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Adeline Boudart

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Adeline Boudart

Picture ID

General Information

Summarized Character Information
Face Claim:
Emma Dumont

Character Name:
Adeline Boudart

Addy – Adele – “Bisou”


Date of Birth:
14th of July


Interior Designer

Completed Highschool
1 Year Apprenticeship

French – Dutch – Flawed English

Coven Affiliation:

5ft 9


Eye Color:
Apple Green

Hair Color:
Shifts between Black, Auburn and Green



Ears (lobe, tragus, helix & forward helix)

Roman Goddess Diana Back-Piece
Spiral Goddess Wrist Tattoos

Minor Sporotrichosis Scars (Legs)

Alternate Forms:
No Alternative Form

Species Information: Dianic Witch

“I Have Loved The Stars Too Fondly to Be Fearful of the Night”

The Dianic Witch is a not your run-of-the-mill magician brewing potions or selling talismans in some fancy souvenir shop. Instead their magic is rooted in their blind devotion to Diana, making them consider their magical talents as divine gifts from the Goddess. While their fundamental principles might differ, Dianic witches still remain witches which explains the large diversity in talents among their kind. For Adeline magic comes in the form of a bright green flash of light that permits her to shape constructs out of this luminous energy. Because of the fickle nature of light these constructs are only temporary.

While many Dianic Witches dedicate themselves to a more natural and organic approach to magic, Adeline rebelled against that stereotype. While some of the hereditary skills are there, she displays no affinity to flowers or trees. Adeline did develop a love for bugs learning their diverse languages along the way. It are the colorful critters that seem to respond best to this Dianic Witch, majestic butterflies and exotic beetles in particular being instinctively drawn to this energetic figure. These are also the only type of males Adeline can tolerate around her, holding fast to the Dianic feministic ideology. This is one characteristic most Dianic Wiccans have in common, trying to heal from the wounds of the patriarchy.

Species Abilities:

Photokinetic Constructs
Adeline’s primary magical talent is her ability to warp a green luminous energy into physically tangible constructs. She can generate this light herself, drawing it from any natural light source in her vicinity before bending it into any shape she desires. These constructs are temporary in nature, the duration depending on the size of the created solidification of light. Adeline favors the “classics” using this Photokinetic ability to craft bow and arrow or polearms for offensive measures while conjuring shields to temporary come to her defense.

Chromatic Manipulation
While utterly useless as an offensive or even defensive ability, Adeline’s favorite magical gift must be chromatic manipulation. First discovering that her hair shifted color, the talent extended itself to actually altering objects original hue to anything she fancies. The effect is temporary and this form of magic merely alters the physical appearance of things while leaving the object’s original nature intact.

It’s common for Dianic Witches to develop a sense of familiarity with wildlife, allowing them to talk and control animals of all sorts. For Adeline this innate talent is limited to insects, in particular those of the colorful variety such as butterflies and beetles. She mostly uses this talent to entertain herself but could just as easy use this little buggers to spy on people.

With bugs comes poison and after years of playing with all sorts of creepy crawlies, Adeline developed a tolerance for toxic substances. While it’s not a genuine immunity, her tolerance permits her to walk away from several viper bites without even breaking a sweat. Unfortunately this Mithridatism doesn’t extend to magically concocted poisons that still maintain their original potency. Poisons fatal to mankind will still possess some sting, causing a brief moment of sickness before the increased tolerance deals with that threat.


Entomologic Senses
Bugs make up her extensive espionage network

Creative Mind
Her abilities are only limited by her imagination

Luminous Magic
Intuitive magic user using light as an energy source


Entomologic Senses
Like bugs she’s fatally susceptible to insecticides

Creative Mind
Her abilities require a calm and composed mind

Luminous Magic
Unable to use magic in the absence of natural light

Personality Information

“The Sun watches what I do but the moon knows all my secrets”

The discussion between “Nature versus Nurture” goes back for ages and yet the evidence of its complexity shows when one meets the young Dianic Witch. There are arguments for both perspectives in her personality, traits both inherited and adopted over the years but each contribute to the enigma that is Adeline.

The first trait speaks to the “Nature” argument as Adeline is a creative soul and a free spirited woman at heart. Her imagination knows no bounds, often consuming entire days as she drifts away in blissful daydreams. She’s a child of summer, despite her preferred color schemes so that wanderlust inside her can prove insatiable at times. Ever restless, ever looking for the next big adventure she seeks out new opportunities instead of waiting for them to naturally occur. This go-getter attitude at times gets her in trouble, making her more reckless and unpredictable than one’d expect from the typical nature-attuned Dianic witch.

While that creative and bubble nature adds to her character, it was the way she was raised that most defines how Adeline regards the world. Brought up in a Dianic Wiccan coven, she was indoctrinated with an ideology focused around the worship of the goddess Diana and a strictly matriarchal feministic upbringing. Like the ancient Amazons she was taught about female superiority and adopted that perspective as her own. Her faith is nature oriented, dedicated to the reverence of nature and a devotion to womanhood free from damages inflicted by a patriarchy society. Unfortunately this also limited her perspective, forever considering men as the culprits of all the world’s woes. Because of this she displays an ingrained animosity towards the opposite gender along with an unhealthy aversion and suspicion towards their actions.

But there’s one characteristic to Adeline that she’ll happy admit as entirely her own. Spiritual education and liberal mentality cannot explain her unhealthy fascination with puzzles. Adeline has an obsession for trying to solve complex problems, spending countless hours pondering over crossword puzzles or trying to understand the intricate machinations of watch gears. While not exactly academically gifted, it’s remarkable to see how easily she recognizes patterns. Unfortunately that same love also explains why at times she’ll talk in riddles. It adds to her mystery while at the same time isolating her socially.


Turning Houses in Homes
Everything Bright and Colorful
Puzzles, Riddles and Mysteries


Every Male Specimen
Pitch Darkness (Lygophobiac)
Insecticides & People Killing Bugs

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