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Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

Oberyn Nymeros Martell

My Sand God (by Ellaria Sand)
The Red Viper (by all Westerosi)



Shape Shifter (Horned Sand Viper)

Allegiance to House:
House Nymeros Martell of Sunspear

Role to House:
Prince of Dorne

Family Members:
Living Family Members
Lady Mellario of Norvos: sister in law (NPC)
Prince Trystane Martell: youngest nephew (NPC)
Princess Arianne Martell: oldest niece (AngelJade)
Prince Quentyn Martell: oldest nephew (Aragneer)
Prince Doran Nymeros Martell: older brother (NPC)

Deceased Family Members
Prince Mors Martell: brother, died as an infant
Prince Olyvar Martell: brother, died as an infant
Princess Elia Martell: beloved sister, murdered by Gregor Clegane
Rhaenys Targaryen: young daughter of Elia, murdered by Amory Lorch
Aegon Targaryen: baby son of Elia, believed to be murdered by Gregor Clegane

Paramour and the Sand Snakes
Lady Ellaria Sand: beloved paramour (NPC)
Tyene Sand: third daughter with a septa.  (NPC)
Dorea Sand: third daughter with Ellaria Sand (NPC)
Loreza Sand: fourth daughter with Ellaria Sand (NPC)
Obella Sand: second daughter with Ellaria Sand (NPC)
Elia Sand: The oldest daughter with Ellaria Sand (NPC)
Obara Sand: oldest daughter with an Oldtown whore (NPC)
Nymeria Sand: second daughter with a noblewoman from Old Volantis (NPC)
Sarella Sand: fourth daughter with a trader from the Summer Isles.  (Lipsofsweetdeceit)

The Red Viper of Dorne is known for many things, being cunning and venomous are but a few of the examples by which they identify to Prince Oberyn Martell. Still it’s not without reasons that he carries that grim reputation with him like a personal banner for Oberyn Martell is truly and willingly the Red Viper of Dorne. Growing up for only a couple of years in his hometown of Sunspear, little of their gallantry and chivalry settled in his person for quickly the young Prince found himself in the custody of House Qorgyle of Sandstone. There his personality began to take shape,  adding that hard and sharp edge to him for which he’s nowadays known. He became forceful, taught early on that all in life needed to be earned through victories, be them physical or psychological victories. He learnt through bitter struggles and harsh fights that nothing tasted sweeter than a victory stole from another. The challenge became an addiction to him, continuously seeking new trials to face and better his skills against foes stronger, faster and more experienced than him. The bigger the opponent, the harder they fall and Prince Oberyn Martell understands this better than anyone. With the curious choice to face his enemies with a spear, he’s been able to take down challengers twice his size and ten times his talent; perhaps not always abiding the rules one would expect of a Prince of Dorne, but Oberyn learnt early on that the end always justifies the means. Victory at all cost, no matter what the price for it may be, that’s what growing up in Sandstone taught him.

With one incident after the next in his path, Oberyn’s journey took a curious detour when his path led him towards the doorstep of the Maester’s Citadel in Oldtown. Here they molded his mind and educated him in the many facets of life. They taught him and he learnt, for Oberyn proved to be a most eager student absorbing vast amounts of information with the greatest ease. His growing understanding of Westeros’ history offered him insight in the affairs of noble Houses, uncovering ancient alliances to exploit and secrets that when revealed could stir up a wasp’s nest of troubles for many nobles in the Seven Kingdoms. He grew hungry for intellect, though not all they offered was taken to heart. They preached about ravenry and he couldn’t care less about those glorified pigeons carrying messages back and forth. They talked about stars and constellations and all Oberyn would find in their light was the opportunity to get between a woman’s warm thighs. They guided him to the forge and the Red Viper only found his hands weren’t intended for the hard labor of a blacksmith. Curiously enough the Prince of Dorne did enjoy the classes regarding medicine and healing yet not in the light as the Maesters had intended. By knowing and understanding the cures, he began to grasp the complexity of the illnesses, especially poisons. A deathly fondness began to develop for those substances that brought illness, madness and suffering to a person while extending the inevitable arrival of death. A fondness that eventually turned him away from the Citadel though most would blame boredom.

Curiosity first led the Red Viper across the Narrow Sea but once in the Free Cities he discovered the importance of the friends a man has and the enemies he makes along his rise to power. Loyalty may have bound any other man to the Targaryen family, that was not the case for Oberyn who only sought out the rightful heirs of the Iron Throne in order to accomplish his own goals: the revenge against the man responsible for the murder and rape of his sister and the butchery of her children. He began to deploy political and diplomatic means to gain allies, making several powerful friends across the Narrow Sea who’d gathered behind his banner in times of need. His talent as a warrior earned him the respect of the Second Sons’ sellsword company who per his request remained in Essos until the right moment would present itself. A sellsword company of his own came back with him to Dorne, making for a significant increase in the numbers of Martell’s bannermen. Then he’d extend a courtesy hand towards the many nobles in Dorne, gaining their trust through the sheer determination of his will. His promise to bring Princess Elia’s murderer to justice made sure that most Houses in south joined his cause, making them more likely to follow his commands rather than his ruling brother Prince Doran Martell. House Uller and Manwoody along with his host from House Qorgyle instantly gathered at his beckon call for each of their lords shared a fondness for the late princess that forged a bond stronger than blood. Gargalen, Dalt, Blackmont, Allyrion all had members high in their court who agreed with the Red Viper’s plans and even the heir of Dorne had shown a greater liking to her uncle than to her own father. The Viper began to understand the way Dorne was suffering, perhaps better than their ruling lord…

Physical Description:
“Oberyn has a lined face with thin eyebrows, black "viper" eyes and a sharp nose. His hair is lustrous and black with only a few silver streaks and recedes from his brow into a widow's peak,” or so they’d say when one asks for the description of the Red Viper beyond the borders of Dorne. That’s what people to this day still remember about the brother of the ruler of Dorne in Sunspear but truth be told such summary doesn’t do the man justice. Oberyn is a salty Dornishman with a deep olive skin complexion and ebony black hair that only features the subtlest hint of gray to betray his true age. Most of the time he’ll present himself in noble circles wearing a three day stubble on his cheek and a heavy brow that adds a permanent severity to his expression. In his neck the reminder of his first trial by combat still draws a thin and narrow line of white across the darkness of his throat, though Oberyn bears the scar with pride. His lips are ever pressed tightly together, a stern grimace that shows the Red Viper means business though behind closed doors and usually reserved to those he has carnal interests in, this Prince can offer a coy smirk that gets their hearts’ to skip a beat.

Body wise Prince Oberyn is a sculpted god like portrait in the temples of the ancient gods; a frame broad and athletic, seemingly carved out of the purest of dark marbles. Arms strong and long bear the evidence of years-worth of intensive training as sinew and tendons stand obviously beneath that olive skin. Legs slender but sturdy give him an unyielding grip in battle along with a deathly reach needed for his phenomenal acrobatics in combat. His entire torso is like one of the old hero statues found in the Tower of the Sun with muscle definitions so recognizable they seem to be cut out of solid rock. Abs pop out like a series of granite blocks embedded in the lower part of his abdomen, proof of what rare strength and endurance resides beneath the sand shaded skin. And along his right flank stands the most prominent of features for upon his flesh stands a lifelike portrait of a Red Viper about to strike. The permanent markings etched in his skin were made by the hand of a warlock from Qarth who said the symbol would keep him from harm and infect any he attacks with a deathly poison that leaves them screaming in agony in the days prior to their certain death.

Fashion wise the Red Viper has taken immense pride in representing the vicious creature he was named after by the common rabble. Lengthy robes out of snake skin leather rest atop his shoulders reaching down to the edge of his knees. His personal signature, the Red Viper amidst the thorns of briar vines is featured  upon each of his formal attires to symbolize his fondness towards his grim reputation. Toxic colored details in venomous greens and crimson reds sit embroidered upon his leathers, while most of his vestments are otherwise kept in neutral shades reminiscent to the Dornish deserts in its various shades of red, tan and browns. It’s true however that he’ll wear the red sun on a field of orange of House Dorne whenever such ceremonial representation is required though never is his heart into it. Prince Oberyn Martell has begun to despise his own House colors for they in his eyes represented the weakness his older brother had shown after the sacking of King’s Landing. For that Oberyn intentionally rejects the wearing of that House sigil upon his person, a statement defying his brother’s rule over Sunspear and all the lands under the Dornish dominion.

For information about his choice of cloths, see the weapons/armor of choice section!

Powers and Abilities:
In Dorne and beyond the talent with sword and spear of the Red Viper are legendary for all have heard of the infamous Dance of Sands. Some say not a man alive in Westeros could match the skill of the Prince of Dorne with a spear but then again all in Seven Kingdoms might just not have found that person able to face Oberyn with a spear and live to tell the tale of that victory. Quick like a serpent slithering through the desert sands, deathly as a viper’s bite and treacherous as a rattlesnake’s warning, Oberyn Martell lives up to his reputation for both spear and sword at his disposal are bathed in a draught of his own making, making all touched by the poison to scream in agony in the days it takes before death finally sets them free. That’s the true fatality of the Red Viper’s martial talent, not just the grim acrobatics but the poisons above all have been known to claim its victims. For more info on the Dance of Sands, see the designated section below.

His skill in battle is well known in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros but only a scarce few are aware of the trueness to the statement that Prince Oberyn Martell is the Red Viper of Dorne. Having first discovered this talent of his during the trail by combat against Lord Edgar Yronwood. When the anger of his heart grabs hold of him, the poison in his blood grows too strong to resist. It sinks deeply into his being, the world becoming seen through a stranger’s eyes as the man becomes the very creature he was named after: a Red Viper. Significantly larger than your common desert viper, Oberyn’s true form is a deathly horned viper with poisonous fangs the size of your average dagger filled with a venom that seeks only to kill. Scales immune to the scorch of the desert guard his vitals within with the same efficacy as any castle forged steel suit of armor, while the limber body enables him to strike fast and hard, delivering with each bite a toxic load that burns a victim from within. Eyes that can see anything with a heartbeat scan just above the dunes, a tongue that tastes an enemy approaching before they’re even within a ten league range are but a few examples why the Red Viper is such a potential threat.

• Fathering daughters
• Bedding women
• Cavalry fighting
• Sword fighting
• Spear fighting
• Riding horses
• Bedding men

• Remaining monogamous
• Archery fighting
• Fathering sons
• Friendly chats
• Abiding rules
• Playing fair

Weapons of Choice:
Of all the warriors in Westeros, none is as fabled as the Red Viper himself for his skill with the spear is legendary. None however have actually seen him wield his deathly arm in more than fifteen years for Oberyn has not partaking in a tournament since the fall of the Targaryens. Most in the Seven Kingdoms can no longer remember how he fights and those who still do all are loyal to their secret cause. And because of it his legend had grown to legendary proportions while his talent with the spear continued to grow even stronger. Today the Dornish would say the legend would be outshone by the reality for in the years past Prince Oberyn devoted his life to avenging the murder of his beloved sister Princess Elia Martell. Every day he’ll take to the yard of the Tower of the Sun, spear in hand and begin the strenuous Dance of the Sands that transforms spear and sand into a deathly storm from which there is no escape at least not while still breathing…

The tool of his deathly art comes in the extraordinary form of Ellexdrow, better known in the common tongue as the Sun Spear. A gift once from his brother in law prince Rhaegar Targaryen entrusted this rare Valyrian artefact in the hands of Prince Oberyn so that he might never forget about their alliance. The 18 1/2 inch master blade of the spear features the iconic curve that reminds its enemies of a viper fang about to strike while all along its Damascus steel like blade a venomous pattern stands etched in the steel. Beware of these lines for there’s certain death waiting on the edge of his spear as Ellexdrow has claimed countless lives with only minor injuries inflicted. In addition to the main blade there is a slender and smaller blade fixed right beneath the main spear head which gets used for unhorsing his enemies. The blackened steel shaft with leather wrapped grips and finely detailed solid metal fittings reaches nearly six feet tall only to end in a grim spiked pommel at the opposite end. Beware of Ellexdrow though, for not only is this Valyrian steel sharper than any other metal in the Seven Kingdoms, its edges are coated with a venomous formula that will result in certain death to any who find it coursing through their veins.

When the fatality of the spear no longer suffices and victory must truly become an intimate affair, one can rest assured that Oberyn will unleash the fury of Valermos, in the common tongue known as the Viper Fang. Unlike Ellexdrow, Valermos is not such a rare artefact as one would expect from Prince Oberyn Martell. No Valyrian steel this time, but only the finest Damascus steel from Dorne was used to make this sinister weapon, which was an enterprise that took the Sunspear blacksmiths nearly two years to complete to the Red Viper’s liking. Time and time again the sword was dismissed, forcing the masters to withdraw to the drawing table to perfect their prince’s request. First to change was the alloy, from castle forged steel to bronze and then towards Damascus steel which ended up being the most suited for the task. Then came the shape, the way the sword needed to curve in order to cut through armor while remaining light enough for Oberyn’s unique fighting style proved to be a task not so easily completed even by the finest of blacksmiths of Dorne. The grip proved to be the most challenging feature of this sword for it needed to permit the swift change of hands of the Viper.

Curved as is tradition in Dorne the blade was tailored to the precise hand of Oberyn who’d demanded for a rather unorthodox design. Single edged and fitted with a blade guard the sword reaches a total length of 43 3/4 inches with 24 1/2 of those being solid Damascus steel. Runes in the old Valyrian tongue stand etched in the polished blade, the grip tightly embraced with an intricate weave of red velvet so that it offers a comfortable grip for his master. Add to this a hooked pommel that hosts a deathly secret and Valermos is truly a sword of legends suited for the Red Viper. Beware of its sting for this steel can kill in more ways than one would guess on first impressions.  Concealed in the dragon glass hilt one will find the fatal secret to the Red Viper’s reputation as a vial of his own toxic concoction resides in that grip. One twist to the handle and Oberyn Martell can unleash the deathly touch that inspired his legend for its venomous content will slip all along the sword’s edge. Coated with that potent stuff, even a scrape of the sword will have fatal consequences as the poison will set in the body and start to rot a man from within. Flesh will corrupt, blood will burn red hot and fever will roll in waves over its victim until madness shatters their mind. The muscles will cramp and spasm, skin will fester leaving behind the stench of decay that haunts its victims until the salvation of death.

Armor of Choice:
One thing is for certain, the Dornish blacksmiths are masters in a class of their own with the perfect example of their skill coming together in the suit crafted for their prince. Forged with 16 gauge stainless Damascus steel etched patterns of Briar Thorns and Vipers entrusted on the plating, this cuirass features a unique brass trimming with brass and casting clasp, the upper straps decorated and protected with tiny stainless steel plates. Pauldrons from a similar alloy, slightly heavier at 18 gauge rest atop his shoulders with the same iconic etchings on all the brass and solid steel rivets and casting clasps. Due to his personal combat style Oberyn had to opt for 3-pieces greaves to shield his legs. This design is relatively complicated with anatomically dished side plates and long side bone plate. It gives great flexibility of movements while looking both beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. matching cops can be laced to greaves but also have upper holes to lace whole set to the armoring pants which protects them from sliding down. Bazubands are his recognized choice for vambraces as they’re functionally reasonable in weight with a perfect ergonomic anatomical shape that provides great flexibility along with supreme hand protection.

Only in the desert lands of the Dornish princes will one find a piece of armor as exotic looking as the ceremonial turban helmet Prince Oberyn Martell will wear when riding into battle. The weight was reduced compared to the full visor helmets from the Seven Kingdoms by using the lighter 14 gauge mild cold-rolled Damascus steel. Decorated with Oberyn’s personal style etchings and brass accents that feature the Briar Thorns and Vipers, it’s obvious this strange helmet was tailored to a cavalry man who honed his skill beneath the scorching sun above Dorne. The soft padding inside is lighter than useful when absorbing blows to the head but also thinner allowing for sweat and heat to be casually averted from the wearer’s face. From the eyes down a mail of brass and Damascus steel rivets shields his face from the treacherous desert sands though offering only minor defenses against enemy attacks. Arrows might get caught between the chainmail meshwork though a crossbow bolt or well-aimed lance could easily break through the light metal curtain.

The Dance of Sands: