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ACTIVE: Lexi Rometti

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1 ACTIVE: Lexi Rometti on Wed Sep 18, 2013 10:01 am



Alexis “Hestia” Rometti

Laura Vandervoort


Any workout which does not involve a certain minimum of danger or responsibility does not improve the body - it just wears it out.

Learn to relax. Your body is precious, as it houses your mind and spirit. Inner peace begins with a relaxed body.

None she has contact with!
(most Olympians are either exiled or forgotten)


Reincarnated Goddess (Hestia)

Social Status:
Dark Oasis Performer (Magician)


Relationship Status:

Age - Looks:
Early twenties

Age - Actual:
Immortal (birth date unverified)


Date of birth:
Unverifiable (before the invention of the script)

Current residence:
On route to Hollows

Other residences before hollows:
• Mount Olympus
• Acropolis Athena
• Forum Romanum in Rome

Hair Color:
Bright Golden Blonde

Eye Color:
Light Cyan



Skin tone:
Caucasian with a mild natural tan

Blood Type:
O negative

Female at minimum
• #Cup Size: C
• #Bust Size: 33”
• #Waist Size: 23”
• #Hip Size: 31”
• #Dress Size: 2

Lexi manipulates reality not through conscious thoughts or words, but through their base feelings and emotions. With this ability she can induce occurrences and abilities based on her feelings, and simply wanting something to happen badly enough. But because of her own ability, there’s a down-side effect for her own account of this ability being unaware that she possesses such a power. Pathifery is nothing but a trace of her godly heritage, an ability she’s still unaware off as it are merely occasional incidents that present the effects by random creations and changes made into the universe. Because of this she’s not able of using it as she desires and is left to coincidence to enjoy the effects of her Pathifery gift.

Reality Warping
Based solely on what her mind can think off Lexi can create certain things out of thin air based on the imagery she has in her head; different to Pathifery the creation of these material items forged out of raw energy occurs through an aware process of thought. When applying some focus to things she’s able of crafting small items out of nothing, rewriting and bending the laws of physics as she pleases though the use of this ability is strictly forbidden by her kind. Do understand that this rather potent ability is very fickle in timing, making every minor change she’s made in reality such as the alteration of gravity, the bending of time or simply the creation of items a short termed solution that returns to normal the instance her focus is broken.

Nova Physiology
As a former Olympian goddess Lexi even in her reincarnated form still possesses the Olympian ability of Nova Physiology meaning having the ability to have her body mimic the traits of a star or celestial body. She’s simply dissolve into a plasma cloud, a gaseous entity without physical features yet at incredible energy potency. As a Nova her presence alone suffices to disintegrate solid objects like items moving too close to a sun, while at the same time emitting a blinding light that mankind has come to associate with the ancient gods. However to the great schism with her fellow Olympians Lexi has never used this ability for her own benefit being either combat or selfish purposes, only calling upon the mighty gift in times of desperate urgency.

Paradox Inducement
Another lingering effect of her Olympian descend have given Lexi the rare ability of Paradox Inducement, where the ability alone lets her disobey the rules of logic itself. There are various applications which could be used for this ability such as reversing elemental effects (fire becoming water, vice versa), healing turning to harming and many other illogical phenomenons. This ability much like Lexi’s Pathifery is an involuntary side-effect of the reincarnation from god to human, that’s only called upon in times of emergency. What the effects of the paradox created are, depend entirely on the circumstance and impulsive response for it may even have disastrous effects  if she’d be able to practice her mind into this shattered train of thought.

Birth Marks:
Tiny birth mark on her left inner wrist


• Earrings (Lobe, Pinna)
• Navel Piercing

Midnight Fragrance by Lolita Lempicka
Based on an unusual Anise note, it’s almost unbearably sweet on the first spray but very soon an overly sweet scent is replaced with a catchy & attractive scent. That attractive aroma that you eventually notice is spicy wood that lies deep within this perfume's base-not. Licorice and velvet wrap down this incredible product and turn the scent into a silky, sour-sweet heaven for noses of all kinds


Other Distinguishing Features:
After nightfall Lexi will give off a natural glow in the aura color of her current emotional state; based on the level of her mental state the strength of the aura may vary in intensity. In moments of emotional take-over the aura will even be so intense she simply disappears into the blinding light…

Fashion & Makeup:
There’s a grave difference between Lexi in her professional surroundings and her every day appearance wandering the streets of Hollows. It’s her way of dealing with the distinct differences between her professional and social life, being more modest and humble outside her professional setting whereas extravagant and provocative when taking up her role as a career person.

Professionally speaking Lexi is an extravagant provocative individual in every little detail of her fashion sense; think of the glamorous Vaudeville days during the turn of the twentieth century in Paris when you’re trying to imagine her ‘professional’ appearance. Lace stockings, decorated bustiers, garters and velour wasp-waisted suit jackets and skin-tight costumes are all part of the daily career outfits of a sensual almost erotic nature. Make-up wise the same boldness is displayed as in her daily professional attire with flashy colored eye shadow, fake eyelashes and a richly tinted lipstick all accentuating and emphasizing the natural esthetics of her appearance.

Outside of her professional lifestyle Lexi also has the tendency to under-dress in her social life no longer displaying the provocative and promiscuous nature of her career, yet instead turning towards a more comfortable outfit suited for her active lifestyle. Casual dark jeans, simple halter tops and plain accessories have replaced the lace and silk options of her professional side. Comfort and casual are the two key components to her social dress code opting for cotton and fleece over silk and satin, only turning towards a more romantic choice of clothing for special occasions. For dates and first encounters she may turn to a tight summer dress or delicate ensemble though mostly she’ll opt for jeans and a top.

Sociability & Emotionality:
Lexi can both socially and emotionally be considered as the odd bird out of the bunch, which all is the direct result of her divine heritage; she can be extravagant and outgoing one moment and shy and withdrawn the next second just in the blink of an eye. Her mood can shift in the blink of an eye, making her be perceived as quirky and strange most of the times; she’s got a unique way of interacting with people entirely based on the hot and cold concept where on one occasion she’ll be forward, provocative and teasing like a real flirt, while on other moment be entirely introvert and estranged from the world as if she doesn’t understand where her rightful place is.

She tends to take comfort in this outcast role people have branded her with, allowing her to have the best of both worlds; this however doesn’t take away of her genuine desire to aid people, guiding them back to the righteous path. Lexi loves people and is willing to go through tremendous obstacles in support of mankind’s latest endeavors, yet at the same time she always feels like this love is never returned by others. She’s learned that her divine status of her Olympian days are now over, yet the adjustment to these new times has yet to take place in her personal life. Most days her smile and flirtatious ways merely mask the loneliness she’d be destined to endure as an everlasting virgin sworn to her sacred pantheon.

Strengths & Weaknesses:
Lexi has various minor strengths that have made her the person she’s today, having each contributed to her extended survival after the fall of the Olympian Dynasty. One important trait is her ability to compartmentalize in life, allowing her to set apart her personal from her professional lifestyle in this modern society. Her ability also blessed her with an ideal cover for her true identity masking her godly heritage behind a charade of magic and optical illusions. Another fortunate feature to her newly incarnated body is the permanent ability to regenerate her virginity, which on its own serves as permanent birth control from all defilers of her divinity. It’s a rare phenomenon that has led many to believe of her eternal life in celibacy, yet this is but a mere illusion told to keep hope and purity intact within her image. She used to serve solely as a beacon of hope, a light in dark times for families to be returned safely, loved ones to be united and friendship to forever last…

Lexi’s main weakness comes from her naïve awareness of her abilities that lead to the occasional ‘incident’ with dire consequences; with creationism at her touch and emotions entire at the foundation of these Olympian gifts she’s bound to have grave errors in judgment with malign effects. One challenge to keep things in check for her is maintaining a rational train of thought to avoid unaware paradoxes being induced. One moment of her attention diverted can result in the oceans turning to infernal pools of raging fire, gravity can be reversed and the general laws of physics can be bend in the blink of an eye. This demands her full attention, isolating her further from potential friends, lovers and family rendering her socially awkward on the verge of society. This isolation for one was part of the reason why the Olympians confided her within her temples, never permitted to leave those religious surroundings making it partially the reason why exactly no elusive stories and myths were told about her life as an Olympian God…

Interests & Hobbies:
Short Stories
Optical illusions

• Season: Spring
• Location: Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
• Holiday: Mardi Gras in New Orleans
• Color: Flamboyant bright colors (primary)
• Music: Soft Rock, Power Ballads & Pop-Rock
• Literature: Works of the Romanticism Period

• Season: Autumn
• Location: Oktoberfest in Munich
• Holiday: St.Patrick’s Day in Chicago
• Color: Pastel bleached colors (secondary)
• Music: Hard Rock, Trash Metal & Emo-Rock
• Literature: Classic Greek Tragedies & Historical Myths

• Blissful
• Genuine
• Existential
• Kind Hearted
• Compartmentalized

Song and or Playlist:

Lexi Rometti may appear to be a beautiful princess that will never have to lift a finger letting men do the fighting for her, yet she may surprise you. Lexi is in fact a six time world champion fencer hence extremely deathly with a rapier in her hand. Classically trained she’s learned to wield various sword types over the countless generations, yet nothing beats her appetite for the Swept Hilt Rapier with using épées or foils of incomparable accuracy…

We’ve all been acquainted with the epic tales of Greek mythology; the promiscuous escapades of Zeus with his various bastard offspring, the dreaded tales of Hera’s fury towards her husband’s carnal conquests, the honorable tragedies of the ancient heroes bound to complete their given task only to end up laying their lives down for a love that will never be, yet one of the Olympian seldom was spoken off in these perilous woes. Hestia, goddess of virginity and the hearth, last and first daughter of Rhea and Cronus, matriarch of the architects and off family and household. Her name was kept from the elusive tales for the Olympians themselves feared the legacy she carried with her; the ability of creation, however wondrous and astounding as it may sound, when control and emotions were connected irreversibly together not even the great gods could predict the errors of her mind nor manipulate her into controlled guidance. Zeus demanded Hestia to remain his warden of the hearth on Mount Olympus, restricting her to the sanctity of the gods’ pantheon in order to preserve humanity’s safety and wellbeing…

Generations of the Olympians, their godly blood diluted amongst bastard offspring, demigods and various other blasphemous spawn of their sacred seed were seen passing by before Hestia’s eyes, who remained true and loyal to the promise she’d made to Zeus; never to leave the hearth of Mount Olympus, remain pure and untainted from all sins and refrain from interacting with the lower entities at all cost, those were the boundaries of her creed though one can easily see such restrictions took their toll on her psyche. Hestia grew bored with seeing all other gods enjoy themselves with the various sinful occupations that kept them busy; stories of seduction, war, torment and conquest all echoed through the marble and golden halls of Mount Olympus only to be denied to have these experiences of her own. Envy and jealous slightly presented themselves as her hope faded in this prisoner’s life of hers until she eventually revolted against Zeus’ authority. Hestia took upon a new name, scaled down from the sacred mountain and ventured towards Athena where she’d begin her new life…

In Athena swiftly it became apparent the Olympian Pantheon had prescribed those rules for a valid reason as both her Pathifery and Paradox inducement started to get out of hand uncontrollably when her emotions reached a certain limit. All the new experiences, from being worshipped as a god to becoming intimate for the first time with someone, all these new sensations played havoc on her emotions leading to serious incidents; the first was the creation of Mount Vesuvius, the volcano that soon after its creation would rain fire and brimstone down onto the citizens of Pompeii, others then believe it was Hestia that sunk Atlantis, that brought to life the countless of new monsters that tested the heroes’ skill, all because of her insatiable desire of creation. Nothing was too big or difficult to make; if her mind could come up with it, it would be so created yet the repercussions of such actions came at a price steep and grave to pay. She became isolated of the world, frightened off her own abilities that though worshipped for their impact still remained a dreadful brand on her existence. The Olympians had discarded her as forgotten, allowing Hestia to become Vesta within the Roman Empire where the same demise was bound to be repeated in an everlasting circle…

Now after the countless time of reincarnations Hestia took yet another name as her newest identity, a lady of the magical illusive profession going by the name Alexis Rometti, stage name Lexi as she set course for a distant city far beyond the European pantheons of forgotten and exiled gods. Humanity no longer prayed to their shrines, their powers all explained through science had left them to wither to mere shadow of their former selves, yet the hope and creations she’d brought forth still inspired a scarce few to continue her worshipping practice. The strength of their faith not sufficient to sustain life for long had left her mortal, bound to inhabit a humane vessel that served its purposes as long as life remained virtuous on it to eventually be discarded and replaced by the next. Hestia became Lexi and with the new name came an entire array of opportunities and possibilities to explore in a new surrounding far away of the protective seclusion of Mount Olympus. She’d have to learn how to control her abilities, something the era’s she’d lived before had yet to bring her but with the prospect of the future ahead she sets course of Colorado onto a new adventure…


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