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Yennefer D'aerthe [Hufflepuff]

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1 Yennefer D'aerthe [Hufflepuff] on Thu Mar 31, 2016 7:19 am



Yennefer D’aerthe

Vitality and Beauty are gifts of Nature for those who live according to its laws

Basic Information

Yennefer D’aerthe

Yen (for friends)

Face Claim:
Katie Stevens



Female (very girly)

Bi-curious (gay when tipsy)

Blood Status:
Mother is halfblood –father is pureblood

Caucasian / Galician

No political alignment
Environmental activism


Unicorn Hair

Faux Ivory Handle

9 ¾”

Surprisingly flexible

Wand Maker:
Ollivander’s in Diagon Alley


Gifted at animal Conjuration spells (Non-Verbal)
Apt at Nature-based spells (Orchideous charm)
Talent for Herbology (Crossbreeding flowers)
Corporal Patronus: Spanish Ibex
Adequate Duellist (Defensively)
Decent Magical Harp Player


Metal Allergies
Yennefer is severely allergic to a whole array of metal alloys including copper, pewter and nickel. This affects her in daily life quite a bit, such as preventing her from wearing certain jewelry. In her academic life it proved a detriment in Potions class since she can’t touch her own cauldron…

Yennefer has a paralyzing fear of spiders. When coming across of the eight-legged freaks, she’ll shriek from the top of her lungs and climb atop the nearest table or chair. Once she was spooked so badly by a spider that she blew up half her dorm room with a Blasting Curse…


Yennefer grew up in a ‘hippy’ household which inspired her liberal view on things. She’s a carefree spirit that shies away from responsibilities. Calm and relaxed, she can’t stand deadlines or stress nor can she tolerate such people around her…

She is however one with nature. This means she can spent entire days in the outdoors on her own, just enjoying the weather. Most her spare time is spent carrying for her flowers to whom she strangely enough talks at times. There is some vanity involved there though, superficial as it might sound, she values beauty above all other things…

But Yen definitely has her flaws. She can be naïve at times and patience is certainly not her strong suit. She’s a true idealist as well, the kind of person that doesn’t budge an inch from her believes however foolish they might seem. Add to that no small amount of stubbornness and she can prove quite a handful…


5 feet 2

117 pounds

Hair color:
Soft Amber

Eye color:
Forest Green

Body Type:
Petite & Busty

School History

Current School Year:
Seventh Year

School History:
Academically Yen has been through quite a rollercoaster with grades on both sides of the fence. When it comes to the classes she adores, her grades are beyond excellent with O.W.L. scores of E and higher. In most other classes she’s been sorely lacking, passing each year by the skin of her teeth…

When it came to deciding what electives to pick, Yen’s third year proved a real nightmare. She couldn’t make up her mind so after picking classes and ditching them a few lessons later, she eventually decided on Care of Magical Creatures and Divination…

Beside the standard curriculum, Yen has also been working in the greenhouses in her spare time on an Herbology project for the past two years. Under supervision she’s been trying to crossbreed Spiky Bushes with endangered flowers in the hopes of giving nature a more effective way to defend against Muggle abuse (flower picking and deforestation)…

Favorite Subjects:
Herbology, Charms and Transfiguration

Dropped Subjects:
DADA, Potions, Astronomy and Divination

Personal History

Yennefer was the blessed love child of landscape painter Serge D’aerthe and animal activist Isolde Hennessy. The couple never married, seeing that they didn’t believe in the Hollywood version of love. Instead Serge and Isolde decided to raise their little girl in their own, hippy way which basically meant growing up without rules. This meant becoming a ‘vegan idealistic pacifist’ that lived off the land in the magnificent countryside of Galicia…

The family moved a lot during Yen’s early years. She didn’t mind though, seeing this life as one big adventure taking her to wondrous places. Ofcourse Yen didn’t know her folks were constantly rebelling against Muggle and Wizarding innovation and expansion. Only in her early teens did their daughter become aware of her parents’ activism…

When Yen came of age, an owl from her mother’s home country arrived bearing the good news. Yennefer D’aerthe was accepted into Hogwarts. This led to some serious arguments in their free-spirited home with her dad finally admitting there was merit in his daughter attending a school for witchcraft and wizardry. For that reason they moved to UK…

Yen got her wand and other school stuff in the same place as most her peers. Still attending Hogwarts proved challenging for a girl raised in a hippy commune out in the middle of nowhere. She did made friends quickly enough, one girl in particular she took a liking to. Amanda Wallace was a housemate of hers and in many aspect the polar opposite of the young Yen. For four years they were inseparable that’s until Amanda transferred to Beauxbatons for the last three years of their magical education…

Somewhat lost without her friend, Yennefer threw herself in her work at the Hogwarts greenhouses. It’s why the past two years were spent in utter anonymity, only seen by peers during their classes together and in the late hours when she retired to the common room. After her O.WL.s she ditched every subject that she didn’t care for leaving her now with the lean N.E.W.T. schedule that solely included CMC, Herbology, Charms and Transfiguration. Now her final year had come around the corner and Yen is doing her best to work towards her dream job of becoming an Herbologist and environmental activitst…

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