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Cohen Jewkes [Adult]

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1 Cohen Jewkes [Adult] on Wed Jul 27, 2016 8:42 am



Adult Application

Face Claim

Adam Brody

Canon or Original

Original with canon roots


Cohen Leopold Jewkes



Sex & Gender

Male & Male




Dragon Heartstring – Wenge – Rigid – 12 ¼”

Alma Mater

Hogwarts - Hufflepuff




A man-eating broomstick

Blood Status




Special Ability

• Incredible Flyer: Quidditch & Racing
• Excellent carpenter (Broom maker)
• Brilliant engineer (Broom maker)


Cohen has always been an addict, the kind of person that never does anything half-ass. He gets attached to things/people, becomes obsessed by it until that relationship eventually self-destructs. All his life he’s been trapped in this cycle:

Bliss – Addiction – Rage – Depression

Beyond all that drama, Cohen can prove to be a real pessimist who hides his insecurities behind sarcasm and black comedy. This doesn’t make him much fun to be around, always dragging other people down into his melancholy.

When you’re fortunate enough to catch Cohen in his “Bliss” phase, he’s not such bad company. Still snarky people can see the passion before it becomes an obsession. He’ll be more lively, less cynical and folks will actually see his clever mind at work. But in the end the cycle continues.

Towards other people, Cohen can be an acquired taste. He’ll take a seat on the background in large groups but around “friends” he’s no stranger to initiative. In relations his “curse” becomes most apparent. First things are all romantic and lovely, then they get too much and in the end there’s a horrible breakup followed by a period of loathing, self-pity, emotional outbursts and doubt.

Political Alignment


Current Occupation

Cohen first started working on broomsticks with his grandfather Leopold when he was twelve. He’d sit on the stool in his grandpa’s workshop watching the man at work. When he turned eight, Leopold first let him “work” the wood, putting a fresh coat of veneer on a vintage racing broom. While in Hogwarts, he spent every summer helping his grandpa learning the trade.

After his grandpa’s death, Cohen picked up the family mantle as a broom maker. Today he’s still trying to complete “Poppa’s” life’s work, a new Silver Arrow that will restore the Jewkes name to its former glory. He’s wasted weeks in the shop, trying one schematic after the next hoping to produce the thing that his father, grandfather and great-grandfather wasted a lifetime on creating.


To say Cohen was doomed from the beginning, might sound exaggerated but in the Jewkes’ house that was the sad truth. Born the only son of the failed marriage between the halfblood wizard Lennard Jewkes and the Muggleborn Ann Paige, Cohen wasn’t exactly welcomed with open arms. His mom often considered her son as just the reason to stay with her husband while like every other Jewkes since Leonard Jewkes, his father was obsessed with building a new Silver Arrow. This meant a lot of tension around the house. Cohen liked to avoid those days by visiting his grandfather who lived further down the road. In a sense that man was more a father to him than the one back home.

Like all Jewkes, Cohen received his Hogwarts letter and attended his seven years in the finest school for witchcraft and wizardry in the world. During those years Cohen first realized academics weren’t quite what the world had in store for him. During his first two years he wanted to become a broom racer. In his fifth year it was playing Quidditch but after graduating Cohen simply returned home to the family craft of broom making. While his father ignored his input, Cohen went to his grandpa and with his assistance began working on the new Silver Arrow. But quickly that dream became an obsession that caused him to break up with his fiancée, ruining things with his father and making it nearly a year since he last heard from his friends.

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