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Garanthir Nithral

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1 Garanthir Nithral on Sat Dec 16, 2017 10:03 am


Garanthir Nithral
Picture ID

General Information
Summarized Character Information
Face Claim:
Jamie Campbell Bower

Character Name:
Garanthir Nithral

Garth (by friends)
Mr. Sinister (alias)
Nithral (by clientele)
Genie (hates that term)
Garry (loathed nickname)

Appears in his mid-20’s
Born in the year 1688AD
Date of Birth:
Laylat al-Qadr in 1688AD


Antiquarian (only for cover)
“The Guy” (general “fixer” of things)

Historically Accumulated Knowledge
Autodidact (self-taught through time)
Impossibly clever in riddles & strategy

Arabic (written & spoken)
English (written & spoken)
French (written & spoken)
German (written & spoken)
Ancient Greek (written only)
Coptic Egyptian (written only)
Cuneiform script (written only)
Demotic Egyptian (written only)
Ancient Latin (written & spoken)

Coven Affiliation:

Likes putting all sides against one another
(will never show loyalty to one coven)



Eye Color:
Silvery blue

Hair Color:
Platinum blonde (dyed)

Caucasian with Persian ancestry

Shifting black markings like tribal tattoos
Platinum earring through the right ear lobe

Alternate Forms:
The Djinn form only revealed to the lamp holder
(his true form that Garanthir absolute loathes)

“The fools always think something wonderful is about to happen”
Djinn Description:

Legend describes a djinn as a powerful air spirit, a condensation of the power of the wind endowed with consciousness and character. That’s partially true but unbound a Djinn cannot exist in this plain of existence. It requires an exceptionally powerful mage to capture these entities and bind them to the mortal world. That’s when a Djinn takes on a bound form, a mortal form as is the case with Garanthir.

Bound in this manner a Djinn is still a powerful magical creature but they now must abide a set of fundamental rules. They can grant wishes though do so very begrudgingly, always revealing a nefarious side-effect that the person did not anticipate. They’re tricksters trading in favors but never failing to remind their “clients” that the house always wins. The one possessing the object anchoring the djinn is given three wishes but those are more a curse than a blessing for the elemental entity truly desires freedom. That’s Garanthir’s goal in life, finding a master foolish enough to release him.

Djinn’s can’t create love, only an obsessions that at first feels like that honest sentiment. They can’t revive the death as life is a sacred thing. They can reanimate a corpse, but the soul and essence of the deceased will forever remain beyond reach. And they cannot take life either. Djinns can bring a person to the brink of death but they can never push them over the edge without help. Worse of all they can’t refuse the owner of the object binding them. They can trick them, bend their wish in a manner than suits them but can’t refuse the three wishes promised.

Species Abilities:

Wish Granting
A bound Djinn only possesses a single ability, but a powerful one even in the magical world. Wish Granting is an exceptional gift that permits a Djinn to warp reality in such a manner that it appears as if a wish is granted. When someone asks for money, a Djinn will deliver a fortune to his master but the money wasn’t created but taken from elsewhere. When one wishes for power, that strength can be provided by simply taking it from another. In that regard a Djinn not only alters reality. He can also transfer magic from one place to another virtually without limitations.

There are several wishes that are even beyond Garanthir’s ability. He can’t make “love”, only the sentiment that many confuse for love which is obsession. He can’t revive the dead, just reanimating the corpses. Nor can he take a life, meaning that he cannot kill someone through the use of magic. It’s in a Djinn’s nature to deceive, which is why few fully understand the extent of this ability. Garanthir for example made a sport out of shifting desired items and people from one place to the next rather than actually conjuring the objects wished for by his customers.

Can live as long as the binding object exists
Unrivaled in Reality Warping magic
Extremely cunning trickster

Bound to the original “Les mille et une nuits”
Magically crippled by the binding spell
Vulnerable to entrapment magic

Love is free but all magic comes at a cost
Classical piano compositions
A good brainteaser or puzzle
Anyone with a love for riddles

Dim-witted people
Any form of binding magic
Anyone with selfish motivations
Personality Description:

Garanthir is a living enigma, the kind of person that seldom reveals his true intentions until everyone’s cards are on the table. He’s a blank expression to the world and a storm of emotions within which only grew worse as the years slipped him idly by. But what is for certain, is that Garanthir possesses a cunning brilliance few can hope to rival in their lifetime. Every decision he makes, is a calculated conclusion taking in account every variable and having already anticipated his opponents next five moves. This pragmatic approach makes him appear colder and more distant than he truly is and yet at the same time Garanthir keeps his guard up at all. Time has made him suspicious of people and having witnessed as much as he did, he has valid reason to look for knives in the shadows.

His intelligence aside, Garth is a prisoner of his own past haunted by the memories of days best forgotten. This introduces a sense of melancholy to his character, casting a shadow over the man he once was to make for the harsh figure he’s become today. There’s sorrow and resentment that stole his laughter a long time ago. Bitterness towards the masters that abused his power, leaves him angry enough to now turn every wish against the one’s voicing their dark desires in his company. In that regard he takes immense pleasure tricking and deceiving people, taking delight into revealing that every form of magic comes at a cost. Witches and warlocks don’t care for him and the feeling is more than mutual as they often face the worst of Garanthir’s temperament.

Many get to see that infamous grin boding ill fortune to all that just struck a deal with this Djinn but few are every privy to Garanthir’s smile. It’s a forgotten side to a man imprisoned for too long that only a select few ever get to see. But part of that character still remains, a protective and loyal friend whose generosity knows no bounds. It’s been nearly a century since last he let someone in his heart. By now he can no longer recall that pure feeling and part of him deemed the sacred sentiment forever lost on him. Having given up in that department, Garanthir now indulges in other appetites keeping most his relations casual or at least limited to the exchange of pleasantries.

Background History
May Contain Graphic Content such as Violence, Sex and other…

It’s hard to tell where the story of a Djinn first begins but when it comes to Garanthir’s, one’s safe to say that everything prior to his binding is of little significance. A traumatic event pulling him from another dimension is at least a grim chapter to start a story with but that’s where we’ll start for Garanthir. It was the year 1688 when a renowned French author’s fascination into the mystical world led him upon a dark path. Delving into old tomes found in ancient Babylonian ruins, he discovered a piece of ancient magic. A binding spell capable of restraining a extradimensional elemental was performed and yet it was no demon that was restrained by the magical ritual. Antoine Galland managed to ensnare Garanthir in the hopes of writing the greatest story ever told. As the rules dictated Garanthir had to offer him three wishes to regain his freedom and yet after inspiring “Les mille et une nuits”, granting him a fortune and guiding him towards a suitable wife, Garanthir found out that humans with magic were as devious as the rumors told him…

While his debt to Antoine was paid, the book binding Garanthir to the mortal world was passed down from one person to the next, each craving the same selfish wishes that Antoine had first demanded off him. But Garanthir after that first master had learnt his lesson and much like the masters he too began to develop a talent for lies and deception. Each wish asked, he granted but in such a manner that the words would forever leave them with a foul taste in the mouth. Often he’d take fame and turn it into infamy resulting in the untimely death of a master. A perfect example of that was the dauphine of France Marie Antoinette whose request for wealth, fame and fortune earned her a one-way trip to the guillotine. Soon enough the book became considered a cursed object and yet destroying it was beyond a mere human’s ability. So instead they did as they always did in regards to things beyond their understanding. They labeled it as cursed and shipped it off to be forgotten beneath a layer of dust deep within the archives of the Vatican…

Yet such magic is seldom truly forgotten as history would prove upon a dark night in 2001. A scribe collected the book by accident to copy the regal filigree of its cover and released Garanthir from its lost pages. The man in question was a devout Catholic and for that superstitious enough to believe the silken sweet lies that the Djinn whispered in his ear. That within the pages the secrets to God resided and only by keeping the book truly hidden, he could guarantee the Lord’s wisdom remain untainted. It took him nearly three years of convincing and deception to actually convince the monk into making his first wish: to place the book in the Villa of the Papyri where its content would be lost within the carbonized ruins. Next Garanthir convinced his latest master that he could make him an “angel”, a cruel trick that made the devout character throw himself off a bell tower in order to ascent into heaven. With the third wish never to be voiced and yet the master dead, Garanthir now resides in a state of Limbo free to move and go where he pleases but ever likely to be calling another master should his book be discovered in the old ruins beneath the soothe and ash of Mount Vesuvius…

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