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Philip Moore

Richard Armitage

Phil or Phelps (family & friends)
Major Moore (military)
Stingray (codename)

“They raised me, and loved me. They’ve given me weapons, taught me techniques and endowed me with knowledge. There’s nothing more for them to give me. And all they took in return was my life”

“Building the future and keeping the past alive are one in the same thing”

Eden York – Fiancé
Jefferson Moore – Father
Prudence Moore - Mother


Bio-Engineered Human

Social Status:
Gun for Hire


Relationship Status:

Age - Looks:
Late twenties

Age - Actual:

Phoenix, Arizona

Date of birth:
February 20th

Current residence:
En route to Hollows

Other residences before hollows:
Phoenix, Arizona
Fort Bragg in North Carolina
Classified locations in the Middle-East

Hair Color:
Jet Black

Eye Color:
Steely blue



Skin tone:

Blood Type:
AB negative

Male at minimum
• Chest Size: 39 inches
• Waist Size: 27 inches
• Hip Size: 33 inches
• Bicep Size: 14 inches
• Forearm Size: 11 inches
• Thigh Size: 20 inches
• Calve Size: 13 inches
• Neck Size: 14 inches

Physical Appearance:
The boy that left his girlfriend at the peer on the day he shipped out is no more as the man that returned from the Middle East was an entirely different person; the acne that came from puberty cleared up beneath the scorch of the desert sun, the wiry body bulked up significantly as Philip can now be best described as a true veteran super-soldier. Shoulders broad and buff allow him stand tall versus even the toughest of opponents as his arms and legs are now thick muscular limbs broad like a grown tree and full with potentially deathly force. Ripped abs and powerful muscle definitions are chiseled now all throughout his body, fighting for a spot on his skin with the many scars that riddle his body. Bullet holes, cuts, puncture wounds and torture wounds have written a grim story in his flesh while an array of military tattoos are found all over his body. Every detail of his physical appearance is now evidence to a classified past in the cutthroat business of black ops warfare, tactical assaults and heavy gunfire standoffs against outnumbering majorities that include several of the most deathly guerrilla groups, rebels and usurper dictatorships found all throughout the world. The horrors he witnessed have marked his face, having made time slip by leaving him aged beyond his actual years. His eyes have lost that happy sparkle they once showed and on his lips no smile has stood since the day he left for service; that youthful vibrant energy also faded only to be replaced with a dominant and aggressive attitude…

Next to having undergone a serious course of physical training that have added a dozen pounds of pure muscle on his bones, Philip only changed just a little bit on his facial expression; the same jet black hair still features on that handsome head though now its also found in that rugged three-day stubble. His nose got broken a couple of times and it shows as the bridge is a hint swollen and crooked by the repetitive fractures it had to endure in the past years. His left eyebrow is split in half by the poorly healed scar that resulted from a bare knuckle fight with an African warlord while one of his right back molars got chipped by an interrogation gone physical.

Philip has developed the rare gift of Gyrokinesis, the ability to manipulate gravitational fields in direct and close proximity of him. For this strange talent the military recruited him to further investigate the possibilities of the ability leaving him with several applications to use on the field and in everyday life. By reducing gravity beneath him he’s able of jumping and leaping higher and wider distances as well as safely landing from great heights. Another use to Gyrokinesis by Philip is shifting the point of gravity letting him stand on vertical surfaces or even hang to the ceilings like a spider. There were distinct limitations identified to his ability, the range being the most important as his gravitational ability is only wieldable within handful feet…

Cybernetic Enhancement
After the feigned military raid gone wrong in Iraq, Philip underwent cybernetic modifications on behalf of the Delta Force Unit; experimental medical care was provided replacing the damaged internal organs with auxiliary organs and an artificial nerve system. This lead to Philip performances being at a Peak Human State; increased reflexes, enhanced endurance and sensory augmentation are but a few adaptions the Cybernetic Enhancements introduced in his life though at a steep price. Becoming vulnerable to electromagnetic pulses, his life is in grave danger with the auxiliary organs failing when exposed to powerful magnetic fields; he’s also dependant on his daily dose of AT Security SOP injections to keep himself mobile and operational…

Scanner Vision
Where many in his family were capable of picking up on emotions and thoughts, Philip from an early age could sense who had dark and evil intensions that popped out the crowd through his eyes; included in his Cybernetic Enhancement was an amplification of his pre-existing talent as they’d installed a scanning vision system behind his right eye. Instead of now feeling who had crime and evil written all over them, Philip has direct access into international databases housing criminal and classified records including IAFIS, NICS, ICPO and CODIS. The information of a scanned person includes age, name, known aliases, criminal history and other classified intelligence the CIA and secret service has collected over the years…

Cyber Lingualism
Part of AT Security’s project that integrated the cybernetic enhancements within his body, the scanner vision they’ve injected Philip with a third generation nanomachines that link him to the SOP system; SOP or Sons of the Patriots is a high-tech classified project implemented within 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta soldiers that makes them the next generation of soldiers serving the flag. Through the nanomachines in his blood he’s synchronized with his squadron 1st SFOD-D allowing through short wave communication, letting him see, hear and communicate with his comrades in action without the need of any additional training or operational support. It permits him to speak to the members of his squadron, exchanging thoughts, ideas and tactics through a system that is the technological equivalent of combat-oriented telepathy…

Battle Precognition
Due to excessive training as a Delta Force operative and his natural adaptive abilities to other individuals’ emotions and thoughts Philip Wyatt has developed an acute form of Battle Precognition that allows him to read others' body language and anticipate their actions. When used in physical combat it gives an incredible advantage over most opponents, usually by either messing with them psychologically or predicting their movements. Combined with the Cyber Lingualism that enabled communication to all SOP system integrated soldiers, Philip can exchange and receive the information from his fellow operative giving them a perfect synchronized superior combat performance capability. As a solo unit it doesn’t offer a flawless precognition of enemy movements but still gives him a certain amount of combat anticipation predicting opponent movements in certain extend…

Birth Marks:
Four freckles on the right side of his nose bridge
Two freckles along his left inner thigh

Too many to describe, but here’s a brief summary of the whereabouts of the different scars:
• Bottom lip: laceration scar
• Right ear: damaged cartilage
• Left collar bone: double tap bullet scars
• Right chest: electrocution burns
• Lower abdomen: burns, cuts and bullet scars
• Right upper arm: double laceration scar
• Left upper thigh: three bullet wounds
• Right knee: cartilage build-up
• Shoulder blades: burns and cut marks
• Entire back: electrocution burns
• Left foot: shrapnel damage
• Back of the neck: burns and cuts

One old military tattoo the right shoulder, completely hidden beneath scar tissue from a torture burn.

Philip’s cologne of preference is a signature scent exuding luxury and freedom all in a single whiff of this rich “Bambu” perfume by Adolfo Dominguez. It’s a lively energetic scent containing notes of bamboo, amber, cotton in combination with fresh aromas of jasmine and marine salts. Most days however Philip goes around all-natural, meaning with a dense natural manly musk that comes from too many hours spend in the gym and at the gun range. Most of the time he’ll smell like a goon returning from the battlefield, with a cold hint of iron from blood and filth.