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Mosi Abimbola

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1 Mosi Abimbola on Sat Aug 05, 2017 9:41 pm



Student Application

Face Claim

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett

Canon or Original


Student Name

Mosi Abimbola

Year & Age

7th Year & 18

Sex & Gender

Identifies as such


Close-minded towards other sexualities


Brittle 13”
African Blackwood
Runespoor Fang Core
Click for Wand Picture


African Leopard


A pack of African Wild Dogs

Blood Status



Naja nigricollis named Aveline
(named after his mother)

Special Ability

Excellent Instigator
Ultramarathon runner
Gifted in Wandless Magic
Seer (prophecies through Fire-Omens)
Registered Animagus (African Leopard)


Magic is a wondrous thing for most people, but to some it can prove a curse that taints and corrupts those blessed with such gifts. This was the case for the young Mosi Abimbola when he first discovered his talents. It stirred an appetite for power within him, a ravishing curiosity towards grim subjects that most people rather avoided...

Mosi yearns for recognition, to leave his mark on the world no matter the cost. It’s that ego of his that gets him in trouble, that unwillingness to admit defeat and accept someone else’s authority. He’s headstrong and ambitious, but rather vulnerable to temptation. His reputation means everything to him and Mosi is not afraid to spread rumors himself to add to his status…

But he’s not entirely the rotten apple people make him out to be. Mosi is a tentative person known to only make calculated decisions. He’s clever enough not to get caught cheating and skilled enough to compete with even the best students in several classes and disciplines.

Political Alignment

Leans towards Darker individuals

Current Classes & Standing

Original School
Uagadou School of Magic

Hogwarts Transfer
At the start of his sixth year

Core Classes
– DADA: Outstanding & now NEWT level
– Charms: Outstanding & now NEWT level
– Astronomy: Poor & dropped NEWT level
– History of Magic: Poor & dropped for NEWT
– Potions: Exceeds Expectations & now NEWT level
– Herbology: Exceeds Expectation & now NEWT level
– Transfiguration: Exceeds Expectations & now NEWT level

– Alchemy: Outstanding & now NEWT level
– Divination: Outstanding & now NEWT level
– CMC: Exceeds Expectations & dropped for NEWT level

– Animagus Association (Uagadou)
– Duelling Club (Uagadou & Hogwarts)
– Apparition Class (Failed & won’t reattempt)
– Burkinabé Ministry of Magic (Name Prophecies)


Every tale has a beginning, every character has their origin story be their destiny in crime or heroism. This particular story begins down south, in the cradle of the world, the beautiful and wild Africa. Or that’s at least what the tourism industry will have people believe when they’re contemplating an all-inclusive trip to the great savannah. To those that grew up there, Africa is a harsh and ruthless environment where survival of the fittest is still in effect. At least this was the case for Mosi Abimbola, the young wizard from some nameless Lobi village in the Koubli National Forest in the southern most corner of Burkina Faso. He grew up in a town without running water or electricity, where magic was taboo and life was simpler. Mothers looked after the kids while the men went out to hunt and gather. A simpler life that got a whole lot more complicated when Mosi made his entrance in their tribal lifestyle…

Mosi was the first son of Adéwalé and Aveline who had three daughters before him, not that the boy ever met any of them. His two oldest sisters had already died from diphtheria by the time he was born, his other sister was dragged into the river by a hippo before he was old enough to walk. But that’s how life unfortunately was in that part of the world. Most would have five kids in the hope one would see an eighteenth birthday. His parents had invested their hope on the young rascal running around the village getting into all sorts of trouble. Mosi was a clever kid with a sharp mind, quick to pick up on things and eager to learn. But the older he got, the more people around the village began to suspect that there was something different about him. Strange things started happening and Mosi was never far away. Often he’d be caught staring into the campfire as if something was going on within those flames. Kids that picked on him for being strange would often get hurt; some would get sick, others were chased by big cats and one boy was even attacked by a black mamba after he gave Mosi a black eye. And when he turned eleven the dreams started…

A strange figure would appear in his dreams, a man in bright colored robes speaking of magic, witches and wizards and whenever he roused from those dreams a strange stone would be found in his right hand. Mosi first talked to his mother about it, but the woman would snap at him before throwing the stone in the river. When the dream returned, he confided in his father, but the man simply gave him a good thrashing before tossing the next stone in the river. The next time the man visited him in his dream, Mosi didn’t tell anyone. Instead he hid the stone beneath the old Shea tree outside the village. But the dreams didn’t stop, instead informing him that someone would come find him. And that morning a strange man arrived in the village to take him to Uagadou School of Magic. The man pretended to be a Thila towards his parents, whispering in their ear that Thagba had a purpose for their boy. Superstitious as they were, Adéwalé and Aveline never once questioned the headmaster’s lie…

At Uagadou Mosi’s talents rapidly unfolded as the boy was hungry for the power that magic offered him. It fascinated and at the same time corrupted him. The more he learnt about spells, potions and magic, the more he began to crave the strength that the headmaster had told him coursed within his veins. Because of this hunger, Mosi began pushing and challenging himself through friendly competitions and brutal rivalries at school. Unlike Hogwarts Uagadou actually promoted struggles between students for in Africa only the strongest survived. In conflict they found out about their abilities, discovering their true self and developing the necessary skills to thrive in this harsh environment. But going from that world to the one he was born into, was too harsh a contrast for the young wizard. Every summer when he had to go home, Mosi grew more resentful towards the people that raised him and the village where he grew up. Two entire months he had to pretend to be something different, something weak and he despised that feeling…

Those who’ve tasted power, would crave it and Mosi was no exception. Incidents in the village grew more frequent when he returned for school breaks. More frequent and especially more violent especially when several of the village hunters began picking on him. Mosi always got his revenge but he was smart enough not to get caught. After all wizards from Uagadou were exceptionally talented in wandless magic making it hard to prove ill-intent when magical hiccups occurred. A few times he was called before the Burkinabé Ministry of Magic for underage magic, but on each occasion he was acquitted from the charges. But Muggles especially in the spiritual and superstitious Burkina Faso didn’t take kindly to being cheated. First it were his own parents kicking him out but that wasn’t enough. In the resulting fight that followed, Mossi genuinely lost control and took on the African Leopard form that he’d mastered at Uagadou. That’s when the villagers drove him out, giving chase with spears and arrows. They would surely have killed him if the Burkinabé Ministry had not stepped in. The entire village had to be obliviated and Mossi was transferred to avoid future incidents…

He was placed in Home Kisito, an orphanage financed by the Burkinabé Ministry of Magic to keep parentless children with magic safe from Muggle prosecution. To the outside world it appeared a regular catholic institute with nuns looking after the children and a chapel for all their meals and prayers. Within those walls over sixty talented witches and wizards were kept from harm during the school holidays but living conditions there were far from ideal. The big kids picked on the little ones, which in the African wizarding world meant that the big predator Animagi hunted on everything smaller and frailer than them. There was a natural pecking order there and within two weeks Mosi sat at the very top of the Home Kisito food chain. His talent for leading the wicked and cunning ways to avoid getting caught, turned him into quite the apex predator in that house. At school things weren’t so different but Mosi fully understood that staying in Uagadou would no longer benefit him. After all there wasn’t much of a future for those with magic in a continent that had turned its back on such practices when the white man and their “One God” religion first came to their world. For that very reason Mosi addressed his concerns to the headmaster, a man quite fond of him since the day they discovered the truth Mosi found when staring into the flames. It took a great deal of wit to talk the man into signing his transfer papers, a great deal more to have him forget to include Mosi’s “dubious” background in his transfer forms but at the start of his sixth year Mosi found himself on the doorstep of Europe’s finest wizarding institute: Hogwarts…

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