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Wilhelmina Hessdalen

Lexi Belle

Willa the Mute
The Silent Sister
The Voice of Reason

“Silence is a true friend who never betrays”

Una Hessdalen: triplet sister
Vera Hessdalen: triplet sister
Barca Hessdalen: older brother


Social Status:
Fashion designer


Relationship Status:

Age - Looks:

Age - Actual:

Hessdalen Valley

Date of birth:
Winter Solstice in 874AC

Current residence:
(Hessdalen’s Manner or Hessdalen’s Boutique)

Other residences before hollows:
Hessdalen Valley, Norway
Askja Volcano, Iceland

Hair Color:
Strawberry Blonde with a golden shine

Eye Color:



Skin tone:
Caucasian, pale cream with a soft Spring tan

Blood Type:
No blood, but pure light

Female at minimum
• #Cup Size: C
• #Bust Size: 32”
• #Waist Size: 24”
• #Hip Size: 33”
• #Dress Size: 0

Physical Appearance:
By all definitions, Willa is always described as ‘cute as a button’ due to her petite form and big puppy eyes. Standing only five feet two from the ground, she’s a tiny girl with a slender physique radiating with the vibrant glow of youth. Hair like ripe wheat in the days before harvest tumbles in long curls down her back yet when the sun catches it, a hint of strawberry orange emerges. All the proportions are perfect however; long legs reaching up to a perky rear, small ample breasts a perfect handful and a flat stomach showing but a hint of muscle definition from her daily running. Deep hazel are her eyes with a brilliant sparkle near the corner speaking of a blissful youth cherished. Lips oh so soft shape a lovely smile with flawless teeth white as porcelain. Her appearance shows off the care and patience invested in her outward presentation, with a deep creamy complexion and a soft summer tan. Nails always licked with a lively color complete the picture while wardrobe and makeup put in order the final details of her glorious young appearance.

Will-O'-The-Wisp Physiology
As a Hessdalen child is a Will-O’-The-Wisp they have the ability to take on the form of Will-O'-The-Wisp, which transforms them in a fairy-like creatures out of pure light, attempting to lead lost travelers to safety. They manifest usually as ghostly lights or spherical flames, sometimes with a ghostly form holding or carrying her, or as glowing, vaguely shaped form yet never does a Will-O’-The-Wisp appear the same. Some dare say the Will-O’-The-Wisp differs in appearance based on the eye of the beholder. Being a benevolent being they are to remain mostly neutral, only be seen at night over really dark areas such as a swamps, marshes or a thick fog to those in need of guidance. Note that when they take their true form, they’re ever to return to the treasure she was intended to guard, floating back to the lands of her origins hidden deep in the Hessdalen Valley in the center of Norway.

Aura Manipulation
While remaining neutral at all times, dire moments will require the Will-O’-The-Wisp to fight to defend the treasure their existence hides from the world. Only in her true form can she wield these powers, converting her own radiant light into a powerful energy applied in combat as strong bursts of light. The effects of her aura wielded as a weapon differs from blinding flashes burning the eyes, to scorching waves that seem deep into the body. The more of her light inserted in the ability, the stronger the attack will become though in more dire circumstances she can even convert all her life’s essence into a single storm of light that banishes all who carry evil in their heart. A sacrifice truly but in desperate times, desperate measure are applied; a life for a life it’s often said as the Will-O’-The-Wisp can sacrifice its own life to claim the life of its attack, binding the faith of one to the other in a sacred pledge that cannot be broken or stopped…

Voice of Reason
A power unique to Willa who was born without a voice of her own, permits her to use the voices of other to voice her words. She can borrow the voices of others to speak her thoughts and utter her concerns. Curiously enough when she borrows another’s lips and mouth to speak, the voice borrowed takes a curiously delicate form that chimes like a million silver bells ringing all at once. Heavenly and divine it feels to those lending their tongue to Willa, for in return for the use of their voice a glorious warmth and sentiment of hope will be awarded for their kindness. Note that she cannot take a voice without the permission of its owner first, yet the request will always be heard like an angelic voice in their head pleading for their consent. Her sisters and brother have all granted their permission and will often speak on her behalf when permission has been denied but some in this world, born of fairy, elvish or angelic lines will always award her a voice when needed…

Illusion Eye
Three mighty powers each Will-O’-The-Wisp possesses, each of them to be found in ‘voice’, ‘sight’ and ‘hearing’ though the ‘voice’ had been forfeit to the mute Hessdalen daughter. Illusion Eye is the power of ‘Sight’ blessed upon each of the Will-O’-The-Wisps; the power to send powerful brainwaves to enemies creating mental illusions. These illusions are the past memories of strangers, moments before their deaths occurred. This ability, according to cannot be shut off, however; it can utilize those memories to capture the victims in a powerful illusionary recreation of the event, ultimately leading to the victim's death. This power depends on the field of vision of the Wisp for a bond of sight is to be maintained at all time between user and enemy. The illusion can last as long as the victim is in the field of sight of the user and will take time to dissolve and fade after light of sight has been broken. Some travelers freed from the power return to it, fleeing willingly into the illusion conjured for dreams are ever more sweet than reality…

Three mighty powers each Will-O’-The-Wisp possesses, each of them to be found in ‘voice’, ‘sight’ and ‘hearing’ though the ‘voice’ had been forfeit to the mute Hessdalen daughter. Clairaudience is the power of ‘Hearing’ blessed upon each of the Will-O’-The-Wisps; the power to hear in a way that isn’t connected to their physical senses, on distances far beyond their normal ranges. They are able to sense sounds that are beyond the normal auditory range, the sounds of things most deem absent of it; physic presences, spirituals beings and shadows alive can be heard by the Will-O’-The-Wisp. Today the power manifests itself in such a manner that the Hessdalen children are able to hear what their siblings hear at that moment, as well as what occurs in the secret valley of their birth. They can hear thoughts and words left unspoken by people, hearing the woes of their heart and the sorrows of their minds. Only pure evil is beyond their hearing…

Birth Marks:
At her right heel, she shares a marking with her sister that when all three are put together make for a strange three petal flower figure similar to the wild iris.


Ear lobe piercings

Natural Scent
Just a hint of Lily of the Valleys mixed with just a fresh splash of wisteria

Favored Perfume
Clarins Eau des Jardins is a foamy, sensual and fresh new fragrance perfect for hot weather and summer. Its composition is created of etheric oils of grapefruit, lemon, bergamot, orange, citruses, black currant bud absolute, wild rose, mint, bay leaf, along with dry oils of cedar, patchouli, vetiver and white musk. Beside the fragrance which wraps the aura and functions as a kind of aromatherapy, Eau des Jardins hydrates the skin and leaves a luminous effect.