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Xanthiphilia Lucidique Phalidemoclivardis

[tʃænðɪfɪlɪæ - luʃɪdɪkə - fælɪdəmɒklɪværdiʒ]

Elizabeth Báthory (human name, suspected)
Xantie (for everyone)
Lucidique (for Grither)

I know indeed what evil I intend to do,
but stronger than all my afterthoughts is my fury,
fury that brings upon mortals the greatest evils.

Eve in the garden gives Adam a hard on
And no one will pardon the snake
Look who invents him and later torments him
Then makes us repent our mistakes

Godfather: Grither
Rival: Pinhead (NPC)



Social Status:
Lingerie Model

Note: Infertile!

Relationship Status:

Age - Looks:

Age - Actual:
279 (since Date of her Reckoning)
Real age: unknown (see bio)

Thermes de Cluny in 18th century Paris

Date of Reckoning:
13th February

Current residence:

Other residences before hollows:
Thermes de Cluny in 18th century Paris

Hair Color:
Chocolate brown with bronze highlights

Eye Color:
Russet Brown with fulvous detail pattern

5ft 10 ½ in

112.44 lbs

Skin tone:
Caucasian naturally bronzed

Blood Type:

# Bust: 34 in
# Waist: 24 ½ in
# Hips: 35 ½ in
# Cup: 34D
#Shoe size: 7
#Glove size: 6 ½
#Inseam: 31 in

Chain Projection
Chain Projection is a feared ability used to manifest lengths of chain from the fathoms of her native realm to ensnare and rend her victims into pieces. Deathly chains with bladed hooks are conjured out of this air through portals opened between the earth and the Schism, the hooks latching into her victims’ flesh upon which they’re pulled back into their origins, ripping apart their flesh and severing limbs. It’s a violent, though multi-functional ability not only reserved for physical combat or torture; it can be used to restrain assailants, but also to scale tall structures, repel into deep areas and move objects too heavy for her to carry herself physically. The amount of chains projected from the Schism is infinite and made off an indestructible alloy that requires one to remove the hooks agonizingly from their flesh to break free. There are certain limitations to this skill, for the control over their movement is limited to straight trajectories without bends or turns…

Interdimensional Teleportation
Originally from another dimension known as the Schism, Xantie can travel between the earth’s realm and the Schism once her Lament Configuration is activated. From this point forward she can instantaneously move from one location to another without physically occupying the space in between through using the Schism as her portal. The instant movement from one location to the other isn’t combat-orientated, rather a mere tool to transcend towards the person who’ve solved her Lament Configuration and come to the few entrusted with her true name. The use of this name functions as a summoning into the Schism calling forth her arrival, yet in desperate times she can also use the interdimensional teleportation to evade enemies and even move others rapidly from one place to the other. To travel through the Schism a sacrifice of flesh is required, which to Xantie is already paid, but whenever others demand to pass through this realm they’re bound to pay a fee in blood…

Xantie can think of a place or person, and observe with their mind what they are presently doing. Users may view a person’s present actions or may see important landmarks without having to be near to the target. Through this process she’s enabled to trace where targeted objects/subjects are located, followed by identify the whereabouts almost instantly without ever having been there. Training has allowed her to even guide her marked targets through their environment, gifting them with a mental map that avoids them from getting lost. The interpretation of these signs is open to her speculations, yet positioning is instantly. There are many limitations to her clairvoyance since she can only remote view through the eyes of those people who’ve solved the Lament Configuration or those branded with the mark that connects their souls to the Schism…

Like all Cenobites Xantie is a master necromancer of incomparable skill: she can reanimate the deceased into soulless empty vessels that will fend for their master, summon forth the souls of the damned who’re trapped between the world of the living and the death and in limited circumstances can bring people back to life through resurrection. Evidently limitations are bound to her abilities, every aspect facing certain boundaries she’s still unable to transgress. Reanimation is only functional upon long deceased bodies what’ve perished through an act of sin (murder, rape, treachery, etc). Summoning is only useable upon the souls she’s harvested herself or those belonging to the solvers of the Configuration. The last aspect of her necromancy is the most reserved to given circumstances upon the people she’s dragged into the Schism; victims taken alive into the Schism can be tortured to the point of total discorporation and reconstituted indefinitely if taken alive, but she cannot resurrect a person who has died by hands other than her own…

Pain Immunity
Xantie is entirely immune to physical pain of any kind, allowing her to think clearly and continue to move despite grievous injury. This immunity to pain comes from her origins within the Schism where she practices the gruesome art of mastering pain; she exposes herself sadistically to extreme conditions such as physical mutilations and torture, learning to render her mind entirely immune to the sting of pain. Initially practiced as an ability to be switched on and off based on given circumstances, Xantie now has no control over this natural absence of agony, making her permanently immune to it. This also leads to a drastically lowered physical sensation of anything touching her skin (outside & inside)…

Birth Marks:

Human Form

Cenobite Form
Skin peeled back around the neck, forming an open gate of her own flesh in the middle of her throat…
Skin carved from her skull forms a wide collar that stands like a lion’s mane with steel rods strung in…
Elaborate scarification across her entire body where flesh had been removed, exposing inner organs…
Chin spliced open, allowing her jaw to open like a demonic caliper with a prehensile forked tongue…

Human: none
Cenobite: scarification

Human: pierced ears, navel, labia
Cenobite: steel rod skin mane and countless inserted rods

Perfume The Beat by Burberry
Xantie has a distinct choice in eau de toilette found in the famed scent of The Beat by Burberry; with notes of Ceylon tea, pink pepper, mandarin, and white musk it makes for soothing yet vibrant perfume with a wide appeal to a particular class of men…

Natural Scent (human form)
Rose water and cherry blossom with a unique hint of spiced bitter anise…

Natural Scent (cenobite form)
The decayed stench of a body rotting months in sulfur scented sewerage…

Soft soothing melody with a odd pronunciation on the consonants “s” and “r” and “v”, similar to an French accent dating back to the turn of the 18th century. There’s an admirable flair to her voice with a note fairly similar to those naïve girls she works within the adult entertainment business (playful and provocative, but naughty and tempting at the same time)…

Harrowed whispers like rusted nails carving across aged blackboards, speaking seems to demand excruciating effort on her part. This deprives the dreaded voice of audible strength, yet adds a dark grimness to every word uttered across those blackened lips. The same odd pronunciation presents itself in demonic form, yet in worse conditions as those consonants are now unspeakable to her…

Fashion & Makeup:
Fashion (Human Form)
Xantie is hyper-sexual which transpires into her fashion sense that’s dominated by seductive lingerie, provocative dresses and tight-fitted clothing that emphasizes her natural curves and contours. She has a candid preference for natural products, especially of animal origins, which leaves her with a wardrobe filled with fur coats, leather outfits and endangered species-boas. There’s however a personal detest towards all synthetic materials crafted from polymers as she’s reluctant to comply with ongoing modernizations within this earthly world. Her most renowned fashion trademark is her luscious selection of French lingerie from the rarest unmatched craft, all custom tailored and ordered from famed designers from the City of Light where she was first summoned. Another trait is her affinity towards high heeled shoes for not a single flat piece of footwear has ever embraced her elegant feet; knee-high boots, stilettos, heeled pumps and open-toe heels are just a few of her praised collection…

Make-Up (Human Form)
Xantie has this demonic yet immensely seductive natural beauty that doesn’t require any form of make-up to accentuate her facial features, but through her professional field of work certain make-up is required and accompanied. Smokey eyes, light glossy lip balm and dark nail polish are the subtle hints of beauty-emphases that add to her appeal, yet in most circumstances these details aren’t present in her day to day appearance within Hollows’ streets. Whenever at work however these make-up accents are demanded off her to reflect more distinctly onto film, yet in many situations Xantie will set into the spotlight au naturelle…

Fashion (Cenobite Form)
Xantie in Cenobite form has no fashion sense as she’ll make her appearance entirely in the nude; through self-inflicted mutilations her skin has on countless places been torn open in the process of scarification, metal rods and wires keeping the wounds eternally opened. Her neck from the bottom of her chin to the V-line of her bust is spread like a wide gate; the flesh from her head ripped and carved out into a lion’s mane that gives her a daunting ominous appearance. Though nude entirely, the nakedness is remarkably concealed by the inflicted injuries that draw away the attention from exposed body parts including the distinct female attributes. Occasionally when surfacing as Cenobite in the city she will shroud her body into tight body-embracing leather/latex outfits that cover the remaining skin and expose the typical scarification marks with underlying organs visible…

Make-Up (Cenobite Form)
Xantie doesn’t utilize make-up in cenobite form, yet through the use of her own blood and that of her victims she traces various patterns and textures onto her skin. These symbols painted on her skin aren’t esthetic markings, but heinous pagan brands from the Schism that’s main intend is to embody fear. Lips tainted in darkened demon blood, eye shadow made from the gal of lycans, nails dyed with the stomach acid of vampires, various other creatures having all lost their lives to add new crests to the demonic appearance. Her Cenobite ‘make-up’ is in fact her personal score board to all victims she’s destroyed through her dark rise…

Sociability & Emotionality:
In society Xantie is an outside by personal choice, someone who remains within a limited amount of locations comfortable to her and wherever her summoner’s command her to be. She’s vile and cruel, horrible hostile towards all others but those converted to her current master’s rite.  Without a doubt she’ll use force and violence to punish those ignorant enough to dispute her heritage and those of all branded by the Schism. With a malicious nature originated through an era of dark practices and self-mutilation, depriving herself from common emotions and senses, she’s now rendered above the human entities she was spawn from, making her look down upon their insolence of an existence which can only be liberated through death…

Xantie is a bipolar individual with a natural two-faced persona; each face and matching personality reserved to one group of people in her life, one being those summoning her through the Lament Configuration, the other group consists of all other people in the world unsubmitting to the Rite. Outsiders are looked down upon, loathed in a heinous way that’s founded upon a vile arrogance.  Her behavior is founded into dark teachings which has tainted her personality to the extend rational emotions are stricken from her character. Towards the few who’ve activated the Lament Configuration and complied with the affiliated rules are blindly obeyed without question. In these circumstances she’s a submissive soul devoted towards he or she who’s opened the portal between the earth and the Schism. This obedience is however linked to an ill-temper, somewhat reluctant to continue granting her own life and abilities in service of another. This makes her a treacherous individual, not shunned off stabbing someone in the back or betraying them in a split second with deathly sting…

Strengths & Weaknesses:
Immunity to physical/mental pain (unbreakable to torture and violations!)
Access into Schism (time and laws of physics are differently defined there!)

Entirely dependent upon others to enter into this world
(only summoned to Earth through the Lament Configuration)

Interests & Hobbies:
Tantric Sex
BDMS & Bondage
Sadism & Torture
Cinematography (adult)
Rape, Sexual Abuse & Molestation

Sexual Public Violations
Corruption & Obsession
Misery, Sorrow & Suffering
Obsessive/Possessive People

Morality & Spirituality
Prude Religious People
Insecurity & Self-Loathing
Sexual Inhibitions & Restrictions

Vile, Arrogant, Malicious, Spiteful and Repugnant

Song and or Playlist: