The complete list of RP characters of GSS

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Lysle Steinfath

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Lysle Steinfath
Lysle Steinfath


Fallen Angel

Fitness Instructor


Dirty Blonde

Tea Green




Omni-linguism: understand and speaks all languages
Psychometry: can see a person's past on physical contact
Spectral Illusion: creates an illusion of a person's happiest memory
Judgement Day: summons 'Espada Tizona' (Demonslayer's blade)

Incredible muscle definitions
A platinum crucifix around his neck
A representation of the Book of Revelations tattooed on his back

Espada Tizona: holy blade bestowed with the power to kill demons

Ecclesiastical, Empathic, Quixotic, Rapturous and Benevolent

At the coming of Fall, the bright colored leaves tumbling towards the ground, a light was seen casted down from heaven. The sun joined in one focused bundle of light, descending down to the earth, slicing through the grayness of clouds.  The light struck the outskirts of a city, a city roaming with all breeds of the Divine's creation and infected with the taint of evil. A battle unfought between two parties was about to change, a change that should forever upset the balance the Divine and the Corrupt had put in place. This change came in the form of a dirty blond angel, obeying his sacred name Lysle which the Great Creator had bestowed upon him. In the array of blinding light, he descended down from the heavenly realm, for the first time granting the world the hope he carried in his tea green eyes. Like gems he gazed into the world, seeing the corruption of the world in two colors, black and white. Those who'd devoted their lives to virtue, radiant white in aura, those who'd lived in sin, unveiled by darkness and amongst them the evils of of Corruption roaming freely. The Divine had always been outnumbered, but never facing such threat of having all that's pure and precious in this world being taken from them. Servants of the creator one by one fell for the eartly pleasure that prevented return into paradise and Lysle was no exception...

Trained from birth to teach the Divine, enforce the Creator's will Lysle was tasked to rid the world of the imbalance, restoring the equilibrium that evil had tilted. But from the day his feet touched the ground, Lysle fell for the same temptation any other of his predecessors was exposed to; love and lust became as one, Sympaty became empathy and so another of the Angels was fallen to the Earth, never to return to paradise, never to descend into purgatory, their task being the only chance of redemption and that's where their devotion came from. Lysle was tasked to rid the world of Demonic fiends, spawn of Hell ascended to the world to further corrupt and taunt the people the Creator had designed. His wings torn by his downfall did in no way mean his fight was over, he'd just understood that only time could restore the past and he would have to wait; waiting patiently only revealing his true self to them who'd never live to tell about it; That was the power and task Lysle was given in the form of heaven's fourth blade: Espada Tizona. Lysle resided under the surface within the city; the life of a common teenager amongst others had granted him 'invisibility' from evil; the acceptance of mortal work, given him the mask of ignorance that let him aid those in need; the strength of the Divine wielded to deal with demons one at a time and only when they crossed his path. That was the life Lysle had decided to live, the life of a ghost amongst men that kept them out of harms' way; That kept the balance in check, while granting him a life beyond this holy task. His wings for his freedom seemed a price willing to pay...


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