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Berrik Eigaar

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1 Berrik Eigaar on Sat Dec 16, 2017 9:58 am


Berrik Eigaar

Picture ID

General Information

Summarized Character Information
Face Claim:
Adam “Nergal” Darski

Character Name:
Berrik Eigaar

“Berserker” (see bio for more details)

Bisexual (favors women & pretty boys)

Date of Rebirth:
25 September 1067

Resembles a man in his early 40’s
Was 20 when he died on 25 September 1066

Bodyguard for Hire
Legendary Berserker

3 Months of Catholic Tutoring
16 Years of Rigorous Combat Training

English (Norse Accent)
Old Norse (Native Tongue)
Ancient Latin (Only Written)

Coven Affiliation:
Seeks Employment at the Adrasteia Coven



Eye Color:
Slate Grey

Hair Color:
Salt & Pepper


(Decaying since his death)

Prince Albert Piercing
Nipple Piercings (both)

Originally Saxon Ink Markings
Replaced with Satanic Symbolism

Too Many Cuts (Various Locations)
Scar on the Inside of Right Calf (Spear)
Lichtenberg Figure on Chest (Black Infection)

Alternate Forms:
See Species Description for Details

Species Information: Draugr

“When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth”

I don't know what sort of eternal wellspring they draw from, but it's clear that the draugr carry only the barest whisper of life in them, and it rekindles nightly while resting in its niche. I now believe that the grotesque forms that we see in the barrow were, in fact, buried fully as men and women, and only over the thousands of years that have passed withered into the wretched things we know. If we had visited a barrow directly after its construction, we might not have even known any of its inhabitants were dead!” – Among the Draugr (Elder Scrolls Skyrim)

The Draugr are vile and wicked things, abominations denied the mercy of the afterlife all because they didn’t receive the proper burial rites. This was the case of the legendary berserker that barred the English Army from crossing the Stamford Bridge. When Berrik fell that day, the triumphant King Harold ordered his corpse embalmed and laid to rest in a cairn near the battlefield among the rest of the fallen Viking warriors. Sanctified by another’s religion, the Norse gods refused this hero to the Halls of Valhalla and thus the dark magic grabbed hold of him. Neither death nor alive, he was cursed to wander that tomb as an undead sentinel. With each year the anger within his soul grew stronger, with each century more of his self rotted away until but a hollow shell remains. But while his humanity faded, the Draugr grew stronger, possessing a physical strength few could hope to rival along with sinister magic from an unholy origin.

Conventional magic no longer affects the Draugr for what is dead can never die. Cold doesn’t slow them down, drought and famine won’t stop them and even iron barely affects them. Only fire seems to expose their corrupted existence, setting them ablaze like dried kindling and reducing their accursed bones to ash. Water also deters a Draugr, preventing them from crossing any form of water be them shallow puddles or grand rivers. Unlike most Undead the Draugr don’t shy away from the sun yet it will reveal the full extent of time’s corruption. Most frightening of all is the timeless wrath of the Draugr for they haunt a person’s nightmare before striking and leave them with a token that death is coming for them. There’s a legend that describes another weakness but the truth of the statement remains untested; a Draugr can be killed after resurrection in the same manner as they were killed in human form which for Berrik would mean a spear from below.

Species Abilities:

Draugr Physiology
Berrik isn’t exactly proud of his appearance but in the sunlight the truth is laid bare as the Draugr is revealed. The light strips away the illusion and exposes what remains of the man that fell on the Battle of Stamford Bridge. Undead he resembles a pale decaying version of the legendary warrior but even larger and heavier than the original Viking that died on that bridge. And with the grim appearance comes the stench of rot and corruption that attracts carrion birds from miles away. Crows and ravens in particular are drawn towards this sinister figure, flocking by the dozens around the man that reeks of death…

Folklore will speak of the Draugr walking into the dreams of people, haunting and stalking them during their nights only to warn them of the Undead’s revenge that comes the next day. Berrik can step into a person’s dream as long as they first physically touched, allowing him to alter the dreams into terrifying nightmares that omen what’s yet to come. Unlike most witches with this gift, Draugrs don’t actually interact with their victim, only taint the original dream into frightening the dreamer rather than physically harming them. Unfortunately this ability won’t let him maintain human form, always revealing the horrifying Draugr figure…

Upon his resurrection Berrik discovered a morbid talent that affects all and everything around him in a necrotic way. Vegetation withers in his presence, flowers wilting and leaves dying rapidly within a ten foot radius of any Draugr. Most distinct is the corruption that spreads when a Draugr comes in contact with any metal object, causing corrosion to almost instantly reduce it to rust. This same process explains the foul odor that Berrik masks with a thick cloud of cologne along with the swift deterioration of his clothes and shoes. On average Berrik can only wear a set of clothes once before they reduce to dust; physical contact with people needs to be limited as well for prolonged exposure can induce sickness and necrotic infections…

Telepathic Linguistic
While not born a mute, Berrik lost his ability to speak upon his death. Instead he projects his thoughts into people’s head, allowing him to communicate despite the loss of his verbal cords. It’s an intrusive gift that many will consider an invasion of their personal space but this Draugr has no other option to communicate. He’ll need no permission to do so but anyone with sufficient mental resistance can deafen this form of psionic conversation. His mental voice sounds like rusty nails ground in a blender thick with his Norse accent…


Draugrs are Undead and can’t die of age or disease
(his body needs to be completely destroyed to die)

Physical Combat
Berrik is a legendary century-old Viking Berserker
(experienced only in medieval Dane axe fighting)

Gifted at shifting people’s dreams into nightmares
(will always leave behind a token in the real world)


Rotting Presence
His toxic presence damages nature and people
(only irritations for most, diseases for humans)

Stealth is Impossible
Due to his noxious scent and carrion entourage
(his stench gets camouflaged with cologne)

Fire Vulnerability
Like all Draugrs Berrik is very susceptible to fire
(he’ll avoid every form of open flames obsessively)

Personality Information

“I’m an undead weapon, just unsheathe me and point me at the enemy”

Berrik is the iconic “strong and silent” type, though that second trait is not exactly by choice. He is a tough nut to crack, a man from another time struggling to adjust to the current era and refusing to accept the sinister truth of his own existence. For people to understand him, one must first understand the dark period from which he came and the harsh life he led prior to his resurrection in this wretched form.

Once upon a time Berrik was a Viking berserker, one of the warrior elites who earned fame and fortune through their ferocity in battle. The first one to disembark the longboats and the last one to abandon the shield wall the title of Berserker was a badge of honor that defined the man whose courage leaned dangerously close to folly. His valor was reckless, his quest for a glorious death everlasting but most of all there was honor is the Berserker role. He took pride in his gift for war and actually enjoyed the respect and fear that role earned him in that community of hardened raiders. In the off-season he would enjoy the revere of the people, spend his days teaching the next generation how to fight and prayed for the mercy of an honorable death to all the cruel Norse gods. A death he earned but the bards would not sing his tale when a Catholic king defied him the proper last rites…

Today Berrik is a Draugr, a cursed soul forever denied access to the halls of Valhalla and that faith has turned the once brave warrior into a bitter soul. He possesses an insatiable bloodlust released through acts of extreme violence. While once impossible to provoke, he’s now quick to anger, never fearing to act on it. His lust for battle in his pursuit of a glorious death was one rooted in a strong sense of religion. Now however it’s the source of an insatiable bloodlust bringing out his brutal and savage nature. The longer he lives this cursed life, the worse it gets as the years strip away what little of his humanity still remains. Every flaw of his character has become a dominant trait now. His fondness for gold turned into an obsessive greed that makes him stalk treasure like an ancient dragon. His love for men and women turned into a sex addiction that denies him a proper romantic relation. His patience is virtually non-existent much like his compassion and conscious are now muted as the years stripped him of his sense of compassion.

Strong Dark Ale
Sharp Dane Axes
Fine Gals and Lads

Being Denied Valhalla
Political Intrigues & Plots
All Forms of Modern Technology

Background History

“May contain graphic content that some readers may find offensive”

Berrik’s life began ages ago during a simpler time where the laws of survival still were in favor of the biggest and strongest warriors. His tale began in Frederikssund, a Viking village on the Eastern bank of the Roskilde Fjord. His father was a local shipwright slaving away on the “Knarrs” in the docks. His mother was a mere thrall, a woman captured during one of the clan’s raids and given to the shipwright in payment for his services. There was no love between them, no passion for the woman was but a serf and not the shipwright’s actual wife. That same faith awaited the child that followed from that relation for those born in thralldom were doomed to a life of servitude. Berrik grew up in a house eager to remind him just how long his place on the social hierarchy was. Every mistake he made, was answered with a severe beating. Every fault was publically pointed out and punished but no matter how often he endured the stigma, Berrik kept getting back up…

But then all in Frederikssund began to notice the changes in the shipwright’s bastard. Berrik had his first growth-spurt at age nine when Viking children typically began their training. During those first weeks he already stood a head taller than the average boy and the kid knew how to use his height to his advantage. During practice Berrik proved to be quite the talent when it came to the Dane axe. He could fend off a dozen kids at once, even stand up against veteran warriors. By the time the captains came to pick fresh meat for the raids, all longboats had a place for young Berrik who’d managed to grow beyond the stigma of his thralldom birth. Every raiding party wanted the six foot tall eleven year old what could cleave a shield clean in half. That’s why he was the first boy of Frederikssund to cross the seas and land upon the English shores. With each raid the boy’s reputation grew and after his second season he was honored with the title of Berserker…

The seasons went by and none in the village longer viewed Berrik as the shipwright’s bastard. All knew and respected the Berserker who’d brought back more riches than any single raider that crossed that great sea. Many considered Berrik for Jarl but he lacked the political ambitions. Even when King Harald Hardrada came to recruit more ships into his fleet, Berrik was content to just wield his axe in the efforts of another man’s war. Five years he served as the commander of Harald’s berserkers. Each battle eared them more land, a bigger reputation but at the same time also more enemies. First it were the Danes to join the Norwegian army, next the kingdom of Northumbria and soon enough Harald’s ambitions grew too bold to continue unchallenged. That’s when disaster struck after the army managed to make the impossible journey of 185 miles between London and Yorkshire in four days. Among those soldiers stood Berrik now almost seven and a half feet tall…

Tragedy struck on the 25th September 1066AD. Camped out on both banks of the River Derwent, the Norwegian army was caught by surprise when the English cavalry caught them by surprise. In seconds the small detachment was overrun, barely able of forming the defensive circle that enabled a retreat across the Stamford Bridge. Skilled warriors as they all were, the Vikings were no match against the trained cavalry that overwhelmed Harald’s troops. For that reason the king addressed his most ferocious berserker ordering Berrik to hold the bridge at all cost for the army to form up a proper shield wall on the opposite bank. Against all odds Berrik faced the English troops atop that bridge, where their numbers meant little on the narrow path that spanned the river. The riders that charged were the first to fall, having lost their height advantage against the freakishly tall warrior. Next the English infantry met their match against the man that fought like a wild beast. Shields along with the arms holding them were cleaved in half. Swords were bent and thrown in the river as skulls split beneath the Dane axe. For nigh an hour he held the bridge until a coward swam beneath the planks and drove a spear up into his thigh…

Berrik died an hour later, bled out among a pile of broken Englishmen he dragged down with him. He’d held the bridge for almost two hours enough time for the Norwegian army to retreat. If not for his sacrifice hundreds more would have fallen. If not for his last stance on the bridge, many would have been overrun before reaching the safety of the longboats waiting further downstream. And that heroic fight would go down in history as the Battle of Stamford Bridge. Bitter that he’d been denied a legendary victory, the English king Harold Godwinson demanded the body of that lone Viking berserker be brought to him. Examining the fallen brute he witnessed the horrors that berserker had been through; hundreds of scars each of wounds that would have killed a lesser man greeted the king and his examiners; dozens of wounds more he’d endured during the battle, each grave enough to bring an ordinary man to their knees. Witnessing this a sense of newfound respect was experienced by the English that decided to honor the fallen enemy by a ceremonial burial in a cairn marking the battlefield. But being buried according to Christian customs was a cruel defiance of Norse customs, forever condemning the hero of Stamford Bridge…

It took a year of restlessness that eventually roused the evil within the fallen Berrik. Laid within the cairn where all the bones of fallen Norsemen rested, it was the manner in which the English buried him that denied Berrik the honor of feasting at Odin’s side in Valhalla. Placed upright in near the entrance, embalmed in the caustic fluids of Christianity’s last rites, his soul returned to the body now withering and made him rise from the dead as a Draugr. Cursed to wander till the end of days within that Cairn, the darkness had turned the hero into a bitter foe. With each year passing, more of his humanity begun to fade till naught but the darkness of the valiant berserker remained. Cursed to walk those dark passages beneath the earth, he guarded the last resting ground of his former comrades. He did this for ages, only having to end a dozen lives that dared to enter the cursed tomb. And then urbanization began and the cairn had to make room for an apartment building for at least eight dozen new families. It was during the excavation that many artifacts of his fallen brethren were plundered from the graves. Construction workers would steal the gold bracelets and bronze swords to sell off on the internet and that’s when Berrik truly rose from the grave. One by one he begun to collect those relics and return them to the sea. Many he already found but a single bracelet found its way into the possession of a Bellona witch in Soteria. It took a dozen years for him to get there but now Berrik has reached the village, realizing his search will require help that’s likeliest to be found in the rival coven...

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