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Florence Fontaine [Ravenclaw]

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1 Florence Fontaine [Ravenclaw] on Sun May 24, 2015 3:02 am



Face Claim:
Dianna Agron

Canon Character or Original:

Florence Fontaine


School Year:

Blood Status:

Acacia – Veela Hair – 11 ¼” – Swishy (Click for Pic)



Persian cat called Olivier (Click for Pic)

Florence is your typical girl next door that with a single smile can break your heart. She’s down to earth, honest and genuine, speaking her mind while remaining polite. Parents love her, teachers adore her and she can’t help befriending the people around her. Like a magnet she attracts others, pulling them in with her adorable laugh and wonderful bubbly personality. The perfect balance between cute and sexy, Florence is everyone’s favorite French sweetheart. She’s kind, charming and gentle willing to help others but not afraid to reach out to others when in need of someone else’s assistance…

But nobody is without their flaws and Florence has her own demons to deal with; as sweet as she can seem on the surface, Florence can be a sourpuss when things don’t go her way. When things get rough, she’s more likely to throw in the towel and call it quits than rise up to the challenge and face potential disappointment. In the face of confrontation, her first response is to run away rather than fight for what she wants. Some might call her a coward perhaps but it’s more accurate to say Florence is a rational person who weighs all her options before making those big decisions that will determine her life…
The Fontaine girl doesn’t lack for ambition, but not that cutthroat willingness to do whatever’s necessary to achieve those goals. She’s bright and clever but only because Florence doesn’t shy away from a night’s cramming session and working together with her fellow students to compensate for her own weaknesses. Bravery isn’t really a word that one would associate with her but once upon a time in the presence of a certain boy, Florence embraced her wild side doing all those risky things she’d dreamt of doing. They say first love is the sweetest but so is the first cut the deepest she found out…

Political Alignment:

Special Ability or Trait:
Only one person in the world knows Florence can speak Cloptrop, the language of horses.
Her Patronus charm takes on the form of a hummingbird (Click for Pic)
Florence has a talent for Divination and Astronomy

There’s nobody in the whole of France who doesn’t know the Fontaine family for Florence father Frederique and her grandfather Francois both serve three tenures as the French Minister of Magic. Francois was a beloved minister, adored by the people for his role in shielding Beauxbatons and the whole of France from the events of the Second Wizarding War. Her father Frederique was a more controversial figure, who approved the “Loi d’Egalité”, a piece of legislating that permitted witches and wizards of Muggle-born descend equal rights to those ancient pureblood families. No surprise that Frederique protected the rights of ‘non-pureblood’ witches and wizards, having fallen for a Muggle woman himself. Hélène Dieusard  was a delightful woman who in the Muggle world worked as a renowned pharmaceutical researching that made immense strides in the development of Osteoporosis’ antagonists. They didn’t have the typical Muggle-Wizard relationship as there were no secrets in the Fontaine household. She knew her daughter would have magical powers and for that reason embraced the curious wizardry world. Her house featured a number of enchanted objects, such as self-sweeping broomsticks, Undetectable Extension charmed cabinets and a number of Muggle artefacts bewitched by their grandfather. Her mother even learnt the basics, those feats in the magical world that didn’t require a wand, such as herbology and ofcourse astronomy…

Born an only child didn’t mean Florence was pampered and spoiled, since her mother wouldn’t allow such mischief. She had to do her choirs around the house, help with the dishes and whenever she misbehaved, it was a week’s house arrest and no dessert for the evening. Fortunately for her, Florence was never a naughty girl that got in trouble, having only once witnessed her parents standing their ground when she’d turned in her assignment too late. She grew up happily despite her dad being barely around due to his work but the few weeks he was around, Florence was on the moon. They’d spend Christmas holidays in the Swiss Alps, summer break on the beaches of Monaco and once a year they’d go to a Muggle theme park with those wondrous things called rollercoasters and water slides. All in her family, the Muggles on her mother’s side included were aware of the Fontaine’s prominent position in the Wizardry community. Hélène deemed it absolutely necessary for her to grow up respecting both sides of the world, just like her father had discovered the many wonders the none magical world held. Her dad taught her how to fly a broom while her mom made her take up horseback riding, a hobby that never failed to keep her entertained…

But then things got eerie when her father propagated the equal rights law in France. Many of the pureblood families did not agree with these controversial ideas, some going as far as threatening the Fontaine family. Her father would not yield to these idle threats but neither would he forgive himself should his political career bright harm to his family. Florence was fourteen at that time, three years into her Beauxbatons education. So he sent Florence to her Muggle aunt in the Vale of Glamorgan, a lovely woman who bred horses for the races. Florence adored horses and while her parents dealt with the situation, she was having the time of her life in the green hills of the valley. She’d help around in the stables in the morning and ride around the whole afternoon through the lovely orchard countryside. It’s here where she first met a boy, a prankster wizard with a carefree attitude and a joyous outlook on life. At first he joked around but eventually the two grew closer until those three all-important words were uttered.  Sure they both knew it was nothing more than a summer fling but for those two lovely months it felt like they were destined to be together…

When all things quieted down back home, her father sent for Florence. The girl was heartbroken to lose her first love but their goodbye was delightful as they spent the entire day in the orchards, watching a lonely hummingbird play with the bumblebees in the orchards. When they weren’t watching the bird chasing those furry bees, they were kissing in the shade of an apple tree overlooking the local pond. What else they did that day, only that bird and the bees know the details off but when they eventually parted ways, those who left that day were different from the ones that first met that faithful summer afternoon. However painful their parting, they’d forever have that day which rewarded them with a memory powerful enough to produce a corporal Patronus charm at their age. Florence wrote the boy every week for two years but no reply ever came, which was devastating for the French lady. So eventually she gave up on her summer love, deciding to move on and explore new opportunities which she’d hoped to find across the canal. Her father agreed to let her take her N.E.W.T. exams during a senior year at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. If only she knew about that one student roaming its corridors, flirting his way through life trying to find the magic of that first kiss with the cute French girl that moved next door for the summer…

School Paragraph:
Like most French witches and wizards, Florence received her acceptance letter to the Beauxbatons Institute of Magic on her eleventh birthday, which to her father meant a dream come true. In her first year she struggled with the intricacy involved in charms classes but with patience and dedication she managed to catch up with most her peers. Not the most gifted of witches, she always managed to obtain remarkable grades simply by wanting it enough. Charms, the class she’d nearly failed during her first year became her finest course with an Outstanding result on her O.W.L. exam after displaying a corporal Patronus charm in rapid succession filling the examination room with nearly a dozen silver hummingbirds. Other less ‘useful’ classes also proved a matter she excelled at, achieving Outstanding scores for Astronomy and Divination in addition to Exceeds Expectations on Transfigurations, D.A.D.A. (also displayed the Patronus charm but failed to answer the question concerning the Dementor’s Kiss).

Having qualified for a fair number of N.E.W.T. classes, Florence is looking forward to completing her magical education. Seeing this is her senior year, she’s taken on N.E.W.T. classes for Charms, D.A.D.A., Transfiguration, Divination and Astronomy. She decided to drop Potions, Herbology and Care for Magical Creatures having ever found those subjects tedious or in the last’s case simply too hazardous for her health. In addition to a modest class schedule she’ll most likely sign up for  photography and journalism classes in addition to art clubs, Muggle or Wizardly alike. While an apt flyer, Florence has no interests in playing Quidditch in a competitive setting. For the future, she hopes to keep her options open as the final decision is yet to be made towards what career she might pursue after completing her N.E.W.T. exams. Chances are she might consider a career in journalism or contribute to the Ministry of Magic international relations between her homeland France and England…

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