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Yue Cypher

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Yue Azura Cypher

Maggie Q

The Black Phoenix (Yakuza)
Yu-Yu (Father)

The last word they breathe before the end, will be my name
You couldn't handle me then, couldn't handle me now

Donnie Cypher (half-brother)



Social Status:
Money Launderer


Relationship Status:

Age - Looks:

Age - Actual:


Date of birth:
January 25th

Current residence:
Heading for Hollows

Other residences before hollows:

Hair Color:
Varies on her mood (from Dark Brown to Black)

Eye Color:
Fiery Black



Skin tone:
Light Pallor-Asian

Blood Type:

Female at minimum
Bust Size: 32 in
Cup Size: 32 AA
Waist Size: 23 in
Hip Size: 34 in
Dress Size: 1

Physical Appearance:
Yue Cypher is an oriental beauty mesmerizingly gorgeous by her physical appeal and that mysterious presence that keeps the men staring with interest; thinner than the average woman of her size eyes are instinctively drawn towards those stunning long dancer legs of hers with just subtle muscle definitions that show off her natural athleticism. Small breasts with a flawless hourglass waistline give her that irresistible appeal that emphasizes the seductive nature of this bastard daughter in the Cypher household. Tattoo’s with a special meaning most can’t hope to understand give her that mysterious flair leaving folks wondering though it are those fiery black eyes that draw in the crowd; most men are drawn towards her like moths to a flame, her sex-appeal established so prominently in every detail of her person from the way she walks, talks and acts to her wardrobe carefully assembled for men to brand her as a sex object rather than the dangerous threat she poses…

Yue is able to move her hair as if it was one or more appendages (i.e. arms and hands) enabling her to grab subjects and objects with locks and strands; being one of the more advanced users she weaves her hair into different shapes, forming it into various objects to suit her purposes. Due to hair not having nerves, attacks or damage to her hair are virtually harmless to Yue. Sometimes if circumstances require it of her, she may become capable of hair animation, causing hair to grow out rapidly to allow an adequate supply to work with. If some of the hair was severed from the rest of the body, it may gain sentience functioning on its own for a brief period of time…

Healing Tears
Yue like most phoenixes has tears that can heal any wound it touches; a tear can heal any living being, including humans, animals, plants, etc though in some way Yue differs greatly from the ordinary phoenix. The teardrops must hit the physical wound itself in order to heal it perhaps revive the dead even though while most phoenix tears are perceived as a soothing liberating experience Yue’s Tears first make one endure a pain far worse than death before their wounds are mend; it’s the reason to why she’s referred to as the black phoenix…

Ballistic Scream
Yue can emit sound waves that can destroy objects; she’s able to target certain objects so that only those are destroyed or unleash the full rapture of the power to savagely annihilate everything in the scream’s path. With enough power collected she may be able to level an entire city with a single cry but never has she attempted to amass such vast reservoirs of energy. The intensity of the shockwave makes it a mute shock rather than an audible blast that suddenly can make the object targeted explode…

Ash Regeneration
Upon death, a phoenix's body turns into ash and come out anew, forever to be reborn from the ashes of its predecessor but with Yue having been fathered by a human, resurrection is far beyond her reach; instead whenever minor or gravely injured it is through ash that Yue can restore herself. With the lightness of her own touch she sets fire to the wounds inflicted filling them with ash marked off the outline with soot. Once the ash is inside the wound, the healing process begins allowing her to regenerate from even the most fatal of injuries in due time…

Phoenix Physiology
Yue has access to the unique properties of the phoenix, the legendary bird symbolizing rebirth, immortality, and renewal. Being a phoenix grants her the ability to wield fire, flight, regenerate wounds and even resurrect herself after being killed though the impurity of her blood rendered that last trait void. With a human father the rare blood of the phoenix got tainted enough for the immortality to have slipped beyond her grasp weakening most abilities as well except for those intended for destruction. While the symbol of the phoenix in oriental having always been an icon of purity and hope, Yue was considered the Black Phoenix aimed on destruction and chaos, known better as the sins of mankind that her father had bestowed on her…

Psychic Fire Manipulation
Where the Phoenix is always seen in the basking fury of fire, the taint of humanity inside her enabled Yue to use psychic energy to create and control psychic flames far hotter than regular fire. The fire emits from anywhere on her body when taking the phoenix form, but in human disguise the Psychic Fire is controlled by hand. Brighter than regular flames laced by a shadowy black haze Yue’s Psychic Fire represents the darkness that comes with having a human heart inside a phoenix body. Where flames are easily viewed and extinguishable by many means, Psychic Flames are nearly invisible until it’s already too late…

Birth Marks:
Butterfly beauty mark on her inner thigh

Dimples of Venus

Irezumi tattoo of a phoenix on her left hip
Nagasode tattoo on right wrist (yakuza)

Sung by Alfred Sung
A delicate, comfortable scent that wraps around you leaving lust in the air all around; it contains flowers, green florals, musk and woody notes making for a very powerful scent long-lasting perfume for a woman with Yue’s level of confidence. It’s rich, glamorous, refined and sophisticated with that luscious note that makes the perfume blend perfectly with those pheromones that drive men crazy…


Alternate Forms:"   width="360" style="border:1px dotted maroon; padding: 2px;"/>

When Yue summons the energy to transform to her phoenix form, the distinction from the general phoenix population is most apparent; while most of her kind are described as flaming birds of incredible brightness, Yue as a Phoenix is a terrifying dark creature whose entire body shows similarities to Pāhoehoe lava, black billowing and showing cracks that folks have described as gazing inside hell itself. The Yakuza refer to her for that reason as the Black Phoenix for Yue shows no hesitation or objections to taking to her phoenix form to threaten and terrify her enemies. With a body dark like the material within the core of the planet, only the ends of her wings marked with those fiery feathers other phoenixes so dominantly display, Yue is unique within her species…

Other Distinguishing Features:
Always accompanied by a lorikeet bird (named Dix)

Fashion & Makeup:
Yue Cypher born in fact under her mother’s maiden name as Yue Keiko grew up in the lowest circles of Yamaguchi where her mother functioned as a translator for a large company and led a life in those standards; cheap bargain bin cloths or hand-me-downs filled her wardrobe though the mere sight of those rags in her closet gave Yue the creeps. All her life she watched others live in luxury, wearing glamorous garments from all the great designers and Yue was left to walk around in someone else’s sloppy seconds. At one point in her life (see bio) Yue decided a change was in order and by decisions made she’d gained a position in the world where such luxuries were accessible to her as well. Now she goes dressed in those designer garments she once watched enviously walking by the tiny apartment in downtown Yamaguchi; she has this unique sense of style, a fondness even for the single piece attire as one might call it as Yue almost exclusively wears dresses and ensembles that cost more than most can hope to make in a year. Most often seen in black, the color that became her personal signature in a way Yue’s sense of style can be described as chic and sexy through its simplicity with only a couple of items in her wardrobe differing from that concept. There’s a long red dress by Marc Jacobs that serves as her ‘getting laid’ outfit only worn when Yue hits the town in pursuit of someone to keep her warm for one night…

Sociability & Emotionality:
Yue is a sociopath in every way imaginable for out of her envy for the world around her she grew to hate everything and everyone; at first it began small, a hatred grown out of her feeling of being powerless in a world that continued putting her down, brought Yue to loathe politicians and every figure of authority who were by her system of believes responsible. Finding out her mother was getting monthly checks from the man who’d fathered her, spending every dime she made on her next fix, led to Yue’s aversion of the rich and famous; the Big Corporate Machine that was established so strongly within the Japanese metropolises were a target for her obsession that led her into a life devoted to undermining the infrastructure. She devoted every second of her life to toppling the Big Machine, having turned to a life of crime where Yue aimed to hurt the system where it hurt most: their funding. Hating people, society and everything close to a social infrastructure Yue could even be called an anarchist for she lacks every sense of morals, right and wrong considering everything to be possible…

Yue also inherited the Cypher family curse: greed; unlike her half-brother Donnie Yue wasn’t raised with all the privileges and luxuries at her disposal instead she fought all her life for what she has today. Every dime in her pocket these days was earned through hard work that showed she didn’t mind getting her hands dirty if the price is right. She lived her life one day at a time, earning respect in an underground criminal syndicate where failure was no option; fighting a seemingly endless struggle to establish her dominance in a world where the only currency one still believes in is the heavy weight of the coin in your pockets and the amount of kills that stand behind your name. Yue find everyone and everything expendable in life including family (as her mother found out) so one best handles here with Kevlar gloves on if not to come to harm for this sexy kitten is just another killer lioness in a beautiful disguise lusting for the next payday. Now her focus has turned to the brother she never knew off, so who knows what more will get shaken around the Cypher family household when an Ice Queen without remorse makes her entrance in their lives for those will forever be changed…

Yue is a young woman who was forced to grow up much faster than she was supposed to and that left its parks on her emotional state; stuck in that awkward position between being the disobedient daughter rebelling against the daddy she never had and the femme fatale in service of the Yakuza working the most complex carousel of laundering money known in the syndicates. It’s an ambiguous place to be in for on one side she’s just another heart-broken girl looking to be part of a family while the other side demands her to be cold, calculated and relentless no matter whom her target may be. All her life she grew up not knowing mister Cypher, a wealthy successful businessman from Hollows had been sending her mother money and means to take care of her, all to find those given resources being lost every week at the gambling tables. She grew enraged thinking about every missed opportunity, every failed chance she’d been denied by her mother’s addiction with the odds; never have met the brother she apparently had to find some common ground with, Yue felt jealous off the sibling she didn’t even know. In a way she’s but an angry hush running about her daily life seeking some sense of comfort and a place in the society that seemed to deny her ever opportunity she could have had if only…

The absence of a prominent father figure in her life led to the distinct deviation in her love life as somehow she feels safest at the side of an older powerful man of status rather than a man more appropriate to her age; since her first intimate encounter with Kanji Nukui, the president of the Yakuza Clan she joined at the age of 13, Yue’s intimate life had been spend in the beds of powerful mighty men who’d grown wise and successful with age while remaining ever potent to please a woman of her caliber. For the occasional fling she’ll find herself some young stud in a bar to play with, discarding them the next morning like yesterday’s newspaper once her urges are fulfilled for Yue Cypher remains a sexually dominant and hungry individual. She has a weakness for those individuals who exude that natural air of importance in the world finding herself irresistibly drawn to their beds in the hopes of finding the father figure she’d been denied. On the other hand Yue tends to pull up her nose to the common man; people in a regular 9 to 5 job have always been viewed by this woman as inferior individuals unworthy even of a second glance let alone her affection as Yue all her life looked down on those who settled for the cards they’ve been dealt. Without ambition she would be nothing in this world and she demands the same and more of those she permits getting close to her especially if they hope to get in her pants…

Strengths & Weaknesses:
• Making money & Laundering Money
• Seducing & Deceiving Men
• Close Quarter Combat

• Exchanging Pleasantries
• Social Interactions
• Familial Affairs

Interests & Hobbies:
• Money
• Import Cars
• High-Frequency Blades

• Drift & Drag Races
• Big Stakes Gambling
• Promiscuous Relations

Food: Oshizushi
Color: Scarlet
Drink: Daishichi Sake
People: Successful & Powerful
Season: Autumn
Location: Yamaguchi

Food: Goulash
Color: Violet
Drink: Beer
People: Commoners
Season: Spring
Location: Texas

As a young girl her mother sold Yue to the Yakuza in an attempt to pay off her gambling debt, she became the personal sex slave to Kanji Nukui and in a way that influenced the development of her personality irreparably; Yue is a sexual and promiscuous lady with a healthy appetite for intimacy and carnal delight who’s grown hungry for a dominant man willing to take charge in a relation. She’s been under the thumb of the Yakuza for a long time, sharing the bed with the father of the clan as she learned to use her body to her advantage. She doesn’t shy away from using her body to get what she wanted, having let her hand sink in someone’s pants more than a couple of times to get into a restricted area. Don’t mistake her submission to Kanji Nukui as being submissive in general for above all Yue Cypher inherited the same dominant personality that was key to their family; she’s capable of standing her ground against the toughest individuals, a fighter in many ways who grew tough and stern through the grave circumstances she grew up in during her turbulent childhood…

Song and or Playlist:

Yue Cypher has been initiated by the Yakuza since the day she turned 13 and ever since she’s been carrying a sidearm wherever and whenever she went. Her gun of choice is the Sig Sauer P226 X-Five Tactical utilizing a light-weight alloy frame with a Picatinny rail to provide the tactical edge. The X-Five Tactical is nimble without sacrificing natural pointability and balance that comes with the 15 round magazine in 9mm and the hard black anodize finish. Yue favors her gun equipped with the ergonomic beavertail grip, standard single-action trigger with an ambidextrous thumb safety, SIGLITE® Night Sights and polymer grips for an optimal performance and accuracy...

With the origins of the Yakuza going back to the medieval times of the Shinobi it comes no surprise that the legacy is continued to this modern day; with near limitless funding the first prototypes of a high-frequency blade has been delivered in the hands of Yue Cypher who wields it with a finesse and accuracy that few can match. This sword resonates at ultra-high frequencies, raising its temperature, thereby increasing its cutting ability that one is able to cut through reinforced steel like a pack of butter. Striking, cutting, and thrusting attacks are performed with the sharpened edge and point used for lethal attacks. Yue is even able to wield the blade with such accuracy and speed that she is able to deflect bullets….

While most romantic stories these days seen in the movies all feature the same happy ending with that ‘Forever After’, Yue Cypher came into this world by a far less rosy story; a young woman attractive and successful with a promising career ahead of her working for a successful multimillion dollar corporation called Cypher Investments. Functioning as mister Cypher’s personal translator Yuna Keiko rapidly climbed the hierarchy within this multi-national business mogul enterprise but with so much time spend at the thriving boss’ side the inevitable did take place. A man who bared the same weakness as all those of his bloodline wouldn’t remain able to resist the temptation this woman possessed; it wasn’t just her weakness but her very existence that drew him closer to her, a family curse some say where man was irresistible attracted towards the mythical phoenix that walked disguised amongst the common man. It wasn’t entirely by accident that Keiko was hired by the Cypher Investments group that she was personally assigned to mister Cypher himself as his personal assistant and translator as for generations the men in his family couldn’t resist the temptation of the Phoenix. Keiko was one of these rare creatures, this being the sole reason why she’d been hired by the man for on a late evening at work the man made his move. He took her, against her will he spread her legs and raped her over and over again for days until his seed took root. Once pregnant a phoenix’s flame withered and dimmed until all its fire was drained within the heart of their child that would become the heir of their rare kind and so it was that mother died to give birth to a daughter who in the dying breath was named Yue Azura Cypher. She’d never see her father, her mother made sure of that for once she felt the heartbeat inside her of the unborn child Keiko escaped from the chains that bound her to Mister Cypher. She broke free and went into hiding denying the man the satisfaction of becoming father to a true phoenix just like the Cyphers before him had attempted; he’d never be informed of the daughter he had though the girl would know it weren’t pure intentions that introduced her into this world. The violence that led to her birth had tainted her in some way, corrupted her in more ways than one would know even at such a young age…

The baby was found by the family that hid Keiko from the man that hunted for the rare phoenix since the day she’d escaped from her gilded cage; everywhere spies and agents in service of the Cypher Investment Group had appeared with questions and pictures of Keiko and rumors of a fathomless bounty even spread for information regarding her name. The family took the baby girl as their own, knowing she’d be a phoenix just like her mother; she’d be the living descendent, the living incarnation off Keiko for even when she grew up the resemblance was striking. The same delicate cheekbones, the same light complexion and the same delightful body were features of young Yue but their personalities couldn’t be any different. Keiko was kind and timid, always doing the right thing, doing what she was told without ever questioning the reasons to their request; Yue on the other hand was a curious girl always getting in trouble and never listening to what others wanted from her. She openly rebelled against the rules, constantly getting herself in trouble to which her adoptive parents had to take the consequences; fees, bail money and compensations emptied the wallets of the poor family and still in their decline towards poverty they never blamed Yue for her crimes. She couldn’t be held accountable for the taint that coursed through her blood, the Cypher nature being far stronger than the phoenix’s purity that faded with each day that came to pass; each day more of the darkness of humanity took root in her heart as the fires of her mother began to turn into something new, something ominous for she became the Black Phoenix. When she first transformed, the change now proven as her wings were spread as Yue took to the skies; a terrifying dark creature whose entire body shows similarities to Pāhoehoe lava, black billowing and showing cracks that folks have described as gazing inside hell itself, that’s what she was. The Black Phoenix…

The downfall began when puberty struck; when her hormones began to take hold of her body none of the purity of the phoenix survived when humanity slithered in. Like a poison it tainted her and even now when she understood how to control these powers within her blood Yue embraced the change. As a teenager the innocent pranks turned into crimes, from theft to blackmail people Yue did it all and with a remarkable success one might add. By the age of thirteen she’d dropped out of school, her scams and deceptions having left thousands of dollars to gather in her bank accounts. Rich men were tricked into investing in the most ridiculous of projects only to have their money disappear to some tropical island’s bank account in Yue’s name; respected officials were blackmailed for having allegedly slept with her as they now feared the lawsuits of pedophilia and rape of a minor. Yue was exceptional in the art of deception and such talents didn’t take long to get noticed by likeminded individuals. There were those who’d taken an interest in Yue Azura, people who observed her progress as a small time criminal and saw the potential that she held. One man in particular showed a great interest in her abilities, a man whose name in Tokyo was seldom even whispered; Kanji Nukui, father to one of the most powerful of Yakuza clans had followed her progress closely yet when he first laid eyes on her in person something more than simple interest in her skill took hold of him. Love or rather lust consumed him and such affections flattered the young Yue irresistibly and so they became partners. In business he allowed her to exceed all’s wildest expectations as Yue was taught how to do the Yakuza books; in her personal life she and Kanji Nukui became lovers, twenty years perhaps stood between them yet he was a true man, the father figure she never had or at least never knew…

For years she was his personal mistress, his unofficial wife as every time he so pleased he took Yue in every way imaginable; she didn’t know any better, never knew this wasn’t love but obsession that brought the man to her bed. Just like her father had done to her mother, it was rape and not love. Every night after that first, he spread her legs and used her like his personal stress reliever, hoping she’d grant him a son though that never occurred. His seed wasn’t strong enough to conceive a child inside a phoenix and once she understood his true intentions, the wheels in Yue’s mind began to twist and turn again. She began to devise a plan, laundrying the Yakuza’s money yet sending it elsewhere to where they’d expected it to go; every dime they had she took from them, every operation Kanji Nukui owned she took over like a company getting plundered from within. The man never realized, each night he spend between her legs he was blinded to see another of his men take Yue’s side and once she had it all, the Black Phoenix showed her true colors. She cut his throat when he attempted to get inside her again, slit his neck wide open from ear to ear until she bathed in his warm blood and only then did she deliver the fatal blow. She whispered in her ear all that she had done and with his face marked by her betrayed Kanji Nukui died by the hands of his own mistress. The clan was hers now and they all knew it for more aggressively did they commence their trades, more aggressive did they make their deals and more aggressively they handled their rivalries with the other syndicates. The police couldn’t prove a thing as the name Kanji Nukui was kept alive through her web of lies and deceptions while Yue controlled the entire operations from behind the curtains. Now she took only lovers, men that could give her most influence and position in this world and it was right there that the Cypher blood of hers truly excelled. It didn’t take her long to find out the truth, didn’t take long at all to find out about the man who’d raped her mother, about the brother she had who now dated another phoenix. And she feared that woman might face the same doom that occurred to her mother, Yue feared her brother Donnie wouldn’t be any different to the man that had apparently fathered her and such vileness she wouldn’t permit. The next day she ordered her private jet to take her to Hollows where she’d vouched to free this woman from another Cypher man taking advantage of a phoenix even though they’d never met. How could she know it was true love and fortune that brought Kenina and Donnie together…


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