, rugged spices and just a splash of alcohol. In other cases the rusted hints of blood add to his cologne.

Soft soothing voice very similar to the melodic deep bass voice of James Earl Jones

Alternate Forms:
Only through the demonic ritual of human sacrifice does his fiendish demonic nature surface, turning his skin to a sickly decayed complexion with an ash-riddled skin tainted in blackened scorch marks. In this form the mere appearance of his facial expression seem to elongate his face in a tormenting gaze.

Fashion & Makeup:
When mimicking the human physique Merihem will turn towards casual comfortable clothing without any specific preference brand and designer wise; instead Merihem has a natural charismatic appearance that transpires in his choice of clothing. Dark T-shirts, grayish colors returning in every aspect of his wardrobe, he’s no stranger to peculiar theatrical elements including ceremonial robes, leather accents and metal details.

For sacrificial circumstances Merihem turns towards a distinct ceremonial appearance with blackened robes with hoods and masks; the amount of symbolism in these garments is present, dark ominous marks of the undercroft and purgatory are branded with crimson wires in the clothing, grotesque pagan symbols to the Undying and the Dark One are weaved in his ceremonial appeal.

Sociability & Emotionality:
Merihem is a deceiving, manipulative yet charismatic individual who’s known to charm people into his dark order, where his sadistic nature becomes apparent. He’s a social chameleon who’s presence is often noticed yet seldom remembered or recollected by those not worthy of his ‘way’. He tends to speak in tongues; riddles and puzzles being renowned in his speech towards people whom he needs to push into a pathway of thought far beyond their understanding and grasp. He’s feigned kind and open to people, often mistaken as a person to be trusted to be confide in due to his deep soothing voice and almost fatherly appeal towards the world. Women perceive him to be a sincere, mysterious figure; one of those seldom characters to cross their path that happens to know things they desire to explore, while men see him as an icon to follow.

This appeal socially towards his person is extremely beneficial for his profession yet only directed towards a scarce group of individuals worthy of the ‘Creed’. In general he keeps his distance to avoid causing suspicion to be directed to his operations and ceremonies, yet he’ll turn towards those few people who to him carry the ‘Brand’ (bio for more info). These few individuals, usually younger adults and matured adolescents are almost swayed to his point of view through open discussions, propaganda and a series of mind-boggling riddles and puzzles that leaves one second guessing their believes. Towards others he’s perceived as a distant individual with scarce social interactions outside of the necessary communications required to remain unnoticed.

To define Merihem emotionally, it to utilize two words: Manipulative and Scorn.
Manipulative is the most dominant and persistent of elements of his personality as Merihem takes utmost pleasure in watching others fulfill his commands. To achieve total control on someone’s psyche, manipulating their thoughts, ideas and believes, rending them volatile to his own twisted philosophy. Most cult leaders play with their followers head to flatter their own egos from narcissistic origins, yet Merihem uses his mental puppetry to vindicate the wrong that has been inflicted in him. To see others leap into his propaganda, to get ensnared in an elaborate web of lies, false promises and deceptions, only reminds him of his own foolishness that made him who he’s today. In a sense with every life he sacrifices to his false church and creed, he’s killing his own humanity through the corporal punishment and death of others. It’s a sickly, depraved form of self-torture and masochism that guides his hands and words to scorn others in the same mark he’d been branded with…

Scorn is the second primer of his existence, like a scar that won’t heal; like a brand for all to know the torment he’s been pulled through. He’s forsaken upon humanity, having defied his own heritage for this newly acquired life as a Heartless yet at a price beyond belief; tarnished by the most horrific of experiences, he’s forever a prisoner of the betrayal of love, forced to relive the treason every moment of his life, leaving no way out but through the continuous sacrifice of blood. He’s looking towards the world from a self-destructive point of view, failing to find the light that has been stolen from him in this life and the one beyond. This rendered him distant and frigid, not emotionless yet numbed to compassion and morals that no longer cease to exist in this dreaded world. In order for him to feel that last shred of humanity lingering underneath the growing corruption, he’s addicted to inflicting the same gruesome betrayal onto others in his own image. Love is a beacon long perished for this damned soul…

Strengths & Weaknesses:
Blood, Merihem’s greatest strength is found within the origins of his power over blood; Aaron Touch enables him to distance himself from the hidden root of humanity still buried deep within the void in his chest, granting him life, power and an irrefutable cunning upon the average psyche.

His mental influence over weaker minds is an additional strength to reckon with, for young adults and lost adolescents are more likely to fall for his twisted propaganda. He’s able of spewing his poisoned words in such a manner they sound like marvelous wonders for the future.

Through the heinous ordeal of his personal sacrifice, Merihem’s mind was forever stuck in that dreaded place that lead to his death in the first place; he’s to forever repeat the grievous event through the transference in others. To sustain the scarce trace of humanity left in him, he’s required to sacrifice others in his own image.

Due to his history he’s no longer able of feeling the emotion that lead to his downfall in the first place, hence no love, no adoration and no desire beside of the perverted needs to satisfy the symbiote existence. Like a parasite he’s dependent of others in society to grant him life, so like most leeches, taking away the source entirely would render his powers void.

Interests & Hobbies:
Body art: piercings, tattoos and scarification
Occult rituals, practices and symbolism

Ritual sacrifices
Perverted sexual acts
Living Art Objects and Designs

Love and all related concepts
Common religious practices
Public display of affection

Charismatic, Manipulative, Vindictive and Scorn

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