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Oliver Finnegan [Adult]

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1 Oliver Finnegan [Adult] on Sun May 24, 2015 3:06 am



Face Claim:
Dave Franco

Canon Character or Original:

Oliver Finnegan


School Year:
Suspended & Dropped Out

Blood Status:

Dogwood – Troll Whisker – 13” – Swishy (Click for Pic)



An Elf Owl called Hoot (Click for Pic)

What Oliver lacks in magical talent, he makes up for it with his bubbly personality and carefree attitude. He’s a lovable figure, a jester of sorts who spends most of his days trying to make his fellow students laugh. Charm and charisma add to his persona as he’s known to enjoy an innocent prank with mates or an innocent flirt with the first pretty girl that comes his way. Life in many ways is considered a game to him, an endless series of opportunities for him to push his luck and test the limits of authority. His fellow students love him for that nonchalant nature whereas teachers are often frustrated that Oliver doesn’t dedicate more of his time and energy on his class work, especially after his poor O.W.L.’s…

It’s not that Oliver is dim-witted or stupid, he simply lacks all motivation when it comes to any subject that requires a theoretical foundation. He loathes books, most his textbooks are filled with doodles and witty remarks on that particular lesson. He is however incredibly practical and ingeniously creative when it comes to those few things that actually peak his interest. Much like the Weasley twins, he spent countless years carting the ‘secret passages’ of the castle, not with the intend to slip out unnoticed, but rather sneak into places he’s not supposed to go such as girl dorms and bathrooms. Even when he gets caught, his talent for improvised yet believable excuses and lies has saved him from countless detentions…

What sets Oliver apart from most students, is his daredevil mentality. Some might think it overcompensating for his poor grades, but Oliver genuinely  loves taking chances and doing stupid and daring things. In the Muggle world they’d say he’s the devil on someone’s shoulder for not only does Oliver pursue danger, he also has a talent for dragging others into such situations. Life is like one unending game of Truth or Dare with him, though he never allows things to become cruel. He flirts and teases girls, steals a kiss or sneak a peek but he will never string them for something that can only lead to heartache. Still for now he’s a butterfly that goes from flower to flower, not yet settling for one taste for the rest of his days…

Political Alignment:
Neutral and not interested in petty squabbles

Special Ability or Trait:
Oliver can speak Cudmumble, the language of ruminants such as cattle and sheep
Oliver received a Troll grade on his Potions O.W.L. after blowing up his cauldron
Oliver’s wand due to its core has a will of its own, casting each spell in trio
Oliver’s Patronus charm takes on the form of three bumblebees

Oliver is the first one in the Finnegan family to show magical potential; technically speaking his great-great-grandfather on his father’s side was a wizard, though not a particularly talented one. So Oliver grew up not knowing and was blissfully happy in his ignorance. His parents were simple farmers who took over the apple orchard in the Vale of Glamorgan, Wales that’s been in the family for eight generations. They were simple folk, humble but loving life and all the quirks that came with it. Margaret Finnegan was a protective mother to all four of her sons but especially to her youngest Oliver who was in her eyes “special”. His dad, Henry Finnegan was a hard working lowly man with an immense respect for nature and an appetite for a cold pint on a warm summer eve. Oliver had to share his house with three older brothers, each two years apart with Frederic being the first, followed by David and Jacob, the last whom he even had to share a room with for the first ten years…

While Oliver remained blissfully ignorant of his magical potential, there were signs and incidents of his gift. When he was but seven years old, he’d climbed to the top of the orchard’s largest apple trees but dared not go down again. The branch under his weight snapped and with a scream he fell towards certain death if it were not for an accidental apparition that send him to safety back in the barn. A year later during their traditional “apple” fight, his three brothers ganged up on him and pelted him with a dozen blushing apples at once. Panicking he somehow performed the Momentum-reversing spell and send all the fruit back to their sender. Whenever he got bored, Oliver would head for the edge of the farm where a herd of cow gingerly grazed on the emerald meadow. There he’d sit and talk with the old bull, a conversation that often baffled his parents who only saw their youngest talking to a cow while the ‘dumb’ animal moo’ed in reply…

The shock that game upon his eleventh birthday was tremendous for the owl deliver his acceptance letter to Hogwarts crashed through the windshield of the family tractor. At first his parents thought it some sort of prank but after three more owls delivered identical letters, it became apparent: Oliver was a wizard. Ofcourse the supply list for his first year had the Finnegan family puzzled since half the stuff on there came to their opinion out of some crazy-man’s wish list. So they bought them at a local scrapyard, the cauldron being prehistoric while the scales were already ancient the previous century. When they bought crystal phials, help came from an unexpected corner as the salesman turned out to be the Muggle father to a young witch. He pointed out Diagon Alley to the Finnegans and their first visit was like stepping into a wonderful dream…

His parents accompanied him to Diagon Alley and were overcome with wonder and amazement at the discovery of so much magic in so small a place within the heart of London. They witnessed witches racing on broomsticks, owls hooting in their cages while spells were thrown around so casually. They encountered goblins and pixies yet couldn’t believe the entire world was oblivious to its existence. When purchasing a wand, the line at Ollivander’s was too long to his father’s liking so they decided to buy Oliver’s at Jimmy Kiddell’s Wonderful Wands. That was their first mistake, a Muggle’s mistake which handicapped Oliver from the start at his academic career at Hogwarts…

School Paragraph:
In his first year at Hogwarts, Oliver was clumsy, ignorant and flabbergasted which came from his absolute lack of magical understanding and his unwillingness to spend time in the library catching up. He struggled with the spell related classes such as Charms, Transfiguration and D.A.D.A. but the true disaster took place during Potions class. The things weren’t helped by the temperamental nature of his wand that would for no apparent reason duplicate each spell in threefold. One focused levitation spell became three feeble levitation spells that were inaccurate and unreliable. Herbology was easy enough, just bigger and meaner plants but the principles were the same and especially easy for a boy who grew up helping out on a farm. Flying came natural to him, just another way for him to get his adrenaline rush. For a while he considered Quidditch as a career but then again he lacked the discipline to attend those weekly practices making an unreliable teammate…

For the next couple of years Oliver struggled to get the curious behavior of his wand but eventually he learnt to focus the triple spell effect. The only time anyone even notices this phenomenon, is during Oliver’s Patronus charm, when three rather than one Bumblebee take on the corporal guise of that incantation. Still he never excelled at any class, not because he didn’t have the skill or talent but simply because he lacked the discipline to dedicate himself to academics. For now school is an excuse to have as much fun as possible, pick up a few things along the way and hopefully discover his purpose in life. His O.W.L.’s were somewhat disappointing, especially the Troll grade for Potions. He did manage to score Exceeds Expectations on Herbology, Care for Magical Creatures and D.A.D.A whereas still getting Acceptable scores on Transfiguration and Divination (though he’d cheated during that last exam)…

Now in his sixth year, he has to retake his Potions class along with Astronomy while progressing to his N.E.W.T.s for Herbology, Care for Magical Creatures and D.A.D.A. Since his other grades didn’t qualify for him to be accepted into their N.E.W.T. classes and Oliver lacks the will to retake the exams, he’s got plenty of time on his hands for extracurricular activities. Always intrigued by ghosts, he took on Ghoul Studies along with Art in the hopes of mastering the Wizarding photography. Since he makes a decent enough Chaser, he might be interested in joining his House’s Quidditch team again. The sole thing he’s actually motived for is his Apparition class this year just because Oliver with his words thinks it’s Awesome…

Graduation & Adult Paragraph:
After things got complicated during his sixth year at Hogwarts – the reappearance of his old love and the introduction of a new love – Oliver decided to take a break from school by faking a “family situation”. For a month he was away getting his act together. First he signed a five year contract to start as a Beater for the Montrose Magpies. Then he made an offer on a nice apartment in London while he was planning an exit worthy of the Finnegan reputation he’d built up over those six years at Hogwarts. And thus came the day that would be remembered for years to come, the graduation of Oliver Finnegan…

During the traditional graduation ceremony of the seventh years, Oliver Finnegan unleashed a pair of cursed Bludgers that on contact multiplied and sprouted a shower of magical fireworks of his own design. Outraged about this violation of tradition, Hogwarts indefinitely suspended Oliver which the lad used as an excuse to drop out. This was all part of his plan to make a memorable exit as well as leaving the school at the same time as his many friends. From that time onward he started playing Beater for the Montrose Magpies…

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