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TRAINEE: Violet Esquire

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1 TRAINEE: Violet Esquire on Sat Apr 23, 2016 6:14 am



Femme Fatale
Tattoo'd Barcode #:

Full Name:
Violet Almeria Esquire

Face Claim:
Natalie Dormer

26 years, 11th June



Hair Color:
Natural blonde

Eye Color:
Periwinkle blue



Parents: unknown
Siblings: unknown
Lovers: numerous
Children: none

Rap Sheet:
See bio for more info

Job Class:

Special Skills that can be offered to the E.A.O:
The greatest attribute that Violet can offer to the E.A.O. are numerous  contacts she has within the Inagawa-kai and the Yakuza in general. Such connections are hard to come by for outsiders and yet priceless to those wishing to expand their operations into the Far East. With access to the clan’s arsenal, smuggling operations and extensive drug network Violet could become the E.A.O.’s golden ticket to Asia. But the Inagawa-kai clan can offer more than just criminal elements. Through Violet the E.A.O. could also call upon the bribed customs officers, bought cops and even the numerous politicians on the Yakuza’s payroll. This provides them with open doors in places otherwise sealed tight along with the necessary support that even an Elite might need when venturing behind enemy lines…

While access to all the assets of the Inagawa-kai clan seems like the apex of what she can offer to the E.A.O., Violet picked up various ‘lesser’ skills that may prove valuable. The first talent she picked up, was the art of seduction. Having spent nearly four years as one of the clan’s most profitable courtesans, she has mastered the various element of temptation. Her walk, talk and even her very presence exudes lust. When her renown grew, Violet gained access to higher circles which led to her acquiring a new set of skills. In those final years with the clan she began training in the martial arts, more precisely Jujutsu, Ninjutsu and Shurikenjutsu. This took her from the rank of courtesan to one of the deathliest ‘Widows’ in their organization…

But there is more to Violet than what skills the Yakuza had provided her with. Prior to her affiliation with this criminal syndicate, she’d been selected as one of the gymnasts to represent Japan at the upcoming Olympics. Starting at the age of six, she began practicing gymnastics where her natural balance and grace was first discovered. At the uneven bars and balance beam she proved quite the phenomenon, making her one of the youngest athletes to be selected for the Olympics. In the past those same acrobatic talents have proven useful in both combat as evasive situations. The agility and flexibility have allowed her to compensate for the limitations of her light build and lack of physical strength…  

Motivation for joining the E.A.O:
When Violet first heard whispers of the E.A.O., she considered it just that: rumors without a foundation of truth. She’d heard similar things before, talk of clandestine groups that thrive in the industry of war. In the Yakuza there were plenty of stories about the ‘shinobi’ still being active. Still she kept those whispers in the back of her mind, remembering just in case she might have need for such information…

It was only after eliminating her clan’s largest competitor that Violet began considering a different career. It’s in the last year that she began putting out feelers, calling upon the ears of the street to point her towards this organization. Joining the E.A.O. would be the next step towards her ambitious goals in life. It would allow her to one day claim the top seat of the Yakuza hierarchy. Even the E.A.O. would be but a stepping stone to her ambitions…

Any past experiences? If so, Explain:
Violet was a child raised in the system, parentless and without family to take care of her. This has toughened her up from the early beginning. Without anyone to depend on, she was taught to fend for herself. This survival instinct might have harmed her social skills but at the same time it honed those talents that made her rise so swiftly in the Inagawa-kai. Starting in her preteens, Violet began shoplifting and pickpocketing on the streets of Tokyo. Even today she can still snatch the watch from a man’s wrist without them noticing. Thieving skills aside, living in the system also exposed her to the violence most children are protected from by parents. The streets were a rough place revealing to a young Violet just how fatal a mistake could be…

Accepted into the Japanese gymnastics team at the age of 11, Violet became used to the pain and fatigue that comes with rigorous training. In this cutthroat environment she learnt about the merits of continuous practices and constant physical exercises. The stress of competition and the pressure that came with performing in the spotlight is why Violet is no longer affected by her ‘nerves’ in even the worst of situations. Having competed at the highest level also introduced her to the darker side of sports, from rivals sabotaging one another to criminal elements seeking to make a profit on their expense. It’s where she first learnt about intrigue and deception…

The most experience she acquired over the years, originated from her time with the Inagawa-kai family in Tokyo. The first few years were spent no different than most young girls fallen in the clan’s hands. Still those years as a courtesan taught her how to exploit men’s weaknesses through something as simple as a smile or gesture. Seduction became like a second nature and this flirtatious nature has opened doors to her that remained close for so many others. There’s yet to be a building she can’t charm her way into nor has a male mark even been able to resist the temptation of her disarmingly charming presence. Add to that the lethal skills she developed and today Violet can proudly announce herself as the Yakuza’s deathliest ‘Widow’ with an impressive body count of 73 marks over the span of two years…

Any physical disadvantages? If so, state them:
Violet like so many gymnasts before her suffers from a condition that’s best summarized by the term Female Athlete Triad. Constantly obsessing over her weight has led to development of an eating disorder that leans dangerously close to anorexia. As a complication of that disorder she’s also been rendered barren, being absent of her period since age 16. The malnutrition and intense physical training also resulted in lower bone density which in turn increases her chances on fractures. To compensate for these weaknesses, Violet has adapted her fighting style to ranged attacks or agility based combat that avoids putting her too close to her mark…

Despite appearances, Violet hasn’t undergone the traumas of her childhood completely unharmed. Over the years she developed a substance abuse problem, getting addicted to cocaine in her late teens. In order to escape reality from time to time (usually after being forced by a man or after killing), she’ll indulge in this guilty pleasure and cloud her mind by the brief euphoria the white powder offers her. The drugs have allowed her to perform despite the lack of proper nutrition. At the same time she’s become addicted to a point where 72h without will result in the first of detox symptoms becoming apparent.

Weapons used:
Violet immensely disapproves of the use of firearms, finding them loud and impersonal. Guns are also tough to hide in the wardrobe options of a courtesan, which is why she refrains from using them as much as possible. Instead Violet has adopted a combat style that depends on the agile finesse of Japanese martial arts combined with the use of throwing knives. It’s rare to find Violet without at least a dozen of the deathly instruments carefully concealed in thigh high boots or hidden within the seams of her latest attire. Among her favorites are the Boker Bailey and Boker Ziel knives for rapid throws or clean kills respectively…

Physical Appearance:
There are cute girls, hot ladies and classy damsels and then there’s Violet. She can be a girl in any of those three categories or all three at once. As a courtesan good looks are obvious but Violet truly excelled in that department. At five feet six and only one hundred and twenty pounds she’s blessed with the luscious figure of a lingerie model. Delicately feminine curves made a tempting contrast to the her natural athletic physique. Flawless is her alabaster complexion, soft to the touch and smooth like the finest silk. There are no blemishes on her skin, no tattoos or scars…

It’s Violet’s lovely facial features that tempted most men to their doom. Blonde hair like strands of gold tumbles down her back in subtle curls reaching just past the small of her back. Big sapphire blue eyes lull her victim’s in a false sense of safety. Lips always glossy pink have drawn them in their final kiss as the cutest of smiles is often the last thing they see. To finish that perfect picture, Violet never leaves the house without those flattering makeup accents...

Fashion wise Violet is a true chameleon having adopted hundreds of styles from one hundred different countries over the few years spent on this world. She’s a true fashionista favoring dresses over pants and heels over flats even when it comes to action. Shoes and lingerie are her obsession but it also serves a purpose. Seeing that she favors to kill up close, stocking and garter belts provide a place to hide weapons while stiletto heels are a weapon on their own…

With the ease as most change their cloths, Violet can adopt a variety of different personalities based on the client’s preference or situation. It’s all for show ofcourse but she can take this act far enough that even the good Lord would buy into it. Because of this, it’s hard to tell which of these adopted faces is Violet’s true persona but then again what does the E.A.O. care about the woman behind the disarming smile. Four versions of this blonde beauty are witnessed though:

The Girl Next Door
An all-time favorite of her client-base and with men in general is Violet’s performance of the Girl Next Door. Sweet and naive she can embody innocence in human form. With an easy laugh it appears as if she’s experiencing everything for the first time. She’ll be cute, slightly impulsive, easily charmed and delightfully gullible or at least appears to be all that. It’ll be like taking a small town girl out for a night on the town with eyes wide with wonder and a mouth slightly agape.

Romantically she’ll be loving and appreciative, tender but most importantly nervous about things moving too fast. She’ll be fond of the tiny gestures, the adorable little gifts or subtle compliments that always seem to catch her off-guard. Like a true sweetheart she’ll tease with an eager kiss, shy away at the slightest intimate touch and even blush when one reaches too far too soon during a date. The whole virgin spiel comes natural to Violet or so it appears.

The Office Hook-up
Other times Violet adopts a strictly business mindset where professionalism and ambition seem to take priority over everything else. Calm and patient she goes to work, blending in perfectly in the cutthroat world of commerce. She’ll be sharp of mind with a keen eye for detail with small hints of a compulsive disorder that goes perfectly with the stress of competition. Speaking in a formal manner and dressing for the part she acts like a woman who’ll throw everything into gaining an advantage or closing that impossible deal.

Romance does not exist to this persona, only the occasional fling to benefit ‘her career’ will be allowed. She’ll be a total flirt however, putting her feminine charms to use. A teasing touch, an ‘accidental’ flash of skin and even a tipsy after-work hookup with someone from higher up the ladder will be the most useful arrows in her quiver. It will be all about naughty suggestions and provocative looks in a crowded conference room while any relationship will be approached with the cold pragmatism one would expect from a contract arrangement.

The Lady in Charge
Of all her so-called personalities, the Lady in Charge is her most dominant facade. It’s the most assertive version of the woman, who’ll take the lead in every aspect of her life. She takes control and demands respect, allowing no room for weakness. This face is most commonly seen when placed in a dangerous environment as it was the guise wielded during her time in the Yakuza. It demands a ruthless mentality, where only the strongest survive.

In this aspect love is a dead concept with no further use in her life. There’s no room for cuddling or kissing as a physical relation with the Lady in Charge is just for physical release. Dominant and demanding, she voices her opinion in a harsh manner and doesn’t hesitate to give instructions. In the past she even acted like a praying mantis after a disappointing night, killing the man responsible for the unsatisfying experience.

The Femme Fatale
The personality closest to Violet’s true identity is found in her Femme Fatale appearance seen only by those no longer alive to tell about it. Cunning and vindictive she’ll no longer display any outward emotions. All that remains of the ‘smiling’ girl is that blank expression with an icy stare that could kill. She distances herself from the savagery required and soothes her conscience with a pragmatic point of view. Violence has become an unfortunate partner in this life along with the temper and demeanor one would expect from one of the clan’s most dangerous Black Widows.

The Femme Fatale also includes the courtesan sexuality. Every night include sacrifice on her part as she used to feel guilty to deny the men that last release before the reaper calls their name. While it’s never for love, she does indulge in those last moments of those marked for death. In a twisted pathology it’s the closest she ever comes to actually feeling something for someone. It might be sympathy for their situation, pity for the faith awaiting them but in that final instance she truly feels alive. Closest to death, it makes her respect the things others take for granted.

Background History:
Violet’s story began two years before she was born, in the small town of Good Hope, Ohio. Melissa Crain was doe-eyed college freshman planning the trip of a lifetime, a vacation to the land of the rising sun. She’d spent three years saving for this, working as waitress in a local dinner during the weekends and helping out at the college library for some extra cash. She’d fantasized about that moment, planned everything in excruciating detail and now with the summer fast approaching it was finally happening. But the Japan she dreamt about and the one she would discover, were two entirely different places. Or so she unfortunately discovered upon her arrival in Tokyo. The city was truly breathtaking, the dazzling neon light, the eccentric people. It was a colorful illusion that masked the ugly truth festering in this city. From the shadows eyes were already upon her. Hungry eyes that only saw a lone girl traveling on her own, far away from home and hearth. An easy prey for those lurking within the city’s underground…

Melissa found herself charmed by a strapping young man by the name of Koji Hirato. To her he seemed a forbidden taste, the kind of mysterious stranger she’d read about in one of the many romance novels she’d devoured in her youth. His arms were like a painter’s canvas, curious tattoos of ominous things that she did not know the meaning off. Oni masks that to the locals warned them of the man’s vile past, decorated skulls as a warning to those who didn’t wish to join them on this human canvas. Melissa didn’t know this and for that she embarked upon the adventure she’d not return from. Koji was a loverboy for one of the local clubs, a man whose charms and looks had tempted numerous girls into prostitution. A faith that awaited Melissa too. It all started innocently enough, a drunken kiss in a bar, a roll in the sheets. Then came those strange requests, a date with another man, a night wearing a blindfold. He stole her passport, her money and robbed her off her dignity as Koji delivered her to one of the city’s many brothel visiting only to collect his monthly cut of her earnings…

Two years she spent in this hell, enduring the company of a dozen clients a day out of fear for her life and her family’s. If she pleased a customer, there was some yen for her to spend; if she’d angered one, a good thrashing and a violent physical correction awaited her. Two years she was a slave in a foreign country, a plaything for those willing to pay for the company of an American girl. To mark her as owned, they burned the mark of the clan into her skin, a scar shaped like the Daimon of Toa-kai sitting along the inside of her thigh. Beating and broken the humiliation grew worse when Melissa found herself pregnant. She knew what awaited the children of the ‘geisha’, a faith worse than her own predicament. In that moment she found her courage again, a desperate and hopeless kind of courage but courage regardless. With what little she’d earned and owned, Melissa slipped out of a client’s bed one night and fled from the city once loved and now loathed with every fiber of her being. Her escape didn’t last but at least when they found her, it was only her they found. Her and not the newborn she’d placed in the care of an orphanage in the small village of Hinohara, the smallest of Tokyo’s hillside suburbs…

Bereft of a mother and with a father somewhere among the hundreds guilty of rape, a babe awoke that night with an eerie scream. Like her mother she was blessed with golden hair and eyes blue as the oceans were deep. Those two traits that made her stand out quite a lot growing up. It’s why the other orphans called her “Gaijin”, it’s why they avoided her, teased and bullied her in those six years growing up in the Hinohara orphanage. The lady of that house struggled to name this young girl abandoned in her care. A Japanese name felt like an insult to her mother’s sacrifice, a Western one would be forever the cross this babe would have to carry. Instead she blessed the baby girl with a name that seemed just, a dainty flower found in this foreign land. A violet hidden among orchids. As thus Violet was left to face the world on her own because not even the other children would be seen in her company. But Violet didn’t really mind. She would play on her own, distracting herself with the dream of one day leaving this tainted world…

That opportunity came when recruiters from the city came. While it was still illegal, it was common practice for schools to visit the orphanages trying to recruit the nation’s next talents. Athletes for the Olympics weren’t just discovered, they were taken as children, trained ruthlessly until excellence was achieved. In Hinohara they found a young Caucasian girl. She didn’t have the right looks or the talent but what she lacked, was made up by sheer enthusiasm. Violet wanted it more than all the others. For her this was her ticket out of this damned place. And so a six year old entered the cutthroat world of gymnastics. She began the program with a smile, something that continued despite the blood, sweat and tears that came with training. It’s where she learnt discipline, determination and perseverance. It’s where she found her ambition, that need to strive towards excellence. And it’s where most importantly, she found out that everything comes at a price. The cause justifies the means or so Violet learnt…

But history has a cruel way of repeating itself. When at last the Olympics were approaching, Violet participated at the qualification rounds for one of those desires spots on Japan’s Olympic team. Hundreds of girls her age and older were there, all eager, all talented enough to earn a spot and yet Violet wanted it more. Only fifteen years old she yearned for recognition, longed for her fifteen minutes in that spotlight. It was that ambition that led Violet to those decisions made, bad decisions that ended up ruining her athletic career but her decisions regardless. When the pressure of competition was getting to her, she realized the odds were not in her favor of joining the team. Too many out there with her that day outranked her and in the end, she knew the Japanese would never see her as anything but a Gaijin. So Violet decided a different approach. Throwing her sexuality in the game, Violet seduced two of the judges. For one she only needed a kiss and a grazing touch. For the other’s vote she surrendered her virginity because that was the sole price he’d accept. Unfortunately this attempt to win her spot was discovered. While one door forever closed, another unexpectedly opened…

All in Japan at that time knew about Violet. The story of a fifteen year old Gaijin sleeping with the judges for the Olympic Gymnastic tryouts hit the country like a story. The media called it a “Embarrassment” while others in Tokyo considered it an opportunity. Having disgraced the school, Violet was expelled. Not only did she lose her education, she also lost the place she’d considered home for the past nine years. While most in her situation would have felt defeated, she wasn’t as at the school gates a man clad in a white suit awaited her. Susumi Ishii, by that name he identified himself as he made the young girl a tempting offer. In her newfound fame or better yet infamy she presented an irresistible attraction to some. An attraction that the man dearly wanted to exploit. What he offered, was an indecent proposal for certain. Illegal, malign and in many aspects utterly amoral Violet however saw merit in what he was proposing. It was a parasitic arrangement that benefited Susumi a great deal more than Violet at that time…

What followed are three years that Violet does not speak about. Three years where she did unspeakable things in service of the Inagawa. She endured training that made Olympic gymnastics seem like a walk in the part. She underwent a transformation, from the teasing little athlete to a truly breathtaking woman. They taught her how to walk, talk and even how to feel in certain situations. They made her discover the gift of a smile and the power of womanly affection. In this last category she found her greatest prowess but the number of conquests made in those years remain unknown to anyone beside Violet herself. On the arm of a man she was the Inagawa’s key into unreachable places, a feminine trapdoor in any system. And yet she was never aware of this in those three years. She spent her days in beautiful dresses and gorgeous lingerie, a man’s hand never far from her breast nor their lips from her flesh. While she treated them to the night of their life, her employers would make life afterwards a living nightmare…

In Tokyo she became the envy of the other courtesans. No surprise considering the Japanese whoremongers were more fond of a blonde American girl than the usual Japanese girl. For the clan she earned a vast fortune on her back, but it was not the money earned that was at the source of her importance. It were those international clients that wanted to avoid judgement from the outside that preferred Violet for their affairs. Who would ever expect a Western-looking woman to be a Yakuza courtesan? But it wasn’t always that easy. Three years her body sufficed as a distraction but for one important client, Susumi required a more-hands on approach from his favorite girl. Violet hadn’t been completely oblivious of Susumi’s agenda but to be approached in person with so grim a task, came as quite the shock. This time he needed more of her than a simple bedding. This time their greatest night would be their last…

Well aware of the fact that transforming a seductress into a killer would weigh heavy on Violet’s conscious, Susumi spared no expense in preparing his favorite for the job. This mark was worth the trouble for the Triads in all their audacity had dared to start operating on their turf. This offense demanded retribution and for this the head would need to be cut off the serpent. The Triad leading these operations in Tokyo was a hermit of sorts, seldom venturing outside the secured top floor of the Park Hyatt hotel with a small army to protect him. His son however was an easier mark and could easily act as their gateway to the father. For this Violet needed to seduce the son, not just for one night but into trusting her enough to meet his father. An impossible task surely and yet one she embarked upon with few objections. It would spare her from the touch of strangers and ease the guilt from knowing so many of her old lovers falling victim to blackmail, extortion or worse…

It was the first time Violet used her full name, enrolling in the university of Tokyo with the identity Susumi had bought her: Almeria Violet Esquire. By that name she signed up for a business degree placing her by her employer’s design in the same class as the mark’s son. Lei Wulong was a timid figure though, spoiled by the wealth of his father but lacking the severity that the Triads would seek in their leaders. This curveball meant Violet needed to alter her plan, parting with the bold seduction and instead luring him into making the first move. It took an entire term for Lei to find that courage to ask her out. For some reason she didn’t mind the man’s restraint. To some extend she quite enjoyed it. He made her feel ‘normal’, a rather disarming and most unsettling sensation for a girl who’d never known love. He’d take her to dinner, walk her to her dorm and kiss her goodbye without pushing towards the thing all her other lovers would have desired. He’d show up to class with flowers or give her compliments when least she expected it. And in that moment faced that strange thing called Love…

For nearly a year she dated Lei while Susumi was getting anxious for results. She took it slow because for some reason that’s who Lei wanted to take things. It was almost nine months into the relation when they first slept together and by the experience Violet could tell she was the man’s first. How could it be, the vile criminal having spawned a son that innocent? But despite her feelings for Lei, Violet remained focused at the task at hand. A task that could be fulfilled when her boyfriend wanted her to his family for the celebration of the Mid-Autumn festival. For this moment she had waited but nothing could have prepared her for the task expected off her. Not only did Violet meet Lei’s father but his entire family. Uncles, sisters, aunts and nephews were all gathered on the top floor of the Park Hyatt. Security was tight as well with nearly a dozen bodyguards in sight at all times. So Violet waited, spent one last night in the embrace of her lover before drawing a knife across his throat. From there she moved onward in the darkness taking the lives of two guards before finding her way into the father’s quarters. Shocked to find his son’s girlfriend bloodied and armed in his room, he called out for his men only to choke on the cold steel thrown with flawless accuracy…

Those killings marked the first of a long series of brutal assassinations Violet was responsible for. Within the Inagawa-kai clan she climbed the hierarchy with the cut of her knives. From courtesan to Black Widow in all but four years, it was this accomplishment that had her feared the most within this ruthless organization. Susumi began to rely on Violet’s talents for the most perilous assignments, something a great many within his clan started taking offense off. Many felt that Violet was a Gaijin permitted too much, taking advantage of the boss’ fondness for her. There was truth in that rumor, since Violet and Susumi had indulged in an intimate relation beside a professional one. She had his ear and his respect along with unrestricted access to the clan’s finances and resources. The more he allowed her, the more enemies Violet had within this ‘family’ of hers. It wasn’t long before those enemies decided to move against her. A number of attempts on her life were made over the years, some coming dangerously close to success. In response the culprits faced Violet’s vindication which never failed…

But even her seat of power in the Inagawa-kai didn’t quench Violet’s appetite for recognition. No matter the number of names added to her list, no matter the fear by which they whispered her name upon passing through the streets of Tokyo. It didn’t soothe her hunger and the ambition remained. She knew her place in the clan was uncertain, dependent on the presence of master Susumi at the head of that family. Should he pass, it wouldn’t be long before the attempts on her life would be more successful. It wouldn’t be long before the clan rid themselves of that Gaijin in their midst and for that Violet needed to move on. Addressing her doubts to Susumi, the Yakuza leader revealed to her the existence of the E.A.O. He’d only heard rumors ofcourse, whispers about their talents and reputation. He knew that Violet would be allowed into their ranks and once having earned her stripes there, she could return a true boss of the syndicate…

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