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Trowa Maxwell [Slytherin]

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Trowa Maxwell

I can't stand the weak. They're always nervous about when they might be next attacked. They can't trust anybody and they never have an opinion of their own. I can't stand such people!

Basic Information

Trowa Maxwell

T (friends)
Styx (artist name)
Doll Boy (Muggle taunt)

Face Claim:
Vini Uehara





Blood Status:
(Mother: Banshee)
(Father: Pureblood)

Caucasian / Irish



Banshee Hair


No distinct markings on the wood



Wand Maker:
Keith Weyland


Hand of Glory Owner
Vicious Offensive Duelist
Practical Knowledge of Curses
Gifted Ventriloquist with Animated Dolls
Possesses a Deafening Scream (non-fatal)


Trowa from birth suffered from the rare medical phenomenon known as Phototoxicity also known as Photoirritation. This condition renders him susceptible to bright sunlight. Upon exposure sunlight causes an intense skin irritation similar to a bad rash. For that reason Trowa stays indoors as much as possible, only heading out during cloudy or foggy weather. (caused by his Banshee blood)


Pet Name:

Pet Species:


Trowa is a living paradox, a man with Banshee blood coursing through his veins. His cold, stoic demeanor seems more fitting for a battle hardened veteran than a seventeen-year-old boy. Quiet and determined, he analyzes a situation before acting. For that he has adopted an impassive mask, hiding his true feelings…

But aside from the apparent calm, he's also prone to angry emotional outbursts. In certain situations Trowa discards the mask entirely, not caring what others think of him or his ideas. In those moments the ‘banshee’ side takes over This usually goes hand in hand with a more ruthless and direct approach…

A harsh childhood made him despise weakness in character and body, in others and in himself. For that reason he loathes the weak which by his father’s standards include all pacifists, women and children. This same mentality also binds him to warped code of honor making him unwilling to fight an unarmed opponent or walk away from a challenge…

While Trowa is a man of little words, he’s not without his own opinion. Cynicism runs in the family though Trowa expresses his darkest thoughts through his ‘dolls’, animated puppets of his own design. They are the emotions in visual form that his stoic façade hides from the world. Pride, anger and envy are all displayed with his distinct sense of black humor…


6 feet

158 pounds

Hair color:
Raven Black

Eye color:
Slate Grey

Body Type:
Gaunt & Pale

School History

Current School Year:
Seventh Year

School History:
Like his father, grandfather and every Maxwell before him, Trowa found his rightful place at Hogwarts sorted in the House that best suited a man of his talents. Here he began developing his talents, proving a natural in DADA and Transfiguration. His fascination for the more complex subjects at Hogwarts also let him achieve Outstanding grades on Potions and Ancient Runes…

In classes that only require a good memory and hard work, Trowa proved less successful. For that reason he dropped Astronomy and Herbology after his O.W.L. exams. CMC was a bad decision on his part as the magical creatures studied all sensed the darkness within Trowa. Briefly he tried his hand at Quidditch but found the rules a tedious affair…

Outside of the Hogwarts curriculum, Trowa was an avid player of Wizard’s Chest. Here he honed his cunning mind and shrewd eye for detail. Part of the Duelist Club since his second year, his affinity for Dark Spells allowed him to outclass his opponents with vicious attacks and malicious combinations. Beside those, Trowa continued his ventriloquist act under the artist name Styx at the Hog’s Head Inn…

Favorite Subjects:
DADA, Potions, Transfiguration and Ancient Runes

Dropped Subjects:
Astronomy, Herbology and CMC

Personal History

You want to know where I grew up? Trust me, you don’t. The Maxwell household isn’t for the faint of hearts. It’s a cold, miserable place where hopes comes to die. No laughter there, only sorrow and agony…

For years the Maxwell name was associated with a pureblood lineage that looked down upon those who mixed with inferior beings. That changed when Ulrich Maxwell surrendered to the foulest of creatures, a Banshee that had terrorized the village nearby their ancestral home. Bedding the vile beast to save his life, he fathered a son with raven hair and eyes like steel. A child that confronted the dark wizard every day of his own weakness…

Trowa endured his father’s punishment with a stoic expression, knowing better than admitting to his own weakness. No matter how bad the trashing was, no matter how grim the torture became, Trowa learnt not to give that man the satisfaction of seeing him cry. Eleven years he endured the broken bones, magical scars and even the Cruciatus curse that his father dared use on his own flesh and blood…

But all changed when Trowa too received his Hogwarts’ acceptance letter. Deemed inferior by his own kin and the community he grew up in, he too was accepted at the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Here many didn’t care about his ‘tainted’ blood and those who did, knew better than trying their luck against a wizard with Banshee blood…

Five years Hogwarts was his escape from the grim reality that awaited back home. Five years he spent educating himself in those things his father had denied him. Potions, spells and other subjects that made of him a wizard were all eagerly absorbed by Trowa. But not for earnest purposes that is. For five years Trowa patiently acquired the necessary skills needed to put his father in his place…

After the completion of his O.W.L. exams, Trowa headed home for the summer with a purpose. The Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery be damned. Arriving home he confronted the man who had tormented him for so long. With equal means he dueled his father in the privacy of their home. Curses, hexes and jinxes scarred that historic building just beyond the borders of Renvyle. In the end the skirmish was ended by Trowa’s Reductor Curse that bereft Ulrich of his right eye…

Trowa’s sixth year at Hogwarts was preceded by a Trial before the Improper Use of Magic Office. Here they discussed the events that took place on the first day of the summer break. By the sixteen year old’s design, they discovered his father had thrown the first hex, making Trowa’s response a valid case for self-defense. Ulrich began treating his son with disdain from that day forward though dared not resort to physical torment as his reflection in a mirror reminded him of the consequences…

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