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ACTIVE: Kailey Rometti

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1 ACTIVE: Kailey Rometti on Wed Sep 18, 2013 9:58 am



Kailey “Hera” Rometti

Kristen Bell

The Queen (by all Rometti)

“Plain women are always jealous of their husbands. Beautiful women never are. They are always so occupied with being jealous of other women's husbands.”

“You will find that silence or very gentle words are the most exquisite revenge for insult.”

Alexis ‘Hestia’ Rometti
Trowa ‘Hermes’ Rometti
Danko ‘Dionysus’ Rometti


Reincarnated Goddess

Social Status:
Divorce Lawyer


Relationship Status:

Age - Looks:
Early Twenties

Age - Actual:
Immortal (birth date unverified)
Significantly older than Lexi, Danko and Trowa

Mount Olympus

Date of birth:
Unverifiable (before the invention of the script)

Current residence:
Heading to Hollows

Other residences before hollows:
• Mount Olympus in Greece
• Argos in Greece
• Samos, Greek Island
• Agrigento in Sicily

Hair Color:
Bright Golden Blonde

Eye Color:
Periwinkle Blue



Skin tone:
Caucasian with a hint of a natural bronze tan

Blood Type:
O Negative

Female at minimum
• #Cup Size: B
• #Bust Size: 32”
• #Waist Size: 26”
• #Hip Size: 35 ½”
• #Dress Size: 2

Telekinetic Orbing
Perhaps the most powerful of abilities that Kailey inherited as the latest reincarnation of Hera is the rare gift of Telekinetic Orbing, that’s more commonly known as Matter Substitution; this miraculous power permits her to substitute one collection of molecules with another. It’s a dangerous and deadly technique that combines teleportation with spatial manipulation into one mysterious talent to switch one matter with another. Telekinetic Orbing allows her to switch places with objects making it seem like she’s really teleporting from one place to the next while in fact she merely switched herself with an object letting them trade places.

Example:  to orb to a forest, she can switch positions with a squirrel, leaving the squirrel to stand in her previous place while herself arriving at the squirrel’s place…

A different and more frequent application of Telekinetic Orbing Kailey uses is the trading places between thin air and an object she desires; this allows her to teleport distant items to any location she wishes. In the most drastic of circumstances she can even switch out a vital organ from a living person with an inanimate object but to do so the exchange can only take place if the object and organ switched are from the same size and weight. It’s the only limitation to this deadly ability yet a very important factor to take in account when using Telekinetic Orbing…

Example 1:  to teleport a key or cell phone to her hand she can simply swap the desired object with the thin air within her hand. Unless the objects weight exceeds 10 pounds the swap can be done instantly.

Example 2: a human heart from person’s chest can be swapped with a copper bell of the exact weight and similar volume. This results in the deathly effects as if the heart was removed from the chest while still beating.

Spatial Slicing
Spatial Slicing is another application of Kailey’s Spatial Manipulation talents as she possesses the ability to slice through space itself like a stronger version of the Razor Wind talents found amongst air elementals. Slashing through space in order to slice through the third dimension, anything occupying the said space will suffer the slash, and since it splits the third dimension itself, there is no defense against it. Furthermore, these blades appear instantaneously, so evading is very difficult. To apply Kailey’s Spatial Slicing however, she needs to be in the possession of her beloved rapier that serves as the medium to this remarkable ability; without her rapier Spatial Slicing isn’t possible to wielded even by her reincarnated goddess’ hand…

Induced Transformation
Rather than being able of shapeshifting to animal forms like her ex-husband could, Kailey can’t transform in another form but she can induce transformations in other after physical contact with the target. Werewolves, Lycans and other shapeshifters will involuntary show their true form when coming in contact with her while others unable of altering to a different form will be transformed into an animal Kailey desires from them. Usually the induced transformations are done to humiliating and demeaning forms as in the past she’s been known to transform her husband’s mistress into a heifer, a rival queen into a crane and various other mythological examples of her wrath. To use this ability though there are two contributing factors required to induce transformation: physical contact and focused anger…

Mendancity Detection
From her long relationship with her now ex-husband Kailey has learned to become a walking lie detector able of spotting even the most cunning deceiver’s lies from the truth. The ability known as Mendancity Detection lets her sense the presence of a lie being spoken out by a person, making her simply aware of the truth. She can’t read thoughts like most people often believe her to be capable of, since her ability to detect lies isn’t based on telepathic readings, merely an awareness that distinguishes truth from lies. Mendancity Detection however is usually an ability subconsciously blocked when being around the people she trust (meaning around family, friends and sometimes even lovers). Till this day there hasn’t been a personal alive that was able of deceiving her with words, as her ex husband came to experience the hard way…

Birth Marks:
Hip Dimples each with a feather-shaped mark in the natural dent


• Earrings (Lobe, Pinna)
• Navel Piercing

Noir Tease, Eau de Parfum by Sexy Little Things
Flirt, Play, Tease, those are the key components of her choice of perfume! Prancing in this thrilling twist of juicy fruits and seductive florals, it’s an enchanting blend of black vanilla, frozen pear and blooming gardenia. A unique sensual experience for the senses to explore, Noir Tease gives an enchanting mysterious ambiance that embodies true feminine features. A blessing in a glass flask…


Other Distinguishing Features:
Kailey much like the goddess Hera reincarnated within her has a visible expression of certain emotions including anger, hate and envy; when these emotions present themselves as the dominant feelings of that particular moment, her eyes will seem to be giving off an ice-cold aura that burns hole into one’s very soul. For the few familiar with this phenomenon, they’ve learned it’s best to stay out of her way when that ominous gaze appears on her expression…

Fashion & Makeup:
Make-up wise Kailey is a very simple person when it comes to artificially enhancing her natural beauty which explains her aversion for make-up. A touch of lip balm, a hint of blush and just a splash of eye shadow are the bare essentials of Kailey’s make-up selection as for more formal occasions she turns to her sister Lexi to bring out the best of her. For balls, delicate events and professional occasions it’s Lexi who does Kailey’s make-up, which usually means more than her regular appearance enhancing routine…

Professionally as a Divorce Lawyer Kailey Rometti is a classically dressed lady in suits kind of woman with a very expensive preference when it comes to her tailoring; a single outfit for a day’s work costs enough to buy a modest home as she’d developed an exquisite for European designers of world renown. Hand sown blazers by Anne Valérie Hash, blouses custom designed for her exact measurements fitted by Stéphane Rolland and business pants drafted by Carlota Alfaro hang aplenty in her closet waiting for the next trial she’ll be fighting…

Outside of the courthouse Kailey is a casual, nonchalant trickster that loves to dress young and energized as she extremely proud of the new body she’s reincarnated in; she does have a peculiar sense of fashion for her spare time adventures as Kailey is hoping to bring back the suspenders as a retro trend. Bright blue shades are found in various outfits along with striped pants, modern printed T-shirts and casual jackets each tailored to her precise measurements since Kailey prefers the snug fit…

Glamour and Dress to Impress are an important part in the Rometti lifestyle as the Olympians haven’t lost their wild side over all these generations and Kailey is no exception; after all she’s been the Queen of the Gods for a reason and that title needs to be upheld with pride and glory. Silk Dresses with perfect hourglass cuts and a respectable amount of skin on display in pure white are her favorites while expensive accessories and fancy jewelry deliver the finishing touches…

Sociability & Emotionality:
Kailey is a mother-figure in every meaning of the term; she’s very protective of her family, guarding her relatives and siblings with every means necessary to ensure their safety. She’s responsible and bound to an unyielding code of ethics that dominates every aspect of her life and demands the same code to be upheld by her family and those wanting to be with anyone of her family. This lead to the nickname ‘Queen’ all her relatives keep calling her since she does have the tendency to be strict and slightly uptight about certain issues.

Towards the otherworld the perception of Kailey as an individual depends on the situation one meets her in. When dressed up in her tailored suits for work she can be best described as a bloodhound; a ferocious opponent that is able of detecting the slightest hint of weakness and isn’t afraid of going straight for the throat with her questions. Outside of the work environment Kailey can be seen as an enchanting woman of an acquired taste and a determined verbal talent. Liars are best to avoid her since after a long and hard marriage Kailey has become a walking lie detector that will rip your heart out the second she questions your honesty.

Lovers and people consorting with her relatives may get to see a rather unpleasant side of Kailey as beside of being strict and stern there’s a second reason for that ominous sounding Queen nickname of hers; Kailey is the definition of jealousy and clingy woman with a strong need for constant attention and reassuring while any rival will face her vindictive wrath. Throughout history the mistresses of her ex suffered faiths worse than death when Kailey discovered about his indiscretions.

Strengths & Weaknesses:
Kailey’s greatest strength goes hand in hand with her miraculous ability of Mendancity Detection; both professionally as a lawyer or social as the head of the Rometti household the ability to detect lies from the truth is a wondrous talent to have. She’s able of seeing past the bullshit from vendors, spotting scammers and criminals on the first question asked and lovers going behind her back to their mistresses or forgotten to mention wives are instantly recognized. Lies and the ability to mask or hide the truth in general from her have been the main reason to the Olympians lengthy survival over all these years yet at the same time lay at the foundation of their social exile…

Kailey’s main weakness comes in the form of her family dependence which lead her to make family and friends her main priority over anything else, this left her more than once isolated from the rest of the world, to wallow in her jealousy and envy for the lives wasted by others. She’s been caught in her own world that revolved around her family leaving all other social contacts limited and near absent, especially when it comes to an intimate relationship with a man. Her failed marriage had left her mistrusting and skeptical towards all men who according to her narrow minded opinion are all cheaters that are yet to find someone better or younger than Kailey to cheat on her with…

Interests & Hobbies:
European Literature
Hosting prestigious events

• Season: Winter
• Location: Monument of Johann Strauss II at Stadtpark, Vienna
• Holiday: Feast of the Klidona at Krousta, Crete
• Food: Krasomezédhes
• Color: Aqua
• Music: Hellenic Folk Music
• Literature: Ancient Greek Mythology

• Season: Summer
• Location: Statue of Zeus at Olympia, Greece
• Holiday: Hetairideia festival
• Food: Lachanodolmades
• Color: Black
• Music: Black Metal and their varieties
• Literature: Hellenic chthonic stories about Heracles

• Proud
• Jealous
• Cunning
• Stubborn
• Protective

Song and or Playlist:

Kailey Rometti was the first of Rometti’s to raise a rapier as both an art form and deathly combat form to ensure her safety, making her also the most skilled of swordsmen in the family. Whereas her sister Lexi has a remarkable balance, Trowa a ruthless offensive, Kailey as a fencer prefers the swift and precise strategic defensive style over anything else. Her style has evolved over the years yet the roots have remained the same as she now teaches each of the Rometti the fine art of fencing…

Sitting high on the throne of Mount Olympus as Queen of the twelve Olympians, wedded to her own brother Zeus, Hera was one of the most important Olympian gods to have walked this earth; her function as patron of women and marriage was an idle function, one even the humans that worshipped at her temples were often unaware off. Instead Hera became most notorious for her jealousy and vengeful nature directed towards Zeus’ lovers and his bastard offspring, Heracles most particular ended on the wrong side of her wrath. She’s been known on several occasions to induce permanent transformation to animal forms into the people that wronged her, turning Io and Lamia into something a heifer and a hideous monster as punishment for seducing her husband. Another famous story is the origins to the destruction of Troy; a wedding with one uninvited guest lead to a furious competition for a golden apple where Hera, Aphrodite and Athena quarreled about who of them was the fairest. To break the standstill the three goddesses invited Paris of Troy to decide who was the fairest and when his choice landed on Aphrodite, Athena and Hera instigated the eventual destruction of Troy out of spite…

After Zeus once more cheating on her, Hera’s patience had all but run out at yet another indiscretion that lead to their godly bloodline once more being polluted. She’d grown tired of his carnal escapades, bored with being asked to accept another of her husband’s lovechildren into her household that constantly reminded her of his infidelity. Their marriage reached a violent and nasty end with wars and betrayal to follow in their arguments’ wake; Mount Olympus was torn apart in their messy approach that imminently lead to a historical divorce and the fall of the Olympians that became a direct result of Zeus and Hera parting ways. There was no method or technique spared in their arguments, stuff getting thrown across the rooms, people used and abused to make the other jealous as for generations a furious struggle of power occurred between the exes tearing apart their followers in two sides that constantly clashed violently into eachother. Hera remained at Olympus as the head of her pantheon with Greek societies still dedicated their prayer to her and her children’s honor, while Zeus migrated to Rome and by changing his name would give birth to the Roman Gods that mankind nowadays know. This betrayal came the hardest to Hera for she found herself being replaces as Zeus’ queen by an inferior copy known these days as Juno…

With the wreckage of her marriage having left Mount Olympus in disarray, Hera was left no other choice but to disband her family and turn to hiding as Zeus new identity as Jupiter lead the Greek Empire to fall against the rising legions of Rome marching from the West. Their divorce had brought along more than a spiteful schism between their families, as for unknown reasons the Romans raged on a deathly witch hunt for all that continued to pray to the old Olympian Gods, enforcing their new pantheon on this stoic society. Hera called for one last reunion to unite the last surviving Olympians, telling them all to go their separate ways in the world, starting minor cults below the radar to continue worship in their honor all across the world while staying true to the Ways of Olympus. Hermes, the only bastard son of her husband she’d learned to tolerate headed for Turkey to live amongst thieves; Hestia stayed closer to home in Athena and then Rome, an undercover set of eyes and ear that secretly monitored the wrathful Romans. Dionysus, another of Zeus’ illegitimate spawned children was last sighted amongst the Germanic tribes having discovered ale and stout as a new way of getting drunk. The others all went their separate way to locations unknown to Hera’s understanding…

With the Olympians having parted ways, Hera decided she needed time to rediscover herself as a woman rather than a mother and wife; she ventured out of her temple on Mount Olympus to explore the Greek Islands that houses many isolated cults still in devotion to her existence. Hera spend her days wandering aimlessly in pursuit of her personal happiness only to find that the concept of marriage was what brought that happiness in the first place; the lying, cheating, taking revenge, it had all contributed to her mood being uplifted and optimistic. In a way seeking revenge of Zeus’ bastards and mistresses had kept her occupied, her head distracted from all the heartache that was to be found in the world, making the time after her divorce be a cold shower into reality. The concept of marriage was no longer cherished as the blessing it could be, women seeking to emancipate themselves from their male competition demanding to be treated equally. Now she faces the dilemma in reclaiming her position as Goddess of Women and Marriage or simply leave people to sort out their own issues on their own without her godly often spiteful intervention. Hera decided for the latter, following in the example of her stepson Hermes and signing herself up on a new name as Kailey Rometti as she set course for the remote community of Hollows, Colorado to reestablish her family as united and live the good life one day at a time…


Other Images:
Glamour Time

Vacation Time

Lawyer Time

Surprise Time

Sexy Time

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