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Evelyn Summers

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Evelyn Hope Summers
Picture ID

General Information
Summarized Character Information
Face Claim:
Britt Robertson

Character Name:
Evelyn Hope Summers

Evi (coven)
Eve (coven)
Elly (family)
Lynn (friends)
Hope (parents)

Appears in her early 20’s
Celebrated her 21st birthday

Date of Birth:
4th of March

Lipstick Lesbian
(polyamorous homewrecker)

Adrasteia Ward Expert (per Esme’s request)
Casino Hostess (before Esme’s summon)

Graduated Highschool
1 Year Community College

Greek (spoken)
Italian (spoken)
French (spoken)
Spanish (spoken)
Portuguese (spoken)
English (primary language)
Dutch (secondary language)

Coven Affiliation:

Adrasteia Coven
(exclusively to Supreme Esme)



Eye Color:
Periwinkle Blue

Hair Color:
Strawberry Blonde

Caucasian | Dutch Ancestry

Mandala Tramp Stamp
Underboob Mandala Tattoo

Alternate Forms:
No Alternative Forms Available

Adrasteia Sorceress
“She was chaos and beauty intertwined, a tornado of roses from divine”
Species Description:

Evelyn is one of the Adrasteia witches from Supreme Esme’s inner circle which is a mighty indicator of just how mighty a sorceress she is. She’s deceivingly powerful for someone of her size, her magical potential even rivaling the Supreme were her abilities not so highly unpredictable. Being a sorceress rather than a traditional witch, there’s very little spellcasting involved in her magic and more intuitive mystical gestures. Within the coven, she’s known as the Wards expert specialized in defensive and protective incantations. The magical barriers she erects can easily deflect the strongest Bellona spells.

Her instinctive magic however proves highly unpredictable as the girl is blessed with the inherit ability to crystalize objects and people upon contact. It’s a pulse-based magic that requires physical contact to trigger a chain reaction that rapidly causes the molecular structure of objects to shift into a crystalline matter. Depending on the intend behind the process, Evelyn will cause objects to become brittle like glass or strong as diamond. Unfortunately for the young witch it’s extremely hard to control this powerful form of magic, leaving its effects too variable to be depended on. Sometimes she’ll barely cause crystal flakes to sprout while on other instances she’ll encase the entire building.

While her intuitive magic is highly unpredictable and her focused magic is passive and defensively, Evelyn always depends upon her fellow Adrasteia witches to have her back in a fight. It’s only when her emotions run wild that Evi gains develops offensive capabilities. These skills are solely enabled by her survival instincts. Her talent for wards is unsurpassed but like most dormant forms of magic, it requires frequent updating and refreshing to keep those defensive barriers at full strength. The coven’s supreme fully trusts her, regarding her among her oldest friends but Evi unfortunately had gotten rusty.

Species Abilities:

Inscriptive Magic
Evelyn’s primary source of magic is found in ward magic, a highly complex and passive form of inscriptive magic specialized in the creation of barriers and protections. And within the Adrasteia coven there’s nobody that fully mastered this intricate magic form better than Evelyn Hope Summers. Through the implementation of the correct ancient runes, mythical symbols, enchantments and ritual ingredients, she can put up repellent force fields or even protective talismans that bless the owners with certain mystical benefits. Her greatest trademark in this form of magic are the unique glyphs she created that act as Basilisk Images that bombard those exposed to them with a barrage of harmful curses and hexes. The major downside of this type of magic is that it requires time and resourced to set them in place making it impractical for “quick use” and impossible to wield when ambushed. Her personalized glyphs in addition require frequent “replenishment”.

While Evi genuinely fears this power, not only for its devastating potential but for its unpredictable nature, her talent of Lithomancy is what first got her noticed in the Adrasteia coven Supreme. Lithomancy or more commonly known as Crystal Magic is a rare ability that allows its users to tap into crystals for power and utilize that energy into a magical pulse that causes the exposed surfaces to crystalize. This gift permits Evelyn to erect crystalline walls, generate rapid growing gem clusters or even conjure glass-like constructs for both offensive and defensive measures. Her issues with this ability are found in the absolute lack of control she has over the effects, finding this power often directly linked to her survival instincts and emotional state. In addition the durability of the conjured crystals is dependent on the available natural minerals allowing for diamond strength in high carbon areas and glass fragility in proximity to sandy terrain. Especially in concrete buildings this power can be catastrophic as it will tap into the available quartz.

Directly derivative from her unique aptitude for Lithomancy, Evi is also a proficient user of Crystallomancy. This power enables her to gain insight into a question or situation using crystals, more specifically to see through one crystal and out another in entirely different locations. Different to most users, she can’t glimpse into the past or future this way, restricting her “sight” to the present but she can see beyond an infinite distance this way. The Adrasteia coven has often used Evi’s gift to spy on their rivals, allowing them to always remain one step ahead of their opponent. There’s one major restriction however that requires Evi to have first establish a link with the destination crystal prior to it acting as a magical window for her to spy through. The coven for that reason has “lost” numerous shipments of magical crystals in the past to their rival, accepting that one loss to ensure their victory in this war.
(Only Esme and the friend circle are even aware of this ability)

Protective Magic & Mystical Glyphs
The Art of Seduction and Temptation
The Devastating Potential of Lithomancy

Mortally Allergic to Raw Iron
Extremely Vulnerable to Geokinesis
The Unpredictable Nature of Lithomancy

“Sometimes it’s not the people that change, it’s the mask that falls off”
Sexy Lace & Silk Lingerie
Casual Sex & Taboo Flirts
Vintage Diamond Jewelry
Swarovski Crystal Bracelet (gift)

The Fantasies Men Have of Her
The Whispers Girls Spread of Her
Esme Pushing Her to Use Lithomancy
Lack of Loyalty within the Adrasteia Coven
Personality Description:

Evelyn has an unpredictable personality defined by extremes that her friends and family now associate with one of her many nicknames and aliases. All these characteristics make the foundation of the extraordinary Adrasteia witch but that also makes Evelyn quite the acquired taste. She generally doesn’t get along with people and those that stick around long enough will have their feathers ruffled more than they’re comfortable with. Let’s clarify that statement by reviewing the many alter egos that make up this woman:

“Hope” is the wishful thinking on her parents part that describes the innocent nature of their daughter. It’s the dwindling side of her character representing her conscious, that fundamental core of goodness that allows her to stay true to her friends and family. Hope refers to her loyalty, an unwavering faith in the one person that accepted her unconditionally: Esme. Her resolve to Esme’s cause is steadfast going beyond coven sympathy into blind deifying reverence for the Adrasteia true purpose.

“Elly” is the familiar synonym by which her family recognizes her bubbly energy and joyful enthusiasm towards life in general. It’s the part of her identity that explains her eternal optimism and her impossible resilience to hardship. Even in the face of death, “Elly” maintains that blissful smile and brings forth an air of glee no matter the darkness around her. Even in the worst situation her laugh echoes on to the enjoyment of some but the frustration of many that fail to understand her constant amusement.

“Lynn” is a term of endearment used by her friends referring to the prankster inside Evelyn. She was always prone to mischief, a little troublemaker by nature with a fondness for all things forbidden. Lynn is the rule breaker, the rebel without a cause that often dragged others down with her in her next great adventure. Lynn represents the reckless vixen that nearly got thrown out of the coven a dozen times had the Supreme not came to her rescue. It’s her love for bending the laws and breaking the rules personified.

“Evi” signifies the witch within Evelyn, not only yearning for power but also terrifying her at the same time. It’s that fragile balance within her that both craves and dreads the magic she inherited. It’s the inner conflict that worsens in the company of Esme’s inner circle, forcing her to choice between personal reservations and the coven’s ambitions. Once her life’s is mortal danger, Evelyn truly embodies “Evi” and that’s when the fear is replaced by the wicked powerhouse witch that forfeits control in exchange for absolute power. Only in this state “Evi” Adrasteia potential is revealed, a trait that Esme wishes to use in the ongoing witches’ war.

And lastly there’s the “Eve” persona, the side to Evelyn Summers that the world generally gets to see. Eve is an infamous womanizer, a confident beauty with an appetite for gorgeous women and forbidden romances. She has a silver tongue and a tempting stare, enough to shatter through everyone’s defenses once she set her eye on them. For her it’s an addiction to intimacy that leads her to the bedroom, an unspoken craving for affection rooted in a pure adoration of womanly perfection. And yet she shies away from all commitments, being notorious for always keeping a few girls around at once. And yet in Adrasteia she has a reputation for being an “easy” lay and yet exactly that’s why Esme kept her around. Even girls tend to talk in the euphoria of sexual fulfillment and Eve is a natural within the sheets.

Background History
May Contain Graphic Content such as Violence, Sex and other…

The Summers family is an old and proud bloodline accounted among the settlers of Soteria. There’s a magical gift that runs through their lineage, skipping entire generations only to randomly affect one or two blessed individuals that bear the Summers’ name. To fully review this family’s heritage would require years, only inspiring more questions than answers and adding little information that one might need to understand the girl named Evelyn Summers. It were the last two generations that defined this young witch, starting with her grandparents on her father’s side, Regina and Ahab Summers. Regina and Ahab were both Adrasteia witches bereft of the signature family power. They were an iconic pair, the grumpy old man with his colorful wife selling jewelry from a curiosa shop down Main street. They practiced inscriptive magic, developing their own wards and glyphs which was where their granddaughter picked up on the complex practice. Her parents were Caroline and Samuel, young entrepreneurs that died too young and too tragically before even getting the chance to see their baby girl make her first steps…

That’s the tragedy that marked Evelyn’s life even if she didn’t really endure it in a conscious manner. Only a year old at the time, she can’t even recall Caroline and Samuel’s faces and yet she grew up in her grandparents’ home filled with portraits of the loving parents she never knew. Regina and Ahab raised the little girl ensuring that the youngest Summers too developed the inherited abilities of their prestigious bloodline. And what grand a decision that proved to be as even as a wee toddler Evelyn displayed the iconic Summers’ Lithomancy ability. Every time the girl scraped her knee, got spooked or had a nightmare the house would be devastated by the marvelous sparkling crystals that sprang from the earth. That’s why Ahab decided to distract the girl with Inscriptive Magic, teaching girl still in kindergarten the fundamentals of wards. With that particular set of magical skills she was send in the world and placed in the same school as most Adrasteia children of that generation. A school where a friendship blossomed that would change her life…

Evelyn became close friends with Esme Rollin, a troublesome witch that had gotten kicked out of more schools than most her age. They always hung out together, Evi being part of the young witch’s entourage that started to earn quite the reputation in the city. They were a prominent bunch, each more powerful than your typical witch and yet all eternally loyal to the girl leading this posy. While Esme profiled herself as the leader despite her poor romantic decisions, Evi quickly became the group “slut” for her amorous affairs. Esme was the first she trusted with her secret, being the first she came out of the closet for and with her friend’s acceptance, Evi indulged in those bottled up appetites. In town she was often seen making the “walk of shame”, heels in hand and a smile on her face as she came back after a wild adventure with yet another girl she’d talked into her bed. And Evi did that proudly knowing she had Esme and the entourage’s support…

But the girls eventually grew apart when tragedy struck the Rollin family. After the Bellona’s assassinated the Rollin family, forcing Esme to take over the Adrasteia coven Evi was the first to voice her controversial point of view in that whole dilemma. While loving the new Supreme, she refused to follow her friend down the war path and left Soteria along with the wonderful magic it contained. It pained her to part ways with the coven, even more to say her farewells to the close circle of friends she’d leave behind but it was all for the better. The covens would tear eachother apart and the relationship between Alezander and Esme once hoped to unite the rivals, would now certainly omen death and destruction for both parties involved. So rather than sticking around to watch her friends die in some futile battle, she’d find her own way in the world. And for a girl with her looks and talents, Vegas proved the ideal destination. She spent years there, first working as a casino waitress and eventually getting promoted to a casino floor hostess…

She was working the floor one day when she overheard a few runaway witches talking about troubles in Soteria. Apparently the war between the covens had taken a turn for the worse with both parties involved taking heavy casualties. Witches, warlocks and other supernatural beings were at eachother’s throats and now whispers were going around of traitors within the ruling coven. That’s when Evi decided to reach out to Esme again, checking up on the true story and packing her bags the next day. Evelyn came back in all secrecy, her return to Soteria only known to Esme’s inner circle who were also informed of her most recently discovered power. With the threat of traitors within the Adrasteia coven, it were all those old friends of Esme’s that would act as her loyal inner circle; a group of witches that would never turn their back on Esme…

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