The complete list of RP characters of GSS

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Allegra Mirella

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1 Allegra Mirella on Wed Sep 18, 2013 9:47 am



Allegra Mirella





Platinum Blonde

Light Slate Grey

6ft 1



Aquatic Regeneration (heals exposed to water)
Shape shifting (white horse form)
Water Breathing

In contact with water: involuntary Liquification
In presence of open water: involuntary Shape shifting


Quiver of 4 CS Urban Darts

Tranquil, Amicable, Timid and Introspective

In 1823's Scottish Highlands a small community of settlers founded a small village on the banks of Derclach Loch, living a secluded life in modesty and serenity. They avoided outsiders, often even chased them away from the small lakeside society, as if a dark secret roamed the narrow streets of the settlement that no spectator could bare. Their citizens however were friendly amongst eachother, three families from all corners of the world coming together by the same dark shadow that was casted over their bloodlines. Each of them had different origins, but beared the same curse within their veins: the Kelpie's Bane. Beyond the confinements of the village, each of the people belonging to the families showed their true nature in contact with water; the metamorphises complete when exposed to water. When a droplet of water touched their skin, the animal within rose to the surface. Whenever rain showered in the valley of the lake, the people disappeared, yet so did some of the children from the nearby town on the opposite end of the loch. Children talked about graceful horses running through the shallow end of the Derclach Loch; fierce wild and untameable they ran through the feeble tide, water casting rainbows to the sky. Those kids who came too close, driven by curiosity, climbing on the wild horses' back, were swept away dragged into the depth of the lake...

In that same year, an early spring morning the silence surrounding the loch was raped by an infant's first scream; birds scattering to the sky as the light slate eyes opened up for the first time as the young Allegra for the first time in her life looked into the world. From early one she was a troublesome lass, wandering off from the small community to see the world, to experience the things that her own people had forbidden. Contact with the surrounding communities, the many farmer towns and villages where the other kids played cheerfully on the lake banks, playing in crystal clear waters. She loved to watch the tiny boats floating on the water, but her family was strict about avoiding the water, 'cause bad things would happen. Each Sunday in church the pastor preeched outspokenly about the evils of water, the corruption of the flesh and the temptation of sin, which stirred up Allegra's interests even beyond. When it rained, the citizen's of the small community ran for shelter, staying safely within their homes, their church and wherever the storms of Scotland could reach them. When someone was caught outside when the rain began to fall, they disappeared; their names never mentioned afterwards and when outsiders came looking for their missing children and loved ones, all the families denied knowledge. Allegra didn't understand, but one day she would. One day she'd be confronted with the Kelpie's Bane and the dark secret their families had kept from her, silent and vague whenever the subject came up...

On the first day of autumn when she'd turned eighteen, Allegra was drifting through the woods chasing a young deer in an inticing game she used to play. She'd wandered off far from her village, too far for when the clouds came drifting towards the Derclach Loch. Seeing the sky turn gray, the air rumbling with the vibrations of an approaching storm, Allegra paniced at the expectation of rainfall. A lonely droplet falling from the sky rolled off her top, onto her pale skin, where the strangest thing happened. Where the water touched her skin, the flesh turned to white slimey fur, the surface stickier than the strongest glue. Allegra started to run, not understanding what was happening, except that haste was of the essence. The rain started tumbling down rapidly with Allegra still trying to dodge the sinner's curse, the pastor talked about. The more her skin got soaked, the faster the metamorphosis progressed till just a mile from safety, the lovely platinum blonde girl had turned into a daunting white horse. She couldn't restrain herself from the growing urge to head out to the water; a famine so dreaded it drove her nearly insane till salvation came when she dove into the lake. With the splash that made her disappear under the water's surface Allegra forgot everything; her memory going blank like it got washed away in the moving tide...

When the rain finally came to an end, the sky yet again growing clear, Allegra washed up on the shore; her cloths were torn, stained with crimson stains that smelled vaguely familiar; her memory of the passed night escaped her entirely but brief flashes of the passed events falshing before her eyes. The change made by a single drop, the pain of her body altering, the freedom and salvation the water had offered, all of this overpowered by the everlasting screams of children. She didn't understand, couldn't grasp the harshness of reality but by the evidence spread in her surroundings the severity became apparent. A small blue scarf, ripped to shreds laid draiped across a semi-submerged rock, yet she remembered that little trinket from a young boy out of neighboring town. She knew the kid, having often played with him in the surrounding forest, running and chasing eachother, but he always and under no circumstances would leave without his precious blue scarf. Stunned and confused Allegra walked along the lake's shore, trying to find her way back home, only to encounter the young boy's hometown in turbulence. A kid had disappeared again, witnesses stating the blue scarfed boy being taken by a white horse that dove in the water. A crying girl described the events in detail, mentioning the uniqueness in the horse's eyes, that fitted perfectly with her own. Terrified she ran through the town, returning home where the truth of her lineage was told. The Kelpie's Bane...

From that day forward whenever she'd come in contact with water, her parents told her the change would happen, the water horse spirit living inside of their family bloodline would surface, bound to devour whomever crossed their path with the illusion of a white mirage horse riding through the shallow water. Every touch of liquids would unleash the false temptation of a gently wild horse that want to be rode. Then when its victim would climb on their back, would be trapped; the graceful white fur turning into the most powerful adhessive known to man. Stuck on the Kelpie's back, the horse would ride towards the nearest stream, diving to the bottom, leaving its victim left to drown in agonizing terror. Once death had claimed its toll, the Kelpie started the feeding process, eating its victim till their bones were clean. This was the curse casted upon the Mirella family and their only daughter Allegra, who now defied her family's warning. Her family would have to imprison her whenever it would start raining, restrain her from letting nature call her out to the open waters. She'd be bound to live a life of hiding, trapped within the same old community with the same people, never allowed to go outside again in constant fear of the rain. This was the part of the Kelpie Bane, Allegra couldn't accept. A life without freedom was no life at all, so she chose the only other option she had left. She ran far, far away from her relatives from the Kelpie's Bane, accepting the fact she'd forever needed to be cautious of water in every possible form. She ran, trying to find a place far from open water, with shelter on every corner whenever it would rain. So she ran away from hope and away from the memory branded in her memory...


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