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Arthur Alvarr [Ravenclaw]

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1 Arthur Alvarr [Ravenclaw] on Sun Apr 17, 2016 3:08 am



Arthur Alvarr

There is no such thing as an omen. Destiny does not send us heralds. She’s too wise or too cruel for that

Basic Information

Arthur Alvarr

Art (by friends)

Face Claim:
Austin Butler





Blood Status:

Caucasian / English


Demiguise Hair


10 ¼”


While this wand has served Arthur well, it is clearly not one of Ollivander’s superior wands. The Demiguise hair was perfect for Vanishing spells and Concealing Charms. For feats of magic that need a constant flow of magical energy to sustain the spell however, this wand proves too unreliable. It tends to falter and stutter making it impossible to cast complex spells such as the Patronus Charm…

Jimmy Kiddell Jr.


 Expert thief and pickpocket
 Unregistered Animagus: Black Cat
 Can perform the Gemino curse wandless
 Can perform the Unlocking Charm wandless


Pathological Lying
What started as a series of white lies, became pathological at some point in his life. Today even Arthur had trouble telling what words from his lips are true. It takes place when he’s telling a story, adding to the facts with lies to make things sound better…

Arthur himself in utterly unaware of his pathological lying. He doesn’t recall the lies being told nor can he remember the original unaltered stories. Not knowing he’s a liar unless he’s called out on it has made him question everything in his past…

Pet Information

Pet Name:

Pet Species:
Stray cat (black)

Pet Story:
After Sprout revealed he was a wizard, Arthur knew those cat dreams of his were no dreams at all. Thinking his new school would not approve of his ability, Arthur devised a ruse to hide this talent from judging eyes. Picking up a stray kitten left on the sidewalk with a for free sign seemed like a good decision and now Jinx is a loved companion…


First impressions will label Arthur as your typical bad boy, the attitude and looks included. Arthur in turn has done little to dissuade that belief. Favoring solitude over the company of his peers, he keeps things bottled up, his secrets close to the heart. His disability only adds to that impression though Arthur can’t help the lies. They hide his true self from the world, kept his safe in the neighborhood where he grew up but at the same time it makes him come off as antisocial…

But one is always more than meets the eye. The same is true for Arthur. Ever since they told him about magic, he became fascinated by it. It peaked an interest that turned a petty thief into an industrious student with an insatiable appetite for knowledge. It has made him obsess over those things that questioned the very essence of magic. What makes it possible? What makes of a wizard and another a mere Muggle? In a sense it has turned him into a philosopher of sorts…

The whole bad boy appearance isn’t just for show though. Arthur is not above the occasional bit of mischief. Bending the rules for example is a favorite pastime for this lad who quite enjoys those forbidden strolls through the hallways at night. Secrets annoy him making ‘forbidden places’ and locked doors something he must explore. Envy is his gravest sin though. Growing up with nothing makes it hard not to steal those things others take for granted…




Hair color:
Café au Lait

Eye color:
Agate blue

Body Type:
Lean and toned

School History

School Year
7th year

School History:
Arriving at Hogwarts meant a major change in his life. Magic was a foreign concept to him and it showed in the struggle that followed during that first year. It meant abandoning his thieving way and using his head instead of his hands to survive in this new world. Still the adapting went better than anticipated as Arthur proved a natural in several classes. Applied magic requiring a wand was picked up instinctively allowing him to achieve decent grades in Charms, Defense against the Dark Arts and Transfiguration…

For Potions however he lacked the patience, always wanting to rush things by taking shortcuts. His DADA grades began to gradually drop as the years went by as it defied his pacifist nature. Instead Arthur began devoting himself to understanding his place in the world. This led him to furthering his studies into History of Magic and Magical Theory. Trying to grasp the fundamentals of what made him different from the people he grew up with became an obsession of his…

In his third year Arthur picked up the two electives that most peers would have avoided at all cost. Arithmancy and Ancient Runes were both complex subjects to study and yet it was that difficulty that interested him most. A brief attempt at Flying was quickly dismissed and after his O.W.L. exams Arthur also dropped Herbology and Potions to dedicate his full attention on his remaining courses at NEWT levels…

Favorite Subjects:
Astronomy, History of Magic and Arithmancy

Loathed Subjects:
Potions and Defense against the Dark Arts

Personal History

They say hardship builds character, that hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.

Arthur didn’t have a happy childhood. In fact, his was as far removed from happy as one could get in the civilized world. Arthur grew up in the eastern half of Jaywick, England’s version of hell on earth. His father he never knew and if only half the whispers he heard about that man proved true, Arthur had no intention of ever meeting the man. His mother was around for the first six years before one needle too many robbed her off her life. From that day forward, he grew up an orphan in the poorest part of the UK. No orphanages or adoption for him though. Arthur eluded the system by hiding in the many condemned buildings around town. Stealing food from the school cafeteria, snatching some purses and lifting some pockets he managed to survive for five years. What he knew, he learnt off the streets; useful skills for a vagabond and turns out for a young wizard too…

There were things in his life he couldn’t explain with the logic Muggles so cherished. Locks that clicked open before he touched them, things vanishing before his eyes. There were dreams where he walked the streets like a prowling feline, so vivid that he couldn’t tell truth from lies any longer. Then on his eleventh birthday the mystery was revealed. A stranger arrived in Jaywick, a weird figure even to this village’s standards. She was a hefty woman with unruly grey curls and a strong musky stench. Filth stained her person, mud on her boots and dirt under her fingernails. She came to the old garage where Arthur was staying for the past few months. How she knew where to find him, he didn’t know. What she had to say though, shook the very foundations of his life. A wizard…

The woman called herself Professor Sprout, the recently retired Herbology professor from Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. She told him who he was and while it made no sense for the boy who grew up with only magical fairytales, Arthur knew it was true. She took him to Diagon Alley, helped him get the supplies needed for his first year at Hogwarts. With money being scarce, it were second-hand books, hand-me-down robes and a wand from Jimmy Kiddell that he brought to Hogwarts. Seven years he spent there, each vacation a grim foresight since his home no longer was in that decrepit town of Jaywick. His future was one of a wizard though Arthur is still undecided on what that future might entail. Magic had sunk its hooks in him, an obsession born from that part of his life so long denied him. Perhaps that was the future for him, better understanding Magic and its many secrets…

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