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Francesca Valentina

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1 Francesca Valentina on Sat Dec 16, 2017 10:02 am


Francesca Margareta Valentina
Picture ID

General Information
Summarized Character Information
Face Claim:
Ashley Benson

Character Name:
Francesca Margareta Valentina

Fran (by family)
Franny (by friends)
Lady Ferula (historic)
One of the Five (Bellona)

Looks in her late teens
Really 19 going on 20

Date of Birth:
First of May


One of the Five in the Bellona Coven
Antiquarian specialized in books

University degree from Cambridge
(Historic Literature Major)

Ancient Latin (read)
Ancient Greek (read)
Medieval Dutch (read)
British English (spoken)
Teutonic German (read)
Parisian French (spoken)

Coven Affiliation:

Important Role in the Bellona Coven
Faithfully devout to the Bellona Five
(loyal to “Alison” and not Alezander)



Eye Color:
Sapphire blue

Hair Color:
Sunshine blonde


An intricate shoulder tattoo (Picture)

Alternate Forms:
Can use glamour spells to alter her appearance
(she can only change her facial features)

“Magic is a gift not all can see, but for those who can, blessed are we”
True Bellona Witch – One of the Five

Francesca is a true Bellona witch, one Alezander’s infamous Five whose innate abilities actually rival with those off the Adrasteia coven. Contrary to the naturally talented witches of that rival coven, her magic is more intuitive proving her with psionic talents rather than conventional spells. Her telekinetic abilities are most impressive, enabling her to perform wondrous feats of extraordinary magic. This ingrained gift to manipulate physical objects across a distance without spells, rituals or any kind of elemental manipulation is responsible for her vital role within the Bellona Five.

Once upon a time the Five’s powers as true Bellona witches seemed to be boundless but that all changed when the coven leader had a vision. Today Francesca’s powers are immensely debilitated by an enchanted piece of jewelry given to her by Alezander. Now she can only regain her full abilities when drawing upon the energy of the “Five” who can act as pylons for her to syphon magical essence to power her spells. In that same flaw spells lose much of their potency when cast by this young witch solo while regaining their full potential with the aid of the Five’s others.

Species Abilities:

Franny is the Bellona Five’s own Telekinetic possessing an exceptionally rare psionic talent even among witches. She can manipulate objects with her mind, causing items to levitate or to be bound in one place with a relentless energy directly linked to her. While telekinetic abilities are fairly common among other species, as a true Bellona witch Francesca’s ability far surpasses the standard applications. Were she not debilitated by Alezander’s curse, she could even manipulate particles on a subatomic level enabling her to lift objects a hundred times her weight at immense distances.

Spell Destabilization
Like all witches, Franny is capable of casting spells from ancient tomes through ritual incantations. Within the Bellona Five however, her strength resides in her brilliant aptitude to destabilize another’s spell. She can dismantle curses with ease even while being unfamiliar with the original spell. When engaged in the circle of Five that talent extends to fully undermining and destabilizing even the most potent forms of magic were she not magically crippled by the coven leader Alezander.

Astral Projection
Having only recently discovered this gift, Franny proves quite apt at Astral Projection. Perhaps a variation of her Psychokinesis, she can project her own mind into the world as long as the intended destination has been visited in the past. Within the Five, this Bellona witch acts as a relay between the coven and its members allowing her to communicate with members in remote locations. Unfortunately being in this state leaves her body defenseless which is why she only wields it in the company of (one of) the Five to ensure her own safety.

The Power of the Five
Within the city many regard the Bellona as the gathering of lesser witches lacking the inherent abilities associated with the Adrasteia coven. The Five were the exception to this rule, each of them possessing the potential to overthrow the coven leader solo and to challenge their rivals when united. This possibility was crippled by Alezander who weakened them via magical objects. Now Franny can only tap into that fathomless magical power when joining in the ritual circle of the Five. This means that until the curse is broken, she can only perform at 20% of her true potential.

Master Magical Thief
Powerful Bellona witch
Nigh Omni-Potent with the Five

Magically Crippled by Alezander
Absolutely Defenseless when Astral
Performs Magic at 20% of her Potential

Five: Aria Character
Food: Red Velvet Cupcakes
Drink: Lemon Drop Martini
Color: Every Shade of Red
Place: All Valentine’s Days

Five: Emily Character
Food: Spicy Chili con Carne
Drink: Dirty Martini with Olives
Color: Almost all Shades of Green
Place: Renaissance Fairs & Carnivals

Personality Description:

Francesca Margareta Valentina or as she prefers “Franny” is more defined by her relationship to the Bellona Five than by her own individual accomplishments. She is after all destined to be one of the Five, an impressive feat within the Bellona Coven. Raised in the shadow of her friend Alison, she had to grow thick skin to deal with Alison’s insults and criticism that slowly but certainly began to exert a toll on her genuine sweet nature. Regardless of that constant hassle, she’s fiercely loyal to the Five’s leader, even grateful in some way as that tough love approach allowed her to emotionally grow.

While Franny fits the Queen Bee standard in her appearance, she’s actually a warm and sincere person that shows immense care and love for her friends, family and coven. Her generosity knowns no bounds and her thoughtfulness surprises even those that grew up in her warm embrace. Family, friends but most importantly the Five mean the world to her and she’ll fiercely defend that sacred friendship no matter what obstacles are placed on her path. Loyalty here is a key word and there’s no telling what she’ll do once she finds out it was her own Coven leader that magically crippled the Five.

Despite the shiny blonde hair and petite hourglass figure, Franny is more ditsy than bitchy making her quite the acquired taste for social interactions. Her unique sense of humor combined with her outspoken opinions make for one impressive show of character. Sarcasm is like her go-to defense when people back her in a corner though she possesses a bold and bright mind to get her out of most problems on sheer wit alone. Her only problem is that thick skin Alison demanded off her, making her rebellious by default and unfortunately impulsive enough in her decisions to make life difficult.

There’s one fundamental character flaw that Francesca herself is entirely unaware off. Vanity. Placing too much focus on appearances, she tends to lose track of the less superficial traits that define people which makes her come off as shallow at times. At the same time that vanity makes her yearn for pretty things, that over time developed in a slightly pathological form of kleptomania. It was this love for beautiful and shiny things that Alezander used to trick her into accepting his Binding Curse in the form of a marvelous ruby ring-bracelet set that she cannot remove.

Franny’s Binding Jewel
Essential Non-Removable Magical Object from Alezander
Enchanted Jewel:

Bejeweled Bangle-Ring Combination

Enchantment Effect

Powerful Magic Nullification Spell

Bangle Materials:

Black lace with carmine silk rose

Ring Materials:

Rose gold signet ring with 34kt ruby


Bellona Coven Leader Alezander

Background History
May Contain Graphic Content such as Violence, Sex and other…


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