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Vincent Montblanc

Orlando Bloom

Vinnie (friends)
Mister Genius (family)
Professor Montblanc (work)

“You're familiar with the phrase "man's reach exceeds his grasp"? It's a lie: man's grasp exceeds his nerve”
“Monsters are real, so are ghosts. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.”

Parents: deceased
Chantal: twin sister (NPC)



Social Status:
Psychology professor at H.U.
Retired Psychiatrist


Relationship Status:
Single & ‘Looking’

Age - Looks:
Early thirties

Age - Actual:
Circa 100 years

Serra del Montsec, Spain

Date of birth:
17th July

Current residence:

Other residences before hollows:
Serra del Montsec, Spain
Forêt des Landes, France
Oxford, United Kingdom

Hair Color:
Dark Chocolate Brown

Eye Color:
Dark Brown

5ft 11


Skin tone:
Caucasian soft tan

Blood Type:
B positive

Male at minimum
• Chest Size: 43 inches
• Waist Size: 33 inches
• Bicep Size: 14.5 inches
• Shoe Size: 9 inches

Physical Appearance:
Once one looks past the eccentric behavior, Vincent could be considered quite the handsome fellow in that charming nerdy kind of way. Genetics are on his side though with his modest 5ft11 and naturally toned physical build, but one could hardly consider Vincent the athletic type. Tall but lean all can tell the strongest muscle in his body would be that gray mass inside that head of his hidden beneath that wild dark chocolate hair. Matching dark brown eyes complete the curious picture that is iconic to Vincent Montblanc. Over the past years he’s been experimenting with various types for his facial hair, having gone from clean shaved to goatees ad mustaches, never staying true to one style for much longer than a couple of weeks. Fashion wise he’s all over the place, most of the days simply putting on what’s closest within reach making for several comical outfits in the past. Vincent is as white-collar as it gets though being one of those stereotypical professors who’re praised in their youth, spiral down during midlife crisis and become nostalgic as their career approaches its premature ending. In class however the nerdy appearance is replaced with an impressive charisma that stems from pure intellect and understanding. He’ll smile casually when the need for some enthusiasm is required, frown when his class gets interrupted and on those rare occasions when Vincent gets angry, all the color will drain from his facial expression as those eyes lock in an icy stare…

Vincent can obtain historical memories or sensations concerning beings and objects observed with his ‘educated’ senses. With objects he gain the knowledge including the makers, users, and even those who have on passing used the object, and what has been done with it. With living beings or parts of the body he learns their general life-history such as medical details and their current emotional state without gaining access to the higher cognitive functions such as memory or motor skills. Basically Vincent ‘learns’ all he needs to know by establishing a physical link with an object or person simply due to an augmented understanding of how things work and interact. Knowledge is the key to this ability…

Gravity Nullification
Through his superior understanding of physics and the magical potency that comes with being a Faun, Vincent is blessed with the exceptional talent of Gravity Nullification. At the snap of a finger, everything within a ten meter radius suddenly experiences zero gravity making objects levitate up to three meters from the ground. Objects, people even bullets all of a sudden will be subject to the curious void in the earth’s gravitational field. The lack of gravity isn’t dangerous, just a defense mechanism used by an ancient race that used to trick and toy with lost travelers crossing through their territories…

Another talent developed through superior intellect and understanding is Kinetikinesis, a curious adaptation from the nature energy manipulation found amongst the fauns. Kinetikinesis allows Vincent to transfer the kinetic energy from one object to the next; he could drain the velocity out of a speeding bullet bringing it to a dead stop in midair by letting a penny spin rapidly on a tabletop. He could stop a car with the touch of his hand by absorbing the vehicle’s energy and transferring it to his own body. Curiously enough he can only establish a single link making the exchange of energy limited to one object at a time. In other words he could stop one bullet at a time, or slow several down in sequence but never fully bring an entire clip fired at him to a halt…

Presence Negation
Vincent is a master at hiding, using an extraordinary combination of hypnosis, environmental influence and physics’ manipulation to erase his presence from the face of the earth. He can hide his ‘fingerprint’ on the world, completely cleansing himself of the evidence his existence leaves in this life. Aura, electromagnetism and even biological markers that could give away his location are ‘blocked’ from outsiders making Vincent impossible to be found by magical or technological means known today. Unfortunately that also means nobody can take a picture from him without finding a black spot on the photograph even if it’s for innocent purposes. The only way to find Vincent is by establishing a visible line of sight with him for his physical presence cannot be erased from cognitive perception without manipulating one’s mind, something Vincent vowed he’d never do…

Cerebral Control (Key to the Human Mind)
After years of extensive studies into the human psyche, Vincent discovered the key to the human mind, a universal trigger that allows unrestricted access into all the functions of brain. The ‘Key’ allows him to manipulate, modify and control the thoughts, mindsets, and upper brain functions, allowing render others unconscious, suppress their memories, and negate the use of abilities, increase/decrease mental capacity, modify minds to be agreeable, sway sensations to induce altered perception, bestow mental disorders or break down mental barriers. The discovery frightened Vincent, terrified him to a point that he fled from the face of the world and hid in the last place anyone would come look for him: Hollows. Only once has he used the ‘Key’ and it haunts him still for with great power comes great responsibility. If others would ever discover this knowledge, the safety of humanity would be at stake and Vincent could not allow that. (works on humans only, never to be used!)

Faun Physiology
It’s been nearly sixty years since Vincent last embraced its true nature but beneath the bewildered appearance of the Hollows University professor goes an ancient creature from the old forests. Fauns or Satyrs they’re often called but the two are completely different things; Vincent however is a faun, a woodland creature that guards a small slice of nature’s paradise with tricks and deception. Half man, half goat the Fauns are curious solitary beings that part from their family to defend their own plot of land elsewhere in the world. In his true form Vincent becomes part of the forest, being naturally camouflaged in wooded areas and capable of living for centuries on just the energy of the sun…

Alternative Form:
In his true form it’s obvious why his human disguise features such a tall and slender posture as the Faun is a stick-like figure composed of caprid and humanoid traits marked by an earthly color palette. Curious markings are found all across its body where the skin resembles tree bark while curling horns give it a frightening appearance. Moss and ivy wriggle around its limbs adding a strange shade of green to the creature’s dark brown mane. Most noteworthy are those goat-like legs that adds a powerful spring to its step making it able to leap across tall fences or clear large distances in a short period of time. Some say there’s no creature capable of navigating the woods as quickly and agilely as a faun and that is not even exaggerated…

Birth Marks:
None worth mentioning

The curl pattern on his forehead appears whenever he frowns
Similar curling patterns can be felt just beneath the skin

Small tattoo on his stomach of a sun crest

Agua Fresca by Adolfo Dominguez