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Sven Thorssel (Alias)

Brandon Beemer

Clyde Chestnut Barrow
Smoking Aces

Now Bonnie, don't you believe what you read in all them newspapers. That's the law talkin' there. They want us to look big so they gonna look big when they catch us. And they ain't gonna catch us 'cause I'm even better at runnin' than I am at robbin' banks!

All deceased



Social Status:
Bank Robber


Relationship Status:
It’s complicated with Bonnie Parker

Age - Looks:

Age - Actual:

Near Telico in Ellis County, Texas

March 24th 1909

Current residence:

Other residences before hollows:
• 3347½ Oak Ridge Drive in Joplin, Missouri
• Tourist court near Fort Smith, Arkansas
• Red Crown Tourist Court in Platte County, Missouri
• Dexfield Park, an abandoned amusement park near Dexter, Iowa

Hair Color:
Dark Bistre Brown

Eye Color:
Glaucous Blue



Skin tone:
Sun-tanned Caucasian

Blood Type:
O positive

Male at minimum
• Chest: 49 inches
• Waist: 34 inches
• Hip: 41 inches
• Bicep: 17 ½ inches
• Forearm: 14 inches
• Thigh: 26 inches
• Calve: 16 ½ inches
• Neck: 18 inches

Physical Description
Sven might have been just another spoiled rich kid with a hobby that got seriously out of hand, his fascination with the outlaw lifestyle led him to live a healthy and fit lifestyle reflected in his physical appearance; perfectly toned muscles strengthened by years of working out in the gym stand prominently on his body with accentuated abs and strong arms one could even say he’s in better shape than he was eighty years ago. The strong jaw line, piercing blue eyes and a generally well-groomed presence are the main traits that leave him standing out of a crowd while his background of wealth and privilege have granted him with the necessary luxuries to draw the eye towards his strengths while masking the many flaws he does have…

When Clyde’s spirit took this body as his own, certain distinct changes have taken place on the rich boy’s expression; cheeks slightly caved in as if the years of famine Clyde had endured suddenly fell upon Sven’s shoulders while the body seemed to stop aging. His hair no longer grows, neither do nails as the man simply stands frozen in the moment when curiosity welcomed a soul that had no place in the realm of the living forever remaining the same until one finds the secret key to his newly gained life. Time will start again when one releases the anchor that binds Clyde’s soul into this world leaving him the vulnerable to time once more yet for this one must find the object used to harness his spirit during the unholy ritual that summoned him…

Access & Occlusion
In his previous life Clyde was a master lockpicker and safe cracker but after his bloody downfall and his lengthy stay in the realm of the fallen, that talent was radically enhanced; now alive once more all it takes is a touch of his finger and the pins of a lock tumble in place. Any vault or door magically unlocks to his touch now making it much easier to handle the toughest bank robberies within a matter of seconds. The mysterious ability even goes that far that the most advanced electronic technological security measures submit to him, making Sven capable of disabling cameras, laser grids and pressure sensitive plates. One can even say that unless a lock is magically rendered unbreakable, Sven will find a way around the toughest security measures available this day…

Astral Projection
A most handy trick that comes with being a Lich is the ability to go incorporeal and separate his spirit from his body in a manner that enables him to transgress through solid barriers; doors, walls, gates and steel reinforced fences can’t stop him as a projected spirit simply passes through physical obstacles and reappearing on the other side. Sven cannot interact with anything in this projected state but it gives him a distraction strategy when the police surround them again or when he needs to scout a building where guards patrol the corridors. As a bank robber it also offers him an advantage should he get caught for when he goes incorporeal, the body he leaves literally falls dead to the floor and he could leap into the next body to continue the spree of murder, robberies and anarchy…

Bullet Projection
The way a person died, becomes part of them when they’re resurrected from the realm of the fallen and for the man who went down in a hailstorm of lead bullets, it comes to no surprise that he became blessed with the deathly ability of Bullet Projection. While kids often run around with their hands formed into imaginary guns, calling pang-pang at eachother, when Sven does this, the sound comes automatically along with deathly bullets made from sheer energy. Sven doesn’t depend on guns in his hand to kill a person now for a simple point and blink and a bullet is well on its way to send the target to an inevitable demise. It’s a slow method of murdering someone, mostly reserved for a close range execution but Sven loves showing off ‘the guns’ since Bonnie get awfully turned on by it…

Homing Effect
A bank robber by day and a true gunslinger by night, the new Clyde Barrow has begun to master the peculiar art form known to any shooter as the Homing Effect; from the second a bullet leaves the barrel of the gun it usually moves in a straight trajectory only included to gravity and wind variations towards its target but when someone like Sven does it, a remarkable amount of control remains even when the bullet is fired. He can arch the bullet to avoid an obstacle, make it even turn an entire 120° and even make it hop targets until the last ounce of energy has been drained from the bullet. When a shot goes through and through Sven can bend the bullet’s course to the second target though his hold over the Homing Effect only functions on a single slug at a time…

Like all Liches, Clyde reincarnated is considered immortal because of the unique species property to allow his soul to hop from one body to the next and possessing it consecutively; his soul however is vulnerable if one can figure out the object that was used to resurrect the deathly duo. Nobody including Bonnie knows to which object their souls are bound for Clyde took the utmost precautions to hide the object from all their enemies likely to be made. The secret to their immortality however comes in the smallest of objects associated to the Bonnie & Clyde murder spree that ended on May 21, 1934: a single cartridge from a gun used in the ambush, a .30-06 Springfield bullet is the object to which their lives are now tied and it’s hidden somewhere in the massive arsenal he’d assembled in their latest hideout. Try to find one round in a vault of ten million identical bullets and then one might be able to defeat the newly risen Bonnie & Clyde…

Birth Marks:
Nothing worth mentioning

A thin line scar of a laparotomy operation where his appendix was removed

The first thing the new Clyde plans on doing when he’s reunited with his beloved Bonnie is getting this blank canvas of a body inked with the name of his love. He got the design all figured out as an intricate background in copper and rust tones will set the stage for his lucky charm the ace of clubs with maroon details and below the calligraphy version of his precious Bonnie’s name and Forever Yours.

La Nuit De L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent
L'Homme is a ‘Daytime and Evening’ cologne with its scent formulated from vetiver, cedar wood, bergamot, lavender and cardamom. This assimilation revokes an earthy smell which is often not found in most of the men's cologne. The use of bergamot in the cologne emanates a masculine presence along with a gentler and overpowering scent embellishing intimate moments but most of all it’s a butch and masculine fragrance that his Bonnie picked for him…