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Veruca Voss

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1 Veruca Voss on Sun May 22, 2016 9:39 am


Veruca Voss
Lumina/Serah (Final Fantasy)
Princess (by dad)
V (Team Blackout)
Vera (Alias)
Team Blackout Boss
Viridian City - Kanto

Cobalt Blue
Amaranth Pink


World Domination
Manipulating People
Corrupting Pokemon
Her father
Global order
Law Enforcement

Veruca is in every way her father’s daughter; cold, calculated and cunning are traits that run strong in that side of family and Veruca is no exception to that rule. Growing up Veruca used her pixie-like appearance to let folks underestimate her only to plot their demise afterwards. Her vindictive nature left her isolated as even in school folks started to fear the girl with those cobalt blue eyes. Veruca would always keep an ace up her sleeve, planning two steps ahead of her opponents without ever shying away from the more ruthless tactics of her father…

Most wouldn’t expect this from Team Rocket’s new leader but Veruca is a true genius. Her father spent a fortune on her education, ensuring she had an encyclopedic knowledge of Pokemon. Being introduced to the family business early, she began an excellent judge of character which in her case was used for all the wrong things. Veruca developed a fondness for manipulating people, tricking them into falling for the most outrageous schemes. That talent also translates to Pokemon who she can corrupt with honeyed words into heinous deeds…

But while most would expect the Boss of Team Rocket to be a cruel and heartless, Veruca tends to surprise people. In a social setting Veruca comes off as a bubbly enthusiastic girl with an infectious smile. This persona only seen in public is the alias she adopted: Vera. As Vera she appears no different than most young trainers out on their first adventure. A bit too excited and a bit too reckless none would ever think that Vera and Veruca are in fact the same person. Truth be told Vera is just that part of Veruca still unaffected by the darkness of the job…

Veruca’s story began when a trainer called Red defeated her father Giovanni during his Gym Battle in Viridian City. Reigniting his love for Pokemon despite his loss, he disband Team Rocket and settled down with a lovely young woman. Veronica Voss owned a small flower shop in Viridian City where she’d retired after a three year career as a coordinator. They fell in love, got married and started a family that two years later delivered them a cobalt blue eyed daughter. Naming the baby after Giovanni’s mother, the happy couple welcomed Veruca in their lovely family. But their happiness was only an illusion seeing that Veronica was never informed of Giovanni’s sinister past. A past that would eventually catch up them…

For the first seven years Veruca grew up completely oblivious to the problems her parents were having. Giovanni had insisted on Veruca having her mother’s maiden name, hoping it would shield her from any blowback his former profession might have. Veronica never bothered to ask why, simply teaching her little girl how to use Pokemon. But Veruca never cared for her mother’s soft approach, nor for those flowery Pokemon Veronica kept around the house. Instead Veruca would sneak off and follow her dad to the Gym where she found out about her dad’s dirty secret. Climbing down the basement window, Veruca found herself in the cells beneath the gym where rare Pokemon were being kept. There were hundreds of Pokemon there, all stolen by Team Rocket…

That day Veruca raced home as fast as those young legs could carry her to tell her mom this amazing news. Veronica however didn’t take the news so well. Finding out her husband was affiliated to the notorious criminal organization resulted in a nightly screaming match that ended the blissful honeymoon fase. Giovanni told his wife everything and while he no longer acted as the boss of Team Rocket, Veronica couldn’t accept his criminal past. Five months later the divorce was final and Veruca only saw her dad in the weekends. She took the breakup badly, acting out at every opportunity and pitching her parents up against eachother. Her mom always stood her ground but Giovanni began to spoil his little angel with lavish gifts. When she turned ten, her dad gave her a rare Zoroa…

After her parents’ separation, Veruca became too unruly for her mother to handle. Realizing his daughter might be getting in trouble, Giovanni decided to send Veruca to an elite boarding school on the Orange Islands. Without parental control Veruca began to develop the same talents that made her father such a successful crime boss. Manipulating people and corrupting Pokemon, she was already a feared figure in the Orange Islands and Kanto by the time she turned sixteen. Her father behind her mother’s back approved of this rebellious behavior, even motivated it by offering her everything her heart desired. Failing to see why she’d pick such feeble Pokemon, Giovanni would send her all the Pokemon she asked for. Sneasel, Skorupi, Carvanha, Inkay and Deino all seemed like weak choices for the girl with access to the ferocious arsenal of Team Rocket…

But when Veruca graduated, Giovanni soon realized his mistake when his daughter marched in the Viridian Gym. Beside her marched the most fierce looking Zoroark he’d seen in years. Each of those feeble Pokemon he’d gotten his daughter had been masterfully trained by his daughter who challenged him to a match with entirely different stakes. If she won, Veruca would take charge of Team Rocket leaving her father with only the gym. Like a true Boss she faced off against her father, deploying cruel tactics and a ruthless onslaught of attacks to achieve victory. And yet Zoroark didn’t even break a sweat dealing with her father’s strongest. Each fell victim to Zoroark’s sinister Night Daze and thus began a new age for Team Rocket with a new name, a better name in fact: Team Blackout…

Veruca’s Pokemon

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