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Yue Azura Cypher

Maggie Q

The Black Phoenix (Yakuza)
Yu-Yu (Father)

The last word they breathe before the end, will be my name
You couldn't handle me then, couldn't handle me now

Donnie Cypher (half-brother)



Social Status:
Money Launderer


Relationship Status:

Age - Looks:

Age - Actual:


Date of birth:
January 25th

Current residence:
Heading for Hollows

Other residences before hollows:

Hair Color:
Varies on her mood (from Dark Brown to Black)

Eye Color:
Fiery Black



Skin tone:
Light Pallor-Asian

Blood Type:

Female at minimum
Bust Size: 32 in
Cup Size: 32 AA
Waist Size: 23 in
Hip Size: 34 in
Dress Size: 1

Physical Appearance:
Yue Cypher is an oriental beauty mesmerizingly gorgeous by her physical appeal and that mysterious presence that keeps the men staring with interest; thinner than the average woman of her size eyes are instinctively drawn towards those stunning long dancer legs of hers with just subtle muscle definitions that show off her natural athleticism. Small breasts with a flawless hourglass waistline give her that irresistible appeal that emphasizes the seductive nature of this bastard daughter in the Cypher household. Tattoo’s with a special meaning most can’t hope to understand give her that mysterious flair leaving folks wondering though it are those fiery black eyes that draw in the crowd; most men are drawn towards her like moths to a flame, her sex-appeal established so prominently in every detail of her person from the way she walks, talks and acts to her wardrobe carefully assembled for men to brand her as a sex object rather than the dangerous threat she poses…

Yue is able to move her hair as if it was one or more appendages (i.e. arms and hands) enabling her to grab subjects and objects with locks and strands; being one of the more advanced users she weaves her hair into different shapes, forming it into various objects to suit her purposes. Due to hair not having nerves, attacks or damage to her hair are virtually harmless to Yue. Sometimes if circumstances require it of her, she may become capable of hair animation, causing hair to grow out rapidly to allow an adequate supply to work with. If some of the hair was severed from the rest of the body, it may gain sentience functioning on its own for a brief period of time…

Healing Tears
Yue like most phoenixes has tears that can heal any wound it touches; a tear can heal any living being, including humans, animals, plants, etc though in some way Yue differs greatly from the ordinary phoenix. The teardrops must hit the physical wound itself in order to heal it perhaps revive the dead even though while most phoenix tears are perceived as a soothing liberating experience Yue’s Tears first make one endure a pain far worse than death before their wounds are mend; it’s the reason to why she’s referred to as the black phoenix…

Ballistic Scream
Yue can emit sound waves that can destroy objects; she’s able to target certain objects so that only those are destroyed or unleash the full rapture of the power to savagely annihilate everything in the scream’s path. With enough power collected she may be able to level an entire city with a single cry but never has she attempted to amass such vast reservoirs of energy. The intensity of the shockwave makes it a mute shock rather than an audible blast that suddenly can make the object targeted explode…

Ash Regeneration
Upon death, a phoenix's body turns into ash and come out anew, forever to be reborn from the ashes of its predecessor but with Yue having been fathered by a human, resurrection is far beyond her reach; instead whenever minor or gravely injured it is through ash that Yue can restore herself. With the lightness of her own touch she sets fire to the wounds inflicted filling them with ash marked off the outline with soot. Once the ash is inside the wound, the healing process begins allowing her to regenerate from even the most fatal of injuries in due time…

Phoenix Physiology
Yue has access to the unique properties of the phoenix, the legendary bird symbolizing rebirth, immortality, and renewal. Being a phoenix grants her the ability to wield fire, flight, regenerate wounds and even resurrect herself after being killed though the impurity of her blood rendered that last trait void. With a human father the rare blood of the phoenix got tainted enough for the immortality to have slipped beyond her grasp weakening most abilities as well except for those intended for destruction. While the symbol of the phoenix in oriental having always been an icon of purity and hope, Yue was considered the Black Phoenix aimed on destruction and chaos, known better as the sins of mankind that her father had bestowed on her…

Psychic Fire Manipulation
Where the Phoenix is always seen in the basking fury of fire, the taint of humanity inside her enabled Yue to use psychic energy to create and control psychic flames far hotter than regular fire. The fire emits from anywhere on her body when taking the phoenix form, but in human disguise the Psychic Fire is controlled by hand. Brighter than regular flames laced by a shadowy black haze Yue’s Psychic Fire represents the darkness that comes with having a human heart inside a phoenix body. Where flames are easily viewed and extinguishable by many means, Psychic Flames are nearly invisible until it’s already too late…

Birth Marks:
Butterfly beauty mark on her inner thigh

Dimples of Venus

Irezumi tattoo of a phoenix on her left hip
Nagasode tattoo on right wrist (yakuza)

Sung by Alfred Sung
A delicate, comfortable scent that wraps around you leaving lust in the air all around; it contains flowers, green florals, musk and woody notes making for a very powerful scent long-lasting perfume for a woman with Yue’s level of confidence. It’s rich, glamorous, refined and sophisticated with that luscious note that makes the perfume blend perfectly with those pheromones that drive men crazy…