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Trowa Rometti

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Trowa “Hermes” Rometti

Justin Hartley

Haste (by Lexi)

But today we become aware of other readings of the human experience very quickly because of the media and the speed with which people travel the planet

Fix your eyes on perfection and you make almost everything speed towards it.

Lexi Rometti (cousin)


Reincarnated God (Hermes)

Social Status:
The Rock Health & Fitness


Relationship Status:

Age - Looks:
Early twenties

Age - Actual:
Immortal (birth date unverified)
18 years younger than Lexi Rometti

Mount Cilene (Arcadia)

Date of birth:
Unverifiable (before the invention of the script)

Current residence:
On route to Hollows

Other residences before Hollows:
• Mount Olympus
• Ephesus Turkey
• Sagalassos Turkey

Hair Color:
Medium Ash Blonde

Eye Color:
Dark Sienna



Skin tone:
Caucasian with a mild natural tan

Blood Type:
O negative

Male at minimum
• Chest: 49 inches
• Waist: 34 inches
• Hip: 41 inches
• Bicep: 17 ½ inches
• Forearm: 14 inches
• Thigh: 26 inches
• Calve: 16 ½ inches
• Neck: 18 inches

Ultrasonic Speed
Trowa has the ingenious ability from birth to travel at an extreme speed that excels that off sound and light. It’s a remarkable natural talent that granted him the important function as courier of the gods during the Olympian Era that required him to travel from one location to the next in the blink of an eye. Usually Trowa limits his own accelerated speed to a more controllable level of ultra sonic traveling, yet when required he can even move faster than light itself though this does tend to affect his bodily functions due to the late displacement of molecules. There’s however one incredible features that comes with his ultrasonic speed, known as the Fast Step. A short burst of speed allows him to move so fast it appears as if having teleported. His speed however has its side effects as traveling at such increased velocities can occasionally stir up sudden dispositions of air, resulting in a sudden gust being experienced by others he moved by…

Eidetic Memory
Trowa had a remarkable talent coming to his cognitive functions as since birth he’d always had an astonishing memory and recollection based solely on the perception of a singular image; unlike most Trowa had developed a rare structural element within his own head, a memory palace that allows him to structure his thoughts in a complex and intricate way. Based on symbolic imagery the information storage inside his head has been organized and associated with vibrant imagery that can only be understood by himself or any other reincarnation of the Olympian Pantheon. Many tend to mistake his wisdom for an undepletable source of knowledge, yet in fact his eidetic memory differs greatly from that particular misconception; the reality of his memory gift however comes in the form that he can remember everything, the inability to forget. Trowa can use instant photographic memory to look at a page and recall the information without ever actually having read the words; he may recall entire lives not forgetting events even as an infant though venturing so far into his own mind does come with serious migraine attacks…

Part of being a far descendant of another Olympian called Apollo whom was renowned for clairvoyance and precognition it’s no surprise that Trowa as well has been blessed with a form of future prediction; Abacomancy is  a rare and rather dubious way of glimpsing into the future as a method of divination using small particles like Sand, Dust, Ash, etc. When Trowa waves a hand over some dust/sand, it rearranges itself into a pattern that tells the future; more sand/dust means "seeing" further into the future. Unlike Apollo and his various prophets, Trowa’s gift of Abacomancy is not as specific and obvious in its details as conventional clairvoyance and divination for the information given is unspecific, often somewhere between the useless and bizarre. Trowa himself seldom calls upon this ability, still viewing its use as an abomination by his Olympian superior Apollo, so when asked to look into the future with his talent it takes much time and effort to entangling the hints found in the small particles’ pattern. An obvious side effect is indeed an error interpretation of the signs or simply the absence of obvious details to go by for a complete image of the future and what it beholds…

Through Adomopathy Trowa can copy any human movement after seeing it performed hence achieving acrobatics, martial arts, and physical stunts. With these skills he can become a master and incredible at what he do, by combining what several forms and movements in rhythmic motions instead of using the same thing over. Fighting against people who move out of an erratic and unpredictable nature is nearly impossible and cannot be memorized yet Trowa can still replicate their movements in an instance after the observation of those actions. Copying movements from say Olympic gymnasts can allow him to know what is coming next, giving him several benefits in competition. He can copy how a person aims, giving himself incredible marksmanship advantages, though if he wanted to use certain weapons he would have to watch a person fire that weapon to be able to copy it. With this ability, he can even further improve upon techniques he has learned before though limited by the restrictions of his newly required reincarnated body. This means that his anatomy serves as the ultimate restricting factor on his Adomopathy gift; this for example makes it impossible for him to undergo metamorphosis like werewolves or shapeshifters…

Birth Marks:
A small mold shaped like a feather on his left collar bone


On his calves he’s got wings tattooed (both sides)

One Million by Paco Rabanne
With interesting top notes of grapefruit and mint, middle notes of rose and base notes of amber, white woods and Patchouli, this result is nose-pleasing and long-lasting fragrance rather attractive to the female population as a favored perfume of the younger male audiences. It has a rich and vibrant energy with a remarkable gift to make one easily noticeable in a crowd, blending well with the natural chemistry of Trowa’s body. Trowa has the tradition to bask in this fragrance without any modesty regarding the amount or dose he’s using on a daily basis; there’s however a valid reason to this choice in scent for him. One Million is the only perfume that’s able of withstanding against his ultrasonic speed air displacement, making him able of continuing of smelling good even after traveling…


Other Distinguishing Features:
Though myths speak of winged sandals, Trowa never had such an item in his possession yet instead a peculiar birth defect whereas tiny wings have grown from the outsides of his ankles. Tiny deformed structural features have made it so that he truly has winged feet that may be at the source of his speed. These additional ‘limbs’ however can be perfectly concealed within shoes or socks, making only a scarce few able of seeing this oddity of Trowa’s physique. (Usually only those intimate with him)

Fashion & Makeup:
Trowa fashion wise is a true chameleon that adapts to the current fashion trends and the modern day evolutions in personal style as he’s an absolute fanatic when it comes to his outward appearance; much time and effort is placed in his presence to the world for esthetics is an important piece of his identity. On the average day nearly an hour is spend in front of a mirror to tweak his appearance, with additional focus going to his hair and personal hygiene so he looks beyond presentable for the ladies…

For his work as a courier he looks awfully cleaned up and casual for simple running back and forth between important clients that value his personalized service over the standard delivery services; his black full-grain leather pilot jacket is the primary piece of clothing to daily emphasize his crisp athletic physique while muscle hugging wife-beaters display his well-maintained toned body. Dark stonewashed jeans, Ed Hardy belt buckles and various subtle details perfect the overall courier look to the achievement of utter perfection…

In more formal occasions such as family events, first impressions with business associates and dates Trowa cleans up impressively well for a reincarnated god of the toga and tunic eras. Custom tailored Italian suits fitted perfectly to his exact sizes and measurements. Silk shirts, alligator leather shoes and fancy watches that cost more than the average American makes in a year add to the crisp image the Olympians have been so familiar with. He has an impressive stature that lends itself perfectly to formal occasions in upper class circles as dress to impress has gotten a new meaning by the young Rometti heir…

Another important role in his fashion sense is founded in his daily exercise routine that takes him through an ordeal of physical and athletic tests to endure on a regular basis; surfer’s board shorts and athletic brand sneakers are part of his every day change of clothes as Trowa is renowned for his activity in gyms and local parks. Running every day his much needed miles, swimming, riding bikes and working out on the various appliances of the Rock Fitness and Health club in Hollows the comfortable and durable wear of sporting gear is demanded. Nike, Adidas, Reef, Quicksilver, and various other athletic brands have all earned their rightful place on the hangers of his wardrobe making for an important part of his fashion statement to the world…

Sociability & Emotionality:
Socially Trowa is a party animal that adores being centered in the spotlight whenever he ventures out into the night; he’s grown fond of female affection, often making him become perceived as a ‘player’ for his many one-night stands and seductive conquests, yet one often mistakes these brief encounters as just a casual fling while quite the opposite is true. He’s an outgoing, outspoken and extravagant individual taking life one day at a time, never planning far into the future into the mere foresight of the days to come. Making the best of the cards he’s dealt, learning to bring and make a smile of even the grievous events he’s considered a jester amongst the Olympians preferring fun over responsibilities on every given opportunity. He’s loud, flamboyant and perhaps a hint too childish, impulsive and naïve for his own good yet carpe diem stands proudly etched into his every day motto…

Emotionally Trowa is very similar to the person he is perceived by through the eyes of the world; the same vibrant fast-life energized character he is towards others isn’t a front created for the public but his real identity as Trowa is a swift, impatient and impulsive individual always drawn to living life on the wild side. He’s an adventurous spirit that loves to explore every possible aspect; he’s not too attached to his Olympian descend, his family being nothing but a status symbol he’d come from even though he can’t deny the importance they have in his heart. He’s a rather amicable person whom tends to keep his heart on his sleeve, never biting his tongue regarding his opinion and views towards others including his family. He can sometimes be a bit much to have around, his enthusiasm not always shared by others as he even tends to display certain thieving tendencies. If it’s valuable or historical he may very well get his hands on it weither the legal or illegal way…

Strengths & Weaknesses:
Trowa’s greatest strength is his unyielding energy level that keeps him active and constantly on the move in the days that have come between now and the past of his Olympian Days. His unbeatable speed has a versatility with countless applications to exploit for his and others benefit; going through life along the fastest track has various advantages that most never would have affiliated with his natural ultrasonic abilities. He’s quick, witty and in many ways able of anticipating what others are about to do due to the rare ability of Adomopathy.

His weakness however goes hand in hand with his strength as speed does tend to have its disadvantages directly associated with his fast outlook on life; he’d burn rapidly through his internal energy battery, making him dependant on a strict nutritional routine and a durable physical workout to keep himself in check. Traveling with a speed excel that off light itself also comes with grave consequences as it affects the molecular integrity of this mortal body he now inhabits. Muscle deterioration, accelerated aging and time relativity are but a few examples of the side-effects his strength and weakness brings.

Interests & Hobbies:

• Season: Summer
• Location: Resonance Club LA
• Holiday: Burning Man in Black Rock Desert
• Color: Rock and Roll Chic: Black, Grey and Blue
• Music: Hard Rock, Classic Punk and Power Metal
• Literature: Gruesome, Violent Crime Novels and  Thrillers

• Season: Autumn
• Location: Basilica de San Marco Rome
• Holiday: 4th of July and other Patriotic Holidays
• Color: Primary colors and Bright shades and Tones of Red
• Music: Classic Orchestral Music, Folk Music and Electronic Techno
• Literature: Romantic, Dramatized Stories and Classic Disney Fairytales

• Vibrant
• Energized
• Impatient
• Impulsive
• Irrational

Song and or Playlist:

Similar to his distant cousin Lexi fencing is an art form practiced by the majority of the Rometti family, making Trowa to exception; with a historical rapier formerly wielded by fencing legend Achille Marozzo Trowa can prove to be quite the worthy opponent in a  one on one fight. Most individuals would be safe to keep out of the Rometti path when a rapier falls in their hands for it’d be unwise to challenge even the more hasty Trowa to an official bladed duel…

Born on Mount Cilene in Arcadia Hermes was the second youngest of gods to be raised in the Greek Pantheon as he was the son of Zeus and the Pleiade Maia, though countless of his adolescent escapades would be passed down for generations after the Olympian Fall. Hermes was a mischievous youngster famed for his sexual conquest as the list of former lovers grew to rather vast proportions. He was associated with the rooster and tortoise, considered as the herald, the messenger of the Olympian Gods. Humans however gave Hermes more credit than a mere courier, becoming the patron of boundaries and travelers, protector of shepherds, thieves and the creative arts. He claimed fame and fortune with his swift journeys and adventures, never residing in the same place for long with the constant need to explore the world beyond his family’s borders. He shared a bad with countless nymphs, several of the Olympian goddess like Aphrodite and Hecate, which made him become viewed as a troublesome promiscuous teenager that had yet to accept his responsibility as one of the Olympians. Strangely enough while viewed as an outcast by the higher gods, Hermes made some important friendships within the family that lasted long after their fall from grace as both Hera, Dionysus and Hestia were rather fond of his swift way of life…

Never around the same place for long, Hermes was one of the Olympians unaware yet part of their godly downfall as their precious bloodline was diluted amongst bastard offspring and demigods too inferior to continue their appraised legacy as Gods on Mount Olympus. Hermes himself had spawn several illegitimate children into the world, their blood spoiled with only one godly descendant, the other of tainted quality that all lead to the imminent downfall of their kingdom. With all the disarray on the Mountain, Hermes enjoyed his freedom as the gods’ messenger to live life one day at a time with a new destination the next day in the search of finding his righteous place in the world. He remained in contact with his Olympian siblings Hera, Dionysus and Hestia, in the later years working even exclusively for these last honorable few that showed him a certain amount of respect and appreciation. With his ancestors falling into their own pitfall of failed politics and promiscuity Hermes turned towards the thieves of Ephesus who worshipped him as their patron ever since his part in the fathering of Autolycus, the Prince of Thieves…

Switching back and forth between Sagalassos and Ephesus in Turkey Hermes became one of last surviving Olympians after their fall from grace to roam the world in the Olympian Tradition. He remained his free-spirited self with an unusual fondness for the opposite gender, yet his sticky fingers however did manage to get him in serious trouble from time to time. Traveling back and forth between the Underworld did occasionally offer him a way out, but for every successful evasion another mugging did go wrong with people often taking the fall for him. Hermes wasn’t proud of that but the bands of thieves that praised his existence as their patron proudly took the fall to protect their lord’s honor. His Ultrasonic Speed and Adomopathy ensured for a long and prosperous life while blending perfectly in within human circles far away from the other Olympians that manages to get away before the crashing demise of their reign. He remained on the move, inspired others to do the same in an everlasting pursuit of adventure and fame; he was aware of Hera, Hestia and Dionysus’ survival yet to ensure their safety and his own from the Greek wrath towards their former gods, all contact was severed until the last of their followers and cults had perished from the earthly realm. Their time to be rejoined would come, the generations of Olympian worshippers fading with every passing year as now the time of reckoning has come near…

Having resorted to reincarnation for hundreds of generations Hermes switched between bodies and frames to remain hidden and below the radar; names were taken at his own and discarded again when their use had become obsolete as now at the time of reunion he’s taken upon himself his latest identity as Trowa Rometti. As Messenger of the Olympians, or what remains of this fallen monarchy, Trowa made haste towards their new home far away from their previous life and the followers that they once held within those surroundings. He set course to Hollows, doing reconnaissance on this mysterious place in Colorado for the Olympians about to come to this strange city. With fortunes amassed over generations he bought out a local business owner to establish some grounding in the town, before scouting potential locations that would serve their purpose when the others arrive; the Dark Oasis Carnival was the first to draw his attention, a place perfectly suited for Hestia’s illusive powers. Then he came across the junk Yard, a spot suited for his dead-beat uncle Dionysus while nothing seemed to be fitting for his stepmother Hera, but then again she’d always had an acquired taste. He’d wait for Hestia to fit in before returning to town and begin his new life as just another god amongst humans…


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