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ACTIVE: Daniel Wright

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Daniel Wright

Danny Schwarz


“Women are like a fine wine only getting better with age”

No relatives
Summoned into this world


Greater Demon (Abbadon)

Social Status:
Photographer & Painter


Relationship Status:

Age - Looks:

Age - Actual:
Believed to predate human existence


Date of birth:
Unknown (when sin first commenced)

Current residence:

Other residences before hollows:
The Void

Hair Color:
Russet brown

Eye Color:



Skin tone:
Pale caucasian

Blood Type:
Demonic sludge

Male at minimum
• Chest Size: 34 inches
• Waist Size: 32 inches
• Suit Size: 40 regular
• Shirt Size: 15” x 34”
• Inseam Size: 32”

Physical Appearance:
For a demon in mortal form Daniel possesses a handsome appearance defined by brilliant silver eyes and dazzling good looks. An athletic physique was contorted in the body he possessed with toned muscles and washboard abs truly breathtaking. Untamable auburn hair goes wherever it desires while else he remains bald like a baby’s bottom. Still a lot of his enormous demonic power has been forfeit in this mortal body giving him a slender figure with boyish charm rather than the fearsome beast he truly is within…

Demonic Physiology
He can take on his true demonic form, that of the Great Demon Abbadon at every blood moon and eclipse with all its might and grotesque powers…

He can manipulate the spirits of the death and deceased binding them to his wretched cause like accursed servants bound to his will…

When one body is killed, his cursed essence will leap to the closet body available, forcefully taking over these people by exiling their souls into the void…

Demonic Aura
When enraged, the Great Demon within awakens from his slumber and surrounds his person in a wretched demonic energy that augments the darkness within those in his vicinity.

Alternative Form:

Birth Marks:


None on this body

Uses Paco Rabanne’s Million perfume excessively to mask his sulfur scent


Fashion & Makeup:
Classy and somewhat outdated (since it’s been two centuries since he last appeared on earth)

Sociability & Emotionality:
Daniel is a loner, a man preferring solace over the hectic ambiance of a crowd for in his human body he feels trapped and vulnerable. Towards the world he’s simply viewed as an eccentric artist living for the practice of his art rather than the beauty around him.

He’s a curious lad with an appetite for the better things in life and a preference for those things ripened by the years. He’s got extraordinary taste in things knowing what he wants and why wants it and sees it fit to pursue those exact ambitions. Life in a mortal body is already too limited to squander it on the trivial matters of the world.

Strengths & Weaknesses:
His true strength is only available to him on those rare occasions when a blood moon stands on the night’s horizon or when the sun’s light is eclipsed by the moon. In those brief moments he can summon the full might of his Great Demonic existence into this world and use it to bring the mortals whimpering beneath his heel. In those fleeting seconds he can unleash hell on earth with the ferocity of the Void at his command, a feat that will attract every demon in this cursed city…

His greatest weakness is the mortality of his newly gained body for he discovered beauty is a youthful matter subject to the testaments of time. Having roamed in the Void for so long where time was no issue, it’s a constant struggle for Daniel to adjust to the routines of ‘common’ life. Do not expect him to arrive anywhere in time, for his estimate of hours, days and months are as irregular as snowflakes are unique…

Interests & Hobbies:
Roaming the world and discovering all its wonders although his appetites are ever more directed towards the past. Art, museums and literature are trades that earned his preference yet his most genuine desire goes towards more mature women who already know exactly what they desire…

• Mature older women
• Opium dens & brothels
• French cuisine
• Fine vintage wines
• Classic European cars

• Time
• Sunlight
• Innovation
• Abstract Art
• Naïve women

While Daniel only recently arrived on the surface, his memories of earth date back to the Victorian days in the beaumonde of London leaving him bitterly disappointment at the present. Art has become abstract and modern, technology took leaps of progress and all of this innovation leaves Daniel estranged with the world. Because of this he roams alone in the world, an eccentric artist wandering the world in pursuit of a true muse to capture his attention. The demon within desires to leaves his mark on the world and because of this ‘call’ Daniel first began practicing the arts. Running about the town with a 19th century bellows camera for focusing he’s a curious character that faces the world on his own…

Song and or Playlist:


Abbadon is a Greater Demon from Hell, faster than the other princes of hell. As an Angel of Death, referred to as the Lord of the Fallen, Abbadon is listed among those angels who fell with Lucifer also known as the Ancients.Within the demonic hierarchy, Abbadon is the Demon of the Abyss dwelling within the empty spaces between the worlds and has control over the wind and the "howling darkness”. Here he roamed for ages, his presence dedicated to the torment of those souls having fallen victim to the temptations of Hell. He made a game of sending forth lesser demons to the world above, terrorizing the people into selling their souls for a reprieve of the demonic torment. Many of the demons in the Void considered it cheating for Abbadon often thredded the thin line between what’s allowed and what’s forbidden by the Princes of Hell…

During the Victorian Era in downtown London an ambitious necromancer played with powers beyond her understanding. Abbadon killed and possessed Madame Dorothea in her own apartment when she opened the Portal her mother had been protecting. It then hid the majority of its ethereal form just outside the Portal, making the him undetectable by the sensors of the divine yet all in this world were affected by his macabre presence. Unaware of the effects a Great Demon has on humans, he was quickly discovered by the Archangels who combined their force to exile him once more to the plains of the Void. Abbadon however grew obsessed with the surface world having witnessed all is splendor and glory with his own eyes and vowed he’d one day find the means to return to the surface world…

Nearly three centuries went by with Abbadon watching melancholically towards the surface world, beholding its evolution from a renaissance society into a modern metropolitan media world where the fame and fortune was awarded to those figures on the big screen. The world changed and the Great Demon could only stare in disbelieve at all the ‘marvels’ he’d missed due to his exile. So a plan was set in motion, lesser demons send forth to the world in search of a mortal foolish enough to explore the darkest corners of the Void. That individual was found in the occult artist Daniel Wright, a painter holding true to the Romantic Era as described by the great writers of that day: Edgar Allan Poe and Oscar Wilde. The lad was approached by a Drevak that planted the idea of the high summoning ritual in Daniel’s mind and upon the next blood moon the mortal performed the sinister rite. Abbadon no longer the ignorant demon arriving in the world entered the mortal plains once more taking possession of the young handsome artist’s body. Today he wanders the streets of a peculiar Colorado town known as Hollows trying to find a way to once more unlock his powers…

No car or bike!

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