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Keith Fleming

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Keith Fleming

Benjamin Barnes

Krazy Kay

“I had it all figured out, so I cut out a little early? Who cares? It's probably a good thing. Life sucks, anyway.”

“Everybody bites it sooner or later. I'm just in the AP class, ahead of the game.”

“Wish upon the stars now that you still can. I know what I’d wish if it weren’t already too late”

Kenneth Fleming


Yeti (half-blood)

Social Status:
Sophomore student on athletic scholarship
(Ice Hockey Left Winger)


Relationship Status:

Age - Looks:

Age - Actual:


Date of birth:
February 13th

Current residence:

Other residences before hollows:
Summer camp 7 years in a row: Littleton Colorado

Hair Color:
Bristle Brown, nearly Black

Eye Color:
Dark Gray, almost Black

6 feet


Skin tone:

Blood Type:
A negative with liquid ice crystals

Male at minimum
• Chest Size: 41 inches
• Waist Size: 32 inches
• Bicep Size: inches
• Forearm Size: 16 inches
• Thigh Size:  23 inches
• Calve Size:  17 inches
• Neck Size:  16.5 inches

Physical Appearance:
Set aside his bad attitude, the poor manners and his icy personality and one could easily describe Keith to be quite a handsome fellow on campus. With his long untamable bristle hair, the nonchalant beard and those dark mysterious eyes, he does fill in a girl’s bad boy fantasy rather nicely while the athletic body usually does all the rest. Toned though not over-muscular Keith seems like the kind of fellow that takes care of his body for strong shoulders and tight abs give him that jock appeal despite Keith’s reluctance to hit the gym. The slender frame however betrays speed and agility, features returning in the smaller details of his appearance. Strong back and long legs give him more of a runner look than a ball player but then again Keith is neither. Most obvious however is his casual chic wardrobe that combines professional outfits with gothic details. Long overcoats, dark colors and shirts with dress pants make up for the majority of his closet giving him a mysterious presence on campus.

Cryogenic Aura
Keith can coat himself in an icy aura that allows the use of cold and ice in various offensive ways. He can expel large amounts of energy with the same nature as ice, making people generally feel a frightening sense of cold whenever they’re in his presence. Glass and other polished surfaced tend to fog up in his presence, the corners of windows getting coated in tiny flakes of frost. The effect however is strongly diminished though by Keith not being pureblood yeti for those can render a room’s temperature the equivalent of an Arctic winter upon their entrée. Keith still knows how his father had described feeling whenever in being with his mother before he came into the picture.

Cryokinetic Combat
Keith is able to utilize ice manipulation with his physical combat, allowing him to both create tools and weapons for attack and manipulate the environment for his advantage like freezing the ground, sudden ice-walls, etc. While Yeti’s can conjure this Arctic ferocity at their every whimsy, Keith’s human half reduced the efficacy of this ability immensely. Only in areas with a large enough supply of water or low enough temperatures can he wield his mother’s dangerous ability. Keith usually averts from its applications not out of fear of the consequences but out of the agonizing headaches they bring along.

Cryogenic Adaptation
While the Yeti blood inside him was thinned out with a father being of human blood, Keith still inherited his mother’s immunity to cold. This power allows him to live in conditions where the climate consists of cold weather, as he possess adjusted breathing capacity, as well as high tolerance  to the cold. This ability may also imply the presence of fur, claws, thick skin, blubber and/or sight adapted to see with more ease in snowstorms and protected from snow-blindness, though this only shows when Keith embraced his mother’s true nature.

Cryo Infusion
Keith can infuse any object with freezing sub-zero properties for icy cold damage and freeze almost anything upon impact. It’s another application of cryokinetic combat though one easier applied respite his diminished blood state. With a moment of intense focus, Keith infuses a bitter cold into any object he so desires, rendering the heart of said object of ice. Resulting from that is an object that feels cold to the touch yet solid as ice leaving skin to get glued to its surface. Frostbite is the immediate result of physical contact with a Cryo infused object as many goalies have come to experience when they stop a puck send their way.

Yeti Physiology
While only a half-blood, Keith can in certain circumstances endure the transformation into the mighty Yeti, the frozen monster of the Arctic and snowy mountains. It’s a brutally agonizing transformation that makes dying feel like a pleasure rid through the local theme park for bones shift in place, break and extend until the true Yeti in him can rise. So far he only managed to undergo this metamorphosis once, when the truth about his condition was revealed and Keith sincerely hopes it never happens again. The yeti form itself is as ferocious as one would imagine a beast from the polar caps to be, with vicious claws, fang like teeth and a white fur pelt like a polar bear on its frame.

Birth Marks:
Hidden in his hair one can find the frostbite marks where his mother took hold of him upon the day of his birth. The world is blind to it with the exception of the doctor who treats him.

Keith has some subtle surgical scars high on his neck where it meets with the base of his skull. They’re perfectly hidden beneath his long hair though so most wouldn’t even notice.

No tattoos yet (will get one during his story line)

Euphoria Men by Calvin Klein is a woody aromatic fragrance for men launched in 2006 created by Carlos Benaim, Loc Dong and Jean-Marc Chaillan. Its top notes are ginger and pepper; middle notes are black basil, sage and cedar; base notes are amber, patchouli, brazilian redwood and suede. It’s a mysterious sensation for fragrant hypnosis of those fascinated by the bruised and broken men of the world and for that it’s been Keith’s favorite cologne to spray on for everyday use.


Fashion & Makeup:
In Keith’s eyes no man with even a whisper of self-respect would get caught alive wearing makeup, so don’t expect this fellow to step outside his door with even some chap stick on. Fashion wise he’s his own man with a sense of fashion entirely suited to his own mysterious nature. The quality of his cloths might suggest ‘rich kid’ though most of the long overcoats and designer shirts he wears have either been nicked from a shop or bought at the swap meet. Most of his garments however have a flair for the dramatic, something combining the grandeur of the Victorian era and the theatrics of the gothic days.

Sociability & Emotionality:
If one looks back in his yearbooks, the Keith Fleming  found in those pages looks like the polar opposite of the version currently hanging around the campus. Going back at least ten months one finds Keith Fleming the star athlete, menace on the ice; Keith Fleming the aspiring rockstar, master of the guitar and Keith Fleming the social butterfly, life of the party. Pages of those yearbooks are written cover to cover with excited and enthused quotes of former classmates all mention how ‘cool’, ‘popular’ and ‘awesome’ Krazy Kay is. Today however none would ever believe those quotes to be true for Keith Fleming today is the very definition of a social pariah. All school he walks alone, even on the ice he’s the lone wolf in the pack, constantly opting to stand alone rather than enduring social contact with others. The isolation however wasn’t just accidental for Keith choose this loner’s faith for himself. By design he began to push people away from him, first by acting out but later on by acting crazy in general. Talking to himself, talking to invisible people and acting suicidal are but a few examples of how Keith has make an outcast of himself. He doesn’t let anyone come close and somehow there’s reason to believe a dark streak set root in  his personality. A mean streak that may direct itself to some random bystander too unfortunate to cross his path.

Lately Keith is an emotional wreck for the news he received on that quick medical checkup turned his whole world around. Gerstmann–Sträussler–Scheinker syndrome sounded the diagnosis but what it really means is a death sentence without a date to look forward to or a quick end to stop this prolonged suffering. Today he simply endures life with his head caught in his own world where rules of society don’t apply and the opinions of others no longer matter. He’s deaf to the voices of others but most of all he is angry; angry at the sickness he must endure, angry at the world for being able to go on without him and angry at all the happy people he sees around him laughing their lives away. He hates the popular kids for getting to live while Keith soon will be no better than a vegetable trapped in a hospital room drooling on his shoes and staring with an empty gaze outside the window. Life screwed him and now he has made a game out of screwing with the lives of others, making them feel just as miserable as he’s force to feel due to the unfortunate series of events put on his path. Defying death has become a pastime of his, for if he is to die soon it will be on his own terms in the way of his own choosing. Driving his car at full speed blindfolded, jumping off cliffs without knowing what’s below and getting in fights he can’t possible win are but a few ways he taunts his inevitable doom.

Strengths & Weaknesses:
• Reckless behavior
• Rock ‘n Roll
• Smoking
• Driving

• Admitting feelings
• Attending class
• Obeying rules
• Surviving

Interests & Hobbies:
• Writing: music and poetry
• Rebel: smoking & drugs
• Driving: cars and bikes
• Sports: ice hockey

• Movie: Detroit Rock City
• Place: Skinny Springs
• Music: Classic Rock
• Class: Engineering
• Sport: Ice Hockey
• Hobby: Smoking
• Food: Fast food
• Drink: Tequila
• Job: Rockstar

• Place: Home Hospital
• Food: French food
• Class: Medicine
• Hobby: Dating
• Movie: Titanic
• Sport: Tennis
• Music: Polka
• Drink: Milk
• Job: Doctor

Keith is a carefree rebellious spirit with no regards for the rules or the people around him for lately all he has left are the scarce days of a clear mind ahead of him. Whatever little time he has left in this world, he wants to spend doing he likes most in life and not giving a shit about what others would think. He wants to ride towards the sunset and never look back. He wants to jump from cliffs and not be afraid of what happens should he fall. He wants to make people feel just as miserable as he feels for it’s not fair what life set upon his path. He wants to see the world before it’s too late, see all those special places he read about as a kid before the reaper comes knocking. But most of all Keith just wants more time, more time to play his music, to play hockey and to do the things other people take for granted.

Song and or Playlist:

No need for them

- the following scenes took place on the Hollows University Campus; each scene represents a different aspect of Keith Fleming perceived by his peers and college staff -

And the crowd went wild. Feet stomping, applause erupting as the buzzer went off seconds after that winning puck landed in the goalie’s net. The game had drawn out a large crowd, much larger than usual for it was the first game former NHL player Keith Fleming played for the local college team. There he stood then, Krazy Kay as they called him back during his golden days in the Colorado Avalanche in his lucky number eleven uniform. The ice was still tumbling back to the ground after that last goal scored but while the team was going crazy in the stands, the MVP returned to the dressing room without even enjoying a moment of his own glory. That victory was his, everyone knew it for never before had the Hollows University Hockey team won a single game before his arrival. Like a maniac he’d moved across the ice, taking hits that would have brought down a beast and still going on. A suicidal determination burned inside that kid each time he raced to the goal and launched that puck between those red posts. Eleven – Zero was the final score and while the campus went berserk in their excitement, the hero of the day disappeared leaving behind his stick and jersey to which he’d never return. After all hockey was just a game…

With the roar of the crowd still raging beyond those locker room doors, the coach had gathered his team around him for the gameplay review. The whiteboard still stood etched with the intricate webs of red and blue marker lines each depicting another of the tactics they’d so boldly performed that day. One face was missing however, the most important face to whom this team had the day’s victory to thank for but Keith wasn’t there. His jersey laid discarded on the coach’s desk leaving a question burning on his tongue. “Where the fuck is my star player at? Who the hell can explain how my MVP threw down his jersey and quit the team while we’re for the first time ever within reach of a championship title?” The rest of the team looked awkward at one another, glances exchanged and whispers uttered under their breath for most knew the answer to that question. Gone. That’s where Keith was at most likely. A heavy build fellow, hair trimmed short in a military buzz cut look raised his hand to offer the coach his answer. “Rumor has it Keith’s not been the same after he took that game during the Colorado Avalanche finale game. They’d called him Krazy Kay, the menace on the ice back during his glory days but then he got punched through the glass by a Canadian enforcer. Hasn’t been the same since. I’m betting he got the fear in him.” The coach had walked up to his player, slapped him on the back of the head  and then went on for ten minutes using a vocabulary that made sailors blush...

The campus was vacant this early on the day, only drunks dragging their sorry rears back to the dorms after a late night partying and the most zealous of dorks getting those front row seats. Two frat boys however were enjoying some fresh air, the stench of booze and pot still heavy on their person from last night’s debauchery. Standing on the balcony of the fraternity house they observed the world going by in these steady moments post dawn. College staff could be seen heading towards their first appointment of the day, janitors running back and forth getting the place cleaned up before the start of class but the thing they most enjoyed, the parade of one-night stand girls retreating to the privacy of their rooms to wash off the stench of cheap meaningless sex. Some were dragging their feet carrying their heels still wondering where they’d left their panties. “Hey kitty kitty, come to daddy.” One of the students called out from the balcony but before the girl could even turn around, the fellow already found himself tumbling off the balcony, his head banged pretty bad by a wild puck. From behind the old elm tree Keith stepped out, another puck already in hand. “Hey piggy piggy, why don’t you shut up?” The retort came quickly though another puck was even faster to hit the second frat boy square in the face. The girl found the mocking call having no origins, only a mysterious fellow taking a bow to her, like some troubadour before a lady.

The stage was abandoned, the decors shrouded in shadows yet through the darkness a melody pierced the veil and connected the world of reality with a universe of dreams. First to break the silence were the heavenly cords carefully plucked from worn guitar strings only to be followed by the rusty voice of a man who carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. A stranger singing from the dark the words that came to his mind all too naturally; a song for the broken hearted; a song for those defeated; a song for those who just wanted a little more time. And still he sang, for an audience of empty velvet chairs in a vacant auditorium for only the ghosts to hear. Well the ghosts and one teacher standing all the way in the back were there to listen to raw emotions set to music. Every morning professor Hayworth would come and check out the talent that sat hidden each day on his stage. He knew the voice, fuck anyone who was someone in the music business knew that voice for it was the voice of Krazy Kay, the lead singer to the rising glam rock back “Shook Up”. A band that took Colorado by storm, an underground sound that came to an abrupt end when the mastermind stepped away. Still Hayworth knew who stood on his stage, making love to those strings and singing his heart out. Too bad he didn’t want anyone around to hear this magic on stage, a damn shame if you’d ask this teacher but he knew what was at the root of that rejection. Hayworth was perhaps the only one on campus entrusted with Keith’s secret. He knew and because of it Hayworth knew why the music had become a private affair beyond understanding…

“What can you tell me about the lad known as Krazy Kay, better known as Keith Fleming. All-Star left winger recently retired from the Colorado Avalanche, singer songwriter to the band Shook Up and currently your worst nightmare.” Julie Simms was always a nuisance to the board of education for this ambitious journalism major was infamous on campus for her sharp pen and investigative journalism skills. The dean however was less excited about this inquiry for the personal record of his students were an affair he always took close to heart. He wasn’t about to disclose on private information just because someone thinking herself a Pulitzer Prize winner already. “What’s your interest in Keith, miss Simms? You know I’m not at liberty to disclose on personal information without the written consent of that student.” Julie’s hand was already penning out the story that would make her career though certain issues needed to be clarified before the presses could tell Keith Fleming’s story. “Well you see, we’re currently hosting one of the brightest students, a star athlete and an lad believed to be the next Bono in the music industry but when we look at Keith, you and I just see someone throwing his life away. How come?” The dean lowered his eyes to the file in front of him, knowing the answer that could make this all go away. Curiosity was one thing but behind Julie’s ambitions he knew there was a future reporter with the heart in the right place. The story would be published weither answering her or not but the truth would silence the girl. “This remains between these walls, you print this and you’ll lose your scholarship and I’ll make sure not a paper in the civilized world will hire you. Understood?” The girl nodded and set her pen to paper to write the story she’d never be able to share. “Keith is dying, got diagnosed with Gerstmann-Sträussler–Scheinker syndrome last year. He’s slowly dying, first losing his memories, then his senses and in the end only pain will remain. So yeah he quit the NHL, quit music and quit being Krazy Kay. So he had it all figured out and decided to cut out a little early. So leave Keith be, hold the presses until he’s no more and afterwards you can have your bloody story.” And with tears in her eyes Julie walked away with the premiere of a lifetime, torn between her own success and the last peaceful moments of a student with too little time left in this world.

Three weeks had gone by, three editions of the campus’ paper having gone by unnoticed by the student body at Hollows University and Julie was sitting on written gold. Any journalism price within her reach, the story that could show the States but Julie just couldn’t hand in the end of a dying man’s personal life. His privacy versus her success, the decision the Dean had tasked her with weighed heavy on her shoulders. Every day now that she passed Keith on campus, she felt this sympathy growing for the ‘bad boy’ on campus. No wonder he didn’t abide the rules, no wonder he didn’t give into the social pressure to be ‘normal’. And why would he? Why would anyone do what the world expects when you’re living on borrowed time? So now when she looks at the kid who flushed his future down the toilet, she doesn’t see the loser who gave it all up. She sees the bravest soul alive who just cut out early. A man deciding to leave this world on his own terms, no longer giving a fuck on what others think off him. And Keith just lives on, his story sealed upon pages in the drawer of some desk unaware that upon his death, the world will be offered an explanation for all the shit he was put through. An autobiography written without his knowledge for there are some who deemed it a story worth telling. Not the story of some idiot smashing all his windows but who took control of the life others so easily hand out of their control by trying to grasp at the strings desperately. A star athlete, a rock star, a genius perhaps but in the end what’s it worth being known by such terms in the end?


The only thing Keith seems to care about these days is that 1970’s Dodge Challenger he drives. Every cent he ever earned, every buck he’s ever gotten was invested in this classic American muscle car. The brand new two-toned paintjob features a strong jet gray primary color with a single black racing stripe along the center of the car. The original 426 cu in (6.98 L) Hemi V8 engine was completely cleaned out and revved up for optimal performances. A new suspension was installed, new brakes fitted before setting the ride upon a fresh set of American racing T70R 17’ rims wrapped in Bridgestone racing tires. Keith cares for that car like it is his baby, getting it washed, waxed and buffed every week. Each day you can be certain to find the left winger with his head under the bonnet, grease all over his face and hands cut up from intensive hand labor to that vintage engine.

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