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ACTIVE: Madison O'Reilly

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1 ACTIVE: Madison O'Reilly on Sat Aug 02, 2014 7:50 am



Madison O’Reilly

Katie Cassidy

Alecto (historically)
Maddie (nickname)
Miss M (alias)

Rometti family: distant relatives
Elodie Valiant: sorority big sister
Tisiphone: estranged older sister
Megaera: estranged older sister


Erinyes (one of the three Furies)

Social Status:
Fashion Photographer
Personal Stylist
Catwalk Model
Trend Blogger

• “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”
• “I like being a woman, even in a man’s world. After all, men can’t wear dresses, but we can wear the pants.”
• “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”


Relationship Status:
Unattached (single but dating)

Age - Looks:
Early twenties

Age - Actual:
Unknown (predating Ancient Greece)

Delphi, Greece

Date of birth:
Exact date unknown

Current residence:

Other residences before hollows:

Hair Color:
Depends on the current trend, usually rich auburn

Eye Color:
Green eyes

5ft6 1/2


Skin tone:
Mediterranean tanned Caucasian

Blood Type:
B negative

Female at minimum
• #Cup Size: 32B
• #Bust Size: 32”
• #Waist Size: 24”
• #Hip Size: 34”
• #Dress Size: 4US
• #Shoe Size: 8.5US

Physical Appearance:
Madison has a slim delicate figure that’s the result of superb genetics and regular workouts. Like most runway models however that figure is dominated by gorgeous long legs in comparison to a rather ‘flat’ chest perfect for the wearing of high couture. Always up to date with the latest trend, she’s ever elegantly dressed in the latest popular brands and designs. Whilst she’s a natural rich auburn haired girl, Madison changes her hair color as often as the wind turns yet always keeping it a long flowing length reaching about half way down her back. Sparkling green eyes complete the picture accompanied by a radiant white smile…

Erinyes Physiology (will never be used)
Being born as one of the three Erinyes, a female chthonic deity of vengeance who avenged crimes against the natural order, Madison can still take on her true natural form of a Fury. Like this she has no physical form becoming an intangible entity capable of possessing others. In this state the wrath of the Erinyes manifested itself in a number of ways, the most severe of these was the tormenting madness inflicted upon a patricide or matricide. Madison however has not called upon this side of her identity in the past eighteen centuries and will prefer to continue this trend for many years more to come…

Wing Manifestation
One part of her Erinyes background Madison still embraces and that’s the talent to manifest a pair of glorious translucent wings that grant her the ability of flight. Like a harpy these wings sprout from her arms that extend magically with a curtain of luminous feathers that capture the light. The feathers however have a grim reputation for despite their beauty an Erinyes’ plume is one of the most toxic substances in the world capable of befouling an entire river with a single feather. Anger a Fury and one’s luck will turn sour instantly, tainting every aspect of their lives with a single translucent quill…

Enchanted Allure
Madison has the ability to enchant herself to obtain powers of persuasion as well as seduction. This allows people around her obey their commands, affecting both genders equally. Once under her spell, targets are at her command and willing to do whatever it is she want, even suicide. This trait is involuntary, simply occurring whenever her emotions get the better of her. Unlike her sisters Madison avoids giving orders when noticing folks are infatuated with her for even an innocent request can have serious consequences. Here the legends of the Erinyes prove false for folklore describes them as ugly crones rather than the gorgeous ladies they are especially in their human disguise…

Razor Wind Projection
Madison is able to use air itself to slice objects, focusing a current of wind to the point where it takes on a sharp edge which then is launched at foes. If the pressure wave is strong enough, it can split the air itself to create a vacuum shock-wave sharp enough to slice through anything in its path. Although this attack does usually slashing damage, Madison is able to focus it into single piercing stab like immaterial bullet. Most of the time the ability is limited to a single razor wind generated at a time but when her temper gets out of control, this ability goes haywire resulting in windstorm of razor edged gales…

Sanity Theft
Argued to be just a side effect of their Enchanting Allure or Blight Inducement, the presence of an Erinyes can drive a person to the brink of insanity especially those found guilty of moral crimes against other people. The effects are gradual in general only noticeable over an extended period of time unless one truly enrages the fury. Madison can accelerate the process to a matter of seconds by grabbing hold of a person’s head, literally draining the sanity from a person’s mind. Short time exposure to the effects can cause mental conditions such as depressions and bipolar syndromes whereas the intense Sanity Theft can break a mind…

Blight Inducement
Part of being an Erinyes, in particular being the Fury Alecto, Madison can wield the destructive force of Blind Inducement. Whilst she’s not happy about her duty to castigating the moral crimes especially if they are against other people, Madison can invoke and control pests, locusts that spoil crops, and flies that carry disease. Being naturally immune to pests and viruses, she can create, invoke, and control diseases and inflict them onto the guilty. The easiest way to deliver the blight onto people is with a kiss at least that’s when she’s in human disguise whereas her true form simply exudes such pestilence…

Birth Marks:
A tear drop shaped birthmark behind her right ear

Dimples of Venus

People do silly things when they’re in love and at one time Madison was a proud subscriber to the lovesick puppy club. Things got real serious with the last guy she was with, there was even an engagement to a relationship that seemed to last forever. Figuring they were meant to be Madison wanted to prove her commitment by getting a tattoo, something that would last. So she bit through the pain and had her wrists tattooed: “I’ve got you – We got eachother”

When the relationship fell apart, Madison returned home to live with her sisters, restoring the ancient trinity of the Erinyes. To symbolize the importance of family, Maddie had three stars tattooed on her right foot. Last year she added a third tattoo to the collection, getting the words “Love Thyself, Know Thyself, Be Thyself” around her left ankle. She’s grown fond of this kind of body art making it likely she’ll get more ink in the future…

Natural scent: vanilla with a faint hint of cherry blossoms
Perfume: Acqua di Parma’s Lu Mediterraneo


Fashion & Makeup:
It’s be strange for a girl in her profession not to be completely obsessed with fashion and Madison is no exception to that rule. She spends her days browsing the internet for the latest trends in fashion and the hottest designers, approaching them for professional and personal reasons. This ensures that she can face the world outside in a different outfit every day of the year, being up to date with the latest trends and setting a few of her own. She’s got a weakness for bold and colorful accessories having an enormous collection of heels, purses and jewelry. She’s a virtual chameleon when it comes to fashion picking up on the hot ticket items before the media and celebrities even spot them…

While Madison is considered a natural beauty, she loves to clean herself up real nice with a touch of makeup to accentuate her most endearing facial features. A splash of fond-de-teint to bring out those soft cheeks, a dap of color to emphasize those sparkling green eyes and just a hint of red to brighten up her lips is all it takes for Madison to look her best. Sure she’ll use some eyeliner or mascara once in a while, even get herself a professional makeover for special occasions but unlike most in the fashion industry Madison steers clear from the prominent makeup trends…

Sociability & Emotionality:
Madison grew up from a shy awkward wallflower to a social debutant who is just as comfortable in the spotlight as she’s during an intimate get-together. Having found herself in college, she knows and understands the questions and doubts girls and young women have, making her an approachable lady for people in need of help. She loves talking to people, meeting new individuals and experiencing new things in life so in many regards she has kept an open mind. Sure she feels most at home in her own industry amongst the fashion lovers, models and artistic minded souls, Madison is no stranger to circling the various social scenes in the city in search of the next big thing. Feeling most comfortable around women, something easily mistaken for a professional defect, she does avoid male contact whenever possible. Due to a bad relationship, she somewhat lost faith in the ‘stronger’ gender though not to a point where she resents them; most of the time she’s somewhat skeptical towards what they promise and rather apprehensive about their intentions…

Recently Madison is a bit all over the place emotionally for she’s learning how to cope with the stress from her career while still having to deal with her recent breakup. She’s struggling but being capable of admitting is the first step to getting her act together. Right now she prefers to focus her attention and energy on her professional life, sacrificing all her free moments to explore the various aspects of fashion in all its applications. This ofcourse puts her romantic life on a backburner, a side of her past that’s known its ups and downs before it all came crashing down. One bad experience was enough to temper her fondness and affections towards men and possibly tip the balance in her sexuality. Right now Madison has accepted that part of her life but else she’s still slowly adapting to things. Living life on day at a time and making the best of every moment and opportunity she gets…

Strengths & Weaknesses:
Professionally her strength lies in her creative instincts that allow her to predict the next big-thing while having a natural talent for starting trends. It’s not strange for Madison to get spotted in the location that gets featured the next day in the front page of newspapers and tabloids. She’ll be found on the social media sites dressed in the hottest new designers and fashion styles before those items even hit the shelves. This makes her an extraordinary talent to the industry and a potential revolution awaiting to happen in her respective field…

Socially her strength is the result of a personal transformation from the shy wallflower she was during high school to fashionable debutant she became in her college years. She can place herself in the shoes of the awkward teenager looking for her own identity just as easily as appeasing the true divas sitting on the front row during every runway show. Having climbed up the ladder through those diverse social circles allows Madison to blend in at any event The ability to identify with all those different people makes her a popular trend forecaster, making tens of thousands log in everyday to check up on her fashion blog…

On a more personal level, Madison always prides herself in her determination and resolve; she’s not the cutthroat business woman one is used to in this industry, more the creative free-spirit getting her success by a fluke of luck. She sets her mind on something and does everything within her power to get that job done without forfeiting her own moral code. Sometimes she gets obsessed with things, an innocent moment of inspiration developing into a compulsive fixation. Still this is not to consider a weakness but a strength for the end result of that moment’s lapse is art in its purest form…

Her greatest professional flaw is her free-spirited attitude that stems from her creative roots, which causes her to lack the punctuality needed to become one of the true greats in the industry. Considering a watch an stylish accessory rather than a functional thing, she’ll seldom arrive at appointments in time while missing certain opportunities due to her tardy nature. If not for her rare talent and personal friendship to the ‘boss’, Madison would have been fired a long time ago for poor time managing skills…

On a social level there’s still the ‘betrayal’ sentiment haunting her as Madison in some way considers herself a ‘faker’ that sold out in order to become popular. Most folk who’re unfamiliar with her past don’t share that believe yet there are several folks back home, including her estranged sisters who see her sudden rise to the spotlight as a unfaithfulness to her own identity. In moments of melancholy, often in the face of disappointment, she’ll revert to her old ways taking a step back from the social beehive that is the fashion industry and becoming somewhat of a hermit for a short period of time. This time window of exile is often accompanied with her latest obsession found in her artistic interests…

Madison is a very emotional and sensitive person in contrast to the woman that became the closet to family she has, which means she’ll take things very personally. This means she doesn’t handle criticism well, often taking offense when one corrects here. Angry fits and crying sessions are not uncommon in her everyday life, while a disgruntled Madison also makes for a vengeful Madison. She has the tendency to hold grudges, which considering her nature is a most unfortunate thing for the one to entice her wrath. When angry she comes in touch with the vindictive side of her existence, something that gets severely aggravated when her ‘Big Sister’ comes to her rescue…

Interests & Hobbies:
Photography (won some prices as a lifestyle photographer)
Fashion (also does some modeling work occasionally)
Painting (makes photorealism oil paintings)
Acoustic music (plays acoustic guitar)
Fine Dining (loves eating out)

Place: Milan
Color: Chartreuse
Drink: Bajan Groove
Food: Lobster Bisque
Trend: Neon Color Accessories
Item: Carolyn Crocodile handbag

Place: Amsterdam
Color: Mulberry Purple
Drink: Pabst blue ribbon
Item:  Comfortable Uggs Boots
Trend: Redneck Mullet Hair Style
Food: Everything from Pizza Hut

Madison is a free-spirited artistic soul who goes wherever the wind takes her. Keeping an open mind about things, she approaches life as a day to day challenge taking on step at a time and seldom looking further than ‘tomorrow’. Making her profession out of her passion is a dream come true for Madison and it shows in her entire attitude towards the world. Ever the cheerful optimist, little Miss Sunshine, she loves meeting new people and experiencing new things, being a regular in the many clubs of Hollows and a frequent visitor in the trend setting fashion stores of the local mall. Professionally she’s no different, taking one leap of faith and simply waiting to find out where she’ll be heading next. At the moment she’ll be staying in Hollows, doing her ‘Big Sister’ a favor while getting comfortable in a city where everything seems possible including a fresh start…

Song and or Playlist:

Doesn’t own or use weapons

Madison’s life started rather ‘easily’ being born from ancient blood into a family with sacred responsibilities to the race of mankind making her sort of being born into a solemn duty. The Furies as some used to call them were part of an ‘unholy’ trinity dedicated to the art of vengeance; in ancient Greece she bore a different name however, being addressed as Alecto, a name literally translated as the Implacable. Whilst her sisters Megaera and Tisiphone dealt with the average crimes, Madison in her previous life was charged with extracting revenge on those guilty of moral crimes. The life got to her, the guilt weighing heavy on her conscious in particular the role she played in the wars following the aftermath of the Burning of Troy. For centuries Madison mourned for the losses she caused, ignoring the decline of her family’s power while keeping herself distracted with the beautiful things in the world. For a time she hung around her distant cousin Aphrodite, enjoying the adoration of people in the Oracle city of Delphi yet she discovered the line between lust and love was a thin one at best. Being around family however meant getting reminded about the mess she’d made in the world, so eventually Madison moved again. Times were changing and so was she for Madison discarded her vindictive ways for more creative pastimes in a new environment: Monaco.

For nearly a thousand years Madison lived in the principality of Monaco, indulging in the many delights mortal life had to offer. Spending most of her time in the personal vineyards of the Grimaldi family painting, she adopted a new name and identity in order to become Madeline or Maddie as some liked to call her. She would sit amongst the grape vines out in the fields overlooking the bay, trying to capture the beauty of nature surrounding her on canvas. Sipping wine, attending banquets and going to see plays in the outdoor amphitheaters in the principality was how she spent her time making for many glorious years. The Grimaldi family kept her heritage secret from the world, dressing and reintroducing her over the generations as a friend of the family making sure none notices the striking resemblance to the previous ‘Maddie’ they introduced. Since in the course of centuries some people started asking questions, seeing the uncandid similarities between the Grimaldi ‘friends’, one family in particular spending a lot of time trying to discover the ‘Madeline’ secret. The Fieschi family, a noble merchant household from Italy had ever rivaled in stately affairs with the Grimaldi and started spotting the likeness in the different Madeline’s introduced over the course of nearly two hundred years. Madison dealt with the issue the old ‘Erinyes’ way, using guile and deception to end their reign and with it their investigation into her secret. Still she’d caused too much trouble already for her friends in Monaco making her start a new chapter in life…

Milan was the next stop on her list and with the Renaissance just behind them, Italy was about to blossom in a period of economic welfare. The French name would get noticed however so once more Madison changed her identity, this time opting for a more Milanese themed self by becoming Magdalena. The countryside offered plenty of places for a ‘retired’ Fury to hide though ‘peasant life’ was a strong contrast from the life of luxury she led under the protection of the Grimaldi family. For the first fifty years she took residence in an abandoned farmhouse but the lifestyle didn’t suit her. So Madison moved on, took up the cloth and joined the convent of the Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan where the hooded attires allowed her eternal youth to go unnoticed for ages. The simplicity of the life was a breath of fresh air for the girl used to being treated as a Fury or a princely guest. She’d work in the gardens each morning, tending to the needs of the people seeking alms from the church. In the afternoon’s she’d head into the city with paint and canvas looking to capture the beauty of Milan for the generations yet to come. She’d sit in the courtyard of the Sforza castle, fingers marked by the bright oil colors she used to put all the city’s famous landmarks to canvas. Like photographs those paintings were, each detail entrusted to the portraits in lifelike resemblance yet the world would never know of their beauty. History would deny people that privilege for the peaceful times were about to expire to the wrath of the Nazi party. Europe experienced their worst armed conflict, in fact the entire world felt the fury of the soldiers beneath the swastika banner and Italy sided with the wrong front. When the red, white and blue of the British and Americans flew over the city, bombs laid waste to the church and with it to the life Madison had built for herself in Milan.

Life as a pretend nun ended abruptly, the horrors of war once more haunting her as long forgotten memories started to resurface. Madison fled Milan and became an introverted girl aimlessly wandering the world. She did whatever she could in order to survive, working a wide assortment of jobs ranging from painting family portraits to working in a boutique patching up cloths. Along the way her love for fashion started to grow watching the world undergo an incredible transformation over the next couple of decades. She watched the hourglass dresses take the world by a storm, flowery prints following next and then came the wide legged jeans of the seventies. Curiously enough she’d always know what was going to be the next big thing before it happened. Still Madison needed a fresh start, a new life that would open the path to new and better experiences; something that would allow her to live the next couple of years without having to worry about explain her ageless appearance. The end of the nineties offered her an idea when the movie “Never Been Kissed” hit the theatres. Madison enrolled in a Denver high school, spending junior and senior year in East High School in Denver. Trying her best not to get noticed, she quickly disappeared on the background, puzzling herself away. Every prom she either stayed at home or sat in the corner watching others have fun, every party she went to was spend sulking in the living room with the other wallflowers. Sure she turned some heads with her looks but even beauty can be disguised with the right outfits. So for two years she faded on the background, becoming the clever girl with good grades and a promising future ahead of her, a future that included an acceptance letter to a college…

Around 2005 Madison O’Reilly, her latest identity was accepted at the University of Denver where she signed up for many creative arts electives such as photography, journalism and art history. College life was always portrayed by the media as a time of fun and laughs, a time to experiment and find one’s true self so why not would she embark on this journey. Strangely enough Hollywood hadn’t exaggerated on that matter for even arriving the first day on campus proved an adventure to say the least. In the hour Madison searched for her dorm in the freshman block 2B, she walked into two wrong rooms, one housing what smelled like a Willie Nelson tribute band, the other being occupied by some gothic girls hosting their first wiccan orgy. If sex and drugs were already a surprise to the Fury in mortal form, nothing could have prepared her for the events that unfolded next. Some shirtless boy was waiting in her room, three Greek letters painted in pink marker on his chest reading Gamma Phi Beta and a bottle of champagne sitting in an ice bucket on her bedside table. Momentarily in a state of shock she stood in the middle of the room only to be shook out of her surprise when a girl emerged from behind the door with a word of congratulations. Everything else happened so fast and before she knew it, Madison was a full time sister at the hottest sorority on campus with the hot supermodel Elodie Valiant as her Big Sister. It was great to have found a ‘family’ again, being part of a group with likeminded individuals that were there for the good and the bad times. Her ‘Big Sister’ helped her out a lot, managing to get her out of her shell and comfortable with her own body and sexuality. Almost ten years later that same ‘Big Sister’ called her up out of the blue with a job opportunity too good to resist…


The only good things to come out of a bad relationship is the stuff one gets in the settlement just to spite one’s ex. For Madison it’s that rare 1956 BMW 507 roadster, his ‘Black Beast’ as he so arrogantly called it and now her most prized possession. She loves that car, not just for the story behind that European classic but also for its timeless design and aesthetic avant-garde appeal. Sure she knows little about what’s under the hood – which holds an aluminum alloy OHV V8, of 3,168 cubic centimeters good for 150hp and a top speed of 122mph – but she adores that car and all its represents. Sometimes when she’s stressed out from work, she’ll just hop in and drive until she runs out of gas and then lie on the hood of that car gazing towards the stars until triple A comes to her rescue. Thusfar the car has been kept perfectly authentic including the chocolate brown leather interior and walnut wooden steering wheel. Even the full black rims with the silver center have survived nearly sixty years of intense driving. It even has the original sound system with the AM/FM radio…

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