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ACTIVE: Graz'zt

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1 ACTIVE: Graz'zt on Sat Jul 19, 2014 11:08 pm




Benedict Cumberbatchs

The Seizer

“I shall send you to a world of anguish beyond your imagination!”
“I shall fill you with fear as you have never experienced before!”

Numerous children
(killed before hatching)


Feral Dimensional Demon

Social Status:
Khali’s Pet (Kingpin’s bodyguard)

Omnivorous (kills what he beds, male or female)

Relationship Status:

Age - Looks:
Late twenties

Age - Actual:
Unknown (first sighted 60AC)

The Abyss

Date of birth:
Exact date unknown

Current residence:
Sewers of Hollows

Other residences before hollows:
First appeared on the isle of Anglesey off the north west coast of Wales

Hair Color:
Obsidian black

Eye Color:
Obsidian black (human form)
Venomous green (demon form)

6 feet (human form)
8 feet (demon form)

123lbs (human form)
278lbs (demon form)

Skin tone:
Ghastly Pale (human form)
Obsidian Scales (demon form)

Blood Type:
Unidentified substance

Male at minimum
• Suit Size: 34 regular (US size)
• Shirt Size: 14” x 32”
• Waist Size: 32”
• Inseam Size: 32”
• Chest Size: 32”

Physical Appearance:
There’s something horribly unnatural about Graz’zt when he takes on a human guise, something frightening and disproportionate as everything seems out of place. Too skinny for his height, too pale for a healthy person he’s a terrifying person looking more like a walking skeleton than a human being. His eyes and hair are black like the night sky during a lunar eclipse, his nails a grim steely grey and his teeth are sharpened to razor edged serrated fangs. When he talks, the skin doesn’t move like it does with the average person for his expression remains unaffected regardless of the movement, almost as if he’s wearing a mask. His bones are showing and even this appears to different with jagged protrusions sensible just beneath the surface, in particular along his spine. In truth Graz’zt has no real human form of his own, simply able of producing a false human skin that he can shed like a snake whenever it loses its realistic texture and typical ‘human’ color…

Demonic Appearance:
Graz’zt is most comfortable though in his natural demonic form though the world doesn’t share that opinion. In this form he’s even more sinister and grotesque, growing nearly two feet and adding more than double the weigh on those bestial bones of his. A shark like hide covers every inch of his body, miniscule scales grown so tightly together that it appears to be pitch black like the death of night. The most drastic transformation occurs in his facial area, his mouth growing forward and outward in a serpent-like fashion opening up in two different mouths. The bottom mouth only holds two large fangs set in the lower jaw, while the top mouth houses two rows of razor sharp teeth. Four instead of two eyes, a venomous green look towards the world with an insatiable hunger sit in the dead center of his elongated skull. Along his spine ridge two lines of jagged spikes pierce through that obsidian black skin while grim claws are found where hands usually are…

Dimensional Rifts
Like every Dimensional Demon, Graz’zt is able of stepping through dimensional portals that connect the Abysmal world to the surface world, enabling him to cross to physical objects simply by stepping through a rift between the worlds. Most Dimensional demons are feeble things, petty fiends often kept as spying slaves by the higher ranked demons of the Abyss for they’re easily bound with spellbinding circles. Graz’zt is considered the last feral dimensional demon which allows him to evade magical bindings through the slightest imperfections in a wizard’s spell. One grain of sand, one particle of dirt, one scuff on the binding circles and Graz’zt can slip through a warlock’s defenses making it near impossible to trap this beast…

Venomous Claws/Fangs
In his demon form, the claws replacing his hands and the two large fangs set in his lower jaw are overflowing with a paralytic venom that inflicts a death-like state on its victims. They’ll be completely aware of their surroundings, able to hear, feel and sense everything while their bodies simply refuse to move. Slower and slower the heart and lungs of the victim start beating, first inducing a comatose state and after 24 hours this false death conditions becomes permanent. Graz’zt uses this toxic effect to paralyze his victims before slowly eating them alive; the poison actually prevents his victims from dying during the process…

Pestilence Aura
Even in human form mortals will find it difficult to be around Graz’zt through the virulent effects of his natural demonic presence that emits a pestilence aura of sorts within ten feet of his person. It’s the innate defensive mechanism of a Dimensional Demon, inflicting a plague like medical condition on all those coming too near. Insects however are attracted to this festering effect making one aware of Graz’zt presence simply by the large amounts of locusts and blood flies in his proximity. For humans the effects of the pestilence aura can prove fatal, inflicting an incurable disease similar to gangrene; higher evolved races will simply be debilitated by the aura featuring effects that range from watering eyes, gruesome irritations and allergic symptoms. The bugs attracted to the aura often prove the greatest nuisance for they’ll consider Graz’zt victim an intruder attacking them with everything at their disposal. Mosquitos will bite, locusts will swarm and wasps will sting anyone coming within ten feet…

Dimensional demons like gods are by definition immortal though this solely refers to their immunity to the effects of time. Time, the gravest enemy of every race has no effect on a fiend from the Abyss like Graz’zt, making it impossible to kill him in the traditional sense. Grave wounds inflicted that would kill a person will simply drain him of energy which results in banishment from the earthly plains from one thousand years when completely drained. The best thing one can hope to accomplish against a Dimensional is exiling them to the Abyss for one thousand years yet be aware creatures like Graz’zt tend to hold grudges regardless of that immense time frame having come to pass. When the wounds are too grave to be mended or magic is in play, Graz’zt will flee through a dimensional rift rather than allowing his attacker to banish him so beware…

While not considered a true power, Graz’zt possesses the terrifying ability to eat everything known to mankind, allowing digestion through the potent paralytic poison produced by his demonic physiological glands. Given enough time he’ll chew his way through solid steel bars, reinforced concrete and even diamonds will eventually dissolve through those acidic fluids making him a true omnivore. A victim of Graz’zt will be completely devoured, bones included in a matter of hours while no a jail cell in the world could prevent him from biting his way out. The sole things able of stopping his unstoppable hunger is magic and very powerful magic to state the least for only a perfect spellbinding circle will suppress this demon’s insatiable appetite at least for a long period of time for in the end even the most powerful magic will fail. As Khali’s personal pet, Graz’zt often disposes of dangerous artifacts that might threaten the kingpin’s reign simply through eating them…

Birth Marks:

No visible nose in demon form


Vinegar and sulfur (Human form)
Pestilence and Decay (Demon form)


(Male voice when Human form)

(Feral screeches when Demon Form)

Fashion & Makeup:
Wears the rags and the cloths taken from his victims, many of them torn, soiled or blooded

Sociability & Emotionality:
Graz’zt is a solitary hunter, consider even by Hell’s standards to be an apex predator, a fiend so vile even the most powerful demons of the Abyss avoid it. There’s not a social fiber in his body, for the beast doesn’t play well with others. It kills for no other purpose than the primordial urges that drive it to such ferocious acts; it hunts those creatures that inspire nightmares amongst the bravest of souls placing it alone on top of the food chain…

There’s not a shred of rationality in his body, not the slightest hint of emotions that could be perceived as signs of humanity for Graz’zt is a creature driven by the most primitive of demonic instincts. It’s driven by an insatiable hunger, a sickening appetite for blood and carnage leaving it deprived of the most rudimentary emotions. Beyond fear or pain, without love or mercy the only emotion discovered in this creature is the hunger and the anger…

Strengths & Weaknesses:
When it comes to the hunt, there’s no predator known to men that could even hope evade this instinctive predator under the Kingpin’s command. Tracing its foes by scent, taste and even their dimensional footprint it doesn’t give up the chase until its prey is killed and devoured, never pausing, never hesitating and never backing down…

A secondary strength comes from its innate abilities honed over centuries of surviving in the roughest environment in existence, a talent that makes it such an elusive creature. Graz’zt is a Dimensional, the last feral one of its kind making it an evasive predator leaping back and forth between the Abyss and the surface world in the blink of an eye…

Few people, human or demonic stand a chance in a fight against Graz’zt for he fights with the ferocity of a savage primordial beast. Whilst considered by the Abysmal creatures a strength, this purely instinct driven demon possesses the same intellectual capabilities of a newborn infant. Everything he does, everything he is, is part of his nature making him unable of even a single rational thought. It’s all about the hunger, an insatiable appetite making it impossible to think, let alone plan something properly without someone instruction…

While a Dimensional Demon is virtually uncatchable without godly intervention, they do feature one major weakness greatly debilitating them. Like many Abysmal demons sunlight is Graz’zt worst enemy making it a nocturnal creature restricted to those areas where the sun’s cursed light can’t reach him. He can only roam outside from dusk till dawn, whilst spending his daylight hours hiding in the many shadows of the city. Dark places like sewers, empty warehouses and abandoned factories offer shelter from the sun’s reign yet in those moments the hunger becomes near intolerable. In the sunlight, a Dimensional can’t use its powers, at least not reliably…

Interests & Hobbies:
Kill & Devour
Kill & Devour
Kill & Devour

Kill & Devour
Blood & Murder

Everyone except Khali
Playing nice

Graz’zt is more beast than man and behaves entirely instinct driven. It hunts when bored, it kills when opportunity presents itself and it feeds whenever the hunger grows too strong. Without control, without order and without mercy it’s an apex predator that shows no regard for life. Only a single person in the world can command him, entrusted with the secret needed to control the last feral Dimensional from the Abyss. It’s beyond human emotions, without those flaws of mankind called vices and virtues as this creature simply cares about its survival. It knows no lust, no envy and nor pride being solely motivated by the insatiable appetite and the irrefutable need to feed…

Song and or Playlist:

(song to illustrate what happens when Khali’s lullaby stops and the rage takes over again)

(song Khali mentally projects to Graz’zt to soothe his hunger and control him.)

When he first arrived in Hollows, a group of demon hunters picked up his scent and tracked him to the sewers. After devouring them, Graz’zt found a peculiar blade on one of the bodies. A serrated knife with a curved blade, no bigger than a pocket knife folds out of a polymer grip. It’s a sinister steel item with a deathly edge that cuts through flesh and bone with ease. Graz’zt tends to play with his meals before eating them and this knife is perfect for such cruel and vicious games…

Taught the basics of human mimicry when he first started working for Hollows’ new Kingpin, Khali awarded him a large set of carbon steel combat knives to play with; two times three throwing knives were strapped to his back, another set of three throwing knives rests just on the on the small of his back whilst two larger combat knives are sheathed left and right on his upper thighs. They’re an unnecessary luxury for a Dimensional Demon who can afford to fight barehanded against any opponent and yet the beast grew awfully fond of those sharp killing tools. Combined with his ability of Dimensional Rifts he can now tease his victims with certain death, slowly killing them one throwing knife at a time…

Sloshing footsteps echoed through those dark tunnels beneath the cities, beams of light dancing triumphant through the black bowls of that metropolitan beast as three men ventured deeper into the underground labyrinth. They’d been there for hours, marking each turn they made not to get lost, leaving glow sticks behind in case of those flashlights failing ‘cause whatever was out there in the shadows, one would never wanted to trapped in the dark of Hollows’ sewerage system. There were things living here that could not survive in the daylight, evil and ancient things of nightmares and yet this group pressed forward in those tunnels. Behind them were ghastly orange dots of light marking the path from which they first came, a long twisting way that started somewhere near an old manhole in Hell’s Kitchen. They’d tracked the origins of the rumors to these sewers, followed the clues to these watery corridors yet exactly what they were after, they didn’t know. All that was for certain were thirty seven people in town having gone missing all of them last seen near entry points to Hollows sewer system. No blood, no bones, not even an empty wallet to tell any of these folks went missing in the first place other the a pile of missing-persons’ reports on someone’s desk. Police these days were swamped with work as it is, the criminals unleashed upon the city ever since Grither disappeared. Without a head, the beast known as Hollows Underground was in a state of chaos. The body count kept rising, the crime sprees were escalating and more innocents were getting caught in the crossfire. So the mayor started recruiting mercenaries, guns for hire like these three who were offered immense bounties for restoring the peace in the city. Fifteen thousand dollars-worth awaited in those tunnels and these three were looking to cash in big time for some predator lurking in the sewers…

Minutes turned into hours and the hired guns didn’t have a clue what they were looking for; sure they’d passed some disturbing sights along the way but nothing they couldn’t handle. Taking the lead was a giant man carrying an enormous M134 Minigun with enough ammo strapped to his back to shoot these tunnels to a million pieces. Followed closely was a creepy looking figure oddly similar to those Slender Man appearances with several dozen throwing knives strapped to his person. Last was a curious looking fellow, rather ordinary compared to his companions if it weren’t for those blind man’s eyes. An odd bunch by everyone’s standard but a dangerous group as well with countless victories over dangerous creatures awarded to their unit. The big guy in the lead paused for a moment, something having drawn his attention further down the darkness of that tunnel. He fired a salvo, a hundred deathly rounds shredding through those shadows and hitting concrete, sewer water and rats. And yet something was there, he was certain of it. “Will you warn us next time you fire that monster gun of yours, you near deafened us back there. I know the rats freak you out but what did you expect? We’re in the goddamn sewers you know?” The skinny figure said with three blades already set between the fingers of each hand. “You’re one to talk, Rambo. If those consecrated .50 caliber rounds didn’t kill what was out there, what did you think those toothpicks of yours were going to do?” The blind man grinned as he managed to pull himself up on the ledge above those foot deep trenches of filth and muck. The big guy turned around, rage ablaze in his eyes. “There was something out there, I know it. But it’s fast I tell you, fucking faster than what I thought we were up against. Bullshit, if that’s a Wastrilith demon we’re hunting down here. My bet it’s some reptilian shapeshifter stuck halfway in the transformation.” The Slender Man laughed at Grimlock’s comment, having ever considered his commander more muscle than brains. “Why don’t you ask Merlin over there.”

The blind man sat down on the ledge, legs crossed as he fiddled with the millions of magical items in his bags; inter-dimensional pockets they were called but basically they were infinitely deep pockets for a mage to store trinkets in. Candles were lifted from the bag, salt and chicken bones along with a ceremonial dagger and some curious crystals. Merlin was the oldest member of this team, two hundred and ninety years old to the date and yet magic had granted him unnaturally long life. He was a scholar before he became aware of demons and other assorted creatures and he’d been hunting them ever since. To him this was the greatest job ever, a chance to study creatures of all varieties and discover their weakness. Everything was carefully noted down and right now Merlin started looking for something fitting the description better. One survivor lived to give a witness statement of the beast in the sewers before perishing to his wounds. “A shapeshifter might outrun a bullet, especially reptilians but not an entire salvo, Grimlock. Even a true vampire would have difficulties dodging them all leaving only demons for us to be hunting. And there aren’t that many demons fitting our witness’ description. A Shadow Demon perhaps, he’d not have to dodge, bullets would have gone straight through and he’d still be able to look like an oversized lizard. Then again one of its victims was a Balor, a Prince of Hell so it’s unlikely a Shadow Demon. Perhaps another Balor or a Marilith but then again we should have seen evidence of such demonic presence on our boy Slender Man.” Slender Man grinned being a living detector for higher demons as he licked the edge of his knife. He’d been thinking but the only conclusion he came to was impossible. It had been ages since the last one and that one was dead and buried. “Could be a Dimensional?” He said but even voicing it out loud didn’t help how absurd it sounded. Merlin and Grimlock exchanged a look, not just surprise but confusion as well for both hadn’t lived long enough to know about the legend. “What are you talking about, Slender Man? Dimensional Demons are petty things, mere pests in service of the Princes of Hell. Spies and thieves, nothing that could kill that many people including a Balor?” Grimlock said when all of a sudden he’d heard that noise again. More ammo cartridges splashed in the murky sewer water and more rounds struck nothing but concrete and air but in the blinding flashes of the gun muzzle all three of them had spotted something…

A glint of venomous green was all they’d seen but it had been enough to have them worried. Whatever was out there in those dark tunnels knew they were here. And it was fast, faster than anything they’d ever faced before and they were at a disadvantage. They were fighting on his turf lured into the lair of the beast without even the slightest clue of what they were up against. Grimlock retreated to his comrades, Merlin having already erected a magic ward and Slender Man was juggling with his knives anxious to get things over with. The first to break the tense silence was Merlin who’d contemplated Slender Man’s words. A Dimensional would explain a lot, the incredible speed being nothing more than the constant rifts pulled between the Abyss and the surface world, the witness statement describing a reptilian creature. The only thing that didn’t fit it were the measurements and the power of this creature. Dimensionals were petty hell spawn, basically pets to the higher demons of the Abyss never growing older than a couple of years before they’re slaughtered by their masters. Nobody ever wondered why but right now it had Merlin thinking. He might be the oldest member of this party, Merlin knew Slender Man shared the knowledge of all its ancestors combined as one. “You said this was a Dimensional right? But how can that be, they’re the weakest of demons imaginable practically the equivalent from vermin to us and yet you’re telling us this could be one of them?” Slender Man nodded and for the first time ever they could see fear in his eyes. He’d remembered the legend, hell an predecessor of his had been witness to those grim events so yes he recalled the story most vividly. His grip on the blade tensed when he began his story, nerves getting to him knowing what was out there. “I can’t be sure and I hope I’m wrong but rumor has it there’s a Feral out there in the world somewhere. A Dimensional Demon hatchling never subjected to enslavement by a higher demon. In truth demons despise them for at one point all Dimensionals go feral. They grow stronger as if they’ve reached puberty, their might rivalling with the Princes of Hell themselves when reaching maturity if the stories are true and their temper growing ferocious to state the least. Demons kill them before that happens so the world never has to worry about a Feral…”

A screech echoed through the tunnels, a sound that cut right to the bone and next the impossible happened. They’d been listening closely to Slender Man’s story confident in the fortitude of Merlin’s war that they’d never even noticed what happened next. Right in their midst it appeared, eight feet of sinister ferocity lashing out but a single time before vanishing again but that had been enough. Clawing at his throat Grimlock desperately tried to keep the blood from pouring out yet the dam had been broken and in a matter of seconds he’d bled out within the magical ward of his comrade. Merlin let loose a fireball that ignited the entire tunnel in a blazing inferno yet the predator was long beyond their reach. “Son of a bitch, what the hell was that? That’s a feral Dimensional? No wonder the demons kill it, where’s the sadistic nature of the beast? Aren’t demons supposed to taunt their victims before slaughtering them?” Merlin was in a state of shock staring at the lifeless body of his commander as the river of questions continued on and on offering no window for Slender Man to get a word in. “When do they grow those claws and how the hell did it get through the ward. Even Lucifer himself couldn’t put a dent in that thing? What the hell are we up against?” The screech echoed again and Slender Man send a series of knives flying missing the mark by a stone throw when the beast jumped from one rift to the next. Now that the real threat was eliminated, the demon indeed decided to toy with his victims. “It first appeared in the druid groves of Anglesey. The pagans there had discovered a demonic shrine holding a nest of sorts. They didn’t know what was in those eggs, likely considered them dragon eggs as a token from their gods. The Romans came next with fire and armies and set their sacred groves ablaze, graves where the Feral was hatched. Revered as the son of a Celtic god, the druids worshipped the creature even when he devoured the remaining eggs and when the Roman armies came, their faith was confirmed. The beast ripped apart two entire legions, feasted on the bones until nothing but blood stains remained. What happened next I don’t know but I’m thinking we might have found it”. Slender Man panicked when the ward fell away and then the true nightmare started…

Almost a year when past and the killings didn’t end. More people went missing and more outsiders vanished with only the faintest hint of their last known whereabouts leading back to a sewer entrance somewhere in Hollows. Hunters went in and never came out, entire patrols of soldiers were sent in only to disappear in those tunnels of blood. All spoke of the Sewer Monster by then, the urban legend of the beast within those tunnels of blood only growing. Teenagers started entering the sewers on a dare, many of them never even reaching the first bend before something snatched them from the shadows but there never was any blood. Never any cloths or evidence about the faith of those gone missing was found though, only those screams being heard from that labyrinth beneath the city. And so the truth about the creature within forever remains a mystery, just another scary story taking root in Colorado’s strangest town…

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