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Benedict Cumberbatchs

The Seizer

“I shall send you to a world of anguish beyond your imagination!”
“I shall fill you with fear as you have never experienced before!”

Numerous children
(killed before hatching)


Feral Dimensional Demon

Social Status:
Khali’s Pet (Kingpin’s bodyguard)

Omnivorous (kills what he beds, male or female)

Relationship Status:

Age - Looks:
Late twenties

Age - Actual:
Unknown (first sighted 60AC)

The Abyss

Date of birth:
Exact date unknown

Current residence:
Sewers of Hollows

Other residences before hollows:
First appeared on the isle of Anglesey off the north west coast of Wales

Hair Color:
Obsidian black

Eye Color:
Obsidian black (human form)
Venomous green (demon form)

6 feet (human form)
8 feet (demon form)

123lbs (human form)
278lbs (demon form)

Skin tone:
Ghastly Pale (human form)
Obsidian Scales (demon form)

Blood Type:
Unidentified substance

Male at minimum
• Suit Size: 34 regular (US size)
• Shirt Size: 14” x 32”
• Waist Size: 32”
• Inseam Size: 32”
• Chest Size: 32”

Physical Appearance:
There’s something horribly unnatural about Graz’zt when he takes on a human guise, something frightening and disproportionate as everything seems out of place. Too skinny for his height, too pale for a healthy person he’s a terrifying person looking more like a walking skeleton than a human being. His eyes and hair are black like the night sky during a lunar eclipse, his nails a grim steely grey and his teeth are sharpened to razor edged serrated fangs. When he talks, the skin doesn’t move like it does with the average person for his expression remains unaffected regardless of the movement, almost as if he’s wearing a mask. His bones are showing and even this appears to different with jagged protrusions sensible just beneath the surface, in particular along his spine. In truth Graz’zt has no real human form of his own, simply able of producing a false human skin that he can shed like a snake whenever it loses its realistic texture and typical ‘human’ color…

Demonic Appearance:
Graz’zt is most comfortable though in his natural demonic form though the world doesn’t share that opinion. In this form he’s even more sinister and grotesque, growing nearly two feet and adding more than double the weigh on those bestial bones of his. A shark like hide covers every inch of his body, miniscule scales grown so tightly together that it appears to be pitch black like the death of night. The most drastic transformation occurs in his facial area, his mouth growing forward and outward in a serpent-like fashion opening up in two different mouths. The bottom mouth only holds two large fangs set in the lower jaw, while the top mouth houses two rows of razor sharp teeth. Four instead of two eyes, a venomous green look towards the world with an insatiable hunger sit in the dead center of his elongated skull. Along his spine ridge two lines of jagged spikes pierce through that obsidian black skin while grim claws are found where hands usually are…

Dimensional Rifts
Like every Dimensional Demon, Graz’zt is able of stepping through dimensional portals that connect the Abysmal world to the surface world, enabling him to cross to physical objects simply by stepping through a rift between the worlds. Most Dimensional demons are feeble things, petty fiends often kept as spying slaves by the higher ranked demons of the Abyss for they’re easily bound with spellbinding circles. Graz’zt is considered the last feral dimensional demon which allows him to evade magical bindings through the slightest imperfections in a wizard’s spell. One grain of sand, one particle of dirt, one scuff on the binding circles and Graz’zt can slip through a warlock’s defenses making it near impossible to trap this beast…

Venomous Claws/Fangs
In his demon form, the claws replacing his hands and the two large fangs set in his lower jaw are overflowing with a paralytic venom that inflicts a death-like state on its victims. They’ll be completely aware of their surroundings, able to hear, feel and sense everything while their bodies simply refuse to move. Slower and slower the heart and lungs of the victim start beating, first inducing a comatose state and after 24 hours this false death conditions becomes permanent. Graz’zt uses this toxic effect to paralyze his victims before slowly eating them alive; the poison actually prevents his victims from dying during the process…

Pestilence Aura
Even in human form mortals will find it difficult to be around Graz’zt through the virulent effects of his natural demonic presence that emits a pestilence aura of sorts within ten feet of his person. It’s the innate defensive mechanism of a Dimensional Demon, inflicting a plague like medical condition on all those coming too near. Insects however are attracted to this festering effect making one aware of Graz’zt presence simply by the large amounts of locusts and blood flies in his proximity. For humans the effects of the pestilence aura can prove fatal, inflicting an incurable disease similar to gangrene; higher evolved races will simply be debilitated by the aura featuring effects that range from watering eyes, gruesome irritations and allergic symptoms. The bugs attracted to the aura often prove the greatest nuisance for they’ll consider Graz’zt victim an intruder attacking them with everything at their disposal. Mosquitos will bite, locusts will swarm and wasps will sting anyone coming within ten feet…

Dimensional demons like gods are by definition immortal though this solely refers to their immunity to the effects of time. Time, the gravest enemy of every race has no effect on a fiend from the Abyss like Graz’zt, making it impossible to kill him in the traditional sense. Grave wounds inflicted that would kill a person will simply drain him of energy which results in banishment from the earthly plains from one thousand years when completely drained. The best thing one can hope to accomplish against a Dimensional is exiling them to the Abyss for one thousand years yet be aware creatures like Graz’zt tend to hold grudges regardless of that immense time frame having come to pass. When the wounds are too grave to be mended or magic is in play, Graz’zt will flee through a dimensional rift rather than allowing his attacker to banish him so beware…

While not considered a true power, Graz’zt possesses the terrifying ability to eat everything known to mankind, allowing digestion through the potent paralytic poison produced by his demonic physiological glands. Given enough time he’ll chew his way through solid steel bars, reinforced concrete and even diamonds will eventually dissolve through those acidic fluids making him a true omnivore. A victim of Graz’zt will be completely devoured, bones included in a matter of hours while no a jail cell in the world could prevent him from biting his way out. The sole things able of stopping his unstoppable hunger is magic and very powerful magic to state the least for only a perfect spellbinding circle will suppress this demon’s insatiable appetite at least for a long period of time for in the end even the most powerful magic will fail. As Khali’s personal pet, Graz’zt often disposes of dangerous artifacts that might threaten the kingpin’s reign simply through eating them…

Birth Marks:

No visible nose in demon form


Vinegar and sulfur (Human form)
Pestilence and Decay (Demon form)