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Hyde Crabbe [Adult]

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1 Hyde Crabbe [Adult] on Sun May 24, 2015 3:04 am



Face Claim & Picture:
Jason Statham

Canon Character or Original:

Hyde Crabbe


Blood Status:

Hawthorn – Augurey Feather – 13” – Rigid (Click for Pic)

Thuya Burl – Blast-Ended Skrewt Scales – 12" – Rigid (Click for Pic)


Magic School They Attended:
Durmstrang Institute

What Job Do They Have:
Wanted Psychopath (likely to become Death Eater)

There’s a saying about the Crabbe family that goes: “Compared to Hyde, Vincent and Crabbe Sr. were but the innocent lambs in a Muggle petting zoo” and even this would be an understatement. Hyde has the temper of a Basilisk, cunning and ruthlessly vicious with a fondness for fire and poison. Unlike his younger brother who’s just a dumb bully, Hyde was a true villain at Durmstrang going after everyone of ‘tainted’ blood with a vengeance. He cursed anyone he had an issue with and cared little about the consequences of his gruesome actions. He could be calm one moment and enraged like a hurricane the next instance. When that happens, you stand a better chance against a rabid dragon than against the oldest of Crabbe sons. His sole weakness, Family Pride. Despite Hyde’s strained relation with Vincent, he’ll go after those besmirching the Crabbe name…
There’s more to Hyde than just a relentless bad temper and a natural cruelty. Unlike Vincent, Hyde was awarded with a heinous cleverness and cunning that would have guaranteed him a spot in Slytherin House had he ever attended Hogwarts. Protégé of his father and professor Karkaroff he was trained as a Death Eater from a young age yet never officially joined this pact of evil. There was a slyness involved in his work, a careful meticulous approach to obtaining his goals while leaving only bodies behind to proof his success. No witnesses, no evidence Hyde was responsible for the death of nearly a dozen Aurors all defeated through stealth and guile. He distanced himself from his father however, deciding it unwise to follow You-Know-Who in his destructive endeavor…

Sticking to the shadows and remaining an enigma only the Hyde family was privileged to his existence and whereabouts until the final stages of the Second Wizarding War. Hearing of his father’s imprisonment and his brother’s self-inflicted demise, caused Hyde to come out of hiding with a bang. Some say he went berserk hearing about the aftermath to the Battle of Hogwarts, going crazy by the shame becoming his family. He became more aggressive and more violent resorting to more drastic measures to dispose of his enemies. Most of all it is revenge Hyde is looking for, desiring nothing more that ending the puny life of whomever was responsible for his brother’s death.

Political Alignment:
Death Eaters

Special Ability or Trait:
Hyde is one of the few wizards who can consider himself a true master of the Fiendfyre curse. Unlike most, his curse doesn’t transform from one beast form to the next, instead remaining constant in the grim shape of an Augurey. He even taught his younger brother that spell, a mistake that made him indirectly responsible for Vincent’s death.

His strength is found in all fire related spells; mastering a variety of such powerful magical feats, he’ll favor spells such as the Firestorm, Fire-making Spell and even the Flagrante Curse. In addition to fire he won’t shy away from using the Unforgivable Curses having performed each of them at least a dozen times before in the past…

Under the tutelage of professor Karkaroff Hyde became one of the few potion masters who graduated from Durmstrang with an Outstanding N.E.W.T. for potions through his perfecting of the Moonseed and Bloodroot poisons. If not for his darker ambitions, he’d have made an exceptionally talented potion brewer…

While Hyde was born the first son in the Crabbe family, he was considered for a long time to be the black sheep in the family. Even as a little kid he’d been a cruel and ruthless bastard, especially towards his younger brother Vincent. Everyday he’d taunt the chubby kid, using magic far beyond his years through sheer malicious intent and most unfortunate coincidence. Each week he’d find a new way to torture his brother, his finest but most ferocious ‘prank’ having been the Flagrante curse upon the boy’s bed linens. After getting the horrible burns threated, his father an infamous Death Eater himself decided it best for the Crabbe name to send Hyde away to Durmstrang Institute rather than Hogwarts. Hyde however greeted this exile like an opportunity to prove them all wrong…

Early on during his academic career at Durmstrang it became obvious that Hyde was meant for the Dark Arts as he’d already mastered the Fiendfyre curse during his second year. It became his go-to weapon of choice that professor Karkaroff allowed him to indulge at any given opportunity. With cunning and wicked brilliance he went to work and gathered several Outstanding results right before his vindictive nature got him “expelled”. The incident was covered up however, by Karkaroff and by Crabbe Sr. who both agreed it be in the best interest of Hyde to consider pledging his allegiance to You-Know-Who. Hyde however never adopted his father’s loyalties to the Dark Lord, a figure he deemed needlessly reckless and narrow minded in his endeavors to kill but a single wizard…

For the next year Hyde began dedicating himself to the Dark Arts in secrecy. Unlike his father and brother, he didn’t bother blindly dedicating himself to the Dark Lord. Hyde started to protect the Crabbe family name by killing off any Auror that came to close to their true identity. Twelve of the finest wizards the Ministry could send, vanished from the face of the earth. Some died of freak incidents such as an out-of-control house fire or simply slipped away peacefully in their beds never knowing Hyde had poisoned them. The Crabbe son stuck to the shadows and became a ghost that secured the family legacy with vicious retaliations and cunning eliminations that left the Auror’s office baffled for years…

But all of that changed in the aftermath to the Battle of Hogwarts. When the news reached Hyde of his younger brother’s demise and the imprisonment of his father, he was hiding out in a Muggle motel in Romania. The devastation was instant and in that moment Hyde went completely berserk. Abandoning all cunning and stealth, he unleashed a Fiendfyre curse that claimed the lives of nearly forty Muggles and two wizards attempting to put out the flames. From that day onward he became a wanted man with a grudge going after anyone who could possibly be responsible for the death of his brother. He began killing Muggles to lure out the Aurors. First came the hit wizards, glorified bounty hunters in service of the Ministry of Magic who perished the moment they made their presence known. Then came the Aurors, one at a time and one at a time Hyde put them in the ground but eventually the Dementors came. Against those fiends he stood no chance for like so many dark wizards he’d never learnt to perform the Patronus charm to defend against such creatures…

His face was plastered all over the wizarding towns, wanted signs posted at every train station and Aurors in constant pursuit. It became a deathly game he was playing, one he’d eventually loose when he was cornered in an alley of Bristol by eight Dementors and two veteran Aurors. They managed to disarm and stun him but failed to properly restrain him during transportation to Azkaban. Overhearing his escort talking about Gregory Goyle, Hyde realized vengeance might be his when the truth came out about his brother’s death. Who better to ask than Gregory, that dim witted friend Vincent always hung out with. Using the Firestorm spell with a snatched wand, he arranged his escape and recovered his own wand. Then with brute force he freed Gregory out of Azkaban, defending against the Dementors with Fiendfyre while dragging Goyle out of his cell. Now they’re both on the run and looking for Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger, the ones who abandoned Vincent to the gruesome flames in the Room of Requirement…

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