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Zachary Tudor [Adult]

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1 Zachary Tudor [Adult] on Sat Dec 19, 2015 2:46 am



Zachary Elijah Tudor
The happiest time in any man’s life is just after the first divorce…

Basic Information

Zachary Elijah Tudors

Face Claim:
Daniel Craig




(thrice married, thrice divorced)

Blood Status:

Caucasian / British-Norwegian


Unicorn Hair





Career Choice:
Reporter for Daily Prophet

Career Experience:
Nearly 30 years

Career History:
Zach started working for the Daily Prophet upon graduation as an intern on Bad News. For nearly 8 months he went unpublished, just another ambitious lad going nowhere.  

But then everything changed when on June 24th he was walking across the Millennium Bridge. That Death Eater attack gave Zach his first byline. Before the Second Wizarding War was over, he had already a number of publications in his name.

Today Zach is one of the senior reporters for the Daily Prophet, specialized in Bad News. Death Eater attacks, magical catastrophes and all other calamities in the wizarding world are his signature journalistic topics.

Known Publications:
Millennium Disaster (Debut Article)
Derailed Madness (Front page Debut)
Victory at a Cost (Battle of Hogwarts)
Hunter or Hunted (Snatcher criticism)
Justice Failed (report on Death Eaters)
Darkness Triumphs (Dumbledore’s Death)
Deathly Consequence (on Cursed Objects)
Our Hero Fallen (death of Ronald Weasley)
Bloody Rebellion (story on the Luddos Mob)
City Ablaze (report on the Fiendfyre attacks)


Master of Apparition
Superb Dramatic Writer
Talent for Defensive Spells
Excellent Judge of Character
Prying Information from People
Decent Athlete (Gymnastics & Running)


Zach is an obsessed man cursed with too much ambition and too little time. He’s one of those people that sacrificed it all for his job and did so with even blinking an eye. Addicted to seeing his name at the bottom an article, he’s like a bull charging head first into danger. When he gets a whiff of a story, everything else is forfeit be this colleagues, friends or even family for a scoop.

In his profession one might forget there’s more to Zach than just the next story. Being a learned man, his savvy comes from books, research and the network of contacts that he built up with the years. He’s not exactly a social butterfly but has the skills to pry loose the lips of people holding the information he desires. Charming the secretary,  drinking with an Auror or stumbling into an office, he’s known to work a different kind of magic to get his exclusive story.

While a father and husband, Zach isn’t exactly a family man. Truth be told he shies away from such responsibilities and runs away when things get too serious. Escaping in his work he ruined three marriages, an engagement and several relations that gave him a total of nine kids. Zach prefers his alone time above all, wanting to escape work by coming home for a strong drink.




Hair color:
Blonde but greying

Eye color:
Grey with a hint of blue

Body Type:
Mesomorph Athletic

School History

House Sorted:

School Years:
Like most Britain born wizards, Zach attended Hogwarts for 7 years. Sorted in Ravenclaw for his academic wit, it soon became clear that he had all the smarts to do great things. His penmanship ensured ‘Outstanding’ grades on nearly all his O.W.L. and later his N.E.W.T. classes. Only on Divination did he ever receive a failing grade.

Personal History

Zach was born as the first of three sons to Ser Edward Tudor and his wife Olga Dahl. His younger brothers Markus and Elliot were born five years later though neither would live to see their fourteenth birthday. Olga was published alchemist who met her husband on her trip to London. Love at first sight they’d say and Zach was often envious of his parents relation. That perfect family took a vicious blow during the Second Wizarding War when Markus was killed by snatchers and Elliot fell during the Battle of Hogwarts. His folks had eachother to deal with the loss, Zach had his work at the Daily Prophet.

When Zach turned twenty he met his first wife Emily though theirs was no true love. From the start they had issues and when Emily got pregnant Zach found comfort in the bed of the Minister’s secretary. That woman would eventually become wife number three, a shrewd lady named Margo who cared more for money than anything else. In between there was Juliette, the one true love that he let slip through his fingers. That one hit him the hardest because it was the one relation he hoped would last. With Juliette he had four children, two boys and two twin girls though Zach never met twins. That marriage ended when Juliette found out about his affair(s), with the nanny, his assistant, two interns and then the Minister’s secretary again.

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