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Owen Steinfath

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Owen Jermaine Steinfath

Unknown (baby)
Kendal (kid)
Dylan Patton (teen)
Owen Wright (adult)

Big-O (friends/work)
Ollie (sister/parents)

“You can’t stop the waves,
but you can learn to surf.
Out of water, I am nothing”

Lysle Steinfath - Father
Venice Florell Masters - Mother
Adelina Fauna Steinfath - Twin Sister


Angelic Human

Social Status:
X-Games Reporter


Relationship Status:

Age - Looks:
Early 20’s

Age - Actual:
22 (when fully grown)


Date of birth:
May 1st

Current residence:

Other residences before hollows:

Hair Color:
A pale natural blonde tint

Eye Color:
Pale blue (during childhood)
Honey Gold (adult, like his mother)

6 ft 3 inches

156 lbs

Skin tone:
A creamy sun tanned complexion

Blood Type:
B Positive

Male at minimum
• Chest Size: 45 inches
• Waist Size: 32 inches
• Hip Size: 39 inches
• Bicep Size: 16 inches
• Forearm Size: 13 inches
• Thigh Size: 24 inches
• Calve Size: 15 inches
• Neck Size: 16 inches

Wing Manifestation:
With both his mother and father of Angelic origins Owen has inherited the distinct trademarks of an angel with the white avian wings folded on his back; feathered like the wings of a dove Owen unlike most Angels has been born with a double pair of wings, the top set grown from the small spot between his shoulders spread wide to nearly ten feet to each side; the bottom set is located center of his back reaching down with a broader yet shorter range with only seven feet of reach. While Owen can fold in and out these wings as he pleases he has yet to master the ability of flight on these angel wings though not by lack of trying…

Hope Inducement:
On touch just like his father Owen can induce the pleasant sensation of hope within mortals, restoring their faith temporary in people, making them look forward to life’s beauty rather than all horrors the world hosts. He can make people feel like everything will be getting better from now on; to prevent suicidal people from taking their own life, desperate people from taking other lives and even the terminally ill can be shown the positive side of their situation for their last remaining days. The duration of the induced hope however varies from subject to subject from just a handful of seconds to a lifetime based on the willingness and status of the recipient soul…

Chrono Vision:
Chrono Vision is perhaps Owen’s strongest and strangest ability as by a mere touch he can see the past, present, and future of the person he touched. Oddly enough he can’t see a person’s past unless they allow him but even when just bumping into someone down the street he catches glimpses of what’s to come in their future. The longer physical contact is established the more he sees of cette person’s future but never are the pictures coherent; usually he sees shards and fragments of what could become of them, glimpses seemingly unrelated until they actually happen. Can’t see deaths though…

A distinctly different application of Owen’s Chrono Vision is the more common gift of Psychometry; the angel is adept to perceive to the residual information of an object by touching it. Like a replay inside his head Owen can obtains historical memories or sensations concerning objects he touches. This ability is reserved to inanimate objects for anything of biotic origins is beyond his grasp. When touching objects he can chose to read into their pasts, based upon the duration of the touch he sees further into the object’s history all the way until its creation. It’s however a strenuous labor to perform demanding great amounts of personal energy that leaves him tired and worn out at the end…

A strange feature to Owen’s skill set is the unique ability of Lexiconicy that transform a written word into the actual object and potentially use it in offence or defense. With his Lexiconicus power, all Owen has to do is write the word out, and clap his hands together, and presto the written word actually becomes what it stands for. No pencil or paper necessary! Remarkably enough this talent only presents itself when in the presence of his twin sister, who somehow unlocks the ability to a practically wieldable tool. When Adelina isn’t around all he can create through penmanship are small objects with a size that doesn’t exceed the weight of the object the word is written on…

Birth Marks:

V-shaped scar behind his left ear

On his eighteenth birthday Owen will get a full sleeve tattoo on his right arm to celebrate the start of his professional career as an X-Games reporter. Designed by Miya Bailey at Soul City of Ink in Atlanta the tattoo is an odyssey to the surfer lifestyle with a full-colored picture of the ocean’s ferocious nature. Crushing waves shaped like the perfect storm bring a deep blend of blues to the settings as the bright orange and red features of a kraken and koi fish are in a constant conflict with eachother. From the terrifying scene of the ocean’s beasts in everlasting struggle, there are various delicate hints added to the ink as well; floating water lilies in different summer colors are carried in the upsweeping waves to signify the beauty of the sea that brings fertility and life. The picture is a complex canvas of symbolism and subliminal messages…

A zesty freshness that blends the azure spray of the ocean with the subtle notes of lime…

Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier: If you want to indulge yourself in the forbidden and dress up with virility then Jean Paul Gaultier's 'Le Male' is the perfect choice for you. Wearing this cologne will reflect the idea that nothing in this world is completely black or white but a blend of both. The scent bottled in a sailor's T-shirt shape, Jean Paul Haultier has transformed the symbol of men identifying their musculity


Other Distinguishing Features:
His surfer appearance
His mellow attitude towards life
His appetite for fresh lemons/limes

Fashion & Makeup:
Owen is the typical wild thing with baggy board shorts, over-sized T-shirts and comfortable wide skatebaord shoes. In his late teens he even gets sponsored by several extreme sports fashion brands that provide him with free stuff and clothing. The last time he actually left the house in something more formal than his flannel lumberjack shirts he was three years old.

Sociability & Emotionality:
Owen is the definition of a mellow, down-to-earth guy that was raised in a loving family; the term stress was never found in his dictionary as he remains laid-back and calm in every situation exuding a calming atmosphere in a group. He’s the kind of individual people can rely on in times of need as his shoulder is always available to cry on as he’d inherited his mother’s soothing and inspiring nature. He can be coy, drowsy and something even lazy at times while other occasions will show off his motivated energized spirit when it comes to his career. During the party he’s the guy playing the strings of an acoustic guitar, chilling out with some likeminded folks around him.

Emotionally Owen is a calm and relaxed person that keeps his cool in every situation. He’s warm and inviting to people, the loving teddy bear of the family that feels the need to help people whenever opportunity presents itself. He’d not one for comedy, confrontation or even crowded parties as he’s a spiritual and deep person that in touch with nature. Owen avoids problems though for family he gladly steps up to the responsibility to protect the family name especially when it comes to his twin sister Addie. His size and physique do often lead people to mistake him for a tough guy, which in some situations can get exploited for certain circumstances (such as making Addie’s boyfriends nervous).

Strengths & Weaknesses:
• Family-oriented dedication
• Creative journalistic writing
• Adventurous daredevil attitude

• Punctuality (always late!)
• Confrontation (avoids angry people!)
• Responsibilities (can’t commit to anything!)

Interests & Hobbies:
• Extreme Sports
• Marine Biology
• Road Trip Vacations

• Surfing (kite & wave)
• Skateboarding
• Snowboarding
• Fixing things

• Music: reggae & new wave
• Places: beaches & mountains
• People: laid back & cool
• Movies: documentary & alternative
• Colors: green & yellow
• Lovers: adventurous & wild
• Friends: warm & inviting
• Holidays: Christmas

• Music: techno & rap
• Places: cities & junkyards
• People: angry & frustrated
• Movies: horror & porn
• Colors: red & purple
• Lovers: clingy & jealous
• Friends: drunk & loud
• Holidays: Mardi Grass

• Wild
• Relaxed
• Comforting
• Adventurous
• Inspirational

Song and or Playlist:

None, pacifist

Owen was the first boy in the Steinfath-Masters household along with his twin sister Adelina; he’ll grow up in a loving and caring family being given every opportunity he desires yet much like his father his ambitions will take him onto an athletic road for his future. Starting very early with extreme sports like snowboarding, kiteboarding and skateboarding, it’s to none’s surprise that the young boy will be signed to a sponsorship contract in his X-games day first as an athlete and later on as a On-Scene reporter. His career as professional athlete will suffer a painful blow with a minor injury having some drastic complications that lead his mother to plea for him to choose a safer path in life. The passion will still be there, that addiction to the thrill never fading yet out of respect for his mother’s wishes he’ll remain on the sideline reporting rather than participating…

Being both twins and of angelic descend the Steinfath twins will have developed a strong bond that surpasses most awareness; they’ll be tuned to what the other one is feeling and be aware of any hazardous conditions that may present themselves to their other half. This makes the twins rather protective over one another and any boy daring to look at Adelina will first have to earn Owen’s respect and stamp of approval;  the same will be true for the girls that Owen falls for, each needing for to be accepted by Adelina before Owen will even consider taking their relation to the next level. Unlike most siblings the Steinfath twins won’t display that traditional sibling rivalry over their parents’ attention as each of them will receive all the love and attention from both parents without favoritism. As they grow up some common conflicts will present themselves where Owen wishes to break loose from his mother’s protective wing…

(bought at age 12 by his father as a father-son project to become Owen’s at his 16th birthday)

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