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Reginald Amberly [Hufflepuff]

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1 Reginald Amberly [Hufflepuff] on Sun May 24, 2015 3:07 am



Face Claim:
Kit Harington

Canon Character or Original:

Reginald Donahue Amberly
(Regis for friends)


School Year:
Seventh Year

Blood Status:

English Oak – Phoenix Feather – 12 ¾” – Springy (Click for Pic)



Maine Coon cat by the name Aslan (Click for Pic)

One of those down to earth wizards, Regis is the kind of guy that can remain calm regardless of the situation. Cool as a cucumber he goes through life with a mellow open-mind and carefree attitude. Stress is one word that’s missing from his vocabulary, though at times this is perceived as a nonchalance that makes one think he doesn’t care. That’s far from true as Regis prides himself in being an industrious student who through long nightly study sessions and hard effort achieved academic excellence. He doesn’t mind putting in the work, it’s part of his nature to put time and effort in those things he loves and there’s a fair number of things he’s truly passionate about…

Regis is a true family man, a man who genuinely cares for his parents, siblings and other relatives regardless of their ‘blood purity’. Having around with his many nephews, playing hide and seek with his younger sisters, he loves the company of friends and family. Having extended his family with a large circle of friends and companions, he simply adores those events that brings people together. He’s an amicable fellow who gets along with nearly everyone with perhaps the sole exception being those arrogant fools deeming themselves superior to others. One day he hopes to have a family of his own, a boy he can teach how to fly and a girl that could dance atop his feet during the family picnics…

Unlike most witches and wizards Regis doesn’t aspire big ambitions such as becoming Minister of Magic or a legendary Auror defending the righteous. Nobody really knows this about Reginald but the future is one of the few things that’s seldom on his mind. He however loves the water and everything that lives within or around such environments. Perhaps one day he’d study the mysterious of the Black Lake or other important waterways around the world. The sole thing that’s been set in stone by the young wizard is his desire to write a book someday, hoping to leave behind some kind of legacy for future generations. That however is an important thing about Regis, his desire to leave his mark on the world, to be remembered for years to come…

Political Alignment:
Dumbledore’s Army

Special Ability or Trait:
Regis inherited his mother’s rare talent to speak to underwater animals and amphibians. It’s a strange gift known as Glurblurble, fairly uncommon trait though not as rare as Parseltongue. This is how his interest for the aquatic world first came to be when he talked to the fish in his pond…

Over the years Regis developed quite the talent for languages, becoming a master of numerous foreign tongues. He speaks fluent Mermish, the language of the Merpeople, sirens, selkies and merrows in addition to understanding the fundaments of Gobbledegook, better known as the Goblin language…

Only recently did Regis manage to produce a corporal Patronus Charm, having finally discovered his happiest memory this last summer. Whenever he now casts it, the spell will take on the guise of an immense squid that lashes out with its eight arms and two larger tentacles…

Reginald was born the fifth child in a household that counts a total of six children with a seventh still on the way. He’s the youngest of the boys however, have his triplet brothers Markus, Adbus and Gustus three years his elder while only one sister was his senior, Fiona who was ten months older than him. Three years after Regis joined the family his sister Gloria was born followed by Tabitha who shared his birthday although with ten years’ worth of difference. His mother Albertina Rosier was a renowned witch whose career skyrocketed at the publication of her study “Kelpies, the effects of Salt versus Fresh Water” whereas his father Oscar Amberly was but a Muggle fisherman. Their romance began with a lie, something not entirely uncommon in the wizarding world when the different universes meet. His mother came to visit the picturesque fishing village of Polperro in Cornwall to study the mating habits of salt water Kelpies when she stumbled upon a dashing young fisherman. Oscar was his name and though he believed her just an ordinary Marine Biologist, their love grew stronger as the weeks progressed. Love surpasses everything and while Oscar wedded Albertina unaware of her magical occupation, the truth eventually came out at the birth of their first child, well children since the triplets did come as somewhat of a surprise…

Today the Amberly family got used to the perfect balance between Muggle and Wizardly customs, having moved into the old cottage of Oscar overlooking the Polperro bay. The entire house was enchanted by Albertina who magically expanded the original two level home into four floors with plenty of room for their enormous family. His dad would insist all the kids attended Muggle elementary school ensuring they had a ‘normal’ childhood before going their own way. The triplets all received their Hogwarts letter, his older sister did not and after Regis all other children thusfar in the Amberly household showed magical potential. Regis in particular was an extraordinarily gifted young wizard who at the age of six discovered his talent for speaking to aquatic animals. Markus today works for the Ministry as a member of the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad, Adbus plays Keeper for the Tutshill Tornados while Gustus started an independent business as an Owlet Trainer. His oldest sister turned out to be a Squib while his younger sisters are all bound to join Hogwarts. Reginald’s passion for the world underwater brought him closer to his mother who taught him everything he knew about the magical creatures living in the English waters…

  • Family Picture taken by Reginald
  • Family cottage in Polperro

    School Paragraph:
    Like all young witches and wizards Reginald Amberly received his acceptance letter to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at the age eleven. His mother excited about her youngest boy also showing the magical gift took him to London for his school supplies. They had a lovely day, collecting his books and getting him the English Oaken wand he still wields today. They adopted Aslan from a Muggle shelter, a large Maine Coon cat that instantly took a liking to him. Attending Hogwarts proved an experience on its own, seeing that Reginald unlike his brothers wasn’t a natural wizard. To get his school results, Regis had to work tediously hard though the effort paid off in the end. Every night he studied until the candles had melted down to a stub all to get a decent grade at the end of his examinations. Each holiday he spent, studying several chapters ahead of his peers just to make sure he didn’t fall behind in his education. Still in his Fifth Year Regis managed to collect a number of impressive O.W.L. results, from an Outstanding in Herbology to an Exceeds-Expectations on all applied magical classes such as Charms, Transfiguration and D.A.D.A. The only class he flunked was Potions but that never was a subject that held his interest…

    Since Regis had to put in a lot of effort in achieving his grades, there was little time for additional projects beside the basic Hogwarts curriculum. He did collect Outstanding grades on all three of his electives, no surprise them including Care for Magical Creatures beside Muggle Studies and Ancient Runes. He briefly considered joining his House Quidditch team, trying out in his fourth year but failing miserable when Regis took a Bludger to the chest that sent him crashing into one of the spectator towers. He did found a tiny social club last year called the “Lake Fanatics”, a group of witches and wizards from various houses that shared his passion for the wondrous world beneath the tide. They’d gather on the lake front the first Saturday of each month sharing stories about Magical Creature encounters and discussing aquatic life in extensive detail. This year, one year later than most Regis also decided to attend Apparition class, finding it an intriguing and useful means of transportation that would come in handy in his further studies after Hogwarts…

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