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HITMAN: Tommi Cartwright (pt 1)

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1 HITMAN: Tommi Cartwright (pt 1) on Mon Feb 01, 2016 11:15 am



Tattoo'd Barcode #:  

Full Name:  
Tommi Sinister Cartwright  

Face Claim:  
Ben Barnes

24, 4th July  



Hair Color:  
Chestnut brown  

Eye Color:  
Deep Brown with Green


63kg or 139 lbs  

Rap Sheet:  
See Biography for more details

Betrayed his country for Emily Warszawski (deceased)
Recruited & trained by General Campbell (deceased)
Parents (Lilith: deceased, David: deceased)

Job Class:  
Hitman Sniper

Special Skills that can be offered to the E.A.O:  
Cartwright was a former military "Ghost", a military sniper/marksman who was hired to move behind enemy lines, beyond cette nations' juristiction and eliminate political enemies, while his government was able to deny his existance. Because of this, Tommi became an expert in surviving in the roughest of environment without any support or resources, while completing each of his missions with a single round getting fired from at least 2000 yards distance. This allowed him to terminate a target and getting away safely before the gunshot was even heard at the point of impact, something which would serve an assassin who considers stealth and anonymity as his top priorities best. Not only this appealing notion about his expertise as a sniper, but as well as his reputation of being a world record holder might serve EAO greatly, considering nobody beside of him had ever made a confirmed kill shot over a distance exceeding 3000 yards, where corporal Cartwright made the remarkable shot of 3011 yards that killed a Sovjet rebel leader, who'd set up camp in the wilderness of the Caucasus. This refined skill, which came from his unique approach to the ballistical calculations required to make cette hit, is something Tommi might be willing to share with the EAO elites, which would allow a new era of assassinations to start, where nobody in a 2 mile radius would be safe from the EAO's reach...  

Another useful skill Tommi Cartwright has to offer to the organisation would be his remarkable, nearly encyclopedic knowledge of ballistics and guns, where based solely upon the sound of the shot he can determine the gun model that was used, the customisations made to the weapon, analysing the worst fragmented bullets to calculate the distance and angle the gun was used from. With this knowledge it enables him to customise guns to each desired preferance, erasing potential traces that might be used for the identification of the marksman/shooter in question. This way the EAO would become able to eliminate the only piece of evidence an elite still might leave behind during a job, allowing them to get away with murder even when they got arrested by the authorities or worse, the Resistance upon lack of evidence to the charges. Beside of offering a ticket out of execution, his understanding of balistics can be wield to frame the competition, using the authorities to eliminate other assassin organisations that might cut into the EAO's business, granting a total monopoly on the bloodmarket which equals more financial income for the group, increasing their reputation even more rapidly...  

Motivation for joining the E.A.O:  
There's much turbulence concerning Corporal Tommi Sinister Cartwright joining the Elite Assassins Organisation, better knows as EAO, yet much uncertainty still linger around this subject. Amongst his fellow recruits a bunch of different varieties go around, going from him being a traitor to his being a spy for the Resistance, two plausible version, yet none containing the truth, which is only known by the EAO's current boss Shiloh and the elites that were entrusted with this information. Corporal Tommi Sinister Cartwright, well better been said former corporal used to be a Ghost agent for the US military, in charge of terminating political opponents, self appointed dictators and untouchables beyond the juristiction of the nations' borders, but after the Gulag incident Tommi had been discharged of the force without any official reason for his resignation upon which he became a free agent, a mercenary that worked for the highest bidder, doing the very same thing he did for his country except for a higher salary without all the political rules. After working as an independant assassin Tommi had simply grown tired of ridiculous jobs, never able of showing off his true potential with basic hits, which made him start his search for the mythical beast that ruled the streets, this alleged EAO everyone has been taking about...  

Any past experiences? If so, Explain:  
At the young age of 6, Tommi's grandfather took him out hunting for deer in North Dakota, introducing him to the Mosin-Nagant rifle bolt action rifle that he'd picked up during his time on the European frontlines in the Great War. With this vintage gun he started practicing long distance shots over 800 yards in his backyard, showing a remarkable talent for the trait. During his entire adolescent years Cartwright spent his weekends hunting and signing up for marksman competitions, winning prizes in each contest he joined till he eventually got noticed by a military draft officer who offered him a sholarship to the snipers academy of the United States Military. Here he became the legendary marksman that would get the world record of furtest kill shot made by man, for the first time breaking the 3000 yard barrier  

After finishing the military sniper academy top of his class, he was recruited by the CIA, who trained him as a Ghost agent at the age of 18, that completed 6 succesfull missions, stacking up an impressive headcount of 37 confirmed kills over an average distance of 2119 yards. During the four years that he served his country, he earned himself eleven medals of honor and several exceptional letters of recommandation all mentioning his remarkable skill, his loyalty towards his country and most of all his dedication and need for perfection that he pursuit in his work. However after his last mission, Tommi was discharged of the force (for more info see background history), upon which he decided to go solo, starting his carrier as a freelance sniper for hire, which earned him another 21 kills in 2 years including 3 escapes of the authorities in urban environments.  


Any physical disadvantages? If so, state them:  
  • Tommi Cartwright is completely deaf in his right ear, an injury caused by the repetitive exposure to the loud sound of the sniper rifle being fired, without having worn the proper safety gear to protect his inner ear structure.  

  • After being hit by a mortar shell in one of his mission to South America, his entire body is scattered with fragment scars, all rather superficial, except for a large cut along his right knee that has severed the ligaments, which has caused him to walk with a slight limb.  

    Any genetic disorders or illness that should be known? If so, state them:  
  • Suffers from tremors in the left hand caused by a dyskinetic disorder in his brain. This is a condition he has been burdened with since birth, to which he's adapted his fighting style and gun grip posture. (no longer has any influence on his actions)  

  • Tommi Cartwright is a cigarette addict, smoking nearly two packs a day, making it a strange sight to see him without a lit smoke shoved between his lips. However during training or missions he goes without his favourite addiction as the heat and light coming from the lit end might give away his position...  

    Weapons used:  
    DSR-Precision GmbH DSR-1 with .338 Lapua Magnum (weapon of choice)  
    Zastava M93 Black Arrow (support missions only)  
    Most sniper rifles except the Barret M95 SP  
    Heckler & Kock USP-SD (sidearm)

    Physical Appearance:    
    Cartwright is a tiny man reaching barely 5ft3 of an average build with a boyish appearance making many of people understimate the potential risk that he poses. Beside of restricted height another of his physical traitmarks can be found in him always wearing a baseball cap that always matched with the colour of his trousers, that usually consist out of combat pants with multiple pockets on the sides. Everything else about his dressing style is basic, which is the key word in everything that envolves this former military officer, being dressed in a simply monochrome Tshirt abscent of logo's or prints under a sleeveless jacket? In an attempt to appear to be older he'd recently started to grow a thin goatie to go along with his buzz cut hairstyle, just like the average jarhead, while the only hint of a stylish appearance comes from the slick pair of shades that he wears, as well as the custom earpiece for his left ear, having learned a lesson the hard way.  

    However when Cartwright suits up for combat, he'll usually opt for the dense ghillie suit which he's sown himself out of a standard issue camouflage net upon which he's carefully placed a large variety of dried leaves, twigs and grass, forming a shubbery like appearance that allows him to blend in perfectly in green environments such as forests and jungles, having however another ghillie suit for each other surrounding such as snowfields or urban locations. Underneath this typical sniper attire he's equipped with a riot jacket, fingerless gloves and a camo overall that he wears over his normal clothing to isolate his body heat while being completely wind and waterproof so he can remain stationed in the harshest weather conditions. Last is the knee pad he wears only on top of his right knee (weak!) to add some additional level of protection to his person, while at the same time allowing him to kneel down upon this fragile joint to take a shot out of a crouched position.  

    Cartwright is a very secretive person who values his privacy greatly, making him usually choose for a life isolated from others preferably even in silence. Considering his background it's not to surprising that he has severe trust issues, causing him to steer clear from getting to know people on a personal level as well as letting other get to know the real Tommi. Beside of this near asocial behaviour, Tommi has a streak of arrogance lingering in his attitude, that only expresses itself when in the pressence of someone superior in rank, making him look for a confrontation either on a verbal but as well on a physical level. This foul side of his character shows in his signature smirk that gave him the nickname Sinister, while at the same he spits like a camel whenever he sees through someone's bluff. Getting nervous is something he doesn't show towards the outer world, masking it behind his cigarette, that since he smokes almost 24/7 is a pretty good cover up, yet one thing however can get his heart to skip a beat, being flight. Tommi has had an absolute hatred for aviary travel eversince the Gulag mission, making him awefully talkative whenever he awaits lift-off or landing.  

    The positive sides of Cartwright lay in his need for personal perfection and immaculate precision that to some might seem like OCD. After having spend several years behind enemy lines, Tommi has become absolutely obsessed with keeping everything perfectly clean and fresh, especially his favourite rifle, who he takes apart at least three times a day, cleaning and oiling each and every single piece individually before reassebling it. This goes the same for his ghillie suits, where he works on, customising it for each mission individually, putting a lot of time and effort in perfecting it. This side of him has fired up a need of knowledge as well, making him digg himself deep within ballistic archives, analysing bullets, maps and equipment for potential flaw, weaknesses and potential dangers, that he's willing to use to help and improve not only his own abilities but those of others as well.  

    Humor wise Cartwright is an odd bird, constantly using sarcastic comments and mocking phrases to lighten up his days on the expense of others, yet this aspect of his person is indiscriminant to rank or background, making him lash out to elites, high rank officers and his superiors just as easely as towards rookies and fellow recruits all to brighten up the harsh life of an assassin, coping with the problems and worries that come from this. Oddly enough he responds rather positively towards sarcasm directed to himself, often just laughing it off and countering it with his own stroke of grim humor, always in the mood for a little prank...  

    Background History:    
    24 years ago on the evening of Independence Day, a young boy was born in the Cartwirght residency in a small community near the Northern border of Minnesota and Canada, where under the watchfull eye of Lilith and David Cartwright he let out his first and final scream ever. During his entire youth for some odd reason Tommi never cried or even screamed even when he got hurt, making his grandfather Thomas refer to him as Sinister, till it eventually caught on with the rest of the family and even his friends. As he started to go to school, it swiftly became apparent he would be just another face in the crowd, his grades being just average, his popularity limited to a select group of friends who'd he never seen once he'd left for highschool abroad. This made him feel like a ghost wandering the corridors, leaving no impression on his peer that would make him in any way memorable. However outside of school an exceptional gift rose to the surface on the day his grandfather Thomas took young Tommi to go hunting for deer across the Canadian border. Here for the first time the young boy held his grandfather's rifle that usually hung above the fireplace, drawing him in like a moth to a flame. With the sturdy weight of the wooden finish of the Mosin Nagant helding firmly in his hands the kid Tommi peering through the magnifying scoop looking for the buck they'd been trailing for hours as his grandfather walked in front of him. Suddenly he spotted the antlers of the deer hidden in the dense shrubbery that grew near the tree bases, making Tommi kneel down while his grandfather inconspiciously kept walking on. As with utmost care the boy adjusted the scoop making for a clear view of the target, with a firm pull on the trigger a loud blow errupted into the woods, causing all birds to scatter from their nests and alerting teh grandfather of his grandson's actions. As the old man turned around he witnessed the smoke rising of the gun barrel, Tommi simply rubbing his shoulder from the recoil and at nearly 800 yards the inanimate corpse of a large male deer from which head a thin line of crimson leaked upon the mossy surface. A marksman was born, the old gent figured as the kid simply stood there, the stock of the gun carefully rested upon the ground as he watched in awe at the first kill he'd ever made in his entire life...  

    Eversince the first kill he made half a dozen years ago during his hunting trip with his grandfather, Tommi has started to go on his weekly hunting trips across the border, where he became a phenomenom amongst his fellow hunters for his exceptional talent with the rifle, hitting targets far beyond the range of most marksman of that particular caliber gun. Winning each competition he signed up for, gaining trophies of all shapes and sizes, young Cartwright came to the age to go to highschool, once more showing little to no exceptional results on an educational level, failing most of his courses either due to his lack of effort or simply because of the fact he skipped the majority of his classes. The teenager refused to give into common demands, wandering through the corridors during his lessons he spend most of his time vandalizing school property or threatning his fellow students with his grandfather's rifle which he kept hidden in his school locker. Of all the courses he was obliged to follow he only attended mathematics and physics as both of these classes carried usuable information to improve his marksmanship, which he practiced most of the time when skipping classes by teaching himself the fine art of ballistics, being already able of naming each gun available of the market with their specification before graduating highschool. As his social contacts started to decrease in numbers after the unfortunate incident in which he'd lost his temper, beating the teeth out of his best friend Jonah's mouth, breaking some ribs of Lennart, who' had grown up with Tommi after a despute had gotten out of hand, Tommi profiled himself as an outcast, taking pleasure in his solitute. Living on the edge of society after his parents had died in a blazing car crash, leaving Tommi alone to live in his family residency, left to fend for himself since his two other brothers had been taken away by child services to a new foster home, he became completely self efficiant, working a small time job on the shooting range where he was in charge of maintaining the quality of th rental guns. It was because of this profession, Tommi was introduced to the Sniper Academy of the United States, who offered him a full scholarship after Cartwright took an accurate shot over a mindblowing distance of 1800 yards with a class A rifle during the Mandaine Tournement...  

    Sniper Academy  
    Upon the arrival at the Sniper Academy of the United States, Tommi Cartwright found himself amongst peers for the first time in his life as most of the fellow recruits here were skilled soldiers with expectations of becoming a sniper either for the military or for law enforcement after having been selected from the finest military academies across the planet. Now in the prescense of these troopers, Tommi being the youngst amongst the new recruits faced the fact he no longer would be able to push people around, based solely on his talent with a gun, which shook up his world drastically. Cartwright started to train every day, attempting to match the skills of his co-students, spending his free time on the obstacle courses hoping to impress the general that overlooked his progress from the top floor window that offered a view on the courtyard. As the gap between his own skill started to close into his peers, Cartwright decided to devote himself to his marksmanship, picking up the first sniper rifle he walked by in the armory being the PGM.338 Hecate II and headed out to the shooting range in the middle of the night to practice his long range shooting. Crouched down on the roof, stabilizing his barrel with a bag of sugar, Tommi peered through the scoop, his finger entangled with the modulating wheel that with gentle clicks enhanced the view of the small metal can he'd placed exactly 2000 yards away. Patiently he remained in hiding through the entire night, waiting for the exact moment that the general in charge would open up his curtains, witnessing the tremendous flash above his window followed by the can exploded under the impact of the shot. Surprised by the accuracy displayed by the youngest recruit, General Campbell summoned Cartwright to his office to discuss his ambitions and options after graduating from the Academy, offering a unique recommendation letter for a classified position in the government. Cartwright sat in silence as the elder gentleman started to present the notorious Ghost operations to the recruit, reassigning him to a position in the CIA, where he'd become one of the most skilled marksman ever, a governmental assassin traveling behind the enemy lines to terminate political targets and potential terrorism threats...  

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