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Samantha Ross

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Samantha “Sam” Ross

Judy Greer


• Lucie Ross: niece
• Damon Ross: nephew
• Sullivan Ross: nephew



“Real heroes are never made public”

“It’s not about changing the world. It’s about doing our best to leave the world the way it is. It’s about respecting the will of others and believing in your own.”

“The meaning of justice can change from one day to the next. A professional soldier never brings justice into a mission. Politics are fickle, they change with the time. So as long as a soldier remains loyal to their country, soldiers need nothing to believe in.”

Social Status:
War Journalist
Bestseller Author


Relationship Status:
Single (twice divorced)

Age - Looks:
Early 30’s

Age - Actual:


Date of birth:
22nd March

Current residence:
Pinegrove Avenue 1107, Hollows (personal address, seldom home!)

Other residences before hollows:
• Galmudug, Somalia
• Mount Elgon, Kenya
• Ras Ajdir, Libya
• Azawad, Mali

Hair Color:
Natural blonde

Eye Color:
Azure blue-green with a flake of gray

5’ 10”


Skin tone:
Sun kissed tan, Caucasian

Blood Type:
B positive

• # Bra: 34B
• # Bust: 34
• # Hips: 24
• # Arm: 31
• # Torso: 58,5
• # Waist: 35
• # Dress: 2
• # Shoe: 6,5 (US)

Physical Appearance:
Blonde, bad and beautiful, with those words one can best describe the young and ambitious Samantha Ross who conquered the world of journalism and literature with that signature Ross moxy. Regardless of the fact the prime years of her life are behind her, Sam is still n attractive woman with genuine feminine features. A subtle flattering expression dominated by heavenly azure eyes and a smile telling the tale of a life devoted to mischief and adventure give her that stunning first impression, while blonde hair soft and smooth like fine silk tumbles down her shoulders. Years of working beneath the warm embrace of the African sun have left their mark in the most healthy manner on her form as a natural tan is added to her features. Unlike the majority of her female relatives each of them blessed with a divine voluptuous body, Samantha takes comfort in the petite curves she was given during adolescence; small breasts barely a handful as one might say and a flat behind don’t do much for most men but she learned to live with the modest feminine traits she was given. On the other hand however an athletic lifestyle left her equipped with a magnificent pair of legs showing just those subtle toned definitions that come from years of yoga and running track. All these elements combined make for the enchanting appearance of Samantha Ross.

Powers & Abilities:
Inscriptive Spell Casting
At a young age Samantha began to develop the curious ability known as Inscriptive Spell Casting, which in the most simplified version would be described as magic through the written word. Sam’s exceptional penmanship enables her to write down magical spells, symbols and incantations to be used at the desired occasion. First only possible through intense amount of focus and the right medium for those written magical wards, Samantha learned to transcribe those writings upon any material that crosses her path. Sam doesn’t wield her powers actively, preferring to blend into society rather than standing out from the crowd due to her abilities as a cupid.

Subliminal Messaging
Samantha’s writing possesses a unique feature that to most people would go unnoticed as within her excellent penmanship she’s able of implanting thoughts and ideas that are perceived by her audience to be viewed as their own thoughts and ideas. These subliminal messages are frequently used by this writer to get the truth across to her readers who’ve often been intentionally deceived. Sometimes Samantha wields this talent of hers to disarm the local propaganda allowing people to see the facts amidst the lies. If she’d wanted to, her subliminal messaging could be used to give commands and impose orders on people but Samantha would never use it for such lowly means.

Empathic Perception
Like all cupids, Samantha Ross is blessed with empathic perception, the talent that enables her to detect the personal feelings and emotional status of a person through the simplest of physical contacts. It allows a cupid to feel what another feels, allowing them to place themselves in their shoes. Most however can even manipulate those feelings yet the stubbornness and reluctance to accept her heritage has disconnected Samantha from the higher levels of this ability. She can still detect the emotional status of people and interpret it accordingly though actually manipulating the empathic feelings is beyond her grasp. Even the induction of ‘love’, the most rudimentary of Cupid powers has been forfeited by this ambitious woman.

Love Empowerment
Though Samantha is unable to induce the sensation of being in love, the presence of true love in her immediate vicinity however grants her strength. The energy received from people in love is the essential component that powers all her other abilities. Samantha however shuns this feature that came with her family’s unique heritage and even fears its potential. Some in her family think it’s this fear that made her set course to the war zones of Africa, a place deemed absent of true love due to the recent conflicts and rebellions. She however won’t acknowledge this rumor, nor will she deny it.

Journalistic Intuition
It might not be seen as much of ability at all but for a professional reporter, writer and journalist, Samantha’s journalistic intuition may be the key to her success. Even as a kid Sam had a way of knowing how to be at the right place at the right time for that one piece of world breaking news. Sometimes she experiences this mysterious pull, this unknown sensation that guides her to where she’s supposed to be. As a direct result of this ability, she’s able of getting that exclusive scoop. Some might call it luck but nobody is so lucky. At high school she’d uncovered educational funds being embezzled by the principle by taking a bathroom break. During college one nightly visit to the library gave her the headliner that shocked America. Even in her professional career as a journalist, Samantha always managed to be at the right place at the right time.

Birth Marks:
Much like most in her family Samantha Ross has that signature heart shaped birthmark, which in her case is located on her right hip right where her pants sit on her slender hips. In addition to that family trademark, Sam also has this tiny dark spot on her left collar bone where the slope of her neck meets the width of her shoulders. Other than that, Samantha has no other imperfections than those few blemishes on her otherwise perfect appearance.

Scars however are aplenty on her delicate posture as most of them are the immediate result from Samantha’s adventurous lifestyle. Two thin white surgical scars flank her right knee where she once underwent a small procedure to fix her torn ligaments that resulted from her investigative infiltration of a guerrilla camp in Kenya. The white line on the left side of that knee is barely an inch long and barely noticeable unless her legs are tanned; the line on the right side however reaches one inch up her inner thigh and three inches down the inside of her calf.

Along her right forearm the scars from a severe compound fracture are visible from when Samantha’s prop plane crashed down by a Libyan rebel attack last year. The place where the bone broke the skin is most adamant, standing out by the dark discoloration near the inside of the elbow. When the sun kisses her skin with a soft tan, the small scars where the pins had stuck from the reconstructive surgery are noticeable but only barely as vague white dots on her complexion.

On her right flank in her general stomach region one can also find the thin surgical scar from an emergency splenectomie dating back to 2005. After a bike accident she’d struck her flank hard on the steering wheel resulting in a damaged spleen that was removed in rather poor circumstances. Resulting from this hasty procedure is a not so subtle, not so flattering scar that follows the natural contour of her lowest rib from her side up three inches on her torso.

Printed on her left wrist Samantha Ross got the quote that made her famous tattooed in a beautiful calligraphy font: “Real heroes are never made public”. These Pulitzer Prize winning words are forever held close to her, inked on the very hand that wrote those famous words in the first place. This quote is to remind her of why she does this work every day while motivating her to tell the true story that most would see hidden from the world.

Most of the days Samantha will smell like a subtle blend of sweat and wild jasmine since she prefers to remain as natural as possible. The luxuries of scented deodorants and perfumes have no place in the harsh environment where her work takes her. Most days she’ll take comfort in a quick bath, using the soaps found locally hence that subtle hint of wild jasmine found on her person. The salty hint of perspiration is unavoidable when wandering the plains of Africa but Samantha has gotten used to it.

Whenever she does dress up, Samantha Ross is no stranger to the enchantment of a delicate perfume. Her perfume of choice is Acquamarina Omnia Profumo for women, which according to the bottle is: “Summer memories, the ocean in just a single fragrance”. In truth this perfume is the scent of the blue sea captured in a single bottle. Dominated by hints of lemon, pineapple and peach it presents a fresh wave reminiscent of a warm summer while being smoothed by the sweetness of hyacinth and jasmine notes. The more salty tone blends perfectly with amber, musk and sandalwood that first goes unnoticed but then slowly emerges to create a contrast to the freshness of that delicate perfume.


Other Distinguishing Features:
Much like every Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Samantha Ross will never be caught without her silver Stipula fountain pen that she got for her twelfth birthday and a small notepad. In addition she carries around her old Contax 139Q 35mm SLR camera almost 24/7 ever since the day she first bought it with all her saved up allowances. She refers to them as the instruments of her trade though one can’t deny the sentimental value of these items constantly carried on her person.

Fashion & Makeup:
Fashion and style wise one could best describe Sam to be a common tomboy, a girl preferring comfort and practicality over the aesthetic appeal a woman’s wardrobe can present. For the past years her closet has been dominated by safari clothes in plain beige and other natural colors that allow her to blend into her environment. Most of her clothes are comfortable and durable, light in fabric and easy to clean because that’s needed for her adventurous lifestyle. Evidently this makes for a monotone wardrobe with plain Jane articles and a dominant presence of pants. For scarce occasions where it’s needed to dress up however Samantha Ross can be transformed in an astonishing woman from that good old fashioned beauty image. The few gowns and dresses actually found in her wardrobe are off regal quality with fancy designer names attached to the lavish fabric masterpieces. Accessories and jewelry are something entirely unfamiliar to her as Samantha sees no need to put on additional decorations especially when at work. Much like every girl she had her ears pierced as a kid though those might have already grown shut again since it’s been years since she last wore earrings or even a watch for that matter. The same goes for makeup; it’s simply an aesthetic element she can’t be bothered with unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Sociability & Emotionality:
Samantha at a young age proved to be a social butterfly that excelled at blending into various different social groups regardless of their differences. In high school she was the popular athletic girl that everyone knew about while at the same time participating in the theatre club, debate club and being the lead journalist and editor of the school paper. Her ability to combine the different elements of social niches has enabled her to get to places that some considered far beyond her reach. Even in the harshest environments, her talent for being a social chameleon allowed her to become trusted by the shadiest of characters who all appreciate her blunt honest approach.

While she might be a social butterfly able of adapting to the roughest surroundings, her ambition has left her isolated from the world. Her blind devotion to her work resulted in her estrangement from family and friends whom she all abandoned when Samantha left for Central Africa. All the peoples that one would have called her friends had been stepping stones for her career, while family was always considered a hindrance holding her back from achieving greatness. All her life she viewed people as means to an end, ways for her to accomplish her ambitious goals in life. Some colleagues and partners had been ‘sacrificed’ for the benefit of her professional success.

Ambition and social mimicry are not the only elements of Samantha’s attitude towards the world, for no cupid would be complete without her own romance. Sam had never been the girly girl type for that matter, even as a young girl she’d never paid much attention to the opposite sex. Well at least not in that manner. All throughout high school she was too preoccupied with her extensive social calendar to include boys to her schedule yet regardless of her own indifference boys did line up at her doorstep. She had some brief flings with people, never long enough for things to get so serious that one might get attached to the other but never did she grasp the depths of love. Not even today.

It’s terrifying to see how devoted Samantha is to her professional status in the world for the word ambition does not do her justice. While most girls wanted to be princesses or fairies when they were kids, Sam even at that age was already running around with a pen and notepad observing the intricate mechanics of the world going about its daily business. That way of looking at the world only grew stronger with the years passing, setting her upon the fast track to journalistic success. She didn’t mind getting her hands dirty or going where no reporter had gone before as long as she got the recognition. Each prize, promotion and award she earned, became the reassurance she needed to continue upon this given path regardless of all sacrifices such decisions demanded. Family was left behind; friends were abandoned in their time of need for Samantha cared only to discover where the limits of her ambitions may lie. This however leaves her dependent on the approval of others, needing the constant recognition of others to allow her to continue.

Most recognizable of all however is Samantha’s blind dedication to unraveling the truth from the web of lies; even as a young girl she had the journalist nose for a good story though never seeking to make things spectacular. Samantha simply wants the world to know the truth, especially when others invest such time and effort in keeping the truth hidden from them. When injustice wad done to the world, Samantha would feel the compelling need to put such horrendous crimes in the spotlight, drawing people’s attention towards the problems that they’d rather brush under the rug. She seeks to confront the world with its own imperfections while allowing each party to see the point of view from the other without making judgments or accusations. Blunt honesty, uncensored and unedited is what she pursues most in this life and with such a goal in mind her ambitions have only come to grow.

While she herself has always sought the truth, Samantha has always kept her own issues and thoughts to herself. This only took her further into isolation from friends and family for never does she share the most intimate details of her life other than those that can be read in her articles. All her fears, worries and troubles are kept to herself, bottled up like something to be ashamed off for Samantha considers all such issues to be potential weaknesses that others could exploit. In the cutthroat business of journalism only those believed to be islands who stand alone against the world are able of making it in this industry of sharp pens and even sharper words. Even today she keeps one of the biggest secrets hidden from people though for how long she’ll be able to hold up this façade, nobody can predict.

Strengths & Weaknesses:
• Adventure
• Journalism
• Photography
• Investigations

• Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
• Long-term relations
• Domestic life

Interests & Hobbies:
• Traveling
• Adventure
• Journalism
• Photography

• Flying
• Racing
• Reading

• Truth
• Freedom
• Classic Cars

• Deception
• Oppression
• Propaganda

Until recent Samantha Ross was worldwide described as the Blonde, Bad and Beautiful Journalist; a top notch freelance war journalist with a sharp pen and an unyielding hunger for the truth who always gets to the bottom of things. For years all she cared about were the awards lined on her shelves, the four Pulitzer Prizes won as the youngest and only journalist to do so. All her life she’s placed her career first, allowing herself to part from friends and family as she left behind home and hearth without ever looking across her shoulder in regret. Work was all she cared about, neglecting her own happiness as Samantha accepted her place as an island on her own in this world.

Today that attitude however seemed to have changed as Samantha returned home to Hollows after all those years beneath the African sun over the savannah. The freedom fighter, idealist journalist that seeks the brutally honest truth in this world has seemed to have a change of heart now that she’s back amongst family and friends. Somehow behind a fake smile she has found the domestic side within her but all can tell there is something hidden behind that façade of optimism and happiness. Every so often she tends to disappear, isolating herself briefly for unknown reasons only to return slightly paler and shaken as if awoken for the first time into this world.

Song and or Playlist:

Samantha owns a snub nose Taurus Model 85 revolver

Medical Condition:
Samantha was diagnosed with a rare degenerative neurological disorder known as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease last year, believed to be caused by an emergency blood transfusion performed in unsanitary circumstances. This illness however comes with a bleak future prospect for to this day it’s a condition deemed incurable and inevitably fatal in the long term. So far the CJD has progressed asymptomatically for Samantha but in the near future one is to expect a rapidly progressive dementia leading to severe memory loss, personality changes and hallucinations. Other frequent symptoms may include anxiety, depression, paranoia, obsessive-compulsiveness and possible psychosis. This usually is followed by speech impairment, myoclonus, balance and coordination dysfunction and severe seizures. In end when most of the woman she once was, has disappeared death inevitable comes due to the massive loss of functional brain cells.

The Ross family is not the biggest or most noteworthy family in the city of Hollows, not even the oldest for that matter though if one would retrace the ancestral tree to our very roots you’ll find it to be the most steadfast family in history. Countless generations of Ross’s, each entrusted with the devout responsibility of introducing love again in a world that’s slowly slipping into a downward spiral have marked the world’s history with their solemn task. For centuries they’ve made it their sole duty to warm the hearts of mankind with the most breathtaking sensation known to this world: Love. Well knowing that, you can pretty much imagine how well my decision was received when I decided to leave the family business to seek out the misery and sorrow in this world. I can’t say they didn’t see it coming; my parents weren’t so naïve to think the youngest of their nest would not prove to be a challenge. It started small I might add, with a pen and paper I went about my daily business as a child taking notes and scribbling down observations about the everyday routine of the world. Evidently seeing your five year old acting like a reporter must have been an obvious hint already. Elementary school wasn’t any different but the real hint presented itself during high school. Ever inquisitive and vigilant I went about the local high school with the same skeptic view I always had towards the world. I joined the popular crowd, not so difficult if your family is loved in the city and people can’t help but fall for you simply due to the blood running in these veins. I considered cheerleading but the skirts didn’t suit my taste, so I started running track. Athletics however couldn’t quench my thirst and so I added theatre and debate to my curriculum but both didn’t offer the same gratification as writing used to bring. So I joined the school newspaper and it went downhill from there or so my parents would say. Two weeks in my assignment as the paper editor and I discovered the story that would shock America when I looked into the purchased school supplies. Vast amounts of education funds were missing, listed as expenses on the school accounts but untraceable if one looked further than the paper trail. It didn’t take long to figure out and even shorter to write it down and so the world would read the premiere by Samantha Ross: “the Price of Education”.

That first article was my introduction into the world in journalism and my ticket into Harvard University on a full scholarship but for my parents it was the first step out of the family nest. They figured my thirst for investigative journalism would come to an end after four years sitting in classrooms getting criticized on every little detail. They figured the constant disappointments and bad grades expected would lead me back to the parental nest of match making and love spreading. They were wrong. One month on the Harvard campus and I felt more at home in the classrooms and libraries than I ever did back in Hollows where everyone with issues of loneliness would come to beg you for aid. Instead I started writing and investigating, digging through old archives and libraries in pursuit of a sequel to my premiere article. I tried my hand at local news and sports journalism but lacked the passion for it. On the other hand my empathy for people allowed me to uncover something that had hung like a dark shadow over this campus. I could sense it in the hearts of the female student body, girls troubled by this unvoiced darkness that weighed heavy upon their shoulders. I could tell from the way they looked at certain elements on the university grounds with the same painful recollection as I’d seen in the city of Hollows. Something resided in the twilight of this campus and it was up to me to uncover the truth. I followed the signs but most of all I followed the girls who’d shown that pain in their eyes until it took me into a small campus library. Amidst the bookshelves and study desks I followed my heart and retraced the steps that like invisible ghosts wandered through these corridors. During the day the signs were faded but later at night they became stronger, speaking to me with silent screams until its secret was finally revealed to me. There in the southern corner of the second floor I found my triumphant sequel: “Poison in the Ivy League”

When my second article went global and the world once more bathed in the brilliant truth presented by Samantha Ross, my parents knew the inevitable decision needed to be made. I wanted to pursue journalism, discover the world and unravel the truth from the web of lies politicians had spun. My parents including my sister wanted me to join the family business, to become a matchmaker that brings forth a new generation of loving couples. The arguments seemed endless, the fights grew ever more persistent and in the end things were said that both parties came to regret. My parents didn’t approve, my older sister came to resent me for what happened next as I packed my suitcase and set course towards a life of adventure. Two articles with my byline on them had opened several doors for me, one taking me to New York as a freelance reporter for the New York Times. Unlike most I didn’t start at the bottom, my merits as a reporter having already been proven and ambition never permitting me to rest on my laurels. I was send to Central Africa to report on the most recent civil war having erupted in the cradle of mankind. I found my adventure, my fame and fortune beneath the African sun, but at a price. My parents had died leaving my older sister to take over the family business. My niece and nephew were growing up and I was missing all the firsts that I was expected to attend. I would never again get to see young Sullivan play his first professional tennis match. I would never get to help pretty Lucie pick out her prom dress. I’ve never even seen my sister’s youngest, Damon. But I didn’t really mind at first. My career came first, everything else came second be it my own family, my old friends or even my personal life as I perhaps became the first Ross daughter in history to never know the true beauty of love. That all was off no concern to me until the doctor told me: “CJD”

It took me fifteen years beneath the warm African savannah sun, four Pulitzer Prizes, several dozen other rewards and one bad diagnosis before I realized just how empty my life had been. What’s the value of fame and fortune if there is nobody to share it with? What’s the worth of having a beautiful house and a beautiful car if there is nobody waiting for you when you come home? What are all those shiny trophies and prices worth if there’s nobody to share their story with? All my life I’d lived for the truth revealing fact from fiction for the world but in the end I can’t even face my own truth. All this success meant little if there wasn’t an opportunity to share it with others and it were those others I’d devoted my entire life to avoiding. I’d ran from family and friends because they reminded me of the path another had set out for me since birth. I ran from love because it reminded me of the legacy I abandoned by choosing my own path in life. And now I had nothing but my fame and fortune. No family, no friends and no love. So for these last moments I have left in this world, I will spend them in the company of those I ran away from for so long. I’ll face my end with a smile upon my face and a sparkle in my eyes even if that smile and sparkle will be all that’s left of the real Samantha Ross in the end but I will not spend another day pleasing the world on my own happiness’ expense. I’m going home now. It’s been too long since I’ve been able to call a place home again. But most important of all I’ll be there for my family’s new series of firsts’. I’ll visit my parents’ grave for the first time, paying my respect to the people who raised me regardless of my stubbornness to accept my heritage. I’ll visit my sister’s grave to apologize for the pain I caused her and I’ll go see my niece and nephew grow up even though they already might be. I’ll see little Lucie transform into a beautiful confident mother just like her mother. I’ll see young Sullivan grow up to be a respected adult and I’ll see Damon for the first time. This time, though these firsts may be my lasts I’ll be there for the things that truly matter. It’s time to live up to my own wise words: “Real heroes are never made public”


Samantha owns a Chevrolet Corvette C3 Stingray convertible from 1968 with a big block 454in³ V8 engine that produces 430hp (321kW). It’s a classic American muscle car that combines the simplicity in design distinct for that time with the high-end performance found in modern day supercars. Most prominent of all perhaps, this car has been restored by Samantha personally who did the entire engine rebuild and detail work on her own with the exception of that iconic candy apple red paint job.

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