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Liliana Penrose [Adult]

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1 Liliana Penrose [Adult] on Sun Aug 16, 2015 5:02 am



Face Claim & Picture:
Maggie Grace

Canon Character or Original:

Liliana Penrose


Blood Status:
Pureblood (from old British colony Saint Helena)

Ebony & Redwood – Unicorn Hair – 9 ¾” – Supple (Click for Pic)



Magic School They Attended:
Hogwarts, House Gryffindor

What Job Do They Have:
Employee at the Misuse Of Muggle Artifacts Office
(will apply for Head of this Ministry Office)

Liliana can be described as the human version of a hummingbird: bubbling with energy and excitingly nervous about the smallest of things. She’s a genuine optimist, the kind of girl that looks towards life as an endless series of opportunities and possibilities. Always smiling and easy to laugh she’s a social butterfly who wishes to share her enthusiasm with the world. For that she’s drawn not to similar people but to gloomy sulky characters who in her eyes are in dire need for a bright light entering their lives…

Though a pureblood, Liliana like most Penrose’s doesn’t  follow the old “pureblood” code. Allowed to make her own path in life she’ll not submit to the belief that men are her superiors or those of ‘lesser’ blood are beneath her. In fact she’s quite different from the stereotype pureblood as she’s fascinated by all things Muggle related. Their – in her eyes strange – approach to things intrigue her especially the whole scientific developments that replace magic in their world…

Caution is a world missing in her vocabulary as Liliana does nothing ‘half-ass’. In her work she throws herself head first in whatever project she gets assigned. In love she puts her heart on the line in each relation, believing every guy the One despite all the painful failures in the past. In a sense that boldness to put herself out there was what got her sorted in Gryffindor; it got her noticed in Hogwarts, later in the Ministry of Magic and in her everyday life outside of work and school…

But no person is without their character flaws and Liliana Penrose is no exception to that statement. She can be stubborn as a mule once she set her mind to things. Stubbornness aside, Liliana is a deluded idealist favoring animals and Muggles sometimes over her own kind. When angry she gets cheeky, saying what’s on her mind without a filter and without a care to whom those upset words are directed. And at times she can be naïve, consciously blind to the obvious because it suits her better…

Political Alignment:

Special Ability or Trait:
Liliana is superbly apt at Charms (Outstanding N.E.W.T. score), her favorite field of studies nowadays applied to the bewitching of Muggle artefacts in her spare time. Often asked to collaborate with the Portkey Office her talents for Muggle repelling wards is immensely appreciated…

Capable of casting a full  body Patronus charm, Liliana uses the memory of driving a Muggle car for the first time to conjure the “white light” Spinner Dolphin. Thusfar she’s not been able to test the charm in the field as Dementors are now kept at bay by the ministry and Lethifolds are non-existent where she grew up…

During her Third year in Hogwarts, Liliana discovered her fondness for magical creatures and with it the talent to take care of such beings. Unicorns in particular are drawn to her positivism, a fortunate coincidence that awarded her with an Outstanding on her Care for Magical Creatures N.E.W.T.

Family History:
Originally a Pureblood lineage from Cambridge the Penrose’s were liberal minded individuals often considered ‘revolutionaries’ in their time. Often lending their knowledge and magic to the local Muggles, their interference could be viewed as endangering the secrecy of the Magical world. Many wizards and witches of that time frowned upon their interactions with Muggles and eventually began to shun them. In Diagon Alley the Penrose’s became unwelcome guests in a number of local taverns and only Ollivander’s remained willing to deal with them.  But the Penrose’s simply didn’t care, continuing to assist the Muggle community in their struggles. That’s until the late conclusion of the Dark Ages…

Noticed by the Church, their magical influence in the city of Cambridge no longer eluded their attention. This resulted in a trial which if not for the Penrose’s talent at Legimency would have ended their bloodline like so many atop a public execution pyre. Instead the Penrose’s fled, calling in some favors in order to find refuge in the British colonies. In 1659AD the Penrose’s accompanied the first Governor of Saint Helena and settled down on the island where they lived a reclusive life for generations. They no longer aided the Muggles, still offering advice and the occasional tonic and potion to those seeking them out. But otherwise the Penrose’s stuck to their colonial style mansion overlooking the bay outside of Jamestown…

Today the Penrose family consists of seven living members, six of them remaining on Saint Helena while one returned to the UK to pursue a career in the Ministry of Magic. Grandfather Edmond Penrose is a retired Obliviator who recently celebrated his ninetieth birthday in the company of his wife Melissa (née Tripe). His son Dwayne Penrose is an antiquarian who together with his wife Amanda (née Goldstein) owned a shop specialized in magical and non-magical artifacts from the Colonial Era. Together they have two children, their eighteen year old son Philippe and their twenty-six year old daughter Liliana. The last member in this generation is their aunt Gretchen Penrose, a reclusive herbologist living in the rural district of Blue Hill…

Childhood & School History
Saint Helena is a dream for raising children and so it was for the latest generation of Penrose’s. First to continue their legacy was the golden haired Liliana, a hyper-active minx that used to run around the gardens chasing butterflies. Liliana grew up in paradise and it showed in her  infinite optimism. As a young girl she’d venture in the forest looking for the unicorns and her mother would always find her “Lily” playing with the young unicorn foals. Other days she’d find Liliana out in the bay trying to chase the dolphins that roamed those waters. Liliana had a marvelous childhood with only the brief exception of her brother being born when she was already eight years old. She loved her baby brother Philippe but one can hardly expect an eight year old to understand why infants cry all night long…

On her eleventh birthday the letter from Hogwarts arrived via owl informing Liliana that she too was accepted into the finest school for Witchcraft and Wizardry. Every Penrose since the origins of their name had attended Hogwarts and most did so proudly representing the gold and crimson of Gryffindor. Liliana was no exception to that rule for the Sorting Hat took but a few seconds before coming to its conclusion. Seven years she spent under the Lion’s banner, making friends, enemies and acquiring all the skills and knowledge that she’d require in her later life. In her Third year Liliana opted for Care for Magical Creatures and Muggle Studies as her electives, both subjects having ever fascinated the young woman. Her O.W.L. examinations were a modest success, achieving an Outstanding on both her electives in addition to Charms and Transfiguration and three more passing scores that qualified her for N.E.W.T. courses: Defense against Dark Magic, Astronomy and Herbology. Completing her Hogwarts education she graduated with N.E.W.T.’s in Charms, Care for Magical Creatures, Herbology, Muggle Studies and Transfiguration…

During her sixth and seventh year at Hogwarts Liliana did two summer internships at the Ministry of Magic, first for the Wizengamot Administrations Office and last for the Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office. Her first internship was a complete failure as the work proved too dull and tedious for the energetic girl’s liking. Buried beneath piles of paperwork she found herself drowning in the boring bureaucracy that was part of the Ministry’s duties. The next year she however discovered her passion in life as Misuse was a revelation. Hearing stories of its now-former and retired Head Arthur Weasley kindled the spark that was her love for anything and everything Muggle-made. That internship led to an adventurous career (underpaid and underappreciated) at the Ministry of Magic’s Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office…

Adult and Professional History
After graduating Liliana Penrose received a letter of recommendations in Arthur Weasley’s hand that opened the door to her first job as assistant to the Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office. Excited about this golden opportunity, she packed up her belongings back at Saint Helena and moved to a tiny apartment in London to embark on her new career. For the first two years she spent most of her time behind that desk, filing reports and logging confiscated “tampered” objects for archives. Then one of the employees retired and through sheer default (and lack of candidates) Liliana was given the opportunity to step up to the plate. Six years now she’s been working as a full-time Misuse employee. In that period she confiscated over ten dozen cursed Muggle objects while in her spare time trying to recreate or repair several of those artefacts into proper working order. Much like the legend of that tiny Ministry office she grew obsessed with Muggle items and every free moment she spends trying to understand the ‘science’ behind those things. Now the Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office is short-handed as Arthur’s replacement resigned from his post as head of the Office. Perhaps now Liliana might apply for that position knowing she has the experience and the passion for this small department in the Ministry of Magic…

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