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Keith Weyland [Adult]

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1 Keith Weyland [Adult] on Sun May 24, 2015 3:04 am



Face Claim & Picture:
Ben Barnes

Canon Character or Original:

Keith  Flint Weyland


Blood Status:

Blackthorn – Basilisk Eyestalk – 15” – Brittle (Click for Pic)



Magic School They Attended:
Hogwarts, Slytherin

What Job Do They Have:

Keith is a mysterious figure, once considered a highly ambitious and cunning individual with a bright future ahead of him if it were not for his sinister pursuits. He’s always been intrigued by the dark arts, not for their application but for the origins towards their formidability. He’s studied them obsessively, even maniacally and grew consumed by their grim allure. He’s a charming figure however, the enigmatic stranger type who draws people’s attention through his silent nature and piercing stare. Recently he returned, even more eccentric than before as he now holds fast to some curious habits. Everything must be done in a particular order to the point that it’s become a compulsion to do so. He’s grown meticulous, his eye for detail extraordinary while his mood grows more somber with each day…

Political Alignment:
Possible to be recruited into the Death Eaters

Special Ability or Trait:
Received an Outstanding scores on his N.E.W.T. for Herbology, Charms and D.A.D.A
Was the Head Boy for Slytherin during his seventh year at Hogwarts
Worked as an Unspeakable for two years in the Department of Mysteries

Keith Flint Weyland was the second son in the proud Scottish wizarding Weyland family, a house that pursued the purification of the magical bloodlines again. His father, a man who’d made his reputation working as an Advisor to the Minister for Magic was there when the subtle chances in the Ministry of Magic first began. His brothers both became Unspeakables, their true work forever unknown yet of immense significance to the wizarding world. With such a heritage it came to none’s surprise that Keith was destined for greatness as such positions were generally attributed to pureblood wizards with similar backgrounds. His childhood was hence privileged, private tutors preparing for his first year at Hogwarts and a thorough magical education preceding his academic career in the school for wizardry and witchcraft. Still incidents were prone to happen, as they did to all young witches and wizards, which for Keith occurred in the most unfortunate use of an accidental Inferius curse…

When he turned eleven, Keith received his acceptance letter to Hogwarts where his particular fondness for the Dark Arts grew during his years in Slytherin. He seldom practiced them with evil intend, simply studied them to determine the origins in their potency and their apparent different nature from ordinary spells and charms. His interests became an obsession that isolated him from the social life one’d expect from a Hogwarts student and yet his quest for answers in the macabre became all-consuming. In the wake of Voldemort’s defeat, the world was littered with cursed objects and this intrigued him most of all. This and the ability to bind spells and other magical properties to seemingly trivial objects eventually made him decide upon an unexpected career choice: wandmaker…

Upon his completion of a seventh year with glorious grades in most his N.E.W.T.’s he was recruited by the Department of Mysteries to study the phenomenon of “Death” as an Unspeakable. The twilight character of that inevitable ending only enticed his obsession and after two years Keith abandoned the official paths for more personal objectives. He began experimenting with wandmaking, using materials and cores that were often branded inferior by the more traditional wandmakers. The first success was the crafting of his own wand, a replacement for the “inferior” product purchased at the start of his first year at Hogwarts from Ollivander’s. The collecting of the core demanded a most unspeakable act, something that he to this day never disclosed on yet the final product was marvelous. Wicked but marvelous as the Basilisk Eyestalk granted him an edge in wizard duels that few could fathom. Now he returns to Hogsmeade intend of finding wizards worthy of his craftsmanship…

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