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Gabrielle Delacour [Adult]

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1 Gabrielle Delacour [Adult] on Thu Mar 31, 2016 7:20 am



Gabrielle Delacour
Sometimes we need a little magic

Basic Information

Gabrielle Delacour

Gabi (by family & friends)

Face Claim:
Maria Sharapova





Blood Status:

Caucasian / French


Veela Hair


9 ¾”



Career Choice:
Abraxan breeder

Career Experience:
6 years

Career History:
Gabrielle took the longest sabbatical after graduating her 7th year at Beauxbatons. In fact for the next twelve years she drifted around the world looking for her place in it all. She traveled all the time, only heading home for the holidays or when she ran out of money. Turning thirty made her realize she had to grow up and settle down.

Without any past experience, the Delacour family called in some favors and got Gabrielle a post at Beauxbatons (assistant CMC professor). There she rekindled with an old passion of hers, falling in love with the herd of Abraxans. Two years later she quit her teaching job and began taking care of the herd full time. Today she’s responsible for the horses needed for the Beauxbatons carriage.


Speaks 11 languages fluently
Gifted gymnast (floor exercise)
Inherently blessed at seduction
Talented with magical creatures
Expert in transformation charms
French champion winged horse racing


Gabrielle may feature a striking resemblance to her sister, personality wise they couldn’t be more different. Loud, eager to get in the spotlight and lacking the genuine charm of Fleur, she proved quite a challenge for her parents. After the traumatic events of the Triwizard Tournament Gabrielle started acting out, rebelling against authority and defying her parents’ expectations in an attempt to step out of her sister’s shadow…

She does however hold fast to some principles like carrying for her family and sticking up for her believes. For her sis or her nieces and nephews she’d go through hell and back especially her godchild Victoire. Unlike Fleur though she isn’t direct in her approach. She gets catty and intentionally harmful to get her point across…

But Gabrielle didn’t walk away from the Triwizard Tournament completely unharmed. To this day she can’t come near a lake or sea without getting weak in her knees. Anything that lives in water creeps her out and even visiting her sister at the Shell Cottage demands a sacrifice on her part. No wonder that a Boggart takes on the form of a Grindylow for her…




Hair color:
Silvery blonde

Eye color:
Dark blue

Body Type:
Athletic & tall

School History

While Fleur kept setting the bar higher, Gabrielle did her best to lower her parents’ expectations at any given moment. At Beauxbatons their little girl struggled to keep up with her classwork, her grades in a downward spiral since the Second Task.

Gabrielle did have some classes where she shined. Magical creatures especially ‘equines’ seemed to love her, which explained her Outstanding grades for C.M.C. While Fleur had Charms, she had Transfiguration especially Transformation spells.

Personal History

Born in the same home of the famous Fleur Delacour, Beauxbatons’ champion at the Triwizard Tournament, Monsieur Delacour and Apolline Delacour greeted their second daughter Gabrielle in the summer of 1986. A bubbly girl from the start, she was known to racing around the family home on some imaginary adventure. Unlike her big charming sister, Gabrielle was that kind of lady that would smile with people watching and stick out her tongue the instance they turned their back…

What took place during her early years was no secret. In fact that Second Task in 1994 would forever mark her as ‘Fleur’s little sister saved by Harry Potter from the Black Lake’. Even after Fleur graduated, Gabrielle struggled to get out of the woman’s shadow. Maybe that’s why she started to slack at school. Maybe that’s why she began rebelling against authority. Still she hung in there till graduation, getting tolerable grades on her O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s to show for it…

After Beauxbatons Gabrielle felt lost; uncertain about what she wanted in life and doubting who she was, she took a sabbatical from ‘real life’. A long one in fact because for twelve years she had herself a lovely vacation. Visiting the historic cities of Europe, the many natural miracles in the world and meeting all kinds of people along the way, Gabrielle became the cool “aunt” exploring places unknown. Then her thirties came around the corner and she decided to settle down, turning her passion into a profession…

Realizing she’d just turned 30 with her big sister already happily married with children, Gabrielle decided to take life serious for a change. Easier said than done with no actual ‘skills’ to her name. Her dad called in some favors though, arranging for Gabrielle to start at Beauxbatons as a substitute C.M.C. professor. With her natural gift for animals and the school’s fondness for equine-like creatures, Gabrielle proved quite fit for the job. After two years she even decided to make a career out of it, taking over the Abraxan breeding for the periwinkle blue Beauxbatons’ carriage…

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