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Andres Oddmund

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Andres Ian Oddmund

[ændrəs - ɪæn - oʊdmʊənd]

Smokey (to the friends)
Bane (to the clients)

“Look down at me and you see a fool;
Look up at me and you see a god;
Look straight at me and you see yourself”

Sons: Jackson (7) and Cassidy Oddmund (9)
Daughter: Juliette Oddmund (3)
Ex-Wife: Annette Kondratiev (31)
Creator: Rayne Oddmund (deceased)



Social Status:
Debt Collector for Total Aces² Casino


Relationship Status:

Age - Looks:

Age - Actual:

Bolungarvík, Iceland

Date of Creation:
January 7th, 1678

Date of Awakening:
January 11th, 1978

Current residence:
Motel Room in Hollows

Other residences before hollows:
• Bolungarvík, Iceland
• Toronto, Canada
• Juneau, Alaska

Hair Color:
Natural Dirty Blonde

Eye Color:
Slate Grey with a subtle hint of blue

6 feet 11 inches

211  lbs

Skin tone:
Scandinavian Caucasian

Blood Type:
Blood type: O, Rhesus Factor: negative

Male at minimum
• Arms: 18.5 inches
• Calves: 18.5 inches
• Neck: 18.5 inches
• Thighs 27 inches
• Chest 54 inches
• Waist 30 inches

Due to the origins of his species being crafted out of a rare mineral called Wurtzite Boron Nitride he’s got a natural affinity to earth-elemental control called Geokinesis. He’s able of physically generating such gravitation pulses that he can stir up avalanches, earthquakes, mudslides and quicksand. This allows him to disintegrate solid rock with a single blow, turning stone to sand and conjuring vicious shocks through the earth. There’s one downside though as he lacks the precise control over his Geokinesis;  this results in causing more damage than often intended such as accidental building collapses, unforeseen incidents like falling support columns, concrete panels and even the creation of massive fissures in the ground…

Andres can manipulate muscular structure in his body, using it to alter muscle development, enhance muscles to proportions that induce temporary Superhuman Strength. It could even be used to strengthen his own body hence increasing his stamina and endurance for a limited amount of time, though there are limitations. If used too many times it can cause a cut in the muscle, known as Heller Myotomy. When this occurs a drastic injury similar to a torn muscle will incapacitate him for a reasonable amount of time.

Like most Golems, Andres has a double sided skin and the ability to flip over each molecule individually, which is better known by some as Diamond Skin. Truth of the matter is that Andres was carved out of a rare mineral product called Wurtzite Boron Nitride, a natural product twice as strong as diamond and later summoned to life. This is the origin of every Golem; to be created one day and only awoken another day when their maker requires their services. Once conjured to life, the stone he was carved from turned to skin, though the molecular structure remained unaltered. Now he can flip-flop the molecular structure at will, turning his skin into an impenetrable armor; this allows him to deflect bullets and weapons that simply ricochet off his body. It is however a last resort tool as Bio-Manipulation will sacrifice his speed and mobility for durability, leaving him near-petrified. Bio-manipulation may make Andres invulnerable to physical damage; a powerful focused magical attack might be able to breech this solid exterior…

Delayed Capitulation:
Andres’ physical durability, the ability to endure/resist damage is considerably higher than an "average" member of their particular species. Therefore he can take a vicious physical attack without the perception of pain, while feeling the effects of the blow later in a more suited environment. He’s able of sustaining numerous blows of internal or external assaults before succumbing to the effects as he’s nearly able to delay the effects with 24 hours after the initial exposure. This however doesn’t mean he’s invulnerable as he can take so much damage without being aware of it, that when the injuries do develop the sudden exposure to the accumulated pain will drastically increase the needed recovery time. In the worst circumstances he’d be able to walk away from a fight, dying one day later when the effects of cette fight kick in…

Birth Marks:
None, since he was created and never truly born!

Behind his right ear there’s a peculiar triangle-shaped mark with three dots in the corners, three along each side and one ring shaped dot in the center. This mark was his Maker’s signature and the place where the activation key was inserted that awoke this mighty golem from his slumber. Here behind his ear the skin is ruptured, exposing the dark grey material from which he was carved upon his day of creation. As legend goes, those who’d find the activation key to a golem will immediately become their undisputed master, able of giving him commands and orders; Andres’ key however was destroyed by none other than the giant himself to ensure his liberty…

Due to the molecular structure of his body, no needle is able of breeching his skin, leaving him absent of tattoos and piercings. The same goes for scars or other related markings as nothing but the imperfections during his creation are able of leaving a permanent stain on his appearance. His age however has been defined beforehand by the application of the deep wrinkles in his face and the powerful bone definitions underneath.

Natural Scent:
Musky cave-like scent, similar to the dense ambiance found within underground halls where no light has shine for years. It’s a cold, mossy fragrance that hints of an aged existence that reeks of a dull forgotten place lost in time…

Cologne of his Choice :
Tom Ford Grey Vetiver: Derived from the perennial cuscus grass, it is one of the most intriguing colognes, now Andres’ scent of choice. Blended with grapefruit citrus, pimento, moss, nutmeg and vetiver, it is the perfect office wear cologne. The moment he spray the perfume across his broad chest and nech, it starts as a citrus scent and then as the day progresses, it will start emanating the smell of nutmeg and moss. The subtle smell enhances his eminence and personality, giving character to his presence…

Andres’ voice is best described as a rusty, worn-out bass tone similar to those of an old jazz musician. Most remarkable is the strength that falls in his words as even regularly speaking will sound like angry shouting coming from him. He’s loud, usually blunt, uncensored and particularly fond of foul profanities and obscenities. In many cases it’s described by others as an aggressive angry voice worthy of a professional boxing coach yelling and screaming towards people, though never even bothering to actually raise his voice to such levels. He’s got an odd way of pronouncing certain syllables, often slurring two words into each other,  especially when the first ended in a vowel and the other starts with one. Most significant to his voice is his ability to express himself in a single deep throated grunt where others would require entire sentences to deliver the same message…

Alternate Forms:

Other Distinguishing Features:

Fashion & Makeup:
Andres has a very distinct appearance that entirely depends upon the circumstances he finds himself in. Here the separation between his professional and personal life become most apparent, each has their preferred selection of clothing and style, truly defining his character. Andres makes an obvious separation between his identity as Bane for the clients and Smokey for the friends and ladies…

Smokey-Persona :
When off-duty Andres’ Bane persona is hung in the closet along with the black suits, replaced with a simple casual outfit of loose mono-chrome T-shirts , plain dark stonewashed jeans and humble accessories like dog tags, watches and his wedding ring. He’s usually seen running and working out in his spare time, hitting the gym in grey track suits, hooded sweaters and comfortable sneakers. He is no fan of bright bold colors, feeling more in tune with dark, or modest colors like dark blue, grey, black, white and the occasional green tint found in his closet. Part however of the Smokey chapter of his life are the Cuban cigars; Andres always carries a silver casing holding four hand-rolled illegally imported cigars that keep him entertained in his scarce leisure time…

Bane-Persona :
Whenever Andres is hired for work, he’s a focused, strictly business-kind of man who goes dressed in custom tailored Italian suits with fine leather loafers, designer watches though never sighted with a tie. His bodybuilder body is neatly accentuated by the crisp cut suits, accenting the wideness of his shoulders, the dominating V-shaped of his torso tightly embraced by delicately selected fabrics. It’s a rather impressive sight to see Andres walking down the street in his professional attire, adding a certain eminence and flair to his persona though most know the severity of the person behind the suit.

Sociability & Emotionality:
Sociability :
In general Andres’ appearance is rather inappropriate to the person hiding behind those daunting muscles and soaring size of arms and legs; he’s in fact a rather fatherly character with a predefined set of morals and values he lives by. He’s a stubborn, proud man with an outspoken opinion regarding various subjects, though none are as controversial as his view on War & Peace, Vengeance & Forgiveness. He’s a jovial, optimistic goon who’s rather fond of a drunken night on the town or the classy occasions accompanied by a delicate Cuban cigar, being a person who lives life one day at a time and makes the best of given circumstances.

He however isn’t the talkative type of person, often using deep throated grunts and coughs to express his thoughts rather than breaking into speech. He’s an overly protective individual, standing guard over the few still dear to him; others unfortunate enough to get on his bad side should avoid him entirely for an explosive temper turns this homely giant into a hazardous beast. In business he’s a calm composed character, though in personal matters this patience is often replaced with an agitated nervous appeal, fending especially for his three children who’re still living with his ex-wife. She is amongst the scarce few that can throw the red cape before his eyes, turning him blinded by rage where common sense eludes him…

Emotionality :
Andres is a confident, though never arrogant individual who takes life one day at a time, making the best with the cards like dealt him; he’s a optimist within realistic boundaries, understanding where his limits and possibilities lie. He’s outgoing, always relaxed and composed no matter what the circumstances may be until it regards his three kids back home. Currently he’s a hint distant, managing the hard times he’s going through being separated from his children; he’s recently divorces and due to the fact his alpha-male ego has returned, looking towards women as an entertaining diversion from life  rather than potential spouses. It may be perceived as a womanizing pig though often without his own awareness…

Most remarkable about his personality is his protective nature that dominates his daily routine; he’s hyper-vigilant about things, rather overpowered guarding over the scarce loved ones in his life, most of all his two sons and his precious daughter who mean the world to him. In his worst days he’s a homesick person wanting nothing more than playing ball with his boys or taking his little girl to the park; on his best day he’s focused upon the future, working every day towards rejoining with his kids. The few people who’ve earned his trust will find themselves being placed under his protective wing, keeping them out of harm’s way from any hazard life could throw in their way. Friends and family simply mean the world to him…

Professionally speaking Andres is a savage animal that stops for nothing to complete his job to his clients’ demands; he’s utterly focused and determined, keeping himself to a fixed set of rules that ensure his client and his own safety. He always keeps things professional, rejecting any attempt for a more personal relationship with his clients undoubted. Work and Life are two separate concepts to him, making no exception on that rule as he is devoted to his given assignment taking great pride and care in what he does on daily basis. He’s a perfectionist and often rather compulsive regarding the development of his labor, planning and plotting out every job to the last detail before even starting; rather doing no job than a half-ass job is his personal opinion, though others don’t share that view…

Strengths & Weaknesses:
Strengths :
Andres’ greatest strength is found in his physical capabilities due to his hereditary nature as a Golem; he’s resilient and resistant against physical altercations, being naturally able of deflecting bullets, strikes and blows as underneath his aged skin lies the secret of his species, the Wurtzite Boron Nitride. He’s got a genuine affinity to stand guard, buckle down and simply taking the hits as he waited for the right moment to strike.  He’s capable of standing up against the toughest fiends out there, getting hit and knocked around often enough to tire them out and unleash his brutal nature.

Another forte of his is his perfectionist attitude to confront the world with, being a calm, composed individual who makes rational decisions in stressful circumstances; he’ll remain decisive and calculated, keeping one eye fixed on the goal, the other on his opponents as he faces off in life. It’s one side of him that has grown stronger through fatherhood, having become a stronger person for it by learning patience, calculation and responsibility. He will play things safe whenever necessary, being aware of his own advantages in resilience and endurance and turning towards the comfortable defensive side. He won’t back down until he’s certain his loved one’s are out of harm’s way, using himself as a solid wall between anyone trying to get to his friends and family…

Weaknesses :
His greatest weakness would be his family, especially his kids who mean the world to him; whenever their safety is threatened, their welfare is endangered, common sense is out the window and fatherly instincts will dominate his every decision. When his children are brought in the equation, Andres will literally throw himself between them and his enemies, forming the last defensive wall where rational choices are absent. He’ll act impulsively, driven by responsibility and raw unedited instincts, which isn’t the safest of decisions. In these circumstances he becomes a liability, unbound and unrestrained from his own nature, turning into a mighty unyielding monstrosity…

Another weakness is significant for his species, almost characteristic to golems, who’re nearly invulnerable against physical attacks, though rather susceptible to magical attacks. They’ve got a natural weakness to water based attacks, where his resilience is turned to a disadvantage in the drowning depths of water. People aligned with this element have an advantage against the rock-based nature, which can take hit after hit, blow after blow without breaking through the petrified surface; those strategic enough to render his surroundings uncontrollable by cutting him off from the earth, will have a slight edge over him, but just barely. In combat one must always consider Andres as the mountain standing in the way, blocking the path and standing tall against every attack…

Interests & Hobbies:
Interests :
• Cuban cigars
• Tuning cars
• Scottish whiskeys
• Stripper lap dances
• Italian Suits

Hobbies :
• Tuning Cars (BMW)
• Heavy-Weight Boxing
• Weaponry Assembly
• Deer Hunting (with his sons)
• Visiting the park (with his daughter)

• Strippers, Escorts and Porn Stars
• Spending time with the Kids
• European Import Cars
• Cuban Cigars
• Scottish Whiskeys

• Annette Kondratiev: his ex-wife
• People failing to pay their debts
• Drunken Lowlifes and Punks
• Arrogant womanizers
• Abusive people towards children

• Protective
• Determined
• Resilient
• Calculated
• Defensive

Song and or Playlist:

• Heckler & Koch G36 with Beta C-Mag
• Gerber Machete w Fine edge and Saw blade
• Smith & Wesson Model 629 .44 Magnum

In the gloomy midnight of January 7th 1678 underneath the harbor town of Bolungarvík, Iceland a shady character has set up shop, working in the darkness on a project that never saw the light of day. In the shadows of his workshop Rayne Oddmund started the strenuous task of chipping away on a massive block of Wurtzite Boron Nitride; piece by piece, night by night he chiseled into the solid rock, shaping a statue in the image of a Norse God. Ancient magic was rendered in these forgotten caves, conjuring up a forsaken incantation that had been sealed within an old manuscript. Days went by, the form in the rock slowly taking shape as Rayne continued the difficult task of his craft; details were added, a body towering nearly 7 feet tall was shaped in the center of the cave workshop. The ritual started at high tide, a circle of white ash turned around the statue, candles set up along the oil filled moat as pagan ritual symbols were painted along the eight directions of the compass. Words long lost in time were spoken, whispered chants bestowed upon the hollow chamber beyond spectators’ eye as Rayne started the ceremony. It took more than three years till completion came near, Rayne’s masterpiece having achieved perfection in his eyes, though at a price he’d been paying without his knowledge…

Wurtzite Boron Nitride, the rare mineral substance renowned for being nearly twice as strong as diamond had an unfortunate side-effect; the dust grinded from the solid block started to settle in Rayne’s lungs where his own body started to respond accordingly to this invasion. Fluid built up in his lungs, a nasty cough getting worse as his work on the statue processed; first it was just a dry cough, not much worse than the average cold, but as the end of his masterpiece the cough became more drastic and severe, blood being heaved upward as he slowly withered away inside out. Still he’d completed the impossible, an art form forgotten through history being restored to an entirely new level: a Golem was created. On the coming of crimson moon, an event only occurring every 300 years, Rayne placed the final hands on his design, terminating the years worthy of stonemason labor and tiresome incantations until the bright light of the moon entered through the split in the cave. With patience and utmost care Rayne stepped towards his magnum opus, the activation key in hand; a small metal construction with tiny pins, plugs and latches was the final piece of this obscure puzzle. Slowly and composed he stood face to face with the stone giant, before only coming to a stop with the same festering cough that kept the poor soul awake at night. Just seconds away from activation Rayne collapsed to his knees, the cough rendering him immobile at the feet of his creation; blood was spat up on the floor, his lungs burning in agony as it only got worse. Every time his organs forced air and dust, the pain grew stronger, paralyzing the man who squirmed in torment. His limbs started losing strength, no longer supporting his feeble body that fell numbed on the pedestal of his precious Golem as in the palm of his hand the activation key was still clenched when one last gasp of air escaped Rayne’s lungs. So close yet still so far the creator fell at the brink of his masterpiece…

Years had gone, the cave and the secret within having gone lost in time for the turning of centuries as the clock slowly ticked by; the people of Bolungarvík continued their lives unaware of what remained hidden right under their feet for Rayne Oddmund hadn’t entrusted anyone with the craft he’d been working on through all these years. Most locals believed the old man had fled, traveling to the South like most people did when no longer able of countering the icy bite of this winter country. Others assumed Rayne simply fell in the frigid waters, his body forever lost in the depths of the ocean. Time had gone by, the cave partially collapsing in the continuous earthquakes that reigned these lands; the old home of Oddmund crumbling and becoming but a mere black dot on a map. Three entire centuries had crawled by, as within the cave the golem waited inactively like a soul captured within the rock. Times had changed a lot of things, people coming and going in this homely community as another family became proud honors of old Oddmund land; the harbor house was rebuild by a elegant lady with graceful features and a remarkable smile that haunted the lonely hearts of the sailors at the port. She was lonely, seeking refuge from the hectic city life she’d originated from in the new year of 1968. The house was rebuild, construction was done though the old passage to the cave below was not uncovered, or at least not yet. The lady found a husband, another cliché sailor stationed in this port with whom she started to build a family. Their first boy was born in the first day of that summer; a little spoiled rascal who was given everything he’d ever asked for, getting his demands complied every single time as he screamed and cried out to his mother when things occurred differently. A daughter was born five years later, a small girl with poor health who was oppressed by her older brother who picked on her every single day. Tears she cried due to his blunt behavior, the girl desperately seeking a safe haven from her bully in the basement of her home. She however could never have expected the old wooden boards of the basement well collapsing under her feet, sending the girl falling into the dark abyss…

The girl fell inside the underground cave, her leg breaking on impact as not a single glimpse of light fell within these hollow chambers. She cried out for help though none heard her soft screams for help so deep within the rocky subterranean hall she’d landed in. Fear turned to sorrow, hope of every being found slowly faded at hours went by without anyone finding her in the darkness below. She pushed herself upward, finding support on rocks and withered wooden structures, using an object she’d found within the shadows. Like a large stick the unidentified object became her crutch, slowly she maneuvered through the shadows until she’d heard a peculiar metallic ring at her feet. Blindly her little fingers searched across the ground, finding a peculiar shaped object with pins, plugs and latches though her touch couldn’t identify the structure she’d found in her hands. She continued through the darkness, the stick object tapping like a blind man’s cane against the obstruction along the way. Then she tripped, her little feet meeting some boney object, that send the frightened girl upon the ground, her precious discovered treasure flung through the air. What happened next baffled the imagination of the lost girl; pins and plugs clicked into place, light started to trace patterns through the rock, fire spontaneously bursting into the oil filled moat casting a gloomy yellow light on her surroundings.  A massive sculptured man stood central of the chamber, marks suddenly glowing ominously in a pale blue light. Like a series of mechanic wheels turning and twisting sounds formed out of nowhere, leaving the girl terrified in the sight of this glorious statue. Scared to realize what she was holding, her walking cane appeared to be a thigh bone as the remains of a corpse fell like a white chalked landmark at the base of the sculpture. The flames and light merged towards the manlike structure, sound within the rock echoing like a vague background melody; the golem came to live as by accident the activation key, the girl’s treasure had landed in place. The rock turned to skin, the petrified limbs carved out of stone mobilized giving birth to the mighty creature; the birth of Andres Oddmund was a fact on this weary January 11th, 1978…

Since the day Andres was activated by the girl, the giant had broken free from his earthy bounds in the stone and moved across the open wilderness of Iceland; the girl had been left alone, found hours later by her parents in a terrified numbed state, repeating the same sentence over and over again: the statue came alive…. Andres started aimlessly wandering the land trying to identify what or who he was, though a purpose was easily given by others to this mighty giant. Seen by others for his remarkable strength and noticed for his incomparable resilience, criminals and authorities started making attempts to recruit this massive creature. Andres however was approached by a mischievous man who’d remained nameless, who hired him for enforcer work. Andres was given a purpose in life, taught to fight off people, enforce commands and reclaim debts. Here the giant easily excelled his massive size daunting upon people’s mind; people quivered in fear, cowering away in a dark corner whenever the giant fists of Andres came pounding on their door. Ten years long Andres knocked on strangers’ doors, claiming debts, collecting goods and enforcing the orders of the unknown man who’d hired him. He became a master enforcer, feared and dreaded by his enemies and worshipped by his employers who all greatly admired his ability to take blows and deliver them with equal force. He became an expert highly in demand for his abilities, leading to his skill being noticed in the hectic city life of Toronto, Canada. A new chapter in his life unfolded, a new side to his existence added to the history books…

Recruited by a local criminal syndicate, Andres moved from his home of origins to the crowded city life, where warm coats and winter gloves were replaced with designer suits and Italian leather loafers. Life started to change, things getting easier as he slowly became a real person instead of a soulless creation his maker Rayne Oddmund had forged in the darkness of his workshop. The giant was recruited by Ignacio Fuentes, a loathsome, though honorable mobster who stood high on the mafia’s hierarchy ladder. The Fuentes family was notorious for bribing city officials, running underground gambling rings and fixing worldwide broadcasted fights; all businesses of the family were financially important to the general corporation, making their dependence upon skilled debt collectors and enforcers an absolute necessity. It took them not that long to get Andres settled in, introducing him to the world of underground racing and car tuning which remarkably enough had an irrefutable appeal on the towering giant. The roaring furry of engines, squealing tires burning rubber on the fresh asphalt under the continuous scent of gasoline and oil became Andres’ outlet to the violent ways of his professional life. European import cars earned a precious spot in his heart, his mind often drifting off to the brilliant engineering that fueled these monstrous rides; Andres became consumed by the scene, working day and night for the Fuentes family only to spend his fee entirely on these exotic cars, working on their engines themselves in his own improvised garage. For fifteen years Andres was embracing this simple life of bashing in skulls of those a day too late on their last payment and driving cars in the old industrial harbor; this changed all when he watched one beautiful girl stopping by his garage…

One gorgeous girl named Annette Kondratiev, a natural beauty visiting Toronto from her home town of Juneau in Alaska had come to visit the city for a late assignment. She was doing a photo shoot for a sport magazine, though got lost in the city where the streets all looked the same and people were rarely willing to help a woman in need. Fortunately for her, she’d wandered into the commercial district’s back alleys where Andres owned a loft with underneath a double garage where he was patiently wrenching on his latest purchase. It was love at first sight since the very second they laid eyes in each other. Things between them heated up rapidly, the first date, the first kiss and the first night spend together all took place within the same week, moving in just a week into their relationship. Andres and Annette became an item though their entire relationship was founded upon a lie; a lie regarding his line of work as Andres made her believe he worked as a mechanic in a BMW garage. She was unaware of his criminal activities for the Fuentes family, kept entirely in the dark on the savage line of work he was caught in; things were appearing good on the surface, moving quickly through the different stages of the average love relationship. Nine weeks into their relationship came marriage, a modest event organized by the financial support of the Fuentes’ family. After barely 4 months of married life Annette came out of the bathroom with a bright smile on her face, Andres was going to become a father to a proud strong son that was named after the giant’s favorite athlete the renowned classic boxer Peter Jackson. When that brave child was placed in his arms, Andres felt his life had arrived at a junction, facing two options for his future…

In a feigned attempt to detach himself from his criminal profession Andres made an honest commitment by moving to Annette’s hometown of Juneau in Alaska, settling down and actually working the fake alibi he’d been pinning on her sleeve. He parted with his former bosses, saying goodbye to the high income as a debt collector and enforcer for the Fuentes’ family, welcoming a life of hard labor and tiring days in a local garage. A second son followed after two more years into their relationship, though the low salary as a greasy mechanic barely sufficed to pay the bills; every month was a struggle to get by, getting around to paying all the bills, keeping the house in order and working around the home to ensure a bright future for his children. Things simply were too expensive to be fitted into a meager mechanic fee, making Andres return to the dark side again. Through his various contacts in the underground gambling circuits, founded by the Fuentes family, Andres started to work as an enforcer on the side; he came knocking on doors again, collecting outstanding debts and repossessing cars and other related luxury products to keep the loan sharks satisfied. Before he knew it, he was back working full-time as a debt collector and criminal enforcer, returning to the same old lie he’d been using before. A lie that unfortunately had a way of being exposed to the light of day when his third child, the charming girl Juliette was born two weeks early…

Annette went into labor two weeks before the set-up date, being driven in a hurry to the delivery room by Andres’ mother in law; often they’d asked about his family, never being able of giving them an honest answer for the sole reason he had none.  His emergency contact information was still listed in their medical file as BMW mechanic, though surprise came when Annette tried to call her husband with the news of his daughter’s birth. The former employer of Andres informed her of her husband’s current whereabouts, having often overheard the shady conversation Andres had with his more recent employers in the underground circuits. Rather than confronting him about the lie coming out, she turned towards an equally shady form of work; Annette had her husband tailed by a private investigator, who stalked the tall giant through his daily routine of coercing people with outstanding debts, collecting long-unclaimed fees and the occasional repossession of cars. Days the hired eyes followed him around, staying beyond Andres’ alert eyes, though a single mistake was made by the stalking gent; Andres saw the detective’s reflection in the side mirror of a car, turning infuriated by this lack of thrust. Like a deranged beast he came down on the man, fists shattering the bones of his face, leaving his wife’s detective balanced on the verge of life and death. This news traveled fast to Annette’s ears who filed for divorce that same day; Andres tried to fight this dreaded situation but diplomacy and lawyers weren’t his forte. In the best interest of his children, Andres decided to sign the papers, agreeing on shared custody of the kids where during school holidays he’d look after the children only in case he’d get a legit job without criminal ties…

A year went by with lawyers and court meetings struggling versus the vindictive nature of Annette, who no longer showed those graceful features he’d come to adore; instead she became harsh and cold, her mind set on depriving her former husband every opportunity of ever seeing his children. The golem however had connections within the underground, no sufficient enough to fend off her high-priced lawyers, just tough enough to keep him seeing those three little angels of him whenever he could break free from his hectic schedule with barking at slackers rejecting to pay and enforcing criminal standards on local businesses. It was hard on him, facing the reality to things of being so close to those who’s captured his heart, yet bound by law to keep his distance. He hoped to get a white-collar job though none could match the impressive fee he earned as enforcer until he met an oriental looking man in his line of work. Hired at triple his usual fee, Andres was called up one morning by a gentleman called Donnie Cypher, a wealthy casino mogul in the US who ran a multimillion dollar company who’d recently opened a brand new casino in the city of Hollows. Over the phone arrangements were made granting Andres the legit job he’d required for the same fee the underground syndicates used to pay; the job remained the same, enforcing policies, repossessing valuables and collecting debts in service of the casino. He’d be working closely with security personnel, doing the obscure tasks that were accompanied by casino life including the punishment of cheaters, the threatening of folk who’d failed to pay their bills within time and on occasion break a leg or two of those continuing to fail to compensate their outstanding debts. Knowing this position was a once in a life opportunity, Andres boarded the first plane towards Colorado, flying to his new home in Hollows and the accompanied job that waited for him in the Total Aces² Casino…


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